Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi – Review of the Life-Changing Book

Is there such thing as the Underdog Advantage? Dean Graziosi flips the script on being privileged as a good thing, but does it hold true in reality?

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The Underdog Advantage: Dean-San?

dean graziosi underdog advantage

While reading the beginning of Dean's new book I kept thinking about Karate Kid for two reasons.

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  • Dean even looks like the adult Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio)
  • Karate Kid was the quintessential underdog story of my childhood

The idea that we almost always root for the underdog is fascinating. Just think about your favorite movies, book or stories. Are they mostly focused on privileged people getting whatever they desire, or the underdogs, rebels, pioneers, and warriors?

Dean starts the book by telling one of the most powerful underdog stories that you probably never heard, despite it being about one of the most important person in American history.

It's a story about George Washington that they don't teach you in school. Now, I won't spoil the story in the review, but Click Here to get your copy of Underdog Advantage for free.

However, what makes being an underdog such a great thing?

Privilege vs Advantage

underdog advantage reviewThroughout the book Dean highlights the how being so called “privileged” is not necessary a good thing. Especially, if you want achieve something great yourself.

In fact, despite being fulfilled in all aspects of his life Dean still keeps the underdog mentality to push forward. After all, if you're not moving forward you're falling behind.

On the other hand if you're already privileged why bother? Once you fall into the privilege mentality you lose focus, motivation and drive to achieve something great. We can even take that further and say you waste away.

I mean just look at celebrities, artists or any famous people that unhappy despite having everything, or the ability to have everything. Many of them are chronically depressed, substance depended and fade away into despair.

In addition to all of this there is a certain expectation put on people with privilege, either by themselves, family, fans, or even society, that further strips their opportunity to do something new and great.

Underdogs? No one in their circles expects them to succeed in real life. The pressure to perform is taken away and replaced with power to move and proof everyone wrong.

I mean you don't even need stories of great underdogs, even if they are motivating and inspiring, to know this is true. Just picture a situation in your life when you're were the underdog.

One of the reasons we like underdog stories so much is because we often feel like the underdogs in our lives. We identify with them, and through them we filled fulfilled in a way.

Image taking a situation where you feel like an underdog and using that feeling to do anything. There is a reason why “no one expects us to win” is one of the most powerful phrases used to motivate a group of people to do the impossible.

Whether it would be medieval army at the verge of battle, or a high school basketball team playing the league's champions.

That's why lacking privilege might be your biggest advantage.

The Underdog Advantage Opportunity

the underdog advantageLook, you have a rare opportunity to learn how to transform what you think are disadvantages into sky-rocketing advantages. Best part? You don't have to learn or re-learn them, just unlock 'em.

You see, I've been fortune enough to be an entrepreneur for the last 7 years. During that time I saw some of my worse disadvantages turn into the best advantages right in front of my eyes. Did they change or did my perspective of them changed?

By now you know the answer to it, but all of it happened over time and I was just a by-standard. With The Underdog Advantage Dean Graziosi teaches how you can start taking of those so called disadvantages and turn them into advantages in real-time.

It's almost like having a time machine where you can go back to your earlier self and show exactly which of these “disadvantages” will help you in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Dean Graziosi's The Underdog Advantage today.

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