Profit 365 Review – Jamie Lewis is back, but is it worth it?

Jamie Lewis is back in the Internet Marketing game with Profit 365 system, and let's see if it's worth the wait.

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An interesting fact is that Jamie Lewis first made it big online over 10 years ago with Beats 365, a hip hop and r&b beats program over 10 years ago. It's nice to see him using the 365 brand again.

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What The Heck Is Profit365 Anyway?

Now after looking at about a dozen other reviews and even watching the sales video I understand the confusion. It seems like almost no one knows what it is, but still, insist on calling it a scam or not worth your time.

Well, let's set the record straight. Profit 365 is not a SCAM, as you get a legit way to earn money online with it. Now how does Jamie do it?

How Profit 365 Works?

The short answer on how profit365 works is that it uses solo and paid ads to get sales on Clickbank.

Which is one of the oldest models of online marketing out there. In fact, it's one of the ways Jamie Lewis, as well as many other marketers, started their online ventures. Best part? It still works, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

However, you do have to improve upon it from time to time. In the old days, you could throw together any ad and still make sales. These days you need to be a bit more creative or use a proven system. This is what Jamie's latest system is all about. You'll get to leverage his 14 years experience in the business the campaigns in such way they will be profitable.

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of paid or solo ads, but that's because I had little to no success with it. I followed the typical directions of picking out an offer, writing some text and so on but never hit the mark. Which was frustrating as I know it works and some of the biggest online marketers aside from Jamie Lewis like Anik Singal, Russel Brunson, and Fred Lam still use it.

So why not me? Well, now I know my biggest problem was that I did not follow the direction properly, but rather took it a theory and changed it up myself. Which is something you could, or even should, do when you're already making money, but not before. You NEED to have a successful campaign before you want to tweak it and split test it. Too many of us just slap together something and want to get rich overnight. It doesn't work that way.

The truth is that Jamie knows what he is doing and if you follow his directions, apply what you learn you'll start getting results with the paid and solo ads. I would recommend starting it slowly, maybe $5 budget per day, so you won't be making hundreds just yet, but you can build on it. Once your ROI for $5 is positive, you can go to $10, $10 and so on.

Profit365 Pricing and Upsells

At $37 the system is very affordable and in my opinion definitely worth it. You get tons of campaigns that you can start running right away. In fact, Jamie even includes estimated conversion rates based on each traffic source.

That's why if you're new to affiliate marketing, or on a budget, this a good entry point.

The first upsell is either $194 for done-for-you templates or $94 for half of them. This is a good option if you want to plug and go, but not something that's a must.

Second upsell is classes with Jamie for either $174 or $124, depends on the number of classes you want.

Again, these are not a must, and the system will make you money if you follow it correctly, but if you want to take it to the next level or think you need more help than this is a good choice.

Final Thought

I'll be honest; I'm pleasantly surprised by this system. It's not the greatest in the world but for the price you a good deal. Plus the 60-day guarantee makes it even sweeter.

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