The Super Halving Summit with Teeka Tiwari: Biggest Event?

Is Teeka Tiwari's Super Halving summit about Bitcoin? Does he have another crypto in mind when he talk about the biggest crypto event of the year.

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The Super Halving with Teeka Tiwari


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Many people know about the bitcoin halving that happens roughly every 4 years and has been Bitcoin taking off after a year or so. The 2020 halving was no different with Bitcoin being at $10,250 on halving and reaching $60+ in around 10 months. That's 600% gain in less than a year.

Who was the man that predicted this rise? Teeka Tiwari that has studied cryptos and their moves for 6+ years and backtested various coins to their release date to know what the needle moves.

You see, Teeka Tiwari is not one of those bullmarket gurus that is only send out recommendations when the market is hot and no matter what he picks goes up. That's all and good but once the market turns sideways or the bears get the better of the market those same gurus will run for the hills.

However, what if you could do both? I'm talking pick winners in a bull market that will 10x or so now and keep rising when things turn soar? I believe one of the only people that can do that in cryptos is Teeka Tiwair.

Is Bitcoin The Coin You Want?

Listen, Bitcoin is a great coin and still capable of going 6x in less than a year, but like gold, or other store of value assets, it's unlikely it will go 10x to 100x in next year.

I mean there are several strategies for Bitcoin and I use them myslef. One popular is to put altcoin profits into Bitcoin or buy a little piece every month or so no matter what the price is at. However, these are long term strategies that involve bitcoin going down 90% or so and than back 1000%.

If we're talking in a scale of a year, alts coins are much better than the mighty Bitcoin. Especially, in a bullrun. Did you know despite Bitcoin hitting $60k it is still one of the worse performing coins in a bullrun?

With that said, Bitcoin does something no other coin can. It predicts the other cyrpot moves. It's like a magical 8-ball that helps us understand where the market is going. There are several people I know that predict their entire portfolio based on Bitcoin moves.

That's why the Super Halivng is important because it will be a cataclyst for other altcoins and not only bitcoin. However, is the super halving even about Bitcoin?

The Super Halving Is About Ethereum?

Ether is on a bullrun all by itself, with the year low of $180.72 to high of $3,598.90. That's a 1,891.4% increase. Did you also know ETH marketcap almost doubled in a month? At the begining of April it was $227,414,944,867 today it's $412,448,942,860.

It's almost half way to $1 trillion dollars market cap, something Teeka Tiwair talked about over a month ago. However, ETH hitting a trillion dollar might happen sooner than anyone expected and I believe the super halving could have something to do with this.

Now, I don't know exactly what Teeka Tiwari is referring to when he calls it the super halving but I have an idea and it has to do with ETH not Bitcoin.

In fact, there is a piece of code in the ETH that will act like a halving just months away. I'm talking a cataclyst that could help ETH hit $10k before we start summer.

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Teeka Tiwair Will Reveal Everything May 12th at PM

For now we have to wait but I will be tuning in on May 12th to find out what Teeka Tiwari prediction is and how on spot was I.

With that said Teeka Tiwari will also talk abouit six tiny crypto investments that he’s never discussed before with his subscribers. That's worth the time itself.

So, Check out The Super Halving Summit with Teeka Tiwari and my ETH team.

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