Power to Pivot Review – 2021 Dean Graziosi Virtual Workshop

What if I told you the Power to Pivot free virtual workshop with Dean Graziosi and guests can change your life? Would you take the chance?

Dean Graziosi along with Tony Robbins is hosting a Time To Thrive Challenge this August. Are you ready to Thrive with Dean Graziosi?

power to pivot

What about Dean Graziosi eLearning Course called Project Next?

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The Power to Pivot: One Day With Dean

The 100% free virtual workshop with Dean Graziosi, and guests like Jay Shetty, Lisa Nichols, Jesse Eker, Anthony Trucks, Alison Prince, Lewis Howes, Chris, and Lori Harder as well as Amy Purdy could be your first step to the new you.

However, let's cut the BS here and talk about the real reason you are here. There is something you need to change about your life. Maybe it's because of your work, boss, colleagues, relationship, or all of the above. You know it's true even if you try to deny it to yourself or the world.

Don't worry, you're not alone. Especially now when the world was shaken up for over a year with the pandemic. Every day people are waking up knowing they need to change something, pivot.

Do you Have The Power to Pivot?

I'll let you on a little secret, everyone does, you just mind need a little bit of help getting started. That's where Dean Graziosi, world-renowned entrepreneur, and the rest of the panel, who are experts in their respectable fields, come together to create this free workshop for you.

Just imagine a free ticket to Power to Pivot can change your life. You can get here

Why Bother With A Free Workshop?

Honestly, I thought the same thing when I joined one of Dean's workshops. I kept thinking that there is no way I'll learn something for free. Dean Graziosi is a multimillionaire with several 7 and 8 figure companies. This guy is a businessman he doesn't have time for this.

Well, that's precisely why Dean Graziosi does it as he doesn't need the extra income. Dean loves to give back and if you don't know his backstory I suggest you take a look. I mean the guy slept in a bathtub white staying at his friend's house because he had nowhere to go. He knows what's up.

Does that mean there are no upgrades or mention of an offer? No, but the point is you get to listen to some of the most influencing and successful people online. Is that not worth your time?

I'll talk about the VIP upgrade soon, but now I want to talk about how the virtual workshop can change your life, just like it did mine.

Just Get Basic

Dean Graziosi Workshop That Started It All

It was a couple of years ago and my only knowledge about Dean Graziosi was that he did real estate and had a bunch infomercials back in the early 2000s. However, some of the people I respected were talking well about Dean so I decided to check it out.

Was I in for a surprise and didn't even know it. You see, most workshops or webinars are designed for one purpose only, to sell you stuff. I mean sure, you can learn something from them, even get inspired like I did a few times.

However, the end goal is just to show you their product/service and sell it to you.

Well, let's just say Dean Graziosi delivered something completely different. It wasn't an infomercial for a product, an overview, or a bait and switch kind of deal. No, it was a legit learning session that I would have to pay $500 to watch if it was from another marketer and I'll gladly do it too.

In fact, I was actually crying at one part when Dean started to share one of his exercises called the 7 levels of why. Totally exceeded my expectations and I got what he was selling but learned a ton in the process.

I might be biased but I think the workshop which was free like the Power to Pivot virtual workshop was worth more than most high ticket courses. Yes, it was that awesome.

Power to Pivot VIP Experience Upgrade

What Dean Graziosi did around this time is offer a VIP for people that want to be closer to the action. Do you need it? Once again no, but the immersion is here.

  • Interactive Backstage Zoom Pass
  • Lifetime Access To Immersive Training
  • Bonus Coaching With Speakers
  • ​​“Football Field of Communication” Training with Tony
  • ​Underdog Advantage Audiobook & Digital Book
  • ​​“Outcome Journaling” Walkthrough with Dean
  • ​And other surprises!

So what are you waiting for? Get your free seat to Power to Pivot with Dean Graziosi now.

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