The Asigo System Review and 3X Your Traffic Bonus

Why The Asigo System might be the biggest IM revelation of 2020? It combines 3 profitable method to earn online while eliminating the biggest obstacle, traffic generation, with an built in traffic system by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz.

The Asigo System: Method + Traffic

the asigo systemAs I'm writing this there is still limited information about The Asigo System as it will be officially launched at the end of July. However, there is enough of information + my own research to give you an overview of that it is all about.

The 3 Asigo Method

The biggest point of interest to me is the the combination of 3 popular and lucrative methods the system cab be used for in Internet Marketing the system. Those are eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing and Local.

Dropshipping eCommerce: Dropshiping and Amazon FBA

Honestly, I haven't done eCommerce in a while which is a shame as it's one of the best and most lucrative form of online marketing. The only problem is that it's usually time consuming and you need a substantial capital invested to get ahead.

It seems Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz has figured that part out and developed a a system where you can be the “middle person” between the visitors and vendor to rank in commission without the risk.

It will be different than affiliate marketing as you will have your own branded eCommerce store just have someone else do the storing, shipping and handling. From what I've read it differs from the traditional “dropshipping” that dominated the eCommerce space just a few years ago. It's Dropping eServices.

Affiliate Marketing: BizOpp like you never seen it before

Affiliate marketing is probably the easiest form of online marketing to get started with these days. Which also means it's full of competition, but lucky most are just doing FB ads and YouTube.

Which isn't bad, but it's hard on the ROI if thousands of people are doing the same thing. With Asigo System you will not need to rely on paid advertising thanks to their traffic solution.

Local SEO: Serve the community

Local marketing, especially local SEO is super lucrative as every busy out there is trying to make it online, especially now. It's also another form of marketing I need to do more.

Chris and Jay has this covered as well with their eService that you can start offering instantly. A great way to get high paying clients for a monthly income.

How about The The Asigo System Traffic?

Having a clean and professional business online just half of the equation. You see, with Asigo you can go from $0 to $100,000 with:

  • No Product
  • No Website
  • No paid traffic
  • No audience
  • No exprience
  • No special skills

You get everything you need in the first part of the system. However, no online business is profitable without traffic, or simply saying visitors, leads and buyers.

Well, Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz have this part covered for the last couple of years, and with the Asigo System it seems they took it to another level.

Content = Visitors

It's no secret that content is the biggest driver of traffic online right now. Just look at some of the biggest news site out there that are churning out around 200 pieces of content per day.

We're taking sites like:

  • Yahoo News
  • Google News
  • Huffington Post.
  • New York Times
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • and so on

The equation is rather simple. The more content you have the more places it will be featured on (search engines, social media, news sites) the more people will see it and visit your page/website.

However, how do you get that much content?

Churning out 10 pieces of content per week is hard for anyone working a  9 to 5 job or running their own online business, let alone 200 per day.

Lucky, you don't need to anywhere near that with The Asigo System. In fact, a 1 piece of content written by you, from a template or even written for you, is enough to syndicate it to 400+ pieces of content.

Depending on your market you would need to write 1 content piece (or have one written) every week, month or even 3 months while using the Asigo by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz to get full benefit.

That's a real game changer and reason why you can start a eCommerce eService, affiliate eService, local eService, or all three in your spare time. That's not a bad way to start.

The Asigo System Bonus: 3x The Results with the same effort?

Like I said above, I've been using Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz method of getting traffic for years and I found out a way to get 3 times the exposure from a single campaign.

That means on average those 400+ pieces of content from the system were viewed 3 times more with my method than without. Whop doesn't want 3 times the visitors, leads and sales?

That's why as a bonus I'lll run 10 of your Asigo campaigns using my method to get you the same results I've been getting for years.

However, this method takes time and resources to run that's why I'm offering 10 to the first 10 people that either send me a private message or comment below. After that, I'll lower the number of campaign I'll run for each set of 10 people.

So, if you even mildly interested in The Asigo System contact me or leave a comment now!

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