The $100K Content Marketing Challenge Review: Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz

What is The $100K Content Marketing Challenge by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz? Check out Simpler Traffic now

In short, it's a 2-Day Digital Workshop with Chris Munch on how a powerful content strategy can boost any website, offer or online business to generate profit with free traffic.

Reality of The $100K Content Marketing Challenge

100k content marketing challenge

In recent years content marketing has become an indispensable part of overall marketing strategy for nearly all online businesses. In fact, here are a handful stats to confirm this:

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  • 90% of marketers using content marketing will continue invest the same amount in 2022
  • 73% of marketers spend 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing
  • 72 of companies plan to increase their content marketing budget
  • Over 60% of marketers measure the success of content marketing strategy through sales

There is no denying that content has become crucial part of an online business. In fact, 53% of companies that spent less than 5% of their budget on content marketing didn't fair so well.

Why is that?

Content Marketing is King: Create More of It?

It's often said content is king and in the online world context it's definitely true. The reason why content outperforms advertising is a simple one.

You see, why ads can be fun, funny, outrages, or even comforting,  at the end of the day they are advertising. A short snippets crafted or rather generated with one thing in mind, money.

No one runs ads without an end goal being profits. Either directly, through getting leads, clients or sales, or indirectly, through brand awareness reputation management.

On the other hand content, while can be all of the things ads can, is often separated. Even contents advertising, a content specifically designed to sell, like a sales page, differ from ads.

First of all, it includes most, if not all, the information right away. It's also the opposite of an ad in a sense that it empathizes long-term prospects vs short-term gain that you pay for.

Content Marketing Challenge: More Content?

Naturally, the simplest solution for all companies would be create more content. The beauty of this solution is that online ads, content doesn't need constant stream of cash to run it. Once the content piece is written it will stay and attract people for free.

With ads you need to pay for every Click or view as long as you are running them. Sounds little unfair, right?

Worse part? Creating ads is also not free, hiring graphic designers, copywriters and so on. It seems many people forget this as well.

With that said, content is better in that department. As outsourcing content has gotten very expensive in recent years. Even mediocre piece of content with zero research can cost $50 for a single post.  A better quality a $100 to $200 and top tier in the thousands.

Another option is hiring a full time writers but cost will be close to $3,200 on average for 30 to 50 pieces of content per month.

Many individuals or even new online businesses can't afford such costs. Especially that content brings income overtime and not in lump sums right away.

Of course, one solution is to simply write all the content yourself. However, for many that is not an option while running a business, family time, and other activities that require their attention.

Finally, some just don't like creating content and the idea of doing it day in and day out is not worth it. Is there another solution?

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz Content Marketing Strategy

chris munch and jay cruiz

You see, Chris and Jay came up with another content strategy that doesn't involve writing ever piece of content yourself or buying it at $30 a piece.

No, with their content marketing you can have one piece of content, either written by you, for you, or using a fill-in-the-blanks templates. If that wasn't enough, it will be then distributed to hundreds of authoritative and traffic ridden websites.

Just imagine, a piece of content that you can have in 15 minute using their A.I. and templates distributed all around the net. That means your online business, e-store or landing page has the potential to be seen by thousands of people with your one piece of content.

In fact, some people, my self includes, sometimes run this campaigns directly to affiliates offers, CPA, and lead generation pages where you get paid for every sign up.

Yes, it's that powerful.

The $100K Content Marketing Challenge of 2022

In fact, you can learn Chris and Jay's entire strategy in the $100K Content Marketing Challenge 2-Day Workshop. Which will include:

  • Chris and Jay's most powerful content strategy
  • How it works with any offer, website or online business
  • Gets rapid results, even if you never done content marketing
  • Case Study revealing $594,183+ in free buyer traffic
  • Ability yo use custom “Content Cube” planning tool

The value this will bring to your business is insane, and if you don't have one, starting after this is a no brainier.

In fact, some people sell Chris and Jay's strategy as a service to some of the biggest companies online, yes it is that powerful. So, if you don't have an online business, or don't want one, you can just use that to get started.

Just make sure to check out the The $100K Content Marketing Challenge

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