Wiggle Bot Crypto Reviews – Dan’s Crypto Trading Automation

Let's talk about Wiggle Bot Crypto – a Dan Hollings' automation tool for trading micro-stakes cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Wiggle Bot –  Dan's Strategy

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wiggle bot crypto

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Anyway, let's get to the “Wiggle bot” which Dan uses to make those crypto money flow.

So What is a Wiggle Crypto Bot?

crypto wiggle botWiggle bot is a cloud-based automation tool that trades micro-stakes in the cryptocurrency market.

The tiny size investments make it low risk while automation allows for thousands of transaction per day.

Making it one of the safest and most profitable crypto based tools on the market. Well, that's what Wiggle Bot Crypto is all about.

However, to me it's like a Crypto ATM. It just spits out cash every few seconds. Sure, it can be just a few cents and up to a dollar, but if that happens thousands of times a day you're making some serious money.

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Earn Crypto While You Sleep?

The phrase make money while you sleep is overrated. People say that but in reality it takes time, money and good management to make money while you sleep in almost any business.

However, with automation like in Dan's plan it takes a couple of minutes, tops. Doing it this way, you're not starting or building a business. Instead you use a tool (the tool runs by itself 24/7) to earn. So, you can earn cryptos while you sleep.

Once those tiny transactions start to add up, you can just take the cream of the top and exchange it for dollars, or the currency of your country.

However, during a time when many of world's top currencies are failing, it's a good thing to earn cryptocurrencies. Let's be honest, it's a bloodbath.

Sure, the dollar is sitting pretty for now, but it's inflated like crazy. A lot of it has to do with what's happening in the world. Financial disasters, wars and conflicts make the dollar strong right now.

It's a safe heaven for failing currencies around the Europe, like the  euros, zlotys, pounds or francs. However, the dollar will not stay this strong forever. It will most likely crash with the conflict is over or burst for being inflated too much.

I'm not saying this to scare you, or make a case for cryptocurrency, I'm going to talk about that later. Just saying with the dollar overvalued and crypto under valued it's the best time for a wiggle bot.

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Example of a Wiggle Bot in Action

wiggle trading bot

So, like you probably already know the way Dan's wiggle bot works is bringing a tiny amount of profit from each trade.

They key here is that the wiggle crypto bot doesn't care if the market is down, or up, because the the trades are made each time it wiggles, basically normal cryptocurrency volatility.

Let's do the most obvious bot possible with the coin pairing of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There are much more profitable pairs (and you'll learn them with my bonus) but for the sake of this example let's use that.

So, it would be ETH/BTC bot. Which means you would actually earn in Bitcoin, because you earn in the second coin of the pair. Note, you can run bots with stable coins (basically 1 to 1 with US dollar) like BTC/USDT, but about that later.

Anyway, each time your wiggle crypto bot would make a trade and make money, it would show in the Bot Profit: Like in the picture below where I was running ETH/BTC bot.

the wiggle factorAs you see, in little over 6 days this bot made me $77 (0.29% daily average). Like I said, ETH/BTC is not going to be crazy profitable but it's safe and still makes money.

With that said, I've made that $77 in Bitcoin, no matter if the market is crashing or going up, that was all profit from the bot.

By the way, all the profits, and even your initial investment can be withdrew in full or partially at all times. There is no requirement to run bots for days, months or years.

I personally recommend just taking some cream of the top, and reinvesting, but it's up to you.

However, the money was made in bitcoin. Which means if it goes up, the $77 will be worth more, since you've earn it and didn't exchange into dollars or other currency. If it went down, it will be worth less.

However, you learn about it inside the Plan

ETH/BTC Example in Crypto Value

Let's paint a even clearer picture of what I mean here, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Please comment below with a question or sign up for Dan free training, as he explains this better.

Okay, on the $5014.02 ETH/BTC bot I've earned $77. With today's rate $77 is worth 0.000052 BTC. As right now, Bitcoin is around $19k. So, if take that 0.000052 BTC and don't exchange for dollars, if Bitcoin goes up to like $60k. The $77 earned would be worth around $231.

Which is not crazy money, but that was profit from 6 days, at 0.29% daily average. So, it's around $14.54 profit per day. It would make around $435 in BTC and when Bitcoin (it's not a question of if but when) Bitcoin goes back to $60k it would be worth $1,305.

You see, the potential of earning in cryptos? I didn't even include compound interest with this one. If you don't take that $14.5 profit a a day it will add to your total investment and you'll earn even more with the same daily average.

That means, if all stayed the same and the bot had an average daily of 0.29% and you could earn $9,414 in a year. Which could be worth almost $30k if BTC when up to $30k. That's a full year salary for many.

However, if you were using trading pair that gets 1% like I do for many bots (instead of 0.29%). You would make $184,432 with just that one bot. Even more if that coin pair went up.

Start Getting Those Numbers

Why is 1% Crypto Bot so much more than 0.29%?

At this point, you might be thinking why 1% daily average bot makes over 19 times more than a 0.29%. It's only 3.4 times more?

So, logically it would $9,414 x 3.4 = $32,007.60

But… that's if you only count it without the compound interest. Which means if you would take out bot profit everyday and not reinvesting it.

In fact, even the first bot of 0.29% daily average would make $5,307 instead of $9,414 without compounding. While the 1% daily average would make 3.4 times that at $18,301.

Do you see, the power of the wiggle bot + Dan's plan + my trade pairs bonus? It's possible to get $184k with just 1 bot and 1% daily average.

Now, considering what I said above with cryptos being discounted right now, imagine how much that $184k could be worth when cryptocurrencies go up soon.

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Cryptocurrencies Being Low is a Good Thing

bitcoin bot

Do you see the bigger picture here? Getting started with wiggle bots when cryptocurrencies are low is the best time. Especially if you don't have any.

In my opinion, the most likely scenario going forward now that cryptocurrency will start to pick up speed once the conflict in Europe is over or the dollar bubble bursts.

However, let's say I'm 100% wrong cryptos will not go up for a year. You still could make $184k with just one bot if crypto prices stay the same.

Let's even argue that cryptocurrencies go lower. Bitcoin could potentially go down to $14,000, at most, even if it's for a short time. That's a 25% loss, you're still going to be sitting pretty with all that money you go along with the Plan and 1% is maintained.

On the other hand, what if you wait now? Wait until cryptos are going to the moon and invest $3000. If Bitcoin was at $60k, your $3,000 would be 3 times less worth than now.

Now only that, you would lose all the potential profits from now to the time you get started. Could be $184k if you wait a year.

Can you earn $184 with the Wiggle Bot?

When To Love Cryptos Going Up?

I understand that most people love when things go up. So, don't get me wrong. Me, as well as Dan Hollings, loved when cryptos were exploding in 2017, and than in 2021 when it hit $60,000.

However, it's profitable only when you already own those coins. It's also not sustainable. As much as we all wished it was true, nothing can go only up forever.

There always has to be a pull back, a correction for the market to stay healthy. If that doesn't happen we will head in to a bubble.

No Bot Crypto Bubble of 2017/18

So, the end of 2017 and beginning was a begin of and end for cryptocurrency power, mainly Bitcoin.  Many of us got rolled after that, including Dan Hollings and me.

However, Bitcoin has fared much better in after the 2021 fall than 2018 one. The bubble burst, if you want to call it that, caused a drop of over 82%. While we dropped 66% from the 2021 high.

That 16% difference makes a big difference, even if it doesn't seem like it. Why?

Discover why

Can Wiggle Bot Help in Current Day?

The problem with this decrease is that there are many outside factors that contribute to the downfall of bitcoin highs. While cryptocurrencies are amazing they are still not the most valued ones in our market.

What does that mean? When margin calls come or any reason to get rid of your positions, cryptocurrencies almost ways get the short stick in the financial world.

That's the case for now, but I bet it wouldn't be for long.

However, that's financial world we are living in and have to accept it for now. But, there is a solution, a very good one.

The Plan is the solution?

Can Wiggle Bot Crypto – Dan's Crypto Trading Automation Save Cryptocurrencies?

Maybe not all of a cryptocurrencies, but your cryptos for sure. What does that even mean?

You see, Dan Hollings' Wiggle Bot Crypto doesn't care if the market is going up, down, or sideways. In fact, it makes money in all of those cases.

Of course, the best option is when it going slightly up, with healthy pullbacks, as you make money and your cryptocurrency value goes up. However, when it's going down you can make as much in profits, if not more.

It's all about the wiggle. You see, Dan Hollings bots works on the idea any movement, up or down, makes you money. It's because the software makes tiny transaction as cryptos go down or up.

Which is amazing because cryptocurrencies are always going up or down. I mean volatility is one of the biggest things about cryptos. Often said that a year of cryptocurrency market is like a 10 years of stock market.

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It's Your Cryptos Money That Need Saving

So, there is no denying that automation can't save all cryptos but it can save your money from losing value because of what's happening. If that wasn't enough it can double, triple, or even quadrupedal it while cryptos are going down.

How is that possible?

Simple, like I said before the idea of Dan Hollings wiggle bot is that it works in all markets. I mean, as long as cryptocurrencies are moving it will make money.

So, let's say bitcoin is going down for example. How does the crypto wiggle bot makes money?

Simple, cryptos never go down in a straight line. In fact, Dan Hollings settings protect you from dumps and artificial rises. That means when natural drops accurate the bot knows and used for it advantage. Buys lower, and sells higher.

So, if Bitcoin drop 10% the bot would buy, and once it recovers 5% it would sell. That's an oversimplification of how the software works but you get the general idea.

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Crypto Wiggle Bot – Your Safeguard?

It would be very hard for humans catch all those ups and downs. Even if set in front of your monitor 24/7 you might still not catch it.

The idea that we are much slower than computers is no secret. However, the more important part is the emotions. You see, software has none, unless we program it to have it, but all humans have it.

Trading with emotions is a losing game because no matter how pro you are, you will still lose. Dan Holligns from The Plan knows this and that's why he opted for a automation tool.

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