The Near Future Report Review: Jeff Brown’s 2022 Newsletter

Want to know why Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report is probably one of the most important newsletters you can get in 2020? It’s the timing

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The Timing of Near Future Report

the near future report review

It doesn’t take a 40-year-old stock market veteran to tell you that timing is important in trading. Entry point and exit are crucial and even world’s experts don’t always get those right.

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However, what if I told you that there are certain stocks with a “timer” attached to them which signals the exact moment that its share prices skyrockets?

Timed Stocks

The term has been coined by Jeff Brown himself to stocks that, like the name implies, have a timer attached to their share price. Which allows investors to pinpoint the exact time, down to a second, for maximum profits.

Jeff Brown has tracked 119 of those stocks in recent years and all of them went up at a precise time. Best part? These sometimes are extraordinary gains with a peak one at 27,245% That’s enough to turn $5,000 into $1.3 million.

The most interesting part of these timed stocks is that despite being shrouded in secrecy they are neither hidden nor reserved only for the elite. In fact, if you known what to look for you can identify them right from your own brokerage account.

However, that doesn’t mean some of the largest hedge funds have not profited from them. Quite the opposite, 21 of the largest hedge funds and stocks insider made profits ranging from $400 million to $4.6 billion.

Is it your time to grab piece of that pie? There is only one person that can show you how.

Jeff Brown: The America’s #1 Angel Investor

Jeff Brown has been called many things in his career from being the #1 angel investor to a stock-picking maverick. However, there are several facts about Jeff that can’t be denied:

  1. He twice predicted #1 stock on S&P 500
  2. Picked top 2 small-caps on the Russell 1,000 (odds are 1 in 500 million)
  3. Invested in 130 private deals. 121 are up by as much as 4,300%
  4. Has degrees and training from universities including Purdue, Stanford, MIT, and London Business School
  5. Yale is in the process of engraving Jeff Brown’s name on their Founders Wall

However, despite all those achievements, Jeff is the world’s foremost expert on Timed Stocks.

Like I previously mentioned out of 119 Timed Stocks in recent years, 100% of the went up. With one gaining 23,200% in one day.

Now that we established the man is a stocks genius let’s peek at what kind of stocks we’re talking about.

The Near Future Report Stock Picks

As the name implies these stocks are set to gain historical amounts in months, sometimes weeks, or even days and not in years. Most of them focus on tech stocks with big emphasis on 5G, self-driving tech and blockchain.

These 3 alone offer huge profit potential as there are front runners in technology advances of 2020s. What’s even more interesting is how all of them are tied together in more than one way with tons of potential to skyrocket small-cap stocks.

For example, thanks to 5G, the 5th generation of technology standard for cellular networks that has potential to be 100 times faster 4G, ultra-responsive self-driving cars could finally become a reality.

On the other hand, blockchain technology can provide tech behind the safety and security for an autonomous vehicle and its passengers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and key point to take away is that all of it has thousands of moving parts that require companies. And as it goes with tech, things will start moving fast and opportunity might be gone before you even realize it.

Inside The NF Report

The Near Future Report Membership.

The main part of the NFR is the one-year membership to the newsletter that focus tech stocks. That’s 12 monthly issues with each one offering a new recommendation for a that month.

Note these are no one paragraph recommendations. No, Jeff Brown digs deep into the specific stock and explains how and why the gain potential is possible. This give you a greater understanding behind the stock rather then just picking one at random.

However, they do not have to be read from cover to cover and if you just want to buy up to price you can go to the portfolio directly.

NFR Portfolio

Inside the portfolio you have all of the Jeff Brown’s open position of the Near Future Report. Which includes the Open Date, Open Price, Recent Price, Dividends returns, Buy Up to Price and Stop Loss.

Now this is my favorite part of the subscriptions and I often find myself peeking at it. You see a portfolio like this can’t be fakes, and shows Jeff Brown is not a fluke. He ahs been getting results for the past 25 years and it’s one of the first time you can look at one of his portfolios.

NFR Email Alerts

Monthly issues are great but what separates Jeff Brown’s newsletter from almost anything out there is the email alerts and updates. These include information on the issues, buy and sell recommendations, and anything that requires your attention fast.

This way you will not have to keep checking the membership site over and over in hopes you don’t miss anything.

Near Future Report Bonuses

The report also comes with 3 special bonuses

  • The 5G HyperNet: How to Profit During The Phase One Buildout
  • Thee Ways to Become an “Invisible Fiber” Millionaire
  • Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit from the Next Blockchain Revolution

All of this, plus past issues and bonus reports in a downloadable form.

How Is Your Report for the Near Future?

It’s clear that we have another technology boom going on, some could even argue it’s been going on since the 2000s, but combination of 5G, A.I. and blockchain is not to be ignored.

However, it’s like with everything in life there is a right time to enter an opportunity and a wrong one. How many times have you heard buying Google, Amazon or Facebook stocks at the right time could have set you for life?

What if I told you opportunities like these are still happening and are about to turn to eleven?

Jeff Brown’s track-record and portfolio you find the Near Future Report speaks for itself. The man has become a legend in the tech stock market and rightfully so.

This is your chance to ride his coattail into some of the biggest gains in tech industry to the date. Are you ready to take that step with Near Future report?

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