Profit Engine Review, Case-Study and $10K Bonus 2022

Time to get Profit Engine is almost over and this is your last chance to get it. However, is it for you? Find out below.

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Creators: Mark Ling, Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer
$2497 or 3 payments of $997
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Is Profit Engine Right For You?

Before you dive into the review, case-study and my “laser targeted traffic” bonus, let's get one thing clear. Profit Engine is not one of those get rich overnight scams.

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There is no such thing like a push-button solution or magical ATM that produces results out of thin air. If you're looking for something like that, good luck, but this system and review is not it.

However, if you're looking for something that simply works and has worked for other in your situation, you need to check it out. My review will help you decide if it's right for you.

So what is Profit Engine anyway?

In short, it's a brain child of 3 of the biggest names in affiliate marketing, Mark Ling, Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, that will get you to 6-figures or more in a month or you get to double your money.

That's their actual guarantee, but about that later.

You see, these three have over 50 years of online marketing experience between and made tens of millions of dollars. Also, all three had great success teaching their methods to others.

In fact Mark Ling's last year “Learn Build Earn” as well as Rob Jones' and Gerry Cramer's “Rise Academy” are some of the best rated courses of the past few years. Which is what Profit Engine really is, the combination of Learn Build Earn, Rise Academy, and then some.

I owe both of these courses and their really changed the way I do marketing, and Profit Engine is no different.

So without further ado let's get inside it and check out what's under the hood.

Inside Review of Profit Engine

The main part of the PE system is the 8 weeks of live online coaching. You'll be able to either watch these live and ask questions, voice your concerns or simply interact with bloth Gerry and Rob, or watch the replays later.

Now if you never been to a live lesson with these two, you're in for a treat. These guys know what their talking about. Some of their ads bring in over $22k alone, and Gerry has some that brought over $1 million in revenue.

Best part? He shows the actual imagine, copy and everything that made the ad so successful. Unfortunately, I can't show you the million dollar ad, you'll get to see that inside PE, but I can show you some other ads in the case-study below.

With that said the training will cover:

  • Affiliate marketing foundation
    • Finding profitable niches
    • Products that sell
    • Psychology when choosing both
  • Affiliate Promotions
    • Creating high CTR ads
    • Presell pages
    • Difference between offers
  • Affiliate Traffic
    • Starting ads with just $5 per day
    • Scaling while you earn
    • ROI management

Alongside the 8 week training you also ge:

  • Exact Landing Page used make $5-fgures per day
  • The Million Dollars Ad, like mentioned previously
  • Best offers to promote, tested by Gerry himself
  • Best Tricks and Tips to triple your ROI
  • Imagine Swipe File and Checklist
  • Ways to never worry about Ad account closures

Plus You Get the Ad Challenge

One of the biggest “aha” moments I had in affiliate advertising was while watching one of the Gerry Cramer's and Rob Jones' ad challenges. What is Ad Challenge?

It's live calls (separate from the 8 week training) where Gerry, Rob or their 6-figure students critique ads from other students. Basically, you can have your add reviewed by some of the top affiliate earners online.

Sound great? Well, the best part for me was that you don't even need to send an ad to learn from it.

You see, most ads you see in systems like these have created by successful marketers like Gerry, Rob or Mark. Which is of course great, because you get to see what works.

However, you never really see the difference between what looks like a great ad and is profitable, and one that isn't.

The ad challenge changes this as you get to see not only your ad being reviewed but other students as well. This allows you the difference between great, good, and total crap ads more easily.

The system also includes:

  • Community- with FB page you are in contact with everyone involved in the course and other students
  • Ongoing weekly Q&A sessions after the 8 weeks of core training
  • Support – ticket based support for technical questions

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The PP Case-Study

One of the greatest successes I got in affiliate marketing is fallowing Gerry and Rob Rise Academy few months ago.  Now this was just a  taste of what their next course with Mark Ling will be, but it was still a killer.

I was able to go from getting negative to 20% Facebook ads ROI to over 200% or 300% in matter of weeks. Simple changes like an image, copy, and getting into a mindset of the potential customer made all the difference.

It's not like you need to write 1000 word copy from the start.

Here's one of the images I had good ROI. It's the typical “weird fruit” that could save your life ad.

As you can see can see it's very eye-catching, you just have to have a second look.

As you can see can see it's very eye-catching, you just have to have a second look.

Which is exactly what you want. Add some could copy and you're ready to test. These type of images work best in health niches.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

With the growth of eCommerce, Influencers and Social Media it seems like affiliate marketing is taking a backseat in the online world. However, that's furthers thing from the truth.

In fact, all of the above helped affiliate marketing grow to $5.3 billion  industry it has become kin 2017, and is expected to rise to $6.8 billion by 2020.  Jiust look at these numbers

  • 81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs.
    • You can easily check this yourself by searching for a brand + affiliate marketing. Everyone from Dunkin' Donuts to private jet renters like Villiers have an affiliate program
  •  16% of all online orders are generated through affiliate marketing.
    • If you bought something on Amazon after clicking on a link from a blog, website, Facebook or so on, chances are you made someone an affiliate commission. Everyone online, and especially Influencers, are using affiliate to boost their income.
  • Jason Stone generated $7 million in retailer sales in a year with affiliate promotions.
    • The Millionaire Mentor, huge social media influencer, is a great example of how well affiliate marketing can work with eCommerce and social media.
  • 20% Of Publishers's Annual Revenue is generated with Affiliate marketing
    • Even publishers' that faced major crisis once print sales started falling have used affiliate marketing to bring up their profits.

My Profit Engine Bonus and Their Double Money Guarantee

I can talk about how great Profit Engine and Affiliate marketing is all day. However, the truth is that it's only as good as you can make it.

It's up to you to take action and make it happen. Do I believe that if put your mind to it you can make money with this? Yes, no matter who you are or what's your background, this could work for you.

However, it is you that needs to step up, take a chance and just go for it.

Gerry and Job making it simple for you with their double money guarantee. Which means you can try PE for 30 days risk free, and if you follow the course and not make money you can get double what you invested in the course.

I'll also put my money (or rather time) where my mouth is and help you all the way. In fact, I'll do you one better and show you how you can turn your 5-figure ad into another 5-figures with hands-off  organic traffic.

I'll do it for you as a bonus if you get Profit Engine with my link, like the ones use see below.

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The choice is yours.

4 thoughts on “Profit Engine Review, Case-Study and $10K Bonus 2022”

  1. Hi,
    I don’t get it. What do they mean with shocking images for the ads? Horror or so? Wouldn’t like that as a strategy. Can you show me an example of the images they use?

    • Hi Christian,

      I’m not sure the exact content of that, but from my experience with Gerry and Rob by shocking they mean something that either requires a second look to get or something that you just can’t scroll by without checking out. It’s definitiely not horrors, as Facebook wouldn’t allow that.

      While I can’t use the images from Profit Engine itself, I added one to the review if you want to take a look.

  2. Hi,

    Isn’t Quit 9 to 5 Academy just basically the same program as profit engine with Rob Jones and Gerry Kramer?


    • Hi Ernest,

      Well, they both deal with Facebook and affiliate marketing as well as being promoted by Mark Ling. However, their approach is quite different. Profit Engine focused mostly on the ads while Quit 9 to 5 Academy deals with ads and building funnels for them. Hope that helps!


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