Crypto Code Review 2023 & WaveBot by Joel Peterson and Adam Short

With The Crypto Code powered by, created by industry experts Joel Peterson and Adam Short, you can let go of the need to constantly check your crypto portfolio, worry about timing your investments, or fear a market crash.

The WaveBot algorithm is designed to adapt to diverse cryptocurrency market conditions, offering you the potential for significant earnings—even $800 for some users—whether cryptocurrencies are going up, down, or sideways.

Are you ready to put your mind at peace and money from your trading platform in your bank account with the Crypto Code?

Official WebSite:
Joel Peterson and Adam Short
Rating: 4.8
Price:  $1,997 or the same cost in Crypto (yes, you can buy with Bitcoin)

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What is Crypto Code and Crypto Software WaveBot?

the crypto code reviews

However, that's just the glimpse of what this crypto course and cryptocurrency trading bot combo offers. Here's a summary and what you will learn in this review:

  • WaveBot Toolkit: Autopilot your way to daily crypto profits with this crypto trading software. How many campaigns will have?
  • Premium Trade Alerts: Unlock explosive crypto gains now; don't miss the next 1000x opportunity.
  • Crypto Deep Dive Training: Elevate your crypto IQ from beginner to pro with our comprehensive video lessons.
  • The Crypto Mastermind: Get personalized guidance straight from the experts. Ready to join the inner circle?
  • Crypto Secrets Livestream Bootcamp: Insider tactics and strategies await; can you afford to miss out?

On top of that get special Crypto Code bonuses from the creators and 6 bonuses from me + my personal help! Ready to take the next step?

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Crypto Code Trading Software: WaveBot Review

The first part of the CryptoCode is the Wavebot. A trading bot that generate cryptocurrency profits daily.

The biggest benefits of Wave Bot are:

  • Easy and Fast to get started with
  • It's mostly set it and forget it
  • Works on autopilot 24/7
  • Unlimited amount of campaigns
  • Does around 1% ROI daily
  • Generates up to $800 per day

As you can see this is probably the simplest and most effective way to earn with cryptocurrencies in 2023. Even it it seems a bit boring.

Is 1% ROI Per Day Boring?

In Crypto Land, earning a 1% daily return might seem boring compared to the promises of 1,000% or 10,000% returns some “Crypto Gurus” claim.

The truth is that I would rather take the 1% average daily return to an unreliable and down right risky methods to potentially 10x or 100x my money.  It's like Alex Hormozi says:

“Boring work leads to extraordinary outcomes.”

Why? It's a numbers game. With the you're getting a steady ROI of around a 1% a day compared to trying to always time the market,  buying at bottom, and selling at peaks.

Join and earn while bored?

Calculating Wave Bot AI Profits

Unlike the far and between promises of big gains you get around 1% ROI a day with Wave Crypto Bot. At least that's what I'm getting, the average based on my research is between 0.50% to 1.25%.

Want to also be above average? Check out my bonus to see how to get 1% daily average.

However, you can argue 1% doesn't seem like much, right? I mean if you invest $1,000 (I recommend $3,000) you'll get on average $10 per day in profit. It might be more some days, it might be less the others, but $10 should be the average.

Even at the yearly scale which would equal to around $3,650, it's not life changing. I mean an extra $3,650 is still great. It's 100x more than you would get from pretty much any other investment at a $1,000.

Even if you invest the recommended $3,000 that's a potential profit of $10,950 a year at 1% daily average. Which is a good chunk of money.

However, we're missing the secret in all of these, compound interest.

You see, if you didn't take any of the profits and reinvested into bots at even 1%.  At the end of the year you could have turned that $1,000 $37.783.43. 

Wait what? That's 10x+ more than just earning $10 a day?

Join and earn 10x?

Go from $3,650 to $37,783.43 with Wave Bot

The ideas is to not take out the profits the Wave Bot creates, and instead use it to increase the investment.

Let's go with our hypothetical investment of $1,000 and 1% daily ROI for the purpose of this example. Like with any investments there is always a risk and no guarantees, but I just want to show you what's possible.

Here's a breakdown of 1% daily gains when you use compound interest.

  • $1,010.00 – After Day 1
  • $1,020.10 – After Day 2
  • $1,030.30 – After Day 3
  • $1,040.60 – After Day 4
  • $1,051.01 – After Day 5
  • $1,061.52 – After Day 6
  • $1,072.14 – After Day 7

So  far, not that impressive as you could gain only $72.14 after a week

  • $1,149.47 – After Week 2
  • $1,232.39 – After Week 3
  • $1,321.29 – After Week 4

Getting, better but $321.29 in one month is still not life changing. How about months?

  • $1,361.33 – After Month 1
  • $1,834.86 – After Month 2
  • $2,473.12 – After Month 3
  • $3,300.39 – After Month 4
  • $4,492.91 – After Month 5
  • $6,116.32 – After Month 6
  • $8,243.87 – After Month 7
  • $11,111.49 – After Month 8
  • $14,976.62 – After Month 9
  • $20,186.21 – After Month 10
  • $27,207.97 – After Month 11
  • $37,783.43 – After Month 12

You see how it picks up around month 5? That's 349.29% gain in 5 months. By 12 months you're at 3,678.34% based on this model.

Does that mean you'll make exactly $37,783.43 in 12 months if you get The crypto Code with Wave Bot? No, it could be less, it could be more, or you could lose it all, it depends on how you implement it, if you stick with it, and if you do not take profit but let it compound.

This is just showing you what's possible with a 1% average ROI.

For example, if you decided to take 50% of the profits from each day, you could end up with $6,174.65 (+ the $5,200.53 you took as profit every day), turning your initial $1,000 into a total of $11,374.18 instead of $37,783.43.

Want to take out half of the profits per month? If you take half of everything over your initial investment of a $1,000 a month. For example by end of month 1 you should have around $1,361.33, so $361.33, you take $180.67 and leave $1,180.66 on the 1% ROI, you will end up taking out around $5,475.33 over 12 months and have investment account with $1,515.18 (so $6,990.51 in total if you take half of profits each month).

If your brain hurts, I feel you. It took half a day to do these calculations and I was surprised that taking out half of profits each month is less profitable than half of profits a day. How is that?

Once again compound interest, as with daily 0.5% you would take out pennies, but the invested amount would compound. You'll be taking a lot less money out at first, letting the initial investment grow and never shrink. With the monthly method you're taking out bigger chunks and taking out the gains from the month before.

All in all, if you're getting a steady ROI of 1% it's worth not taking out the money too quickly. If it all went as planned and after a year you could have over $37k, that's $370 per day profit! You can live on that, and as long as you making the 1% it will not shrink.

Imagine making $370 everyday in a year from a $1,000 investment? Crazy, but it's possible. However, you have to start as soon as possible

 So get started at and contact me for the bonus!

Premium Trade Alerts by Adam Short and Joel Peterson

The second part of The Crypto Code is the Premium Trade Alerts. These unlike the above WabeBot Toolkit can yield 10x, 100x or even a 1000x in short period of time. 

Here are some of the results:

  • BabyDoge (5/30/2021 – 625,000% gain
  • Highstreet: 9/30/2021 – 889% gain
  • Cronos: 3/7/2022 – 30% gain
  • GMX: 6/12/2022 – 346% gain
  • Lido: 7/13/2022 – 226% gain
  • and many many more

Now, these are not some random picks, but premium, hand-picked investment opportunities by Joel, Adam and the team. So, you are in safe-hands.

However, I would still first start with the WaveBot and use profits from that to invest into those Premium Trade Alerts. 

With that said, you don't even have to use these alerts if you're satisfied with what the wave bot is making.

Crypto Code Deep Dive Training

The third part of the Crypto Code is Crypto Deep Dive Training. In this training you'll be able to learn everything there is about cryptocurrencies (it's over 40 hours of video). 

This includes:

  • crypto deep dive trainingCryptocurrency, blockchain, and smart contracts
  • Crypto wallets (both hardware and software)
  • How to research, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies
  • How to get in early access projects (best profits)
  • Best passive incomes strategies and much more

Once again, this is not necessary to be making $800 or even more with the Crypto Code but this amount of information will be invaluable if you want to make money with cryptos outside of Premium Alerts and the Wave Bot. 

Get it at

The Crypto Code Mastermind and Bonuses communit

The final part of the CryptoCode is the mastermind. Which is a private group for the course that includes a linke-minded community, coaching and direct like to Joel Peterson, Adam Short and their team.

Here's the rest what you get


Join and Get it All

Why The Crypto Code Makes Sense in 2023?

the crypto code

If you were following cryptocurrencies for the past year, you know nothing really exciting happened. In fact, cryptos were plain boring.

Bitcoin has been floating from $20k to $25 for most of the year, with the most excitement being in March 2022 when reached $40k for few days. Which is still over 50% short of 2021 November high.

These days, some hopefuls desperately want for Bitcoin to hit another $40k, or even $60k. Which would be great as I still hodling, but long are the days of timing and hitting it big with cryptos, especially Bitcoin.

You see, even if it does and you buy BTC right now, at $24k and it goes to $40k. You're not even doubling you money. I mean, don't get me wrong buying BTC for $24k and selling it at $40k in 6 months or half a year is great.

But how much are really prepared to risk on it? Maybe $5,000 or $10,000? With an $10,000 investment, you will gain $6,667 if Bitcoin went to $40k and you bought at $24k.

It's awesome, but is it life changing? Can you stop working with that kind of money? Pay of your mortgage? Take care of your kids? And you only make that $6,667 if it goes according to the plan.

What if I told you make $800 a day, heck, let's say a week with a smaller investment over and over again?

That's why boring it's not always bad. Ready to get The Code?

Make Money Even in a Boring Market

These days, we no longer see an overnight millionaire with cryptocurrency. It's become more like a stock market, where the whales control the wealth.

You can taste success by riding their coattails, no pun intended, but unless you investing hundreds of thousands, it will not make you wealthy. The big dogs control the crypto investing game now, and we just get the scraps.

However, there is a sector of cryptos that is too small for the whales but can generate you $800 or even more per day if done correctly. These gains might seem insignificant for them, but for most people, $800 per is huge money. 

In fact, it would take you only 8 days of $800 per day to get over $6k in profit, like the potential gain from $10,000 I wrote about earlier.

Well, that's possible with Wavebot Crypto. Click Here to get it

The WaveBot Toolkit: Last Crypto Robot You'll Need?

Now, The Crypto Code is more than the Wave Bot, and I'll review those later, but this is the main star of The Crypto Code for me.


Because if you want to generate wealth, you need a consistent and reliable source of passive profit. Generating you on the autopilot income daily we all crave.

I often hear people say, if I only had more money, or more time or fill in the blank yourself, I'll be rich. It doesn't work that way and that's why 70% of lottery winners are broke within  few years of winning.

That's why you need something like the Wavebot crypto. Which you can than use the profits from to fund other projects in The Crypto Code.

How does the Work?

Honestly, I don't know the whole process behind the bot (I'm just a reviewer not a creator) but it's based around the custom indicator to profit from automated small traders daily without risking your capital.

Here's it in action:

Now, if you don't know what that means, don't worry, the tech is solid and thousands of people are already profiting from it daily. I would argue that this is one of the safest and easiest way to profit with crypto trading.

In fact, I would use the profits from to fuel other projects in The Crypto Code so you don't need to invest more capital.

Get started with Wave Bot

Get TheCryptoCode and All The Coins You Can?

Now, before you do anything. I want you to see the biggest picture. I'm not saying or recommending to go out and buy Bitcoin, or any other coins.

Do I think they are under priced at this time? Yes, by a big margin, but impossible to predict the exact time to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Trying to time the market is the easiest way to lose money and get a panic attack.

Believe me, I've tried and while long term investing in crypto market has been very profitable for me, trying to buy low and sell high every time there is volatility is not worth it. You'll lose money or end up in the grave.

However, I'm just trying to tell you that this could be one of the best times to get into cryptos and there are more ways to earn with them then just buying and selling.

Find CWP 9 Ways


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