Project Next Review – Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi Ready To Launch

Join Project Next Thrive Editiondigital course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi to get out of a survival mode and into thriving online learning. This is the Last Day to Join.

Creators: Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
Price: $997 or Payment Plan $197
Official Site:

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What is Project Next Thrive Edition?

The Project Next Thrive Edition is a digital course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.The course includes 6 weeks of live-coaching, tickets to virtual world summit, mastermind platform, and private group exclusive to the Project Next students.

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project next thrive edition reviews

Do you want to survive or thrive? Better decide now because this offer is going away tonight.

It’s crazy how many of us have been stuck in survival mode for the past few years. Is it going to get better?

No, unless we invest in ourselves, nothing will get better. I mean, if you will not invest in yourself, who will?

I’ve been always told that you’re either working toward your dream or helping someone else build theirs. While it’s true, why not do both and serve your customers?

That’s exactly what Project Next is all about. You can build your dream by helping others fulfill theirs. Not as an employee, but as an empowerer.

Imagine earning 6, 7, or even 8-figure by helping people breach the gap from where they are to where they want to be. Build a bridge for them, like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have built one for us with Project Next Thrive Edition.

Best part?  You can do it all from one place (identity, create, package, publish and sell a digital course, workshop, coaching program, or even a mastermind) with the help and support of Tony, Dean, me, and other amazing members of the Thrive Community as well as Rachel Miller, isn’t she great?

That’s the Project Next experience, and you could be next.

Get it at now before it closes tonight

Thrive with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller Thrive EditionOne of the highlights of the challenge for me, and many watching, was Rachel Miller.

The mother of 6 captured the audience with her authenticity and energy, it was great.

However, what really struck me was her two stories. The one about the grandmother that didn't have enough for a movie ticket for her grandson, and the one about Rachel not having enough to go bowling with friends.

That's a reality for so many people these days. And, yes, maybe it seems not such a big problem compared to people that have it much worse, but we're talking about over half of the United States alone. In fact, 64% of American live paycheck to paycheck in 2023.

That's almost 2 out of 3 people that are in survival mode. That's 2 out of 3 people that often can't afford an night at the movies, or family trip to the bowling alley, or theme park.

I know how that feels. In fact, in the last recession my income was below poverty line. Despite living with my in-laws we could barely afford essentials, like food and clothing.

It still pains me when I think about my little 2-year-old daughter asking doll, and me having to tell her we can't afford it.

Maybe you know how that feels, or even are experiencing something similar right now, isn't this your time to thrive? Take control and stop worrying what will happen in a month or 6 from now?

What if you are at the other end of the spectrum? Already found success? Don't you want to share that with world? Build a bridge for people that need it most?

Like Rachel Miller said, we are not meant to survive, we are meant to THRIVE. Let me help you THRIVE with my bonus that will become a course!

Join Project Next and Find or Build a Bridge and Thrive: Last Chance

Is ProjectNext for You? Join Before It Closes

Unless you randomly just stumbled upon this post, there is a genuine reason why you attended the Time to Thrive and you're reading this Project Next review right now.

The reason is your own, your ‘Why' as Tony Robbins calls it. As long as you have a strong ‘why' anything is possible. In fact, I really like Dean Graziosi's 7-levels deep ‘why exercise.' If you didn't do it yet, just try it.

You simply ask yourself ‘why' 7 times to the thing you want to be or accomplish with Project Next by Tony Robbins. Mine was as follows:

  1. Why? I want to be successful.
  2. Why? To impact the world and make more money.
  3. Why? To show my kids what's possible.
  4. Why? So they can follow their passions and not worry about money.
  5. Why? To prove to the world they are worth it.
  6. Why? To silence the doubters.
  7. Why? To prove myself, I'm doing the right thing.

Honestly, to me, this came as a shock, as I knew most of what I was doing was for my children, but didn't realize I was projecting my own fears on them. It was revealing to say the least, but also made me understand my goals and aspirations better. My ‘why' became stronger.

Your ‘why' could be totally different, but that's not the point. Just make sure it's your ‘why' and not somebody else's. It doesn't matter what your neighbor, colleague or brother-in-law thinks, they don't own your future, only you do. You're in charge of what's next.

Do you believe Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi can help? They already helped thousands of people with their projects. Why not you?

Join Now before it closes tonight 

Do You Ever Feel Like An Imposter?

joinprojectnext.comWhile talking to various people interested in taking the next step in the self-education revolution, it feels like many of us are suffering from the imposter syndrome.

Which is a psychological pattern in which individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as an “impostor.”

Do you ever feel like that? If you do, you’re not alone. Research shows this psychological phenomenon affects 7 out of 10 people at some point in their lives.

To tell you the truth, if you feel that way, at one point or another, it might be a good thing. A lot of high-achievers and creative people suffer from it.

It makes sense as we constantly try to better ourselves by questioning our actions. Which can lead to false doubt and fear.

However, that feeling does not dictate who you really are as a person. Tony and Dean understands this as they also felt it at a time, and will teach you how to control it and use it for good.

You see, I don't even know you personally, but I already know that you have something to offer. We all do. Let Project Next, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi help you extract it.

Join It Now: Ends Today

Start The Self-Education Revolution with Thrive Project

Listen, it's rarely I get excited about a new system, course, or software these days. In fact, after being nearly 10 years in the online game I feel like I've seen it all in the self-education revolution.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are still around 10 products per year that I spend enough time on to review. Most of them are great products that do what they supposed to but rarely blow my mind.

The reason? Most things entrepreneurs, coaches, and online experts teach are just surface deep. Those include the technical aspects of either product/course creation, eCommerce, online business, website design, or similar.

Which, if done well, can be amazing training, and sometimes that's all a person needs, but it still lacks depth. You can argue that you don't need depth for everything. Sometimes you just need to learn your craft and go for it.

Do you really need to connect with something or someone on a deeper level to create a website, sell stuff, or maybe change a pipe?

Well, you don't, but it helps to understand how and why something work. However, the more important point is that if you don't care about it:

You will not enjoy yourself/get bored/frustrated
You'll probably not even go through with it in the first place

Listen, by now you probably know that around 90% of people don't finish a course they start. In fact, I'm pretty sure Project Next will not be your first course either. However, you're here because you know things can be different.

So, no, you don't have to be passionate about something to make money with it, but it sure helps. It helps more than most of us ever realize.

Share Your Knowledge Now

The Self-Education is Changing and You Need To Change With It

Self-education or e-learning has been on the rise for decades but everything changed in 2020. Suddenly e-learning became the mainstream and many people are finding the alternative works better than the original.

To give you a glimpse self-education was worth $144 Billion in 2019 and it is estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2028 according to research. That's almost 7 times more or over 694% increase in 9 years.

The best part is that with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi you can be at the center of this self-education revolution with Project Next.

Get Started Now

Inside Project Next Reviews: Tony Robbins

project next thrive edition

With the help of some of the top minds in the business, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi created a comprehensive course complete with 6 weeks of live training, mastermind platform, VIP 3-day event, private community, and bonuses.

Let's go over what you get in details:


THE PROJECT THRIVE COURSEThis 6 module system was created with Tony and Dean's 70 years of experience in the correct mindset, strategies, and tools to become successful in today's new world.

It's a complete course on how to launch and scale your digital product.

It includes:

  • Exact strategy on what to sell and how to sell it
  • How to market your message on channels you already use (social media)
  • Finding the perfect client in the circles they hang out (online)
  • Sell like a pro without feeling like an imposter
  • Understanding that people need your message and how you're doing them a disservice by not revealing it


6 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP COACHING WITH DEAWhile I can't officially review the 6-week master class because it will be live, of course. However….

I can tell you what it will includes and experience from my previous live training with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and their coaches.

The live training acts like an additional resource to the Project Next Course, a walk alongside with hand-holding to make sure you are on the right track. However, it will also include new training and secrets not included in the course.

Honestly, I really like that they include both module-based training and a live one because they complete each other so well. This way you'll be able to repeat everything you learn in the PN Thrive program and understand things better.

With the combination of both, you'll never feel alone or left behind if you don't fully get something the first time. Plus, it feels more like a regular course with weekly live training, and don't worry it will include replays.


3 MONTHS FREE ON THE MASTERMIND.COM PLATFORMI've been on since 2019 and have to say it is one of the best self-education platforms out there. However, one of the reasons why, might surprise you.

The main reason is obvious as Tony and Dean created what in my opinion is the easiest tool to build, upload and launch courses out there.

So, if that's holding you back then you have nothing to worry about.

I'm not a very techie person but with their drag&drop and point&click platform, anyone can have a course build in no time.

However, there is another reason I didn't see any other Mastermind or Project Next review mention. The course directory!

Inside 2023 Project Thrive Mastermind Directory

Once you complete the course it will be featured in the searchable Mastermind directory. That means anyone looking for what you offer will be able to find you there.

Why is this important? Despite being a huge platform designed by Tony and Dean that cost over $2 million to create it is still pretty exclusive.

Just imagine if you could be some of the first waves of people on other popular platforms we have today. Every social media like Twitter and Facebook, or video sharing/streaming like YouTube or Twitch?

It's almost like an unfair advantage that you will have at no extra cost if you join today.


MASTERMIND PRIVATE COMMUNITYNeed any more reasons? You'll be a pro at this after Project Next course? How about 3 immersive days with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and the rest of the gang?

If you've been part of the Time to Thrive Challenge you have a glimpse of what it feels like. The Mastermind World Summit is an exclusive focusing on mastering the digital game with real live examples and like-minded people all sharing their experiences.

If Time to Thrive Challenge was your starting point in the self-education revolution then the World Summit will be your graduation.


WORLD SUMMIT VIRTUAL LIVE EVENT TICKET 3 INTERACTIVE & LIFE CHANGING DAYSLast, but definitely not least is the community that has been build around Tony, Dean, and other great minds in the self-education revolution.

It's here where you'll be able to meet, chat and share with people in Project Next course and other experts and coaches. I'm in this group already and the energy inside it is unbelievable.

I mean if you ever felt you don't belong in groups I'm betting this one will be different.

Project Next 2023 Bonuses with Alex Hormozi, Bari Baumgardner, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and more!

If that wasn't enough for action takers there are epic bonuses:

  • THE BRAND NEW EXPERTS CORNER – next level tactics
    • Alex Hormozi's Organic Social Media Domination
    • Bari Baumgardner's Speaking On Stage
    • Tony Robbins' 5 Keys To Success
    • Dean Graziosi's Marketing 2.0
    • Dean Graziosi's ON DEMAND access to:
      • Marketing coaching
      • Mindset coaching
      • Momentum coaching
    • learn how to launch courses
    • generate 100s of millions in revenue
    • exact scripts, frameworks and technical strategies
    • create a rush of sales every time with this 3 part video series.
    • How to create attention for business
    • Grow an audience that buys

project next bonus

So, not only do you get Thrive course, live coaching with Dean himself, mastermind platform, priceless community but also epic bonuses from some of the best experts in this industry.

Tony and Dean you already know, but Alex Hotmozi? Guy went from being worth $0 to $100 million in 8 years. How about Bari Baugardner? Queen of live events with strategies that even Tony, Dean Russel Brunson, Peter Vargas and more use.

You get it all with the Project Next Thrive Edition. So, what are you waiting for

Join Project Next now and start owning your future! Closes today

Are You Ready Project Thrive with Tony and Dean?

Let's play a game.

next project edition thrive

What if I told you, you could focus on anything you like or want to do for the rest of your life and have enough money from it to live comfortably.


You can do what you hate for 40 hours/week and be filthy rich doing so.

Which one would you choose? Would you rather be happy, live your life the way you always wanted, do what you love, and be satisfied? Or would you rather do what you hate for most of the day,  just so you can let loose and do whenever you want after?

If you're interested in Project Next and the Time to Thrive Challenge it's pretty obvious which one would you pick. However, there is a plot twist in this question.

In fact, for most of us, it's the opposite. We do what we hate and get paid far less than what we would if we did what we loved.

Just think about yourself and your loved ones. How many of them despise what they do?  They just endure to get paid and get away once the shift is over or the weekend starts.  Most of them are not even financially free, let alone satisfied.

On the other hand, during the Time to Thrive Challenge you saw and heard from people, including past Dean and Tony students, that do what they love and get rewarded 10 times over.

Is that a coincidence? Did they just get lucky? Or did they have goal and strategy to help them achieve it?

Well, you are presented with the same opportunity right now. Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbin's Project Next could be your way out of survival and into the thrive mode.

Join the self-education revolution and do what you want in life!

However, can the sweet deal get even sweeter? Click Here Now

My Bonus

dean graziosi bonus

With all you get from the Thrive Edition program do you really need an additional Project Next bonus?

Yes, because I'm committed to your success and my bonus will help you thrive even more. Take it to the next level with organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.

Bonus 1: Organic Visitors to YOUR Course on

Let me guess, you found this review by searching for Project Next reviews,  Thrive Edition, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi or a combination of these terms.

How do I know? Because I'm a search engine optimization expert and that's what I do. I specialize in optimizing content to be on top of Google or any other search engine.

As my bonus I'll do that for your course, workshop, video, book, or anything you create on with Project Next.

How does it Work? What does that mean to you?

Let’s say you create a course on “How to get rid of adult acne?” This affects 12% to 22% of adult women and 3% of adult men in America.

Do you think if your course was on the first page of Google for keywords like ‘how to get rid of adult acne,’ you would get visitors and sales?

Of course, thousands and thousands of people search for terms related to adult acne. You can also narrow it down and target ‘how to get rid of adult acne in women, maybe even women after 30, 40, or 50.

Do you know what’s possible with organic traffic?

Imagine having an unlimited amount of organic visitors that are looking for exactly what you’re selling. More visitors = more sales.

That’s what my bonus offers.

Bonus 2: YouTube Video + Optimization (limited to first 20 people)

YouTube is not just a website that hosts videos, it's the world's second biggest search engine.

Like with Google, people search for things on YouTube all the time. I bet you do as well.

That's why as bonus number 2, I'll create a video promoting your Mastermind course and optimize it for YouTube ranking.

So, you will get targeted visitors, hungry for your offer, from both YouTube and Google.

However, the YouTube bonus will be limited to the first 20 people that buy Project Next using my link (Click Here to be one of the first).

I’m sorry but it’s time consuming and I can’t offer it to everyone. However, if you’re reading this right now, the offer is still available.

Get Your Google and YouTube Traffic

Imagine your first course on top of Google and YouTube? That means an unlimited amount of free organic traffic to your offer. Which means you can focus on serving your customers and clients, and not worrying how to get them.

It's my way of saying thanks and giving back to the community. To get all the bonuses, click the link below right now, before it's too late.

Get Project Next on and let's get started together with my bonuses. Bonuses go away tonight

You'll get access to the 6-module course right away and I'll start ranking your mastermind product as a bonus as soon as you have it ready! Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Only Today Bonuses: Reporter Method Made Easy and My Personal Help

  1. If you thinking about being a reporter and need information, quotes or snippets from real-life expert? Or even interviews (written or recorded)? Than I have a source that thousands of experts ready to help you out.
  2. I want to help you Thrive with Project Next! That's why I'll personally help you become successful and than release a course with results!

Tony Robbins Reviews – Still on the Fence?

tony robbins reviewsBy now, you know what ProjectNext is all about.

If you're still having doubts, this could be the best opportunity you ever miss out on, let take a minute to talk about the person who made it all happen, Tony Robbins.

You see, I've been a follower of Tony Robbins for several years now. I discovered him like most people, while searching to solve a problem or better myself.

At that time, I was lost. Worse part? I wasn't sure I wanted to be found. Life can get tough, and without a proper mindset it's easy to lose yourself.

You see, if you search for ‘Tony Robbins,' you'll get information that he's an American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist. There will be some info about Tony Robbins' net worth, his height, wife Sage, and so on.

However, for me he's a person who helped me when I needed it most. Tony helped me shift my perspective from feeling like a worthless failure, to be empowered and grateful for what I have.

He helped me to shift my perspective and pull out the best version of me.

I bet he can do that for you as well

Tony's Books, Events and Projects – Starting Point?

My journey with Tony Robbins begins with YouTube videos and audiobooks. Then following his challenges and finally doing the Project Next course.

Anything that can take you out of a negative state of mind is a great thing. Books, videos, audiobooks and so on. However, the course in my opinion is the best thing out of all of those.

Why? It's more targeted, includes a complete blueprint. You get 6 weeks of live sessions with Dean, and the community is a true gem. It's a group of people with the same mission ready to offer their support, confidence boost, accountability, and advice.

Want more? How about networking or collaborations with some of the top people in the industry inside the community.

It's a secret weapon that you don't even know you need, and it's all possible, thanks to Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Join The Family Now: Last day

Dean Graziosi Reviews – Mastermind Behind it All?

dean graziosi reviewsWhile I discovered Dean Graziosi through Tony Robbins, don't underestimate his influence and contribution.

Dean is a marketing genius, probably one of the best in the world, that built dozens of businesses from scratch to 6, 7 and 8-figures companies.

Dean is a true innovator and an entrepreneur at heart, but he’s also a multiple-time New York Times best-selling author, and investor. Now he’s investing his time into you, don’t waste it.

Click Here to Join Today

What is Your Next Project With Tony and Dean?

This is it, go time. You know how much value Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and a team of speakers put into this. The results of students from previous versions and editions of Project Next speak for themselves.

People that were sitting inform of a screen like you are now just a year or two ago. I'm talking about someone like Raf Garay or Maya Comerota, who came up on the bonus day.  Thanks to their journey with Tony and Dean they now have mastery over momentum, implementations and marketing.

They took the necessary steps and used growth strategies based on their capabilities and confidence. What your upcoming next project?

  • Or do you still have questions about Project Next Thrive Edition?
    • How much is Project Next Thrive Edition?
      • It's $997 or 6 payments of $197
    • When Thrive Edition offer Closes?
      • This offer closes at midnight August, 11th
    • Will Project Next Work for me?
      • Only you can answer that, but it does for thousands. Why not you?
    • What if I don't have time?
      • We do have to prioritize, but your future is important. Dena helps with time management
    • Will I have to do it alone?
      • No, you'll have Dean, coaches, community, and of course me to help you!
    • I don't have a following, will this work?
      • None of us had, or at least not most, when we started and looks at all the success stories now.

If you have any more questions about Project Next, contact me or leave  comment. However, there might not be time as it is closing tonight. Thsi is your last chance, in all honesty, to get Project Next with all the bonuses and free stuff.

Do yourself a service, like you will for other with this course, and trust the process. The idea and profit is there, all you need is resources and ways Tony and Dean are offering.

Don't let an opportunity like this slip by.

Join Project Next Thrive Edition now and Let's do this before it closes

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