Super Affiliate System Reviews 2022 – Is John Crestani Legit?

Find out why John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is still one of the best affiliate marketing systems out there in 2022.

Creator: John Crestani
Niche: Affiliate marketing
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Work From Home With Super Affiliate System?

super affiliate system reviewListen, we all know people that would love to work from home. Maybe you're one of them, I know it was my dream was for many years until I made it a reality in 2013.

However, for a lot of people these days it's no longer a dream, but a necessity. Ever since 2020 and all the uncertainties it brought, people are realizing that their livelyhood is in jeapardy.

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Add to that high inflation rate, looming recession, and it could be worse than the aftermath of 2008 crisis. Make sure this doesn't catch you off gaurd like it did many nearly 14 years ago.

Is Being a Affiliate Pro Even The Right Thing For You?

Do you want to be one? Let's see how you answer the following questions:

  • Do you want to make money online?
  • Without starting a company?
  • How about doing it without having to buy things first?
  • Or provide a service?
  • Deal with clients and customer service?
  • and finally earn commissions for every sale?

Now while those questions might sound obvious they actually play an important role if you want to be an affiliate. Why? Because no other form of online marketing is like that.

For example,  eCommerce is big right now, but even if you go dropship method or print on demand you still have to deal with customers and logistics of it all.

Which is fine if that's what you want to do, but what if you don't?

Maybe you're into creating your own products? Be a publisher that focuses on building his own brand. Again, this is good if you're into it and have the money and time to pull it off.

However, if you want a path where all you have to worry about promoting a products and getting 50% commissions you don't need all of that.

The System That Works by John Crestani

John Crestani has been a super affiliate earning 6-figures per month and up for over 1o years. Now he's sharing his process in the SA System.

Step 1: The Set Up

Like with most things in life you need a proper set up to get started. If you're serious about creating an online income stream you can't just wing it.

Don't believe the online scams who claim you can press 2 buttons and cash will fly out of your monitor. We all wish there was a system like that, but let's get real.

However, good news is that with John Crestani you'll get full direction how to set it all up. It's roadmap or a blueprint that guides you step by step. A one that has been followed by John himself and thousands of his students.

Step 2: Products

What to promote is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing and often makes a difference between a super affiliate or no affiliate.

You see, by choosing a product that actually sells and there is a active need for will increase your overall conversion.

For example, if for every 100 people send to the product you sell one that means 1% conversion.  If you can increase that to 2% you will double your overall sales. At 3% you're tripling it and so on.

There are several ways that John Crestani teaches you on how to choose the potential winner. However, what's even most important he shows you exactly how to test the product promo before you scale up.

Step 3: Promotion Campaigns

After you have your potential winner or 5 it's time to start the campaigns. Which includes getting traffic, from multiple sources if possible, to product you want to sell.

What I like about Super Affiliate System is that John doesn't focus on just one traffic method. I can't count how many times I bought a system or a course that ended up just giving 1 source of traffic and that's it.

The problem with that approach is that if you don't like the traffic source, or worse can't use it, than you're out of luck. The whole course is useless.

With that said another good reason to not put all of your eggs into one basket is that traffic source change and what works now doesn't have to in a year or so.

With that said, SAS features both paid and free traffic from Facebook, Google, YouTube as well as Native ads.

Inside Review of SAS

Now John's course is pretty big and detailed. However, It's broken down into 6 weeks of training so you can go at your pace.  Here's the breakdown of the weeks:

  1. THE SYSTEM SETUP – you have to build a foundation before you can start.
  2. UNDERSTANDING THE SYSTEM – mentality and how it works
  3. MARKETING SKILLS – develop the right set of skills for the job
  4. FACEBOOK & GOOGLE ADS – learn how to use both for traffic
  5. YOUTUBE & NATIVE ADS – video traffic and native traffic
  6. SCALING & AUTOMATION – grow the winners and automate the process

On top of that you get all the resources necessary to succeed. That include:

  • Done-4-You Ad campaigns
  • Affiliate ads
  • landing pages
  • offers to promote
  • ready to buy audience

However, that's not the end of it. One of the most helpful parts of SAS by John Crestani is the Weekly Live Group Coaching and community.

Group Coaching with Super Affiliate System Pro

Every Friday you can get on a live call with John to learn what's new as well as see other people ads and even have your own critiqued.

This is really helpful, especially if you never ran ads as it gives you an idea on what to avoid and want to focus on when creating your ads. Once you're ready you can submit your own and see how you'll do.

SAS Community

I'll be honest, I avoided being part of any community at the start of my online career. However, that was a major mistake as being surrounded by people of all levels and skills is really beneficial to your progress.

Now only can you ask question whenever you need, someone is in a group 24/7 almost, you'll also have the support of now being alone with it all. This is huge because if you're alone and something goes sideways you're more likely to give up and quit.

John Crestani Reviews – Still Big in 2022?

When I was starting back in 2013, John Crestani was already super affiliate. One of the things I remember the best about him is the training he did for Kelly Felix online course.

It was an affiliate part and John just made it look so effortless. Justing brining in tens of thousands per month almost on autopilot. Guess what? He is sitll doing that.

No matetr if you want to start an affiliate marketing business and make money with clickbank, commission junction, Amazon associatis or even smaller affiliate networks like JVzoo, warrior plus,., sam cart or anything in between, John got you covered.

It's Affiliate Marketers Choice

What more can I say about Super Affiliate System by John Crestani? It's in my opinion the best affiliate trianing course that lets you run advertising affiliate campaigns with such ease.

No matter what niche. section or testing phase you are on. The cost might be big bnut it is defintily worht it and all the members agfree.

So is it worth it?

As cliche as this might sound it really depends on you rather than me saying it. If you're ready to take this take this head on and commit for at least 6 weeks, you have 60 day money-back guarantee, than yes, it is definitely worth it.

Would you really put a price on your financial and personal freedom?

Because this is what John Crestani's Super Affiliate System  can give you.

Click Here to get it now.

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