The Wholesale Formula Review: Untold Truth about FBA in 2024

Forget everything you thought you knew about Amazon FBA – The Wholesale Formula flips the script on how most people sell on Amazon, and it's not what you think.

Wholesale Formula creators, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, a unique approach to “selling on Amazon” that doesn't require $10k+ capital and a big brand. With their FBA system it's never too late or to early to start:

Official site:
Price: $2,997 or cost of 4 payments at $874

the wholesale formula

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Does The Wholesale Formula Work in 2024?

Picture this: You're in your 40s and you've just been laid off from your job after 2 decades years of work. What's next? The money is low, job market is unforgiving, and the reality of having to move back with your parents here.

This isn't a hypothetical scenario. This happens to thousands of people everyday, and it's precisely what happened to Cheryl Breitman. See, how she took the matters into her own hands with the Wholesale Formula and generated over $200k in profit per year.

Cheryl Breitman story is not even unique in the Wholesale Formula space. Here's just a few more examples:

  • Aymeric Monello generated $500k Profit in 3 Years
  • Ian Bower sold Over $1M+ on Amazon
  • Amy Sherlock generates $100k Sales per Month
  • Joshua Blake dedicated Husband & Father of 2 generated over a million in sales a year

So, how come some many everyday individuals have so much success with The Wholesale Formula system? Let's first see what it is, and what it is not, to find the answer.

Official site:

What is The Wholesale Formula by Dan and Dylan?

System Description: The Wholesale Formula is a 3-step online training program that teaches reverse-wholesaling on Amazon. Created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost it's responsible for generating over $1,057,143,592 in sales on Amazon.

As you can see the unique approach of reverse-wholesaling on Amazon has made it possible for people to generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on Amazon without a huge starting capital, their own brand or even a product.

In fact, you don't even need an additional traffic source or paid advertising to get started. With the Wholesale Formula you leverage Amazon's traffic by selling in-demand products that millions of people are searching for everyday.

So, how does all of this work? And why is not everyone doing it?

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Deep Dive into Reverse Sourcing Amazon Wholesaling

What is reverse-wholesaling? The difference is that in wholesaling you find the seller first (supplier/manufacturer) and in reverse-wholesaling you find the buyer first. Make sense?

So, instead going all in and order bunch of stuff from suppliers to sell online, and hoping for the best. You actually pin-point in-demand products that sell well, in the case of the Wholesale Formula on Amazon, and then find the supplier to sell them.

reverse wholesalingFor example, let's take this floating pool thermometer selling on Amazon for $6.90 right now. Which you can buy for $1.40 per unit from a popular wholesaler online.

According to Amazon over 5,000 of these were sold last month.

If you sell it for $6.90 you will net profit around $2 for each unit. That's a cool $10,000 in profit per month from a simple thermometer.

Even if there are 2 sellers at the price, you will still make $5,000 in one month. However, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost take this a step further in The Wholesale Formula course.

Sounds interesting?

Wholesale Formula Course: Reverse Sourcing Like a Pro

reverse sourcing formula wholesale

This is where it gets really fun. You see, the example about is good, but not the best. While it's in-demand and has a good profit potential, there is one problem.

Anyone and everyone can sell them with a quick google search. In fact, I  used the same example in one of my other articles when the same exact thermometer was selling for $7.99 (that's $3 profit) and even as much as $9.99 (close to $5 profit).

How does Dan and Dylan solve this problem? Going straight to the manufactures, and even getting a exclusive deals. That means no one else would be able to sell the same products as you.

So, this is where it gets really interesting because while reverse sourcing has become popular in the last few years. I have never seen anyone do it as good and efficiently as Dan and Dylan.

Like I've said above, it's a simple process. In fact, you can probably go out right now and try to find products and source them directly to sell on Amazon.

However, not only did Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost have been doing this for years, they also build 1000+ community of students along side. That means they have the process down to simple and easy to follow blueprint.

All the guesswork and unnecessary testing has been taken out of it. Which is great for me as I didn't want to spend months on just learning it, but actually make money.

Let's see how Dan and Dylan does it.

Review of Wholesale Formula: Sell Products on Amazon

the wholesale formula reviews

I've mention in parts how The Wholesale Formula works but let's do a proper overview.

In the end there are 3 steps:

  1. Find a product
  2. Get in touch with supplier
  3. Sell the product or become sole distributor

Review of Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost Amazon Business

Let's unpack the 3 steps from above, so you will have a better idea how it works.

Find The Product: Products on Amazon

A crucial step in the process of becoming an Amazon powerhouse is knowing what to sell? Well, that is part of the success but Dan and Dylan makes this part a lot simpler, and much more forgiving than other similar systems.

What it means is that you will not only learn how to analysis products, competition, and sale ranks (which is all covered in Modules 1 and 2), but also do ‘TWF Scouting and Sourcing' and test winners for a fraction of the cost (Module 3).

In fact, you can test a product with $500 or so.

Get in touch with supplier: Open Wholesale Account

In module 4 you'll the art of Dan and Dylan deal. Meaning you'll get example of what works and doesn't when creating a value proposition.

Unfortunately, I can't give away and actual strategies and hooks as it would be unfair to people that got the Wholesale Formula, but I can give you some examples.

You see, depending on the size of the brand and its online presence would often dictate the approach needed. For example, you'll probably not get an answer if you decide to email Tabasco to be their sole Amazon distributor the second you buy The Wholesale Formula.

However, other smaller companies with decent online sales will be more open to a dialog from my experience. Now what Dan and Dylan teach is to offer value for the company that you can bring.

Naturally, if you decide to order $10,000+ of their product they might be open right away, but that's not the Wholesale Formula way. You don't want to sink in all of your money at the start just to lose it all in fees. The TWF way is to test a little, 30 days supply at most, before going forward.

Like Dan and Dylan say, most you can get for $500 worth of product or less. It all depends on the position you take and the value you bring.

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Sell Wholesale on Amazon: Wholesale Business Model

So, let's get real. Most of companies don't care about their sellers,  and could care less what your strategy is unless it damages their brand.

Think about it this way. If you go to a brand and offer to buy $500 worth of their products, let's say at $25 each that's 20 products, hardly a big money-making opportunity for the brand.

On the other, if you show the benefits of selling you $500 of products at a wholesaler price that's a whole different story. It's all about the position you take and Dan and Dylan talk about some great benefits you can offer a brand to let you sell their products.

Pros and Cons of TWF and being an Amazon Seller

Of course, The Wholesale Formula is not without its pros and cons. Here are the biggest one I found while using it.

  • The Wholesale Formula Pros
    • Easy to get started with step by step directions
    • After the cost of the system only $500 capital is needed
    • No need for additional traffic sources except Amazon
    • Super friendly community filled with helpful people
  • The Wholesales Formula Cons
    • Expensive with price of $2,997 (or 4 at $874)
    • It's a big course with a lot of content
    • Not a get rich overnight solution
    • Work is needed

As you can see, the while The Wholesale Formula is a proven system that has been going strong for 8 years, not everyone will be able to afford or/and have the time do complete it.

With that said, if you have the means and want to be earning life-changing from selling on Amazon, this is my number 1 recommended program to do it.

The Wholesale Formula Bonus: Online Presence

You don't really need a ‘brand' when you are just starting out with The Wholesale Formula, but it can definitively help. A brand will allow you to get better deals,  more sole distributor and faster profits.

Just think about it from a suppliers point of view. If you have two potential seller approach you; one with online presence and the other no-name individual. Which one will you pick?

Of course, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost offers great resources and tutorials how to do as a no-one in the eCom business but a little advantage could go a long away.

That's why the second I got started with The Wholesale Formula I went with my brand awareness campaign, and I'm ready to do the same for you.

One of the best ways to get a brand on your side is creating brand awareness. If you could increase brand awareness while selling their products you're creating a win-win situation.

You see, not only will the brand owner will be happy that their brand is getting the recognition it deserves but you'll also be selling more because of the increase in brand popularity.

So, what is my bonus? I'll show you how you can increase:

  • Brand awareness – make it more popular and recognizable
  • Reputation – managing reputation is also key for a brand
  • Sales – a combination of both increases sale

Best part? You can do all of it using free methods and organic rankings in search engines like Google or Bing.

In fact, I'll do one Wholesale Formula campaign for you as bonus

The Wholesale Formula Simplified: What Sets it Apart?

If you want my detailed overview of The Whole Sale Formula program, scroll down further in the review. Here, I want to take a second and explain better what's up with The Wholesale Formula.

You know all those outstanding items that you can get in 2 days, 1 day or even the same day delivered to you from for free if you have Prime?

Those are FBA products, which stand for Fulfillment by Amazon. Some of them are sold by Amazon directly but most are sold by a third-party sellers, like you will be as The Wholesale Formula member.

This ways Amazon handles everything required for orders to be fulfilled, meaning warehousing, shipping and handling. Which makes selling on Amazon simple and painless.

As a seller, you get the benefits of not having to fulfill the orders yourself and ship them, and your customer can enjoy free fast shipping and the peace of mind that Amazon itself handles their order.

Of course, there are FBA fees for not having your garage filled with inventory and driving to the post office to send out packages every day. But, they are a small price to pay for everything you get. Especially with the way Dan Meadors and Dylan do The Wholesale Formula.

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Dan Meadors and Dylan Amazon Wholesale Business Formula

If you ever tried online marketing or even eCommerce systems, you probably heard about FBA. However, I bet it was more inline of creating your own product, AKA sourcing it from China and slapping your own logo on it.

Now, don't get me wrong that strategy works if you actually follow an actual system and go for quality products. I personally know a few successful FBA sellers that made a fortune using that strategy.

However, as with most strategies that are easily exploited, this got demolished. Thousands of people started selling the same low-quality product, which ended up flooding Amazon with the same items from hundreds of supposedly real companies. They even have the same images as manufactures.

Anyway, it got ugly and competitive, so people buying fake reviews and finally amazon took charge and ended that fiasco.

Successful Online Business with Successful Formula

Can you still make money with that FBA model? Sure, but it's not going to be easy and you need some serious capital. I'm talking at least $10,000 + space to store it. You see, depends on what you want to sell you need often by a 100 or more units to have your brand on it from a manufacturer in China.

What is the reason for telling you all of this?

Simple, highlight how The Wholesale Formula is so much different, cheaper, safer and easier to get started with than that form of FBA.

They're using what's called a reverse sourcing wholesale method. In which you find the product analysis first and not the whole seller.

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Why Businesses Fail? Behind the wholesale formula

I heard many brand owners say that the label doesn't make the business. Their stock might tell you something different from the account or accounts they use.

For example, The Wholesale Formula offers success stories are not from people that run a big warehouse or are manufactures. No, the feedback is from small times that took the wholesale system training program seriously.

The knowledge of the advantages to get all the revenue you ever wanted is right there in the Wholesale Formula members' area.  Which includes bonuses, information, VA launchpad, spreadsheets, sales rank, discounts and much more.

All of that costs $2,497 and is worth it.At least by a sensible evaluated business.

Time for Better and Simpler eCommerce? Using Wholesale?

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost reviews

I'll be honest, at first I wasn't a big fan of the idea The Wholesale Formula approach to Amazon FBA. Despite not being that successful with my own Amazon brand I thought that way the best way to do eCommerce.

Hope this review of the Wholesale Formula made it clear.

After all, isn't that what everyone else is doing? There are, and have been for years, thousands of eCommerce courses and system about Amazon FBA with a brand, Shopify droppings or using 3rd-party platforms.

Well, it seems Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost's approach is one of the best and safest approach to start doing Amazon FBA. Here are the reasons:

  1. You don't tens of thousands to get started like with buying in bulk multiple products or creating your own brand of products
  2. You're selling a product that already has people searching for it on Amazon marketplace everyday, no need to create demand. Demand is there.
  3. Aside from my bonus you don't need to “build up” your brand to get sales and trust. You'll be selling trustworthy products from the start.

Honestly, with eCommerce hitting records in 2020, 2021 and most likely 2024 the best time to start is right now. In fact, it is predicted that 9/10 items will be bought online by 2030.

Are you ready for this? Get The Wholesale Formula now.

FAQ and Recap of TWF 2024: Best Wholesale Formula Program

Why are so many  wholesale formula students succesfull? Cost of the course? Wholesale prices? What is the wholesale company and why it's  called reverse sourcing wholesale. If you have these questions or more read on.

  1. What is the Wholesale Formula?
    • The Wholesale Formula is an online eCommerce course by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost that focuses on wholesaling with Amazon
  2. Is the Amazon Wholesale Course available?
    • Yes the course for Amazon FBa business is avaiable limited time only
  3. What is the Wholesale Formula cost?
    • The course price is $2,997 or cost of 4 payments of $874
  4. What is included in the Wholesale Formula?
    • Everything needed to start an Amazon FBA whole selling business quickly.
  5. How does the Wholesale Formula work?
    • It teaches reverse sourcing by finding a product first and not the supplier.
  6. What are the benefits of the Wholesale Formula?
    • It's easy to get started with
    • You will only need as little as $500 to start profiting
    • Thousands of students have tested positively it
    • Been on the market for many years
  7. What are the drawbacks of the Wholesale Formula?
    • The cost of the system might be too much for some
    • It's not a get rich quick program
  8. Is the Wholesale Formula a scam?
    • No, The Wholesale Formula is not a scam and there are at least 5000 people that can confirm this.
  9. Who created the Wholesale Formula?
    • Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost
  10. What is the success rate of the Wholesale Formula?
    • There is no actual number, but one source claimed the success rate is 97% for people that follow it through.
  11. Is the Wholesale Formula worth it?
    • If you're serious about creating an online income with Amazon FBA the way Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost teach then most definitely.
  12. Can You earn 6-Figures with The Wholesale Formula?
    • Yes, many of the students are doing it, some are even doing 7 figures.
  13. Do you need a wholesale account for this business model? Yes
  14. Do you need a virtual assistant? No
  15. Is there a wholesale formula alumni facebook group? Yes
  16. wholesale formula alternatives? None as good as TWF
  17. Can I get a refund?
    • Yes, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee

That's it for the The Wholesale Formula review 2024, if you have questions please comment below.

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