Mini Income Streams Review: Final Call Rachel Rofe’s POD

Why do students of Mini Income Streams by Rachel Rofe have so much success? Doing $5,000 to $25,000 per month with ease while most of the other print-on-demand businesses fail?

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Because, unlike most creators, Rachel Rofe was able to combine and streamline the entire process of creating Mini Income Streams into minutes using the right strategy, software and AI.

Creators: Rachel Rofe and Mark Ling
Price: $2,497 or 3-pay plan at $997
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mini income streams reviews

Mini Income Streams Online: Easier, Faster and More Profitable Print-on-Demand Business

Do you know why I don't review print-on-demand courses on my site?  In fact, I didn't even have one review of a print-on-demand course until this Mini Income Streams review.

Why? Because they're just horrible copies of each other, and not profitable. I just don't see the point of reviewing something that makes no money.

Now, I know there are probably exceptions to this, but I have not found them until now. Why?

Why Rachle Rofe Succeeds where 99% of POD Fail?

Because it's based on what works in real world instead of what we see on social media and YouTube.

You see, most POD courses teach you that all you have to do is create a design, or pay someone to design it for you, and put it on Etsy or eBay.

Problem with that? It takes time, money and no one would buy it. Why? Because no one really cares about it enough. Harsh? It's the truth.

I mean this model does work if you have a platform and a large following. That's why YouTubers and celebrities have their own merch. They get sales by targeting their fans, and not some random people online.

That's why 99% fail because even if you create a awesome design, unless something random happens, it will be lost in the millions of other designs online.

And don't get me wrong, you might even get a few sales, will it justify the time, money and energy put into it?

On the other hand, with Rachel Rofe's mini income streams you cranking up designs left and right, with no time to lose. But, more importantly you'll be creating designs with AI that people are actually looking for online.

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Print-on-Demand Tip: What You Create vs What People Want

rachel rofe print on demand

I covered this before, but let's just see how Rachel Rofe proofs my point in Mini Income streams.

If you watched the webinar, (if not click here) or saw anything about Mini Income Streams, you know Rachel Rofe's designs are simple and to the point.

She is capitalizing on trends, personal items, political views, controversies, basically things people care about and search for online.

Now you know what I mean?

This is true for most online businesses, especially ones started by non-famous people. Why? Because you want to fill a want or a need and not try to create it. Supply the demand, instead of trying to make one.

However, Rachel Rofe takes it a step further, by creating hundreds, even thousands of mini income streams.

Online Business Tip: Create More Chances for Success

This idea is so simple, yet it blows my mind. Many people out there believe that success is just luck. The truth is that luck does play a role in being successful, but it's  more of a numbers game.

Imagine a lottery that has total of 100 tickets and only 1 winner. If you buy one of those 100 tickets you have a 1% to win. If you do, you're pretty lucky.

However, if you bought 50 of those tickets your chances would increase to 50% to win. 1 out of 100 is not good but 1 out of 2 is not bad.

It's the same in business. If you create more chances, your success will increase. So, if you have 1 print-on-demand items to sell, the chance it will hit it big and make you life changing income are slim to none.

On the other, if you have 5,000 of them the chances you will make money is almost inevitable. In fact, from my experience some will make almost all the money while others will make some money, and some will not make much.

However, taking it all together it will be a significant amount. I would say full time income easily. If you created 5,000 print-on-demand listings and were set for life, would it be luck?

Well, Learn more about mini income streams now

How do I know all of this?

My Online Journey Started with Print-on-Demand

The truth is that I earned my first $1 online thanks to print-on-demand back in the early 2000s. While my first so-called business failed, and it took me another few years to try it again, it thought me a valuable lessons.

  1. A have a strategy that works and not a wishful plan
  2. Make sure the work you put in is worth the potential profit

You see, just randomly designing what I thought as cool shirts back in the early 2000s is fine for hobby or a teenagers trying to express themselves.

However, if you want to make a full time income from it, you need more than just free time and some luck. You need a business plan.

Print-On-Demand is Booming!

However, a lot has changed since then and now the global custom t-shirt printing market is at $4.3 billion. Projected to hit $40 billion by 2030. That's almost a 10x in less than 7 years from now, and it's just tees.

Why is this important?

  • It's predicted the Print-on-demand will grow at almost 8% a year
  • It's not as over-saturated as many people believe

In fact, I would say print-on-demand is one of the most lucrative online business models in 2023.

I keep talking about speed, but I don't mean speed in the sense of rushing. Rather, speed as in a bicycle vs a plane.

Let's compare starting a print-on-demand business to a trip across the United States. What if it was from New York City to Los Angeles? According to Google, it would take 266 hours to travel the 3,172.4 miles on a bike.

That's like 11 days, which isn't bad. But wait, that's 266 consecutive hours of cycling at 12 miles per hour. Not so easy now?

In fact, it would take 50 days for a professional touring cyclist to complete that with a 60 to 80 miles a-day average. How long would it take an average person? 90 days? How many would give up?

On the other hand, the plane trip would take around 6 hours. Plus you would be sitting the whole time. Which one do you prefer?

That's why despite being in an online marketing space for over 10 years full-time, I still get excited about products like Mini Income Streams. As it allows me to save time, energy, and money on starting a new venture or increasing profits of my current ones.

The ability to just take what Rachel Rofe knows, build these Mini Income Streams in as little as 5 minutes (which would be 72 in the 6-hour flight), and just make money in days without burning yourself out for months is what I'm willing to pay for gladly.

In fact, my teenage daughter is super excited about this, and I'll let her build her own print-on-demand business with Mini Income Streams.

Okay, so this is great, but how do the Mini Income Streams do it?

Especially, how you're not limited to selling them on platform that are made.

Back in the early the 2000s I created t-shirts on CafePress, but there was no easy way to sell them on Amazon or other marketplaces. The only way to do it was to print a bunch of them and try to sell it that way. Same story for eBay.

Now, you sell POD items almost anywhere online. So, why do you need Rachel Rofe's Mini Income Streams? Knowledge and speed.

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Rachel Rofe Print-on-Demand: How to Build 5,171 Income Sources?

rachel rofe review case study

Click Here watch Rachel's case study of 5,171 mini income streams

You know what is the difference between a $10 print-on-demand business and a $10 million one? The number of products.

Okay, there are other things like actual strategy, research and marketing and so on. The thing is that if you made $10 from one product, you would as easily made $51,710 with 5,171 products.

Right? It's most likely a lot more than that because with each product you increase the chance to hit it big. But, for the sake of simplicity, that how it works.

It's like entering a lottery. If you only have one ticket, you have only one chance to win. With a 100 tickets you have a 100, and so on. Each ticket increases your chance to win, or “get lucky.”

Now, how do you build 5,171 mini income streams? Rachel Rofe has done it and she will teach you how to do the same.

Rachel Rofe Business Model Review

rachel rofe reviewsThere seem to be two types of business models when it comes to print-on-demand e-commerce.

One is passion based and the other money based.

Which one do you want?

  • Passion-based: where you do custom designs that you really care about and want to grow a brand around yourself
  • Money-based: where your goal is to make money, build mini income streams to have a constant flow of passive revenue

Both of them are valid, and while passion-based might seem like a better option, from a business perspective, it's not. Unless you're an influencer that already has tons of followers on social media or YouTube.

So, if you still want to go the passion way, you don't really need Mini Income Streams. I mean, the strategies there will help to get sales, and increase your brand awareness, but the system is designed to make money fast.

However, in my opinion the best option for a passion-based business would be to simply learn from Rachel Rofe, make money with Mini Income Streams and then follow your passion.

Making Money with Print-on-Demand

Click Here to watch Case Study of Amy making $10k per month

So, as I previously mentioned with Rachel Rofe and Mini Income Streams you pay for knowledge and speed. What does that even mean?

  • Knowledge: Rachel Rofe has been doing this for over 10 years and throughout that time she learned what works and what doesn't. That's saving you time and money on testing it yourself.
  • Speed: Hitting it big with one product might be luck, but doing it with over 5,000 is statistics. The goal is to put out these products out quickly without gluing you to the screen for hours.

Does that make sense? It's really hard to put a value on knowledge, but what would you be willing to pay for saving yourself months or years and thousands of dollars when trying to start an online business by yourself?

Maybe you've already been there and tried that. Well, in my opinion Mini Income Streams by Rachel Rofe is one of the most comprehensive courses out there. In fact, Rachel offers a 90-day success guarantee she's so confident you will make money with it.

However, although the training is excellent, the star of the system for me is speed. The way that Rachel streamlines everything is what made it possible to create hundreds if not thousands of these Mini Income Streams so quickly.

Speed is the Game: Mini Stream

mini income streams

Click Here to watch Harry's $27k per month case study

Inside Review of

Are you still with me? By now you already know why I really like this course by Rachel Rofe, but let's find out what's under the hood of Mini Income Streams.

Here's the breakdown of what you get:

  • Step By Step Video Training
    • video instruction on how to build mini income streams
  • Automation Software VIP License
    • Automation software with a push-button integration with Amazon, Etsy and eBay publishing
  • 12/mo Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • 3 weekly group coaching calls that will allow you to ask Rachel questions and learn from others
  • Expert VIP Concierge Team
    • Get help and support for anything related to Mini Income Streams from trained professionals
  • Mini Streams PRO – AI Enhanced VIP Tools
    • Use Artificial Intelligence to create designs faster, write descriptions and automate

However, if you buy now using any of the links on my site you also these Mini Income Streams bonuses.

  • Three 1-On-1 Touch Point Check-ins
  • Six Weekly LIVE Masterclasses
  • Software Bundle: Picsplosion + Spot Niches 1 Year Access
  • Lifetime Access To Community
  • “$50k USD In 90 Days” Masterclass
  • Easiest Payrise Ever – Expansion Pack

My 5X Mini Income Stream Bonus

mini income streams bonus

How would you like to 5x your profit with no extra work on your part? That's exactly what I'm offering in this Mini Income Streams bonus.

Boost Your Listings

Since I started doing eCommerce in 2016, I've always looked for ways to increase my listings. Now, after 7 years I know few simple ways to do just that on Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

That knowledge is valuable, so please don't share it. That alone can double or triple your sales on those platforms.

Search Engine Traffic for Free

Another way I stay above competition is having my listings show up in the search results on the top spots. Again, this took years to perfect and you're getting it for free as bonus.

Use it as much as you want, but don't share it.

Out of this World AI Help

So, the Mini Income Streams system already includes powerful AI to help you work faster and scale. In fact, it speeds up the whole process to minutes instead of hours.

However, that's barely scratching the surface of how AI can help to grow your print-on-demand business. I'm talking about ways of getting more customers, being seen in more places, chat bots and much more.

Unfortunately, I can't share too many details about this bonus publicly because of how powerful it is. However, you can leave a comment below or contact me for details.

Learn more

Pros – Cons and Final Thought

By now, you know my opinion about the Mini Income Streams by Rachel Rofe. Is this print-on-demand system perfect? No, nothing is perfect.

However, do I think it's the best way to start earning with print-on-demand in 2023? Yes, in fact, I would argue that it's the perfect time to get into this model before it grows too big.

You see, with the Mini Income Streams you're setting a business not for the next month or a year. You're creating income sources for years, if not decades.

So let's go over some Pros and Cons of this opportunity:

  • Pros:
    • Mini Income Streams is the fastest way to earn with print-on-demand model in 2023 + big commissions
    • You get knowledge from 10+ year veteran of the business
    • Software to automate 90% of the work
    • AI to come up and write content faster
  • Cons:
    • It's pricey
    • Could include more AI

All in all Mini Income Streams is an awesome system and the only print-on-demand product I've recommended in the last 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Income Streams and AI

Q: What is Mini Income Streams? A: Mini Income Streams is a training program designed to help individuals make money through print-on-demand businesses. It provides step-by-step video instruction, automation software, weekly coaching calls, and AI-enhanced VIP tools.

Q: Is prior experience or skills required to use Mini Income Streams? A: No, prior experience or skills are not required. Anyone can benefit from Mini Income Streams, including beginners. The program includes various resources to help users succeed.

Q: How accessible is Mini Income Streams? A: Mini Income Streams is accessible through an internet connection, and the training materials can be accessed online.

Q: How can Mini Income Streams benefit me? A: Mini Income Streams provides the potential to earn a minimum income of $20k per month through multiple revenue streams. It involves using a low-hanging system approach to create micro-income opportunities through print-on-demand products. It can benefit anyone who wants to start a print-on-demand business, including students, individuals, and businesses.

Q: What does Mini Income Streams include? A: Mini Income Streams includes various features such as step-by-step video training, automation software with a push-button integration with Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, weekly group coaching calls, and AI-enhanced VIP tools.

Q: What is the cost of Mini Income Streams? A: The cost to purchase Mini Income Streams is $2,497 or a 3-pay plan at $997.

Q: What kind of support is available with Mini Income Streams? A: Customer support is available through the VIP concierge team and weekly coaching calls.

Q: Is there any risk involved in purchasing Mini Income Streams? A: No significant concerns or risks are involved in purchasing Mini Income Streams. The program offers a 90-day success guarantee, and a refund is available if users follow the program and do not make any money within 90 days.

Q: Are there any success stories with Mini Income Streams? A: Yes, there are various success stories from users who have made $10k to even $25k per month through their print-on-demand businesses.

Q: Can I use Mini Income Streams to create multiple revenue streams? A: Yes, Mini Income Streams involves using a low-hanging system approach to create multiple streams of revenue sources through print-on-demand products. It provides the potential to earn a minimum income of $20k per month through these sources.

Learn more about Mini Income Streams now at

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