Project Platinum Review – Who is Robby Blanchard? Bonus Inside

The Project Platinum is a new affiliate marketing product by Robby Blanchard that will help your online business reach Platinum on Clickbank, which means doing over $250,000 in sales in a single year.

Are you ready to start your own platinum projects and find a solution to make $250k this year?

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What is Project Platinum?

project platinum review

Robby Blanchard and his company as well all the 8-figure business he started have a lot of followers. Why? Because he's one of the few gurus that has measurable results.

Many Project Platinum reviews talk about howm great it is but never go deep.

Robby Blanchard's students alone have done over $100,000,000 on Clickbank to date. That is a true Platinum project. Now he's ready to start a Platinum Group to get you there as well.

It's shaping up to be one of the biggest product launches of 2023. Robby Blanchard, Clickbank number one affiliate and creator of Commission Hero, has a goal in mind and is determined to achieve it.

The goal? Get as many people to Clickbank Platinum as possible. Which you need to make at least $250,000 in sales on ClickBank in a year.

That's not a minor feat, for many, maybe even unimaginable, but for #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world, Robby Blanchard, it's achievable.

You see, despite being in the affiliate space for short period of time, Robby, not only became #1 affiliate but also helped over 100 people to become Clickbank Platinum.

That's more than any other affiliate or product creator that I know. In fact, Robby Blanchard's students alone have done over $100,000,000 on Clickbank to date.

The Project Platinum was designed with that idea in mind, to get you, or anyone, top making $250,000 per year on Clickbank as fast as possible.

Brand New Platinum Course

The biggest part of this system will be the the new course with what is working right now, in 2023. It will also include:

  • Updated traffic source trainings”
    • With Facebook
    • YouTube
    • and more
  • Secret insider contacts:
    • get better deals
    • higher commissions
    • competitive egde

The fact, that Robby is doing a brand fresh course is a really good thing. I know many people are struggling with traffic sources these days and once again, Robby is showing that you don't need to struggle with traffic.

To tell you the truth, Robby and his students, are still making money with Facebook ads, and he will show you how. I know many affiliates have left and forgot Facebook, but that's a mistake.

Not only can you still make it work, but also with so many people leaving the competition is going down.

YouTube ads are huge right now, but like with Facebook, you need that edge to get the best conversion rates and ROI.

So it doesn't matter if you're a total beginner starting your first online business or already making money online. This will take you to the next level.

There are many different products like Project Platinum but are they as good?

Platinum Project  Software Suite: Automate It

Another reason I'm excited about Project Platinum is the tools and software that will help automate the entire process. Like 95% of it?

You see, we're in an interesting time as technology, and AI has leaped in the last few years. This means we no longer have to do tedious manual work both online and off-line.

There are so many processes these days that you can automate in your online business that running one is as simple as working 1 hour a day.

Robby developed the Project Platinum with that in mind. Not only the software suite will make you go faster and earn sooner, but also minimize, or eliminate, roadblocks.

Why do people quite using online programs to make money?

  • They get overwhelmed
  • They get lost
  • They get bored

Most come down to these 3 reasons, and having so much automation removes all three.

What is the Clickbank Platinum Program?

robby blancahrd project platinum

An opportunity to make $250,000 online is the dream of anyone starting or hoping to start an online business.

I mean $250,000 is a lot of money.  In fact, if you had $250,000 per year profit you would be in the top 5% of all US earners. In most of the rest of the world you will eb 1% or even 0.1% of top earners.

However, joing the ClickBank Platinum progra. has even more perks and benefits than just becoming rich.

The Perks of Platinum of Platinum

Here some of the benefits of becoming one of the top affiliate on Clickbank.

  • Exclusive Networking
    • Go to ClickBank’s Platinum Summit
    • Meet JV partners, super affiliates, and experts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Your very own advisor, strategist and support.
    • Get revenue boosts
    • on demand reproting
    • exclusive deals
  • Powerful Industry Recognition
    • Get 6lb Platinum award
    • being Clickbank's Top 1%
  • Priority Support
    • Expedited approvals
    • Twice-weekly payments
    • Personalized attention
    • Partnership opportunities with ClickBank

Now, I don't know about but those are pretty sweet and you qualify by making a lot of money. It's a win-win situation that opens a lot of new business opportunities.

When you're top 1% affiliate than people notice and want to work with you. In fact, they will start begining you to promote them.

It's really somethign when peopel start asking you top promote them and not the other way around. For example, for me it frees up a lot of time and I can actually pick offers I care to promote and not anything that is public.

Here's a video of a recent Platinum Success Stories

Is ProjectPlatinum Your Way In?

Robby Blanchard seems to be an expert are getting people to the top 1% of Clickbank. In fact, he has done it a 100 times without even it being his main goal.

So, is Project Platinum your best bet to crack that $250k on Clickbank?

I really think so, and be prepared to see a lot more of those Clickbank Platinum members in 2023 thanks to Robby. As he made it his mission to create as many as possible.

Does that mean the competition will be fierce? You're not actually competing with each other directly. In fact, I think this will be good for Clickbank and affiliate marketing space in general.

More people making $250k+ will mean more offers, more targets, and growth of the industry.

However, I have one more unfair advantage for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Platinum?

It's a full blown system by Robby Blanchard to get anyone to $250,000 in sales in a year.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard i an experienced project manager with over 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing.

Review of Project Platinum Bonus

I'm going to be offering crazy Project Platinum bonuses to go with the already amazing Project Platinum course and software suite.

So what is the bonus? I still want to keep it a secret so others will not try to copy it. Once we get closer to the launch, I'll do a big reveal.

However, let me just say it will be epic.

Passive Income to Stay Platinum?

My experience with courses and the services as well as information they link makes sense. It is about the strategies and resoources you can use a s a community. The Project Platinum platform allows you access and advices on their services. This includes beginners affiliate markter on how to place and order on a page, as questions, and poack webinars.

One of the best parts of Robby Blanchard's systems is that they work quickly and are part of an active income. This means you make money, you spend money, and thanks to that, you can scale really quickly.

While passive income usually takes a longer time to build and is harder to scale. But, it's passive, like an asset, that increases in value.

Well, I figured out a way to combine both the power of active income like with Project Platinum and passive income to make money even while not working at all.

In fact, I have stuff I didn't touch for a year that still makes me money. How cool is that?

This way I can have income coming in non-stop like clockwork and still have time to try new business opportunities, active income and so on.

Does it get better than that? I don't think so! Get Project Platinum at

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