Sophie Howard Reviews – Amazon and Kindle Queen 2023

When I come across someone like Sophie Howard in the online marketing world I get very excited.

Why? Because her story reminds of mine, and thousands if not millions of people that simply wanted more out of this life.

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Sophie Howard Story – From 9 to 5 to Amazon Queen

The first thing you learn about Sophie Howard that she's not some tech prodigy or a marketing guru. While hearing about a 14 year old building an app worth millions or an 18 year old scaling a business from $0 to $10 million sounds amazing, it's out of reach for most of us.

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I mean, let's be honest. Most of us at that age only cared about school, friends and video games.

That's why Sophie Howard story is so relatable. She began her online venture as a mom working a regular 9 to 5 job spending 8 hours in a cubicle. Sound familiar?

Well, after seeing how much time she's missing with her kid without even making that much she had enough. This was a truing point for Sophie as she found Amazon FBA.

Become The Amazon Selling Queen

It took Sophie a while to find the right online business for her, but Amazon seemed perfect. The idea that she could sell items on the world's biggest marketplace was both new and exciting, soon becoming very profitable.

Interesting enough she didn't proceed the typical path of drop shipping cheap items from China. Instead, she focused on brands and quality items bypassing the crazy competition at the time.

This is what really made a difference for Sophie Howard at becoming one of the most successful Amazon sellers.

Going from FBA to Amazon Kindle?

When 2020s hit and everything changed Sophie wanted to find something that didn't require her going around the globe, making sure everything was in stock and everything else associated with eCommerce.

With two kids at home and not enough free time who could blame her for looking for something better?

Well, that's when she discovered selling eBooks on Amazon, in Kindle form. Which surprisingly made so much sense for her because:

  1. She already was a successful Amazon Seller
  2. Knew how Amazon algorithms work
  3. Knew how to outsource what she needed

Best part? She never had a stressful day with kindle publishing. That's how she began the lucrative journey into eBook publishing and create Kindle Publishing Income.

Kindle Publishing Income – Path to Passive Income

At this time Sophie Howard already had a large following and people really looked up to her. She knew she just had to share this with the world.

That's when she made Kindle Publishing Income, a course teaching how you can create a passive income, even 6-Figures, by publishing Kindle books.

Sound familiar? Yes, there have been tons of courses and guides on Kindle publishing but have you ever seen one from someone that was on top of FBA?

Best part yet? You don't even have to write a book with this course.

Now Writing Required by Sophie Howard

Now, this is probably the best part for most of us. You see, while I like writing as my hobby, I can't stand writing because I have to finish a book or something.

I guess, most of us are like that because if we really enjoyed writing we would without any purpose. Well, even if you do enjoy it, and you can totally apply Kindle Publishing Income to increase your book's reach and sales, but you can still make money if you don't.

In fact, I would argue you can make even more if you don't write the books yourself. You see, Sophie Howard doesn't write those books herself, but rather hires a ghostwriter.

Which makes sense from her perspective. It would take her weeks to write a book, than some more to publish it, and promote it. On the other hand she just focuses on the research and marketing, and leaves the most time consuming part to others.

But, now she found a even better way.

Sophie Howard's eSelling Machine

So, while selling Kindle books it's just 1/3 of the puzzle. You also have print versions and audio books. The latter quickly rising in popularity every year.

With eSelling Machine Sophie decided to go after all three and increase the profit by as much as 100%. Now you can:

  • Make money with the Kindle Store
  • Make money with the regular book store on Amazon
  • Make money on Audible

How cool is that?

However, the most important thing about Sophie Howard is that she's one of those people that simply get it.

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