Skool Review 2024: The OnlyFans for Entrepreneurs?

Welcome to my Skool review. How would you like to learn, engage, publish, and make money all in one place? Without doing the extra stuff you need on OnlyFans?

That's a tall order, but surprisingly, Skool by Andrew Kirby handles this, and with prime members like Alex Hormozi and Sam Ovens, it's worth looking into.

However, it's much more than just an alternative for community builders and course platforms, as some reviews might suggest. It's an all-in-one funnel that could make you very rich.

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Fast and Simple Benefits of Skool in 2024

skool review

Before I get into my unique take on the Skool let me just give you fast and simple benefits why I'm switching almost all my links to and I only joined 2 weeks ago.

  • You have everything in one place
    • Community you can engage with easier and faster than any FB group I've been in. Plus it can be paid or free.
    • Classroom you can add courses to, which could set up to be available to all members or unlockable
    • Calendar that you let know members about events, new courses, videos, or live training
    • Gamification that encourages engagement, and brings benefits to those that are active in the group
  • Ability to make residual monthly income from your group
    • If you decide to run a paid Skool group, or 5, you'll be making money without having to sell anything else
  • Learning potential in this is huge
    • Skool is not only about running your group or selling course, it's a vast hub of knowledge. There are tons of great free and paid groups already.
  • Networking beast – huge plus
    • I think this is probably the biggest factor why you should jump on to Skool right now. You can network with some of the most successful people in the online space here.

What is biggest elephant in this review so far? Skool is paid platform, but only for those who want to create, aka and build their community and make money with Skool. If you just want to learn it's free to join.

However, you can get a free 14 day Trial by Clicking Here to create your group right now.

Why did I compare to OnlyFans?

It was a great hook, right? No, but honestly. I don't know much about OnlyFans, never had an account there or anything, but I noticed something interesting while watching one of those Jubilee videos.

It was about being able to estimate or guess how much an influencer made based on what they did and how they did it. Now, to make the long story short, there was one lady that stood out.

Her whole strategy was funneling all of her traffic, from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, into OnlyFans. Which netted her a cool $3.6 million per year while all the other influencers were below a million.

That's exactly what Alex Harmozi is hammering about when you join Skool Games (you can do that here). You can just funnel all of your traffic into Skool and then go from there.

For example, you can have a free Skool Group that you send all your followers to and from that group promote:

  • Promote your products if you have any
  • Promote affiliate offers
  • Promote a paid Skool group by you
  • Promote even higher-level Skool
  • Sign up clients
  • Do paid mastermind and so on

There are so many ways to make money with Skool as long as you funnel more and more members to it.

Free Skool Trail

Why Skool Works so Well in 2024?

I've been in the online marketing space since 2011 and went full-time in 2013. So, yes, I've witnessed many trends over the past decade.

To give you some perspective, I started just after the big AdWords (now Google Ads) boom of the 2000s, when you could purchase Google ads so cheaply that you didn't even need to test them. Yes, that really happened. And this was during the era of small Google sites making it big (remember Google Sniper?).

However, the most significant trend when I began was solo ads. Solo ads are paid advertisements where you pay someone to email their list with your offer, essentially email marketing to someone else's list.

And guess what? It was insane! Similar to how everyone is posting about the latest Side Hustles on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram these days, back then, everyone was buying solo ads to promote the same offers.

Why am I sharing this?

It's my way of illustrating how things change.

When I started my online venture, email marketing and blogging were the biggest things in the world. While these two have remained relevant, social marketing took the crown for the next few years.

Then, a hybrid of blogs, email marketing, and social media emerged: community-based marketing.

This is why Skool is dominating in 2024, and here's how you can too.

Free Skool Trail Shows History Repeat Itself

When I realized this, it really blew my mind. You see, the reason Skool succeeds in 2024 is that it taps into our most basic instinct: the need to belong to a community.

Now, if you live in a city or any crowded place, you might disagree. Or if you consider yourself an introvert, which doesn't necessarily mean you're shy, but rather that you recharge by spending time alone.

I know, I'm such an introvert that I'd rather wait by my door to make sure my neighbor is gone before taking out the trash. In fact, I can't even relax on a bike trip with my husband. I need to be alone.

However, that doesn't mean I don't want to belong. In fact, the times I've spent with my children and husband are the best and most cherished memories of my life. I just need some time alone afterward.

I'm rambling again. The point is, humans are social creatures, and all of us crave social interactions, even if we think we don't because there are too many people around us. It's all about finding the right balance. Balance and trust, right?

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Do I Trust You To School Me?

Let's face it, there isn't much trust in email marketing. I bet you receive anywhere from 10 to 100 emails a day from people you “subscribed to” (or didn't) who want to sell you something.

Even blogs are hard to trust. After all, it could be anyone behind that keyboard. Just because there's a picture of someone doesn't necessarily mean it's actually them.

Heck, even videos can be faked these days. We've all seen them.

However, one thing you can't fake is interaction. Even if you use filters on your videos or don't look anything like the picture on your profile, your true character shows through in the way you interact with others.

This is why Facebook groups and other networking platforms are so popular right now. People no longer want to follow a faceless profile, channel, or blog. They also don't want to trust just an image or a video.

They want to interact and engage with the other person.

Why did this shift happen?

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How Internet Changed Everything: Time to Go Back?

It's fascinating to observe how times change. For instance, my parents, who were born in the 1950s, would never trust anything on the internet without seeing a face. Even with a face, they're more inclined to trust what's printed in the newspaper and broadcasted on TV.

This might sound odd, but they trust the authority of those media. On the other hand, the internet in the 90s and even the early 2000s had no established authority. There were no fact-checkers, laws, or limitations.

It was like the Wild West, which is why teens like me were drawn to it so intensely. As time went on, we became comfortable with the idea that it's possible to trust someone without seeing them or even interacting directly.

This began to change again with the advent of social media and video platforms. We started to gravitate towards mediums that felt more trustworthy. Communities represent the next step forward in this evolution.

Now, I didn't intend to turn this into a psychology lesson, but I wanted to illustrate how something like Skool is a natural progression in the landscape of online marketing.

Free Skool Trail

Skool is Doing Something Right: The Evidence

All you have to do is take a look at the Skool Games, which I'll delve into more soon. However, the leaders (top 10) are all generating $40k+ in new MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) just this month. The top 2 are even surpassing $80k.

Now, does that mean you'll be making $40k per month on Skool with your group? No, but it's within the realm of possibility.

In fact, in 2024, it could be your best bet.

The most surprising finding from my early testing is that people are more willing to sign up for your Skool than for an email landing page. In one way, it makes sense; with a group, you have more authority, but then again, entering an email is much simpler.

Anyway, I'll continue working on my Skool Groups and update my progress in this post.

If you're interested, sign up for my first group here.

Skool Games – Not Your Typical Squid Games

Whenever I think about Skool Games, ‘Squid Game', the popular Netflix show from 2021, pops into my mind. Now, I wouldn't mind a bunch of entrepreneurs and Alex Harmozi going at it like in that show, but it's more akin to the Olympic Games.

Essentially, the top 10 individuals with the highest new MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) for the month get the opportunity to relax and learn from Alex and his team. It's quite awesome and extremely valuable to interact directly and in person with the top 10 and Alex.

However, as long as you make 3 sales, you will be able to watch the recording of the mastermind, so you'll learn a lot too.

If you're interested in working and learning directly from me on how to make money with your own Skool group, use the link below to get it, and I'll be starting a private group for everyone that purchases through my link.

Visit to get it and my bonus.

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