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Can a 5-Day Time to Thrive Challenge with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and other leaders be an inspiration for YOU to transform YOUR life?

New 2023 Challenge with Tony Robbins is here

​Last Day of Time to Thrive Challenge with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and the rest of the expert. Are you ready?

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time to thrive challenge day 1

  • To recap Day 1
    • Dean Graziosi was on first and shared probably one of the most touching and educational story ever
    • Tony Robbins came on next and did a 90 minute full on training that got people screaming with excitement
    • Jenna Kutcher ended the day with a power message and shared how just few years ago she was in the same spot you are now

You can still sign up for the Challenge and upgrade to the VIP to get Day 1 and all the other bonuses

Tony Robbins Time to Thrive Challenge Reviews

What if I told you that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi want to speak to you?

Yes, directly to you and thousands of other people just like you. Would you listen?

How about Tony, Dean, and 9 other amazing speakers trying to give you guidance? A group of people that includes best-selling authors, world-famous motivational speakers, marketing experts, high-performance coaches, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and even an Academy Award-winning actor?

Maybe even ask them questions about economy, income, or family?

Did you ever think you would have an opportunity like this? Well, from August 2nd to 5th you will with the Tony Robbins free event 2022.

Tony Robbins 5 Day Challenge 2022

time to thrive challenge review

Let’s face it, the last 2+ years weren’t the easiest for most of us. It affected each one of us in one way or another by what’s been going on with the pandemic, inflation, war and our own struggles or the ones of our loved ones.

Worse part? It looks like things are going to get worse before they get better. However, as Frederick Douglass said: “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

So, the big discovery is that while none of us can fix all the world’s problems in an instant. We’re all just learning but have the power to take charge of our own lives and how we deal with what’s going on. We can challenge ourselves to greatness? Are you ready to challenge yourself?

The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Tony, Dean, me, the speakers, and thousands of their students are all going to help and root for you through the entire process, all the steps.

tony robbins 5 day challenge 2022

Time to Thrive Challenge 2022 – Tony Robbins Free Event

Tony Robbins is no stranger to filling up arenas with his talks, seminars, or even multiple-day events. Just look how he fires up the crowd in Miami at the Unleash The Power Within in 2019:

Well, what if I told you can be part of something even bigger? What if I told you that Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins had almost a million people sign up for their last challenge?

A million, that’s more people than the population of 64 out of 224 countries in the world. For example, Luxembourg has a population of 634,730, Fiji 893,468, and the entire island of Iceland has only 369k.

However, I’m sure they will do it this year with the Time to Thrive Challenge reviews, and I’ll be a part of it, are you?

tony robbins free event 2022

I mean, just look at this amazing list of thrive’s speakers at the Tony Robbins free event 2022.

  • Tony Robbins: a man that needs no introduction, but Tony is the nation’s #1 life & business, strategist
  • Dean Graziosi: another person well known in the industry for his dedication to helping others as an author, entrepreneur, and trainer.
  • Matthew McConaughey: special guest, author of the Greenlights, and an Academy Award-winning actor.
  • Russel Brunson: co-founder of ClickFunnels who helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses.
  • Lisa Nichols: one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, media personality, and corporate CEO.
  • Jenna Kutcher:  marketing expert, educator, and photographer who started a 7-figure empire.
  • Brendon Burchard: high-performance coach, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, and a personal development trainer
  • Glo Atanmo: online educator and content creator featured in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Conde Naste, Essence, Buzzfeed, and more.
  • Rachel Miller: entrepreneur and a mom blogger who built an audience of millions and published multiple books.
  • Surprise Guest: We’ll find out in August!

Do you want to be a part of that group? Learn from them as well as fellow challengers?

What Time to Thrive by Tony Robbins Anyway?

Time to Thrive Challenge 2022 is 5 days of live training with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Matthew McConaughey, and a cast of experts that will show you what you need to thrive in today’s world.

At this point, you might be clicking that sign up button as fast as possible, maybe you already did, or you’re kinda taking a step back and trying to take it all at your own pace.

I totally understand. The idea behind this challenge, and getting these leaders and experts in their respective industries together on a live online event, can seem overwhelming. Especially if you’re not even sure if it’s the right thing for you.

First, just take a big breath and relax. Yes, Time to Thrive Challenging is happening and if you’re reading this before August 5th, you’re not too late. In fact, you probably still have a lot of time to prepare.

Let me help you along the way. However, you need to sign up for the challenge before we proceed because of what’s inside.

Your Time to Thrive Challenge Care Package

The 5 days of live training is the main event of the Thrive Challenge. However, if you sign up right now, you also get:

  • Free Ebook: “The Roadmap to Selling What You Know Online”
  • The Incredible Challenge Workbook
  • You can also be one of the challenge winners of daily prizes like Mastermind World Summit tickets and Peloton bike.
  • Finally, you’ll get access to a Time to Thrive Challenge private community.

This will prepare you for the challenge so you’ll know what’s possible without being overwhelmed. Especially, if you join a community that will include thousands of people just like you. Also, you can reach out to me anytime.

Why is this important? Because you should do everything in your power to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones by making other people’s lives better as well.

Do You Have Greatness Within You?

time to thrive challenge 2022

I hope you’re screaming at the top of your lungs, YES. Why? Because YOU do, everyone does, some just need a bit of helping to dig it out.

In a very big way, the first part of the Time to Thrive Challenge 2022 is to make you believe in yourself. It’s like Henry Ford said: “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

You probably heard this or a similar quote dozens of times in your lifetime. Do you believe it? Do you live by it? Chances are that you at least agree with the quote. After all, most people will not even try something they don’t believe they will do, hence they fail before they start.

However, let’s dig deeper. Every success starts with a single idea. Nothing really springs up into existence out of nothing. Thomas Edison didn’t simply sit down and crated a lightbulb out of thin air. Or Johannes Gutenberg, the printing press, by waking up in the morning.

No, all of these were first ideas. They weren’t always perfect. Edison tried over a thousand times, but if he woke up one day and decided that he can’t create a lightbulb, would he? Of course not, he would stop working and probably be miserable for the rest of his life.

Sounds silly, but how can we expect to succeed in any field if we can’t even convince ourselves we are worthy of it?

However, don’t worry, Tony and Dean will break down all of this in a much better way than I’m doing. All you have to do right now is to prepare and just show up.

Tony Robbins 5 Day Challenge 2022: It's Free!

Once again, the Thrive Challenge starts on August 2nd and will last until August 6th, 2022.  That’s 5 full days of pure value from Tony, Dean, Matthew and so much more.

You might wonder why 5 days? Most training is like 2 hours, maybe a day tops. However, this is totally different. Tony and Dean are not talking about some latest online trend or program that will be outdated by 2023.

No, it’s full immersions into the knowledge industry that is predicted to hit $1 trillion by 2029. What’s happening in the eLearning market is amazing. It has more than double in the last 8 years and by 2026 it’s expected to be 5 times what it was in 2014.

Do you think leaders and pioneers of the self-education movement like Tony, Dean, Russel, and so on can fit their knowledge into a 2-hour webinar? It wouldn’t even scratch the surface.

The Time to Thrive Challenge is about lives being changed and not about the latest blogging software.

Change Your Life with With Tony Robbins Thrive 2022


Do you ever feel you’re not living to your full potential? That there is more to life, more to you than even you would admit?

You’re not alone. It’s a reality for millions, or even billions, of people around the world. In fact, a global poll conducted by Gallup showed that only 15% of people are happy with their jobs.

What’s even scarier is that many of the people that are unhappy with their jobs are also unhappy with their lives. How could they be?

With a 40-hour work week, we are spending almost 1/4 of our time at work. If you add preparation, commute and after-work-related activities that’s 50+ hours a week easily.

Add another 49 hours of sleep (if you sleep 7 hours a day) and that leaves around 69 hours if you’re lucky.

So, most of us spend at least 100 out of 168 hours on work and sleep. Add chores, obligations and the rest of the time shrinks even more. So, if your unhappy work takes 1/4 or even 1/3 of your time, how can you have a happy life?

You see, all get the same 24 hours like everyone else. Sure, some of us manage it better than others but the reality is much more brutal. As many of us try to borrow time from other places to have at least a few hours to ourselves.

I personally would often steal time from my sleep, instead of 8 or 7 hours, I would cut it down to 6 maybe even 5. It felt like getting an hour or 2 per day, but I was losing much more than that.

Maybe sleeping for 5 hours or 4 hours a night is okay for some, especially if done on occasions and not every day, but for me it was devastating. Everything in my life suffered, my job, family, and my health.

We can’t borrow time, but make time for ourselves. Imagine 50+ hours back from work every week? What would that do to your life?

Is it Time To Challenge Yourself and Thrive!

By now, you understand what the Time to Thrive Challenge is all about and how it can change your life, as it did for many others.

However, it is now up to you. The choice is yours. Are you willing to listen and learn from some of the most successful people in the eLearning space for free?

Ready for The Time To Thrive Challenge 2022?

Listen, no one says there will be no work if you follow the path of self-education. However, there is work, the soul-crushing jobs 85% hate, and there is fulfillment work, where you work for yourself by helping others.

I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now and can’t imagine doing anything else. Are you ready for the next step?

Sign up for the Time to Thrive Challenge and become part of the self-education revolution with me, Tony, Dean, and others.

Why Attend Time to Thrive Challenge 2022?

I know most people reading this have a strong and burning desire to crush it in the self-education industry. By now, you saw what’s possible with the right blueprint and resources. The results of some of the best business leaders on the planet speak for themselves.

Honestly, what is the alternative? A career you don’t really care about? Even if you do, does it fulfill you? Or do you continue in it to support yourself or your loved ones?

I used to be just like that. Stuck in a career that did not bring me pleasure, but I felt secure and in control. However, that wasn’t exactly true. In fact, it filled me with negativity most of the time.

  • What do careers really offer?
  • Security? A two-weeks notice.
  • Stability? Being replaced in a minute.
  • Skills? In todays world you can earn them yourself

Listen, I’m not trying to bring down careers. I’m just saying that they are not as secure and stable as people make them out to be, at least not anymore. Instead, these days you need to be innovative, have goals, reach new levels, achieve growth, and be future-proof.

It’s about your price and not the cost of living a mediocre life. You need to harness your capabilities, line up your assets, review tools, and start getting the revenue you deserve.


The truth is that there are no real secrets, tips, or strategies that give you certainty in life. No, you need to seek an advantage anywhere you can find and use your life experience in all areas to focus and channel your inner greatness.

That’s why Tony & Dean are doing these challenges. They have gratitude for their students and their coaches. In fact, now it’s time for them to become teachers, and for you to strive.

Are you going to wait for a future challenge or take action? Maybe you want the last 90 days challenge? No, you got this. Tony and Dean offers the best coaching on the planet. Their products are top notch.

Can thousands of people that achieved personal and financial freedom thanks to Tony and Dean be wrong? Are the business leaders like Russel Brunson or Alex Homazi wrong in throwing 100% of their support behind it wrong? Is Matthew McConaughey wrong?

Time to Thrive Challenge will make history, there is no doubt about it. A million people are set to appear. Are you going to be part of that history?

Get the action plan with Time To Thrive Challenge 2022 now


The 5-day Challenge is 100% free, all you have to do is sign up and than watch live stream on YouTube or Facebook starting August 2nd.

However, Tony and Dean decided to do a backstage VIP access for those who want a deeper immersion. A ability to join Dean, Tony and others on zoom to interact rather than just watch a stream.

The 5-day Challenge is 100% free. All you have to do is sign up and then watch live streams on YouTube or Facebook starting August 2nd.

However, Tony and Dean decided to do backstage VIP access for those who want a deeper immersion. An ability to join Dean, Tony, and others on zoom to interact rather than just watch a stream.

The VIP Gold Card Pass includes:

  • Interactive Backstage Zoom Pass
  • Lifetime Access to Challenge Training
  • Winning Challenge Blueprint by Dean Graziosi
  • Bonus Laser Coaching With Speakers
  • Exclusive Zoom Background for Gold Card members
  • 50 Meals Donated to Feeding America

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that Tony and Dean might never repeat. I mean, for less than a decent dinner you can experience a live zoom call with Tony, Dean and the speakers, as well get all the above for life.

Are you required to upgrade? No, you can experience the Time To Thrive Challenge 2022 for 100% free, but if you want that edge, an upgrade to Gold Card VIP could be a wise choice.

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