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What makes The Wholesale Formula, the Amazon FBA eCommerce training course, by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost so special?

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the wholesale formulaCreators: Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost (AKA Seth and Evan)
Niche: eCommerce/Amazon
Price: $2,497 or 3 payments of $997
Official Site: thewholesaleformula.com

The Wholesale Formula: eCommerce Gift?

wholesale formula reviews

Dan and Dylan have been doing this type of eCommerce, which they call reverse sourcing wholesale, for years and made $40+ million in sales and their students did half a billion in sales.

Impressive, right? However, what does that really mean to you?

Well, you can copy Dan and Dylan's formula to be one of those sellers yourself and it's surprisingly easy. It requires 3 steps:

  1. Scouting – you scout for products based  on the Wholesale Formula
  2. Sourcing – use reverse sourcing to source the products
  3. Selling – start selling like Dylan, Dan, and their students

At this point, you're probably not impressed. I don't blame you, how many other 3 step products have you seen before. In reality, everything can be summarized into 3 steps if you wanted it bad enough, superbad?

Okay, so what makes it different?

The Difference That Makes Wholesale Formula by Dan and Dylan

You know how Dan, Dylan, and now me keep talking about the reverse sourcing wholesale. Well, most Amazon selling and FBA courses teach you to do either:

  • Source products from China or wholesalers
  • Create your brand/products

Which could work if you have tens of thousands of dollars just lying around, willing to mortgage your house, or ready to sell a kidney maybe two.

No, that's not an understatement as many FBA courses flat out tell you that you'll need $10,000+ in the capital on top of several thousand that the course itself costs.

That doesn't mean I'm knocking on those courses, as I know tons of people that had success in both. However, with each year the ability to a breakthrough in either of these business models is getting harder and more expensive.  On top of that, Amazon keeps rolling out new rules, and regulations that make it even harder.

The difference in the Wholesale Formula is you don't need to either one of them. In fact, you can get most wholesale accounts for $500 or less in products.  What does that mean?

Instead of commissioning someone else to create a product for you (usually $10,000+) or buying in bulk from distributors (usually $5,000+), you bypass it by going straight to the creators/brand owners.

Why TWF Works While Others Often Don't?

So, this is where it gets really interesting because once again. The Wholesale Formula looks good on paper, like many eCommerce systems, but there is more than meets the eye.

So, even if you have the $10,000+ to create your own product or $5,000+ to buy in bulk you're still at a disadvantage. Why? Because with buying in bulk or creating you face problems like:

  • Creating product – you're trying to enter a market and create demand for it
  • Buying in bulk – you're either fighting against competition or try to create a demand for the undersold product

Let's cross-creating a product off the list for a second as if you're still reading this wholesale formula review you're not interested in that.

However, isn't buying in bulk what Dan and Dylan are doing?

Yes and no, by buying in bulk I mean buying from a wholesaler or a distributor at a lower cost because of the volume you buy. That's without a question one of the oldest forms of commerce and still used in stores, both online and offline in the world.

It works because of products manufacturers:

  1.  Sell in great quantities to distributors at a lower cost
  2. Distributors take care of the logistics making it hassle-free

It's been an appealing process for many brands but with today's technology and the internet, the distributors are slowly becoming obsolete. You don't longer need a middle man to take a product from creation to selling in the digital world.

So, if even distributors are having problems selling do you think they will sell you the product cheap enough to compete with them or other distributors? Fat chance, even if they have no idea how online sales work.

Wholesale Formula: Brand Owners and Manufacturers

So, if you go straight to the brand owner or manufacturer you're not only saving money but also eliminating a lot of your competition.

But one doesn't simply contact a brand owner and demand to sell their product, or do they?

Dan and Dylan Way

This is where Dan and Dylan really impressed me with their simple yet powerful business model. While I can't disclose their exact hooks, you need the formula for that, I can talk about what works and why.

You see, depending on the size of the brand and its online presence would often dictate the approach needed. For example, you'll probably not get an answer if you decide to email Tabasco to be their sole Amazon distributor the second you buy The Wholesale Formula.

However, other smaller companies with decent online sales will be more open to a dialog from my experience. Now what Dan and Dylan teach is to offer value for the company that you can bring.

Naturally, if you decide to order $10,000+ of their product they might be open right away, but that's not the Wholesale Formula way. You don't want to sink in all of your money at the start just to lose it all in fees. The TWF way is to test a little, 30 days supply at most, before going forward.

Like Dan and Dylan say, most you can get for $500 worth of product or less. It all depends on the position you take and the value you bring.

What does that mean?

Think about it this way. If you go to a brand and offer to buy $500 worth of their products, let's say at $25 each that's 20 products, hardly a big money-making opportunity for the brand.

On the other, if you show the benefits of selling you $500 of products at a wholesaler price that's a whole different story. It's all about the position you take and Dan and Dylan talk about some great benefits you can offer a brand to let you sell their products.

One of them is included in my bonus

The Wholesale Formula Bonus

One of the best ways to get a brand on your side is creating brand awareness. If you could increase brand awareness while selling their products you're creating a win-win situation.

You see, not only will the brand owner will be happy that their brand is getting the recognition it deserves but you'll also be selling more because of the increase in brand popularity.

So, what is my bonus? I'll show you how you can increase:

  • Brand awareness – make it more popular and recognizable
  • Reputation – managing reputation is also key for a brand
  • Sales – a combination of both increases sale

Best part? You can do all of it using free methods and organic rankings in search engines like Google or Bing.

In fact, I'll do one Wholesale Formula campaign for you as bonus

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