Lurn Insider Review – High-Ticket for a Low-Ticket Price?

What if you could get Lurn Insider, a system worth $1,997, for $4.95? I don't know what Anik is smoking but this is too good to pass up. Check out the review below on what you get and how take it to the next level.

Creator: Anik Singal
Official Site:
Price: 14 day trial at $4.95

High-Ticket for a Low-Ticket Price?

Let's get this out of the way before we jumped into the review. So what is Anik Singla thinking pricing his 13 years experience of selling 100 million worth of products into $4.95 for the first 2 weeks and then flat monthly rate?

After digging around, and asking some questions it seems that Anik is set on creating better community of online markers. A one that you don't need to fork up few grands to be a part off.

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After all, most of these types of products that include weekly live webinar training, Q and A session, software, and a community of like-minded people cost upwards of $3,000 or so. That's a damn good deal.

However, what's the catch?

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There is only 1 catch, you need to do the work. This is not a magical button that you get to push and money flies out. If you are determined to create a online business and make money with it, you will need to follow the 21 day blueprint.

Lurn Inside: The 21 Day Blueprint

The main course is consisted of mission plan for the first 21 days of your new business. In those 21 days you will go from A) No business or experience to B) having a online that is ALREADY profitable.

If you have a business or some experience, you can do it even faster.

This is not one of those systems that beat around the bush for a month or two until you lose your refund chance. The fact is that by day 14th (when the $4.95 ends) you will already have your business live online.

Here's the what you do each day:

  • Day 0: Power Start-up 101
  • Day 1: Entrepreneurial Bootcamp
  • Day 2: Entrepreneurial Bootcamp Part II
  • Day 3: Internet Businesses
  • Day 4: Niche Selection
  • Day 5: Niche Selection Part II
  • Day 6: Monetizing
  • Day 7: The “Chosen” One
  • Day 8: Creating Your Opt-in Page
  • Day 9: Sign Up For Sendlane & Customize Your Account
  • Day 10: Tools & Technology
  • Day 11: More Tools & Technology
  • Day 12: Copywriting
  • Day 13: Copywriting Part II
  • Day 14: Writing Emails
  • Day 15: Free Traffic
  • Day 16: Investment Traffic
  • Day 17: Data Tracking
  • Day 18: Outsourcing
  • Day 19: Exponential Returns
  • Day 20: What’s Next?
  • Day 21: Congratulations!!

However, that's not all you get. The Lurn Insider also comes with:

  • Weekly training and QnA sessions – this is great to stay informed about latest online trends and any changes within the online space
  • Community – one of the best parts of high-ticket products is the community. Why? Because you can interact (or at least read others interaction) with people that are just starting out, making some profits and and flat out owning the market.
  • 6 week Bootcamp – bonus 6 week email marketing course with Anik and his top students. Really great if you are into email marketing or at least want to know the trade's secrets.
  • Email Masters Club – tops tips and tricks for advanced email marketing
  • Niche Detection – done for you research on the top performing niches.
  • $1 Million Case Study  – watch a case study that earned Anik over a million dollars in 12 days without creating a product. Great watch.

There are resources that include:

  • Best Websites To Find A Writer
  • Best Tools To Build Your Sales Pages
  • The Best Payment Processors
  • The Best Affiliate Marketplaces
  • Best Webinar Services
  • Best Membership Site Tools
  • Best Web Hosting Services
  • The Best Autoresponders

The Next Level Lurn Insider Bonus

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