Project Platinum Review: 2023’s Affiliate Game-Changer

Don't miss your LAST CHANCE to join Project Platinum. With the power of AI and Robby Blanchard's exclusive strategies, you can still earn $250,000 or more on ClickBank in 2023.

The choice is yours, but before you decide let me tell you why Project Platinum by Robby Blanchard is the future of affiliate marketing.

Creator: Robby Blanchard
Official site: Click Here
Price: $2,497 or cost of 3 payments of $997

Project Platinum + AI = Affiliate Marketing 10x

Project Platinum AI

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Right now, you have two options:

  1. Join the pioneers of the AI-driven affiliate marketing revolution, like Robby Blanchard, and make 6 or even 7 figures with it.
  2. Get left behind and miss the most significant marketing shift in the past 20 years.

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Is AI Really Such A Gamer Changer in Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, being 100% honest and blunt.

Using AI effectively, beyond generating images or writing jokes, can multiply your affiliate marketing results by at least 10 times. There is no question about it.

How? Here are just 4 reason why:

  • Automation: AI streamlines repetitive tasks, freeing up time for higher-level strategies.
  • Personalization: AI identifies patterns for highly targeted campaigns and better conversion rates.
  • Decision-making: AI-driven insights help optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.
  • Content creation: AI-powered tools generate engaging content at scale.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what AI can do, but it all leads to one thing.

This means that with the power of AI, you can outperform companies spending millions on copywriters, coders, marketing specialists, and assistants.

Until recently, this was not possible and even if you knew how to do all of them, you still wouldn't have time even if you worked 24/7. Now AI can automate 90% to 99% of that work.

If that wasn't enough, AI can now identify, analyze, and optimize data for the best results in real-time.

Again, that means that you, even if you are just starting out, can perform as well or even better than a ad agency that's hires 20 people to do that and all you need is AI.

Now, combine the power of that with Robby Blanchard's doing over $5 million in sales on ClickBank (before AI) for 3 years straight, and his students doing $100,000 millions with the power of AI.

Are you still doubting whether earning $250,000 or even $2.5 million in a year is possible with AI and Project Platinum?

With that said, you need to act now, as Robby is closing the doors to new students today!

As more people start using AI and this opportunity passes, it will become harder to make $250,000 or even $2.5 million in a year. Especially if you're going starting from scratch.

However, if you reading this then there is a chance and if you buy using my link, like the one below, I'll personally help you not only with Project Platinum, but also be in the front of AI revolution to 10x that $250,000 to $2.5 million.

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What is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum: A comprehensive 6-week live masterclass by Robby Blanchard featuring AI software, coaching, case studies, and additional resources and strategies. Robby Blanchard designed this course to help participants earn at least $250,000 per year and reach Platinum status by successfully selling products on ClickBank as an affiliate.

Sounds like a typical make money online system, right? You have the promise of $250k a year, live training, additional resources and a software.

So, what makes Project Platinum different? 3 very important factors:

  1. It's by Robby Blanchard, ClickBank's #1 affiliate marketer with over $5 million in affiliate sales per year on Clickbank (verified)
  2. Robby knows how it's done, as his students have already made $100 million on ClickBank and are in the top 30% of earners there.
  3. It includes a game changing AI software that does around 90% of the job for you. I saw nothing like that before.

I'll be honest, I was not interested in another affiliate marketing system like Project Platinum. Like most people reading this, I get hundreds of emails about such programs.

However, once I realized Project Platinum includes those factors, I knew I had to try it.

I mean, how often do you get to learn from someone as successful as Robby, let alone be coached by him?

Just imagine if there was a business professor in a college that was not only earning 8-figures himself, but thanks to his classes thousands of his students were earning 6, 7 or even 8-figures as well?

If that wasn't enough. Now the professor has an automation solution to do most of it for you. The class would be sold out in minutes. Everyone would want to get in on that action before it was too late.

Are you one of those people? Join Project Platinum now.

Robby Blanchard Reviews VS The Other Guys

By now, you already know who Robby Blanchard is, how much he makes, and all the good stuff. In fact, I even mentioned earlier in this review.

However, there is another reason why I think Project Platinum is a step above almost anything out there in the affiliate space right now.

You see, despite Robby Blanchard being #1 affiliate on Clickbank and has the most succesfull students. He wants to take it to another level because there are a few super affiliate that also claim to be the best.

Now, I don't want to drop names but these guys also put out quality products and have helped thousands of people to make money on Clickbank as well.

While I don't think there is bad blood between them, and it's mostly a friendly competition. I know Robby Blanchard will do everything he can to help his students be the best.

I mean he literally made a course, Project Platinum, where he will hand hold you, or even drag you, to be making $250,000 per year on Clickbank.

So, unless you're already making $250k on CB or more, you should pay attention and join before they close.

Reviews of Project Platinum by Robby Blanchard


Okay, it's time to dive deep into the actual Project Platinum system. It's broken down in 7 components and well as bonus ones that you can get if you buy now.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Component 1: 6 Week Platinum MasterClass
    • Brand new training done live every week
    • Includes strategies, blueprints and tools
    • Profitable online business in 6 weeks or less
  • 12 Months Access To Project Platinum A.I. Software
    • Write copy, and set up your ads in 30 seconds
    • Find hidden audience to 3x your profits
    • More shortcut to go faster and scale smoother
  • Money Magnet Traffic Training
    • All Robby's traffic getting secrets
    • Scaling techniques not revealed before
    • Unlimited amount of traffic from Facebook and YouTube
  • $250k Elite Platinum Offers
    • Hand pick offers and brokered by Robby himself
    • Get paid higher commissions thanks to Robby
    • All the offers you'll ever need
  • Project Platinum Coaching Group
    • Private coaching group to connect with everyone
    • Learn success and get motivated by others
    • See how to go from 0 to thousands per day
  • Instant Scale Training
    • Scale to $500 and then $5000 with this training.

As you can see, you get everything you need right here. However, if you use my link and get it now you'll still be able to get fast action Project Platinum bonuses:

  • YouTube 6 week Masterclass
  • Project Platinum Landing Page Builder
  • DFY 7 Figure Landing Pages
  • Full Access To Spy Hero
  • Full Access to Cometly
  • The Project Platinum App

If that wasn't enough, here are more special Project Platinum bonuses.

  • Upgrade To Lifetime Access To Project Platinum A.I Software
  • Platinum Celebrity Offer Access (Mike Tyson offer)
  • Full Access To Commission Hero!
  • Get A Vacation On Us!

So, if you were wondering if you should get Project Platinum or Commission Hero you can rest easy. If you get Project Platinum today, you get them both.

However, hurry as this is expiring soon.

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Project Platinum Bonus – 3X Your Results

Okay, so this one was a tough one to think of bonuses because Robby included so much. I mean you get access to everything you need to get started right away, and start earning right away.

This even includes 3-party services that other affiliate system make you buy, here you get it for free until you start making money.  Robby even includes ways to not have to worry about FB or YT accounts.

I mean he is set to help you make $250k within a year, so it makes sense to give you as much as possible.

That's why I decided to go a little different route with my bonuses and offer you ways to get free traffic to vidoes, ads, landing pages you're already making with Project Platinum.

Free Traffic Bonus – YouTube, Facebook, and Everything Else?

I'll teach you how you can take AI to another level and get more views, leads, and sales (at least 3x from my tests) with what you will be creating with Project Platinum.

Best part it will cost you nothing! Because you already will have all the software and resources.

Naturally, this bonus is really sensitive as it's one of my main ways to make money in 2023, so I don't share it publicly. If you want more details leave a comment and I'll email you the info.

Partner with me on a Offer I got paid $30k from a Single Ad

This is a bonus I never shared before, but I'll work with you to get access affiliate offers that pay as much as $50k from a single deal. I personally got paid over $30k from a single deal.

This is a private affiliate offer that requires an invite, but I'll help you out once you're making some money on Clickbank. This offer will allow you to scale to a new level with what you learn from Project Platinum.

My Help and Guidance

Finally, I'm just going to be there for you from $0 to $250,000 on clickbank and beyond. That means you can email or message me with whatever you want, whenever.

Of course, I'm just human so I might not respond in a minute, but I usually do within few hours or we can shedule a time to chat live.

The point is that you will get hel;p directly fropm me, not my team, assistant or coach. I found that this really helps, and whenever I offer this bonus, people always leave great feedback.

So, if you want all of that, 3x your potential income, work with me on offer that pays up to $50k each, and get my help.

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Let's do this together! Join Now

Can get you to $250,000?

The short answer is yes, Robby Blanchard has already helped tons of people to achieve Clickbank Platinum membership, and you could be next.

However, it seems many Project Platinum reviews treat this as an arbitrary number. This is similar to other promotions where they claim you can earn a 6-figure or 7-figure income if you just join their program.

  • First of all, how much you have to make to be at $250,000?
    • Per Month: $20,833.33
    • Per Week: $4,629.63
    • Per Day: $684.93

As you can see, while $250,000 sounds overwhelming, $684.93 seems much more manageable. Especially, how one of the main goals with all Robby Blanchard's courses is to hit $1,000 per day.

Once you do that, you're in ClickBank Platinum

I decided to dig a little deeper and see how it pans out in real life. After researching Robbies Blanchard's' past students I noticed a recurring theme.

  1. Those who follow the program hit $1,000 per day fairly quickly
  2. Once they do they scale to $10,000 per week in a month or two

Here's an example of the first one:

As you can see the person scaled to $1,000 a day in just days.

Does that mean you will do the same? Maybe, maybe not, but it shows you whats possible.

Even if it takes you a month, or two, will it not be worth it? Making $1,000 per day?

Another example I want to share is someone that's not even from the US, and English is his second language:

This person is an example of the second one. He managed to scale from $1,000 per day to $10,000 per week 4 weeks.

If you noticed, the screenshot is from 2021. I decided to include an older one to show that it has been working for Robby Blanchard's students for a years now.

Finally, here's an example of $3k to $103k in just 4 weeks in 2023.

How crazy is that? Imagine hitting $3,181.27 in one week and then doubling or tripling that every week?

It's an insane feeling and one I really recommend. It many cases it feels like heavy rock was lifted from your chest. Just imagine never having to worry about money again?

These people know the feeling and while I didn't include their names for their privacy, you'll be able to meet and catch up with them in the group. Among all the other hundreds of case studies people post.

So, what will it be? Are you the the next Project Platinum Clickbank Platinum member?

Is Project Platinum The Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

On reader of this Project Platinum review sent me a message, asking if Project Platinum was the best affiliate marketing course?

Which, I'll be honest, caught me off guard. Does the person mean the best ever? Including courses that focus on different aspect of affiliate marketing.

After some back and forth we agreed to focus on now and around the fact of using affiliate marketing with paid ads and click bank.

Don't get me wrong, I really think Project Platinum is without a doubt top 10, maybe even top 5, systems I've reviewed in the last 12 years.

That's why I can't say it's the best because I haven't tried every single system out there.

However, here are my opinions when it comes to Project Platinum

  • Best Facebook Ads Program? Yes, by far, Commission Hero was great but Project Platinum builds on that success and the AI takes it to another level.
  • Best YouTube Ads Program? In top 2 for me. A great new twist and AI is again the game changer, so hard to pick a winner.
  • Best Clickbank with Ads Program? Yes, there another program that good, but it's not great and more expensive than Project Platinum. Plus there is no AI
  • Bonus: The best community of all other programs too

It's important to mention Robby Blanchard decided to do this with Clickbank is a huge plus. Why?

Ready to Join?

Clickbank Reviews: Why Start With Them?

Okay, full disclosure, the first money online I ever made was with Clickbank in 2012. It was only $20, but felt great and I was able to scale it fairly quickly and painlessly.

So, it hold a special place in my heart. However, there are tons of other reasons why I love promoting affiliate products on Clicikbank

  • Joining is a breeze: ClickBank's super simple sign-up process is absolutely free, making it perfect for newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing.
  • Many products to choose from: ClickBank boasts an incredible variety of products and services across different niches, letting you find the perfect fit for your interests and skills.
  • Great commission rates: With ClickBank, you can earn sky-high commissions, usually between 50-75% per sale. What a fantastic way to kickstart your earnings!
  • Timely payments: ClickBank has a rock-solid reputation for delivering timely payments, ensuring you'll be rewarded for all your hard work.
  • Great resources and tools: ClickBank is generous with promotional materials, tracking tools, and analytics, helping you learn and grow as an affiliate marketer.
  • Go global with ClickBank: With support for multiple languages and currencies, you can promote products to customers all around the world. How cool is that?
  • ClickBank's stellar reputation: Since 1998, ClickBank has been a reliable name in the affiliate marketing industry. You can feel confident knowing you're working with a trustworthy platform.
  • Learn from the best: PRoject Platinum and other training materials will help you master the art of affiliate marketing, so you can boost your skills and become a pro in no time!
  • Simple Navigation: ClickBank's user-friendly dashboard makes it a breeze to find your way around, perfect for those just starting out.
  • Friendly customer support: Got a question or need some assistance? ClickBank's awesome customer support team is always ready to lend a hand and guide you through any challenges you might face.

Now, the whole point of Project Platinum is to make money on Clickbank. That's why I believe the reasons.

However, it goes beoyond and once you're in the Clickbank Platinum Program you will understand.

What is the Clickbank Platinum Program?

robby blancahrd project platinum

An opportunity to make $250,000 online is the dream of anyone starting or hoping to start an online business.

I mean $250,000 is a lot of money.  In fact, if you had $250,000 per year profit you would be in the top 5% of all US earners. In most of the rest of the world you will be 1% or even 0.1% of top earners.

However, joining the ClickBank Platinum program,. has even more perks and benefits than just becoming rich.

The Perks of Platinum Pogram

Here some of the benefits of becoming one of the top affiliate on Clickbank.

  • Exclusive Networking
    • Go to ClickBank’s Platinum Summit
    • Meet JV partners, super affiliates, and experts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Your very own advisor, strategist and support.
    • Get revenue boosts
    • on demand reproting
    • exclusive deals
  • Powerful Industry Recognition
    • Get 6lb Platinum award
    • being Clickbank's Top 1%
  • Priority Support
    • Expedited approvals
    • Twice-weekly payments
    • Personalized attention
    • Partnership opportunities with ClickBank

Now, I don't know about but those are pretty sweet and you qualify by making a lot of money. It's a win-win situation that opens a lot of new business opportunities.

When you're top 1% affiliate than people notice and want to work with you. In fact, they will start begining you to promote them.

It's really somethign when peopel start asking you top promote them and not the other way around. For example, for me it frees up a lot of time and I can actually pick offers I care to promote and not anything that is public.

Are You Ready? Join Now

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions about Project Platinum experience. I've tried to answer them to the best of my ability, if you have any other please post them in the comments.

  • How much does it cost to join Project Platinum?
    • It's either $2,497 or 3 payments of $997
  • Are there any additional or hidden fees involved?
    • You get everything in that one price, but if you want to continue using third party services like Spy Hero or Cometly after the first 30 day, you need to pay for it.
  • What level of experience in affiliate marketing and paid ads is required to be successful in this program?
    • None, in fact, at times it's better if you are completely new as you'll the proper way to do them first.
  • How much time should I expect to invest daily or weekly to achieve the desired results with Project Platinum?
    • Depends on you, and how fast you want to go. However, in my research I found many people hit $1k a day while still working full time. I would recommend 1 to 3 hours a day.
  • How does the support system work within the Project Platinum community, and are there any limitations to the assistance you can receive?
    • The community is open to all Robby Blanchard buyers and experts, so there is no limits. As far as I know if you keep to the rules you can share, comment, or ask questions as much as you like within reason.
  • What specific niches or markets does Project Platinum cater to, or can it be applied to any niche in ClickBank?
    • I would say any niche, but there are users and success stories that focus on one niche mostly. It really depends on the style of your ads.
  • What are the main differences between Commission Hero and Project Platinum? Is it necessary to have completed Commission Hero before joining Project Platinum?
    • It's an updated version that include more training and platforms, as well as the AI integration. You do not need to complete Commission Hero, but you do get it for free for a limited time offer with Project Platinum.
  • How does Project Platinum help in choosing the right products to promote and creating high-converting ad creatives?
    • It uses a AI as well as data from Robby's and his students success to help you pick the right offer at the right time.
  • Can the strategies and techniques taught in Project Platinum be applied to other paid advertising platforms, such as Google Ads or native advertising networks?
    • While they were designed for specific platforms, with a few tweaks they should work well with others as well.
  • Can Project Platinum's strategies be used on non-ClickBank affiliate networks with similar success?
    • Yes, many users diversify their income with different affiliate networks. Also, it's great for scaling.
  • Are there any country or language restrictions for joining Project Platinum, or can it be accessed and used by individuals from any part of the world?
    • None that I know. If you can join Clickbank, which is free, Project Platinum will work.

Hope this helps, and if you have more questions feel free to ask.

Conclusion to the Review

In conclusion, Project Platinum is an excellent opportunity for those looking to seriously grow their affiliate marketing income with ClickBank. With Robby Blanchard's guidance and the power of AI, the program can help you scale your earnings and potentially reach ClickBank Platinum status.

Like in the start of the review, if you ever wanted to make money online like a pro in the easiest way possible, this is your chance. You owe it to yourself to take it.

Project Platinum is not only a top-tier affiliate marketing course, but it also focuses on utilizing Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and other promotional strategies. Combined with the fantastic community, it makes for a powerful package.

Joining ClickBank and benefiting from their extensive product selection, high commission rates, and reliable payment system is a no-brainer for those looking to succeed in affiliate marketing. Plus, achieving ClickBank Platinum status comes with numerous perks, including exclusive networking opportunities, dedicated account managers, and powerful industry recognition.

So, are you ready to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level and potentially earn $250,000 or more? Don't wait any longer. Click the link below and join Project Platinum today!

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