Niche Profit Fast Track Review and 10x 2022 Bonus Closes Today

Does Niche Profit Fast Track offer a passive income solution for 2020 with free traffic while everyone else pays? Yes, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Creator: Adam Short and Bobby Mclees
Cost: $1,497 or 3 payments of $597
Official Site:

What is Niche Profit Fast Track?


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In short, Niche Profit Fast Track is a system by Adam Short and Bobby Mclees designed to build a passive 6-7 figure online income using the advantage of free/organic traffic.

However, it's much more than that. Adam has been doing this for more than 14 years and in that time he perfected the formula in such way that:

  • You don't need to pay for traffic
  • You don't need to buy stocks or invest money
  • You don't need to hard-sell or learn copy-writing
  • You don't need special skills or experience
  • You don't need to hire anyone or outsource work

If that wasn't enough:

  • You can start with $14
  • Do it from anywhere in the world
  • It's 100% virtual – no interaction needed
  • You can get started in less than 48 hours

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What Do I Like About Niche Profit Fast Track?

First, in the sea of PPC, Facebook, and YouTube courses it's great to see some a good old system to earn with a niche site.

Now don't get me wrong, you can be very profitable with ads, I've done it before, but paid ads are far less beginner-friendly. With them you can blow your whole budget on a silly mistake. Everyone that tried paid ads knows what I'm talking about.

On the other hand, to start with a niche site, or PPM (Passive Profit Machine), you only need $10 for a domain and shared hosting that can host multiple domains for $4 per month. Best part? Even if you make a mistake, which is unlikely if you follow Adam's teaching, it will be $14, a price of a decent meal, and not $1,400, a price of a top of the line smartphone, that a paid ads mistake can easily cost you.

On top of that PPM fully automates and locks in the traffic and conversion to bring you highly targeted visitors for months and even years to come.

Why am I praising this model so much? Because 90% of my income comes from a similar strategy to the Passive Profits Formula by Adam Short, so I know it works.

In fact, I've even created a bonus package that will help you scale your PPM even further, details at the end.

The Passive Profits Formula 2.0

The main part of Adam's and Bobby's Niche Profit Fast Track is the Passive Profit Formula 2.0. An updated and upgraded method that Adam has been using for the past 14 years to generate 6 to 7 figures per site. That's in low competition niches.

It's a 5-Step process:

  1. Select a Niche – Adam has a twist on selecting a niche to make sure you choose a very specific, low competition niche with high durability and audience motivation. He's also giving out 12 fully done niches for you to start, but about that later.
  2. Configure Your PPM – point and click website setup using WordPress. If you ever set-up one of those you know it's quick. If not, don't worry Adam walks you through it and shows best practices like using the right colors and structure for better conversion rates.
  3. Add Traffic Magnets – number one source of traffic is the 15 to 20 articles that you can write yourself, buy or use Adam's secret way to get them quickly and painlessly. I'll talk about this in more detail later.
  4. Embed Income Generators – this is where you'll start making money and Adam's favorite monetization is using high-performing ads (forget AdSense) that you earn for every click, high-paying affiliate offers, and email marketing. Again, I'll talk about this later as well.
  5. Flip The Traffic Switch – this is where it gets really fun to see your work paying off and seeing your site on top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, Adam also has ways to speed this up using YouTube and Facebook. Which is optional, but I'm already diving into it.

That's all it takes, of course, Adam goes into much more detail and teaches you how to do each one in great detail, but there are no hidden fees or upgrades you have to worry about. You follow the 5 steps and you make money, Adam even guarantees it or he'll supply you with a personal coach to get it done.

With that said, the two steps (Add Traffic Magnets and Embed Income Generators) are worth the price of the course by themselves.

Add Traffic Magnets

For example, Add Traffic Magnets goes into great details on how to create content that outranks the competition and makes money without selling. It's great for people that don't like being salesly.

You see, the difference between organic and paid traffic is that with organic traffic, what Adam teaches in Niche Profit Fast Track, people seek you out, and not the other way around.

What I mean is that, if someone is looking for “best mountain bike for kids” they are ready to buy and are seeking reviews, opinions or more information about it. In fact, 82% of online shoppers search about the product before buying.

With ads, you try to find people that are, or might be, interested in what you're selling. If you use the above example of “mountain bikes for kids” you will want your ads showing to people that love biking and have kids.

Which one is more likely to buy?

  1. People that already searching to buy a bike for a kid?
  2. People that have shown interest in biking and have a kid?

Of course, it's the first one, and while you'll get sales from ads the conversion rate is not going to be anywhere nearly as good as from organic.

It's like going to a store with the idea of what you want to buy vs just browsing or window shopping. On one hand, you can be helpful by providing information about the bikes that someone wants to buy anyway (Adam's NPFT method) or be one of those pesky sales people that keep following you around (ads).

That's why you don't need to be a great copywriter, like I'm not, and still bring in a good income with such a model. As you don't need to “trick” people into buying something they don't want, but rather supply something they are already looking for.

Embed Income Generators

Similar goes for Embed Income Generators, as Adam is using more than just affiliate links to monetize his sites.

For example, he's using two platforms to display ads on his site that pay 4x more what Google Adsense pays.

This means you can generate a significant income the second you are getting traffic without doing any promotions. On top of that Adam found a way to build an email list for free leveraging the traffic you'll be getting from running your passive profit machines.

Now, I have never been a fan of email marketing because of how expensive it can get when using PPC or solo ads. On top of that the people you get on that list using those methods are often are not top tier customers. Hence, I never bothered with it.

However, based on research email marketing has a 3,800% return rate, and his 40x more profitable than Twitter and Facebook combined.

This is crazy considering 3.8 billion people use email and 58% of them check it the first thing in the morning. What's even more interesting is that 72% of people prefer to get promotions through email than other media.

Why not take advantage of it for free?

At the end of the day you just need the website and affiliate links to make money, but if you're already getting free traffic thanks to Niche Profit Fast Track, why not take advantage of it and make more.

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Inside Look NPFT by Adam Short and Bobby Mclees

Let's see what you exactly get with the NPFT

  • The Passive Profit Formula 2.0 – step-by-step training for the 5 steps I've talked about above. This should take around 8 weeks but you can work at your own pace.
  • 12 Niche Profit Accelerators – all you need content to launch your site or sites (PPMs) in 12 different niches.
  • The Niche Profit Incubator – you get to work with Adam and his team of coaches on your success.

On top of that you get 4 bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: The Niche Profit Software Suite – 6 software tools that will speed up and automate creating Passive Profit Machines
  • Bonus 2: The Info Product Mastermind – series of 3 live workshops to learn how to create and launch your own product.
  • Bonus 3: Traffic & Revenue Multiplier Live – 2-day live-streamed event where you'll learn scaling strategies to gain 5 – 6 figures per month.
  • Bonus 4: Growth Automation Formula – new video series on how you can have your niche business grown constantly by itself.

Niche Profit Fast Track Bonus

Adam is one of the best in the business when it comes to creating and monetizing niche sites, there is no question about it. I've already learned a lot from him and see myself at least tripling my PPMs income thanks to this course.

However, I've noticed that there are few things I'm doing and helped others do as well to triple or quadrupedal their income. That's why I decided to give them as bonuses

Bonus 1: The “Repurpose Traffic” Strategy (Value $1500+)

Niche Profit Fast Track Bonus

Using email marketing is a great way to repurpose traffic, but what if you can do more with it?

Mine repurpose traffic strategy netted me almost $5k last month that would have been lost otherwise.

Best part? It doesn't take away anything from Adam's strategy and you can still use affiliate links, email marketing and ads with it.

Bonus 2: Plain Sight Keyword Ranking

I'll be honest, I've never been good at keyword research, which I'm planning to change with Adam's NPFT system.

However, despite of that I've been able to generate affiliate income for 7 years targeting these in your face keywords that almost no one targets. These might be low volume keywords but the conversion rate on them is the best I've ever seen.

They also work well with the repurpose bonus from above in more than one way.

Bonus 3: Branding and Optimizing (Value $500 to $1000/month)

Omnipresence marketing is huge right now and branding is a big part of it. I'll help you create that for your brand/website or product you want to promote.

This is probably the last time I'll offer this bonus so grab it while you can.

Bonus 4: Niche Site (PPM) Review + My Contact Info (Value Priceless)

Let's do this! As my final bonus, I'm doing something I rarely do.


Because I really want you to succeed. I've already helped tons of people and it's a great feeling to give back.

That's why I'll be there for you if you need a niche site review, some guidance, tips, or just someone to talk to when things are not going great. I'll be there for you.

I just wish I had someone to get my back when I was just starting.

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*Bonuses will be awarded in full after the refund period

Path to 6 or 7 Figures with Niche Profit Fast Track

Adam believes there are 3 levels of a PPM, or a niche site.

  1. Leaving it at 15 to 20 articles and using the traffic to make money and starting a new one. A rinse and repeat style model that many people enjoy and should bring in 3-figures per month, per site.
  2. Scaling it from 3 to 4 or even 5 figures per month. In this one, you will add more articles, use more monetization methods and utilize email marketing.
  3. Run other people's affiliate promotions and/or create your own products and use email as well as your own traffic to promote it.

Honestly, I've used all 3 in the past and they are all valid ones. Naturally, the first one is the easiest as you can create and launch a niche site like that in under 48 hours.

So, unless you really want to jump between levels I suggest starting out with level and creating a good base of sites. Just imagine having 2 to 4 level 1 site can easily generate you $1k per month.

If you want to take one of those and scale to 4 to 5 figures we're talking $10k per month orĀ  $1,200k per year. That's not only possible but achievable with the Niche Profit Fast Track.

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