Palm Beach Quant Review – Teeka Tiwari’s Latest Venture 2022

How does $2,000 to $6,000 days with Palm Beach Quant sound? This opportunity is so big Teeka Tiwari took money out of cryptos to commit to it.

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Editors: Teeka Tiwari, John Rawlins and Anthony Casciono
Service: Short to Medium Term Trades
Price: $\10,000 closed

Teeka Tiwari: Palm Beach Quant vs Hedge Fund


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Many know Teeka Tiwari as a “The Crypto Oracle” thanks to his wildly successful PBC newsletter. However, before Teeka dived into cryptos he was a 30 year veteran of Wall Street and even had his own hedge fund.

One of the things that changed the hedge fund game was a quantitative trading system, which rely on mathematical computations and number crunching to identify trading opportunities.

When these quantitative hedge funds (AKA quants) starting popping up in 1980s most traders and investors, including Teeka Tiwari, wrote them off as gimmicks. I mean can math geniuses and rocket scientists predict the market better than professional trades?

Well, as Quants started to outperform standard hedge funds things started to change. After all, math can't lie.

Just look at the Medallion Fund, started by a mathematician and quantitative hedge fund pioneer Jim Simons, vs S&P 500. 

I think there is a clear winner.

The problem is that there is only a handful of people knowledgeable and skilled enough to pull off a Quant and it took Teeka Tiwari years to track them down and test it.

However, he finally did with the combination of  QuantLogic President and CEO, John Rawlin, and an aero space radar system engineer, Anthony Casciono, to create Palm Beach Quant.

The only, as far as I know, Quantitative trading newsletter, that's provides undeniable proof that it works.

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Undeniable Palm Beach Quant Proof

If you know anything about Teeka Tiwari, you know that he takes his reputation seriously. He's not the type of “hit & run” guru that jumps on a untested and unproven opportunity just to make a quick buck.

It's the same thing with Palm Beach Quant, as I said before it took Teeka years to track and verify everything before he even began testing John Rawlins' system.

In this process he uncovered:

  • John Rawlins was able to predict major Dow moves for past 2 decades
    • DotCom Crash of early 2000 and the rise after
    • 2008 Crash and run-up to new highs starting in 2009

However, that wasn't enough for Teeka. After all, there were few people that predicted those as well and they even made a movie about it. No, they needed to back-test it.

What John Rawlins and Anthony Casciono did was took all of their data prior to around 1925 and saw the system was able to predict the Great Depressions of 1929. They also did the same to predict the Black Monday of 1987.

Was the documented proof of John Ralwins success and back-testing enough for Teeka? Not exactly, he needed to test it for himself.

Are you ready to test Teeka's 5 coins?

12 Second To $12,000: Teeka Tiwari Quant Testing

Did it pay off? You can argue that predicting big events from the past is one thing but making profits on almost every trade over a period of time is a whole other thing.

So, how did Teeka's 4 months testing go?

  • Out of 37 trades – there was 31 winners and 6 losers
    • that's over 83% success rate
    • It made $45k profit (project to do $135k in 12 months)

Best part? These moves take around 12 seconds to make as all you do is either buy or sell based on the alert. Few of those 12 seconds moves and you have a real shot at $12,000 per month.

Here are some of the trades they witnessed:



Teeka Tiwari Review: Cryptos vs Quants

teeka tiwari reviewAs I've mentioned before Teeka Tiwari took out money out of cryptos to invests into quants, and I'm doing the same.

It's not that I don't believe in cryptos anymore, quite the opposite as I believe cryptos are going a to have great end of the year. However, because of cryptos volatility it can be unwise to have all your money in it, sort of like putting all eggs into one basket.

On the other hand the quantitative trading behind Palm Beach Quant has been able to predict winning trades at over 80% accuracy. Which makes it safer and you can cash out every few days or weeks, instead of waiting for something big to happen, like in cryptos.

It's all about the data, which PBQ utilizes 350 years of, and the 100x algorithm that makes sense out of it.

What Do You Get With Palm Beach Quant?

Let's take a look at what you get with PBQ and if it's the right choice for you.

  • Palm Beach Quant Trade Alerts: the main part of the system that will send you alerts as soon as the algorithm picks them up. No need to read 30 page PDF, just quick recommendation you can move in on within seconds.
  • PBQ Fast-Start Manifesto: if you're a novice trader or never traded before this step-by-step guide from Teeka and his team will have you update to date in no time.
  • PBQ Position Updates: Easy to read updates and strategy on current positions.
  • PBQ Profit Alerts: Alerts on when to sell and take profits.
  • Palm Beach Quant Website: A dedicated members' area to see all the updates, recommendations, training and support.

In addition to that you get PBQ and Teeka's Double Guarantee

  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – cancel at any time  in 60 days and receive store credit
  • 10X Performance Guarantee – Teeka guarantees you will see a minimum 10X return on your membership fee or you get a free year of service.

As you can see with PalmBeachQuant you get everything you need to get started trading these recommendations no matter what your trading level, or even if you never traded before.

However, before you jump aboard let me make something clear about PBQ

  • It's in and out investing to make a profit in days – you don't buy and hold
  • The recommendation and short and sweet – alert to buy or sell with instruction
  • It takes few seconds to buy after you get the alert – no sitting in front of a screen

So, if you're planning using these alerts to buy and hold for years, or want to stay glued to a monitor for 12 hours a day than this is probably not for you.

However, if you're looking for additional income, even 6-figures more, with just few minutes per month then you should definitely check  it out.

Final Question: Is PBQ Worth It?

Listen, by now you know if PBQ is right for you. If it is and you factor in the double guarantee than you know what to do.

However, if you're still on the fence let me ask you something.

If you had an x-ray vision into the stock market would you use it? I'm talking being able to predict both big and small moves correctly 4 out 5 times. Just take a moment and imagine that.

It almost seems like an unfair advantage, but all PBQ does is analyze the past data and as we all know history likes to repeat itself.

That's why with the proof they shown it's a no brainier for anyone that wants a real shot at over $100,000 per year with just few moves per month.

There is no other alert system or newsletter that can do that expect Palm Beach Quant, the choice is yours.

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