Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews The Truth Behind AI Trading [Closes Now]

 Dan HollingsThe Plan has arguably turned cryptos biggest disadvantage into the safest money maker. Want to know how?

I'm of course talking about volatility of cryptocurrency. Volatility, in my opinion, it's the most important reason why some more conservative investors, or even people like you and me, have stayed away from it.

I mean, seeing a coin going -10% in matter of hours, or even minutes, can be scary. Especially, when the you get several of those notification through the day on your phone.

But what if you turn that negative into a positive?

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Why Dan Hollings' The Plan Works?

dan hollings the plan reviewYou see, many veterans of cryptos know that volatility can be a good thing.

For example, you can buy low and sell high in matters of hours or minutes. It's really all about perspective.

It is often said one year on cryptocurrency markets is 10 years on the stock market. If you look at it that way it makes more sense and doesn't seem so scary. Cryptos just offers 10 years of opportunities, for both wins and loses, in just 1 year!

I'm getting off topic, but the point is that if you want to make a lot of money quickly, without risking your house and your first born, you need the volatility. Unless you're sitting on millions of dollars burring a whole in your floor than S&P 500 is not going to make you a Warren Buffet.

So, that's the main reason why The Plan by Dan Hollings works. It makes volatility do the hard work for you to get the best gains.

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Who Needs The Plan When You Got Volatility, Right?

I mean, you can totally just get out there and start buying and selling coins like there is no tomorrow and probably lose all your money.

Let's face it, most of us are horrible traders. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is against our human nature to be traders. Why? Because we are emotional creatures and emotion get the better of us more than we would like to admit.

I speak from experience, after getting into cryptos a few years ago I decided to become a crypto day trader.

That's right, one day I was like “eee I have some coins let's just trade for a week or something.” 

Simple, and guess what? I've made like $100 profit in about 15 minutes. A decent daily wage for 15 minutes of work? I thought I was going to be a millionaire, but than lost $300 in the next 2 hours or so.

However, I'm not alone according to a study by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of forex traders found 70% of traders lose money every quarter on average, and traders typically lose 100% of their money within 12 months.

Now that's the stock market, the considered safe place. Still interested?

Well, that's why Dan Hollings' The Plan will not make you trade manually. It actually uses automation or a bot to do that for you.

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Trading Cryptos Like Bot! Dan Hollings Edition

The beauty of bots is that they have no emotions , at least not yet, and will not panic sell or take out a loan because it believes a crypto will moon in just days.

No, it does what the creator designs it to do. You see, because while we are emotional wrecks most of the time, as humans we are also pretty smart and very logical when it comes to preparations.

What that means is we are very capable of designing something to do a better job than we would. This way we don't deal with emotions in the moment. Makes sense?

In short, having a bot trade instead of us gives us:

  1. No way to screw things up based on emotions
  2. Free time as we don't have to look at charts all day

So, yes, I'm grateful Dan Hollings uses bots.

However there is a problem with the Plan by Dan Hollings.

Over Usage of the Plan?

So, there is no denying that if suddenly 10,000 jumped on the plan and started using the same method the system would overload. Sure, there are plenty of cryptocurrency combos to choose from and Dan does a great job to not over saturate it, but that's a real possibility.

However, we are not there yet. The Plan is still in BETA and Dan Hollings is keeping a close eye and closing the doors tonight so we're all safe. Unless you still didn't get it, then you're going to be left out. Sorry…

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Dan Hollings Reviews

dan hollings reviews

Who is this Dan Hollings guy and how did he become the crypto whisperer?

Okay, I just made up that whisperer part up but I hope it sticks. You see, Dan Hollings, is not new to being a pioneer in both online and off-line ventures.

Most people in the online space know him for developing courses about starting a business on Amazon.

Which helped 32,500 people and generates almost a billion in monthly revenue.

Not too shabby? But is there more?

Well, that's not all as Dan has been been in the front line of most online trends including mobile revolution, where he was one of the first to predict mobile taking over computer traffic and going viral, which he did for “The Secret” book and the movie. Yes, that one.

As you see this guy knows a thing or two about making it rain online.

However, it's not because he's lucky or turns everything he touches to gold. No, in fact Dan Hollings lost a lot of money on cryptos when he started the venture. Yup, he got emotional.

Does that ring a bell? Well, it seems I'm not alone but what makes Dan different than me, or most people, is that he doesn't give up. Like, ever, or so it seems.

Maybe because he's a lifelong programmer? I've noticed programmers would do anything to solve a problem, especially with technology.

Anyway, the good part is that thanks to Dan's inability to give up he cracked the code of earning with cryptos passively and safely (as safe as it's possible with cryptos).

Now you can benefit from that by using his system as well. Note that you can become part of the 3 phase of BETA testers today and only today.

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Inside Review of Dan Hollings The Plan

the plan dan hollings review

Unfortunately, I can't show you the inside of the The Plan because it's still in BETA and Dan Hollings doesn't want it getting out. That's why he's closing the doors tonight to the last group of BETA testers.

However, there isn't much to show anyway…..and that's a good thing.

You see, most systems I review require you, the user, to do a certain amount of work. It's only logical, right?

I mean if you want to start an affiliate site you will need to research it, create the website, write the content and so on. How about an eCommerce store? Even more work. I try to explain the amount of work inside my reviews, usually around this part, but that's not the case with the plan.

You see, the main part of the Dan Hollings The Plan is auto trading with a bot where it takes a very short time to set up and you're done. Unless you want to maximize and set up like 15 of them.

That means you don't have to spend several hours a day for a months to make this work. This is truly a system that does it all for you on autopilot. A true passive income solution.

Sure, there will be other phases to the Plan but these are just additional and optional programs that will be developed over time. They include:

dan hollings the plan

  • Phase 1: Grid Bot & Advanced Hodl'ing: The famous “do nothing” strategy by Dan Hollings where you create a million dollar plan with low risk and high reward
  • Phase 2: DeFi Secrets & Mega Returns: Dive into decentralized finances and see the future of money with these sessions.
  • Phase 3: Grand Scale Crypto Rebalancing: the S&P of crypto? Looking forward to this 2 automated strategies. 
  • Phase 4: Advanced Grid Bot Platinum: more advanced strategies for the Grid Bot for even higher profits.

As you see right now all you have to do is get the Plan and set it up to enjoy all of it.

Are You Part of The Plan?

Listen, if you're still reading this by now you know The Plan is the real deal. In fact, you might not even realize how lucky you are to be able to get it. Well, you won't be able to get it after today, but anyway.

You see, most people outside of marketing are unable to get into BETA for such systems. Generally, creators would let reviews or other people in similar space to test such programs for feedback.

It's a win-win situation as marketers get to profit from a new strategy and the creators know that it works for others as well. Unfortunately, by the time a system goes public it only works half as good, maybe even less if it's super popular.

Why? A flood of new users over saturate and in some cases abuse the strategies to the point they might stop working all together. I've seen this a hundred times in my 10 years of online marketing.

Does that mean the Plan will be the same? No idea, but it's in a category where it could get overloaded after the beta. So, if you're really on the fence I would suggest to grab it before it shutdowns today or you will regret it.

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