How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything? 2019 Edition

We all been there, either too broke to make something real happen or just too cheap to try it. Well, I got good news for you because you can still make money online without paying anything online in 2019.

Let's Make Money Online Without Investment!

There are only 2 ways you can make money online without paying anything these days that are worth doing. It's promoting affiliate programs on CLICKBANK with either YouTube or Web 2.0s.

Make Money Without Paying Anything

Now you argue that there are different ways. Some might say Amazon Associates, or CPA offers, maybe even local SEO or providing services.

These days Amazon Associates is out unless you already have an account, or a decent website to get approved. But seeing how this is about not paying anything,g I doubt it.

Same goes for CPA offers as most affiliate networks will not accept you unless you have something to offer or can prove your worth.

Local SEO is technically possible as you can get a client and use their money to fund your expedition into online riches, but that's going to be a tough sale. Get it?

Finally, there are services like writing content, doing tasks for pennies or gigs five bucks or less. Which are fine, and can be built out into full-grown business but not something I would recommend doing.

Why? Because you're on my site and this is what I would do if I had to start over again in 2019 without a penny to my name. Except for a laptop and fast internet connection!

YouTube Method + CLICKBANK Method

For this one ideally, you would need either a screen recording software and a microphone or a web cam. Technically you can get away with a speech to text and/or “borrowing” other people's videos, but let's get legit.

So, the first thing you want to do is sign up for a Clickbank account.

It's super easy and takes about 5 minutes and once you're inside going to AFFILIATE MARKETPLACE on the top.

As you can see, there are plenty of categories to get started with and any of them can make you money. That's why I would recommend starting with something you know about, care about or want to learn about.  It does make it easier.

For this example, I'll go with Parenting & Families as I have three wonderful children that I love espcially when they are asleep. All jokes aside, this is actually a good niche for stay-at-home moms or parents that are interested in early age educations.

It's also one of those niches that have tons of passionate people in it. Which is a good thing as they care and always looking for new information or methods.

Another thing I like about this niche is that it is easy to transform from an affiliate to a vendor in this niche, thinking about your future already!

However, you can pick whichever you want, and you can pick as many as you want. I would just recommend creating separate YouTube channels and maybe even personas for each of the niches.

Make Helpful Videos On YouTube

I know what you're thinking, you just want to go make review videos and bring home the bacon. Maybe the cheddar? Whichever it is, reviews are great for it, but you can be better than that.

I mean it's not like you have anything else to do, right? I kid, but the truth is that I've made that mistake and honestly it will come to bite you in the butt. Why? Limited views and CTR.

Most of my online ventures consisted of reviewing hot products and earning commissions from it. Which is fine, and works great but there are just a few problems with it.

  • You're not really adding anything new = lost trust/authority
  • Reviews are good money keywords but have low volume = few visits
  • Hard to sustain if you run out of products to review = no money

Let me give you a real-life scenario to show you an example of this in the parenting niche. So, you found a few products; you can either buy them yourself, try to get a review copy or read other people's reviews to get a sense of it. Once you select the best one, or top 3, it's time to make videos.

The main video you could make is the review. So, the “Product Name” Review would be the keyword you want to rank for. I'm not currently in this niche, but the “Children Learning Reading” seems like a decent product to start with.

From what the affiliate page tells me this is a product that will show you how to teach your kids to read, surprise surprise, in just 12 weeks. It is best suited for children 3 to 8.

Are there any lightbulbs going on?

If you have a kid that age you can make almost an infinite number of videos + reading KW to promote that program. These videos will target kws that people are already searching to teach their kids to read and your video will address it and point them to either your video review of “Children Learning Reading” or directly to the sales page.

However, I do recommend linking your review in the description of each video to power it up as it will be your biggest moneymaker.  Here's what I mean

What are the KWs (aka keywords)?

To get the related keywords all you have to do it type in something like “teach kids to read” in Google and you'll get a list of keywords like this on the bottom.

I should really become an affiliate of that program because I'm giving it so much publicity.

Anyway, you don't really need a child to do this. It will help the conversion rates, but you can just talk about it as a parent.

The key is not to come off or try to be an expert. You're not selling your own product, not yet at least. You want to sound like someone that is genuinely want to help and just weeks or months ago was at the exact place person searching for is at now.

I know this might sound cheesy but if you're genuinely interested in the topic you write about it will show.

How to make it personalized?

Talk about your own experience instead of just listing things and giving pros and cons. People respond to something real much better. I don't know about you, but I hate reading something that seems a robot wrote.

Web 2.0s Money Making Secrets + ClickBank

I've used Web 2.0s more than I would like to admit. In fact, one of my big early payouts (making around $1.5k in a week) was great thanks to Web 2.0s. I didn't use them as my money sites, but more of as backlinking and redirecting methods to my domains.

However, we are sticking to the how to make money without paying anything theme, so no domain or hosting for you.  This is no investment money making, baby.

Now, if you want to rank a web 2.0s at the top of Google or other search engines for a keyword that actually matters you can forget most of the top web 2.os. I'm talking, blogger, Tumblr, and range of other ones.

If you're a great writer look into things like Medium or other content sharing platforms, but if you're like me and can't spell your way out of a bag you want to stick with Weebly or Overblog.

Now, overblog is a golden nugget as it has ranked the best in all of my latest tets. I'm talking 100, okay maybe 10 last tests. Hey, how many things did you rank?

I kid, loose in the up kid I grew up in Brooklyn, what do you expect? No, I do no talk with an Italian accent. However, I did grow up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, and almost no one talked like people on The Sopranos. Go figure.

Anyway, let's get back to business.

The strategy to making videos is similar to making Web 2.0s. The key is to create, write in this case, articles around the keywords of the product you're promoting. A simple strategy would be to point all of your supporting articles to the main review. This is the best for a free web 2.0, but if you're planning on starting a real domain, you would want to mix it up.

Why are Supporting Videos or Article Important?

I do want to cover this in greater details as it was one of the key elements my strategy was missing for most of the years. You see, I always thought supportive articles or videos were to redirect your visitor to the main review. Basically, cover more ground and keywords with multiple videos instead of one.

Now that's 100% the case to this day. You'll simply rank for more keywords, if you are tackling different topics, than from one. However, that's not even the main reason to do it.

You see, Google and other search engine are becoming more and more mimicking the actions of humans. If you're ranking for multiple keywords using different pieces of content, either be video or text, Google gives you more authority and trust.

In the end, you not only get more view, but your whole channel or web 2.0 is elevated. This way you will start ranking quicker and better if you stay in your niche.

Ranking Your Stuff Higher

Now there is an important distinction in ranking on YouTube and Google or other text-based search engines. With that said, you can rank your YouTube video on Google but to rank it on both will require different strategies.

YouTube Ranking Your Videos

I'll be honest; I'm not an expert on youtube. However, I did a rank video on it and made god amount of money with YouTube.

From my experience, it seems the biggest ranking factor for YouTube is CTR, click-through-rate. In fact, I know successful YouTubers that rank all of their videos just with CTR.

How do you get a better CTR?

There are programs, software, services, and gigs out there that do it for you. But, we are on the mission of making money without investment, so let continue on that path.

Best way to do it for free?

Comment the crap out of it. Yes, just go to videos related to your niche or market and comment away. If you can make it interesting, educational or funny that's great, but any comments will do. Also, channel comments work great.

With comments you don't only get a CTR, people clicking on your profile and videos, butYouTube juice from the videos you commented on. It's awesome!

Web 2.0s Ranking Juice

Web 2.0s is a bit more complicated as there seem to be a lot more factors to ranking sites, even web 2.0s, than videos. What gives?

However, you don't have to overcomplicate it. All you have to do is write more stuff and link back to either your keyword articles or review. What does that mean?

Simple, you can create all the, blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, overblog, and other web 2.0s blogs and link out to your main one. I still do that to my website, but you can point them to your Web 2.0.

It seems like a lot of writing, and it is, but you can really make some serious money without spending anything doing this. I still recommend getting an actual domain and hosting, but that's up to you.

The key is to start working at it and not overthinking it. The faster you start producing content, video or text, the faster you will fill up your bank account. I kid you not.

So this is how to make money online without paying anything.

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