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Teeka Tiwari picked the top performing coin of a year for the past 5 years. Now, he's saying one of them will hit a trillion dollar cap next.

next trillion dollar coin

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What is Crypto's Next Trillion Dollar Coin?

The only cryptocurrency to ever hit a trillion-dollar cap is Bitcoin. However, that's not the crypto Teeka Tiwari is recommending. In fact, Teeka is not even recommending ETH as one of his 6 coin picks. But, Ethereum plays a central role in all of it just like Bitcoin did 4 years ago.


You see, Teeka Tiwari recommended Bitcoin back when it was trading for $428 which means a 136x gain or a 136,000% return if you sold it today for over $58k. However, do you see Bitcoin gaining another 136x in the next 4 years or so?

That would put a price of just one Bitcoin at almost $8 million. Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible in cryptos but it's unlikely. Now, don't get me wrong Bitcoin will go up in price overall but Teeka found another coin that has a much bigger gain potential.

You see, Bitcoin hitting a trillion-dollar cap is monumental because of several reasons. One of course is marking a new era in cryptocurrency and legitimatizing them beyond any doubt.

Another is that Bitcoin is now worth as much as several top companies in the world. In fact, there are only a handful of the most well-known tech companies reached it: 

  • Apple is the first US company to hit trillion-dollars in mid-2018
  • Amazon was the second in September 2018 (5 weeks after Apple)
  • Microsoft joined the ranks in April 2019 but has dipped in and out since
  • Google or rather Alphabet, hit trillion dollars on Jan. 16th, 2020

That's only 4 companies in the whole US to reach a trillion-dollar level. That's a significant achievement that cannot be underestimated. However, how long did it take them?

  • Google, under the alphabet brand, took 22 years to hit trillion dollars
  • Amazon is a close second with 24 years
  • Apple took over 42 years to hit one trillion
  • Microsoft beat everyone with 44 years

Bitcoin? It only took Bitcoin 12 years to hit $1 trillion in market value.

Bitcoin Had Help?

A little less known fact is that Bitcoin had help to reach a trillion dollar. In fact, its probably the major factor it survived and thrived all these years. What is it? It's altcoins.

Just think about all the moves Bitcoin has made over the years. Did you notice altcoins either follow Bitcoin's example or sometimes lead the way? That's because these coins were based on Bitcoin and behave similarily to it.

However, the next trillion dollar coin is about to take over find out how

Bitcoin: The First Trillion-Dollar Coin

If you look at a bitcoin from the perspective of a trillion-dollar market value and compare it to companies like Apple and Amazon it does take on a new light.

I mean, do you really think companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet will simply disappear in the next year or so?

But no, Bitcoin is different. I mean it went down like 80%, right?

Well, Amazon went down 90% and that didn't stop it from going to one trillion.

In fact, Amazon was at $106.70 on December 10th, 1999, before crashing down to $5.97 on September 28th, 2001. Brutal isn't it?

However, it does echo Bitcoin prices more than most would admit.

Next Trillion Dollar Coin Is All About The Tech

Do you know what else Bitcoin and Amazon, or any of the trillion-dollar companies in the US have in common?

It's all about the advances in technology and changes for a better tomorrow. Which often comes at a price and resistance.

You see, back in the 90s tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and even Apple were on top of the world. The pioneers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts all believed these companies will change the world.

However, with the rapid growth and crazy returns, other groups of people started to take an interest. Mostly the ones that wanted to make a quick buck and would bankroll any half-decent tech company.

Hence, tons of money was floating into tech companies that weren't able to sustain their growth, and boom, the bubble burst. Companies, as I mentioned above, went from trading for hundreds of dollars to tens of dollars very quickly. Tech was dead.

However, while not-so-good companies died off, the cream of the top was resurrected and become the first billion and then trillion-dollar companies.

The reason why they survived the dot com bubble, then thrived, and in few years became trillion-dollar companies is because their tech was solid, and the people that mattered believed in it.

That's the exact same case with cryptos

Is Ethereum The Future?

It's easy to see why Ether would be the next trillion dollar coin. Not only is it the second most popular coin with market cap of over $250 billion but its infustructure is the biggest of them all.

There are 384,650 Ethereum based tokens/coins as of today and the number is growing everyday.  Teeka picked 6 of these ether based coins as his next big winners.

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Cryptos Are Next Dot Com With Trillion Dollar Coins

It's almost comical how cryptos are mimicking the tech boom and bubble burst of the late 90s and early 2000s.

I mean only visionaries and true believers would even dream of those 4 companies becoming the first to be worth trillion dollars during those times. I mean sure, it's easy to imagine it now but 20 years ago?

Just think about it, all of the top companies now were started in a garage by either an individual or a small group. Let that just sink in for a minute.

I mean Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon all started in a garage with limited resources. These were not some rulers of the world, secret organizations, or monopoly kings, but rather kids with a dream.

That's exactly what cryptos are doing right now, and they are not just to get rich.

Now You Can Profit From Those Dreams Like You Could 20 Years Ago

Next Trillion Dollar Coin: Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari next trillion dollar coin summitI might be getting off track for a minute but you have to understand that cryptos are the future. The future not many see yet and even fewer believe in but it's inevitable. It's no longer if cryptos will change our lives, but when and just how much.

You see, it doesn't surprise me that Bitcoin hit a trillion dollars first. It's the original coin, the one that leads the way into the future.

However, it's nowhere near the best performing coin in the bullish market or set to change the world. It already did change the world and similar to gold it will continue to rise in value for years to come. No wonder why they call it digital gold.

However, it's not the future of cryptos as it's only used for transactions and the store of goods. The new generations of cryptos are the ones that are shaping the world.

Crypto Coins Are The Future

I will admit, I didn't see the initial tech boom coming despite being young and full of hope at the time. Sure, I knew that tech was here to stay but never dreamed of it taking over the old money. I mean companies like Shell, Walmart or any of the rulers.

However, once it got going I knew it will not go away. For example, in as early as 2007 I  suspected that Amazon will be an important part of eCommerce. It took me years, but I knew it.

It's the same with cryptos. While I never dreamed of cryptos becoming so big in 2010, I see it now. In fact, I don't have a doubt in my mind that cryptos are the next big thing now.

You think it's too late now? This is just the second window of opportunity. While I agree I'm no visionary or pioneer of cryptos, I can't deny it now. This is the best tiem to get into cryptos since the early 2010s.

You see, Amazon is again not that different. Just 10 years ago it was tradings in the low $100s, now it's at $3,000. That's a 29x increase or 2,900% gain in the last 10 years. If you took the same projective it would mean Bitcoin will be worth $1,450,000 each in 10 years.

Teeka Tiwari's Next Trillion-Dollar Coin Summit 

So, while you'll most likely still make a good amount of money over the next 10 years by investing in bitcoin or ethereum the same way you would in Apple, Amazon or Microsoft, the potential gains of other coins in a shorter amount of time are much more attractive.

That's why Teeka Tiwari picked coins based around the next trillion dollar coin as his picks for the future. On top of that, you'll get a series of crypto videos worth $500+ to catch up with the speed of the next crypto boom.

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