LOT Airlines Review – Best Value Flights to Poland?

If you're traveling from the United States to Poland more often than not your best bet will be using LOT Airlines. In this LOT Polish Airlines review I'll tell the Pros and Cons of using it.

Does LOT Airlines have the cheapest tickets to Poland?

lot airlines reviewsWell, it depends on where you are and when you're flying but from my experience, if you're flying from New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami the tickets will usually be about the same price.  The same thing goes for Toronto in Canada or any major city in Europe.

However, the key thing to remember is that only LOT Airlines offers a direct and nonstop flight to Poland from the United States. Currently, it offers nonstop flights from New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami; hence, why the price is going to be spot on.

Unfortunately, if you travel from other cities, you will have at least one stop.

How About Vacation or Holidays?

What I noticed after years of traveling with Lot is that timing is everything. If you're planning a flight to Poland it is best to buy tickets several weeks, or even months before the actual flight. Especially if you're flying during holiday seasons or vacation.

If you buy ahead you're almost guaranteed the best price, often even better than with stops.


Simple, seeing how LOT Polish Airlines is the only airlines that fly directly to Poland the competition for seats rises fast. Unlike some airlines where the closer the flight the cheaper the tickets that's not the case with LOT. In fact, one summer we almost didn't go because of the prices.

Shouldn't all tickets be priced the same?

In a perfect world, I guess, but here's the thing. LOT offers promos on early tickets and on place that are not sold out. So, if you get it on the action early you're good to go.

On the other hand, if they only have 20 tickets or less, it makes sense they won't do any promos on them.

LOT Flights From New York to Warsaw, Poland

flight to polandWhile I traveled both with stops and direct from New to Warsaw, usually from JFK to Warsaw, I have to say nonstop is definitively the way to go.

You see, when I was younger, and without kids, I didn't might flying with stops. In fact, it could be even fun to visits airlines, but seeing how to direct flight to Poland is already 8 and a half hours long, with 1 stop flights pushing from 11 to 16 hours, it's harsh especially if you're traveling with kids.

lot airlines jfkTraveling with children is hard enough, but going for 16 hours and having to switch planes along the way will knock most of the adults on their feet, let alone children.  On the other hand, I always had a pleasant experience with LOT Airlines' staff.

The flight attendants seem always to be smiling and are willing to help you out, even looking after your little one if you need a bathroom break. Plus, all the water you want!

How About Chicago to Warsaw Flights? LOT ORD to WAW

The Flight from Chicago to Poland is about an hour longer than from New York and slightly more expensive. However, other than that the flight is quite similar. Same ease of mind and service.

In fact, most of LOT planes are now Dreamliners, which are known for the more leg room, better air, are overall quality. That's why I don't bother with other airlines when flying to Poland.

So, How Long Are Flights To Poland From Different Cities?

  • New York To Warsaw is 8 hours and 30 minutes (JFK to WAW)
  • New Jersey to Warsaw is 8 hours and 25 minutes (EWR to WAW)
  • Chicago To Warsaw is 9 hours and 5 minutes (ORD to WAW)
  • Miami to Warsaw is 10 Hours and 10 Minutes (MIA to WAW)
  • Los Angeles To Warsaw is 11 hours and 35 minutes (LAX to WAW)

As you can see the New Jersey EWR to Warsaw is the shortest with the Los Angeles LAX to Warsaw being the longest.

Cheap Flights To Poland?

While they are not exactly cheap, flights to Warsaw, Poland are usually your best bet when traveling to Poland.  You see, despite LOT Polish Airlines offering flights to different major cities of Poland like Krakow, Rzeszow, Wraclow, Gdansk and so on, you can still take the train.

The train is much cheaper travel than a plane in Poland, and you can get almost anywhere using it. Unlike the United States, where a Plane is the number one form of long travel, in Poland, and most of Europe, train travel is very popular.

So fly to Warsaw and take a trip around Poland using the train system.

LOT vs Other Airlines

Depending on when you're flying, especially during the holiday and summer vacation, LOT might be the more expensive option. I've talked about this briefly but wanted to expand on it.

In fact, one of the reasons I've decided not to take a direct flight back a few years ago was because of that reason. Instead of flying directly to Poland I took a flight to Austria and then Warsaw.

Which wasn't bad, but back than I have in my late teens and trying to spend as little as possible. The connection had about 2 hours wait and went for me smoothly.

No bad things like missing my flight, sleeping on the floor, or worse happened to me. Despite many horror stories out there about flights with stops.

So, why now I only fly LOT?

  • Confidence – stretching an almost 9-hour direct flight to 14+ is not the way I want to spend my time. Even without all of the thinsg that can go wrong.
  • Safety – while generally ,flights are safe and if you know English you can communicate anywhere in the world. Some of the cities you need to trasfer in are not the safest in the world.
  • Familiarity –  these days LOT for me is like a odl trip that I retake at least once a year. I know what to expect and how the flight will go.

Lot Airlines Economy Class

Now let's be honest, economy class for a long flight can't ever be fun. Being stuck in a bus like setting for 8+ hours is no picnic. However, is Lot Airlines USA to Poland the worse?

No, no at all. In fact, I've been flying LOT.com for several years now and have little to complain. I mean let's be honest, the economy is not going to be traveling in class, but for that price and across the ocean it isn't so bad.

Let me what I like about Lot's economy class.

  • It's quite roomy – one of the biggest problems with the economy is the limited space, and while LOT is not offering tons of space, the newer places do enjoy some room for your legs.
  • Friedly staff – one of the highlights of my flight, is the staff. Honesty, in all the flights I took with LOT, probably around 12, the staff has been exceptional most of the time. Sure, at times they seem grumpy, but after all, they have been pleasant, patient, and attentive.
  • Decent food – okay, so the food department will not win any awards, but it's quite nice and a bit of taste of Poland. Especially the breakfast and afternoon snack,
  • entertainment – while it seems it's a standard for everyone to have their touch screen these days, I have nothing to complain about the movies and shows to watch. A very good selection.

How about things I didn't like?

  • Not enough drinks – I do miss complementary drinks on flights and used to enjoy them with LOT
  • Not enough pillows – wish they have more blankies and pillows

The rest of my complains has to do with people flying rather than the place or staff. It seems you always get someone being overly loud or obnoxious. Then again, if the staff were less friendly with them, they would write their review.

Lot Airlines Premium Economy Class

How about if you would like to step it up without going full out with business class? Premium Economy class is a pretty recent intro into LOT's classes, but it's the most interesting one.

You see, by paying around 30%, at least that's the price as of this writing, you can get a significant upgrade.

  • More room – this goes without saying if you pack less chair into an area, you'll have more space.
  • Nicer chair – these recline much further and are overall more comfortable.
  • Better menu –  you get the same food as business class
  • more luggage, have 2 carry-ons? That's in
  • Priority boarding – not a  big deal but its good to be treated well

Lot Airlines Business Class

Now, I did not fly the LOT's business class yet, but it is looking promising. If the fully reclinable chairs, upgraded chairs and own menu isn't enough to sway you, how about business class restroom and complimentary drinks sound like?

LOT's Business Class is something I definitely want to fly from JFK to WAW soon.

Airplane Tickets To Poland Cost

Finally, let's talk about the cost. Depending on when you're flying, and the class, tickets usually ranged from $600 to $1100 per adult for economy class. With LOT Airlines, the price of tickets varies with the age of the travelers.

  • Adults – 16 and over pay full price
  • Teens – 12 to 15 pay full price
  • Kids – 2 to 11 pay 75% of the price
  • Infants –  0 to 24 months pay 10% of the price

Now, these are subject to change, and I'm just writing as they are now.

As you can see, the international traveling cost is more expensive than domestic, but LOT Polish Airlines offer competitive pricing and nonstop flights, so at the end of the day it's worth it.

That's all for now, thanks for reading this review of LOT Polish Airlines


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