The Loci Cycle Bonuses That Will Pay For Loci Cycle itself!

Hurry, only 3 spot for Bonus #3 are left!

All bonuses are still available and I'll update once they are gone. Check out bonus #7 to see how The Loci Cycle can pay for itself aside from Amps


You missed out!

You only have hours before the Loci Cycle closes and my bonuses are gone

Bonus 1: Done-4-You Keyword Research for 5 Amps - Value $1500+

The training on this in Loci Cycle is great, but I'll personally do Niche and Keyword research for 5 of your AmpiFire campaigns to make them rank for wild range of keywords. 

With my 11+ years of SEO experience and 6+ years using news sites to rank, you know each of your campaigns will be a hit! Keyword research usually sells for $300 to $500 each.

Combine it with Bonus 3 and your amps will be unstoppable!

Bonus 2: Unlimited Campaigns and Keywords Reviews - Value $2000+

I'm not going to leave you hanging after those  5 Amps and give you my support for as many as you want as long as you are part of the Loci Cycle!

That means if you want me to take a look at your campaign, keywords or anything related to Loci Cycle or Ampifire just contact me. 

I want you to know I'll have your back in this venture!

Bonus 3: 10 Amp Power-Ups for all 400+ (only 15 - 3 left) - Value $8,000

This is probably the most time consuming and expensive bonus, so I'm limiting it to 15 people only (3 spots are left, hurry). 

However, it will change the way you look at Amps. I'm going to boost all the pages Ampifire distributes your content to (over 400+) with my own strategy!

I charge $2 per page for this, that's over $800 for just one campaign and you get 10 for free.

Bonus 5: 75% Lifetime Discounts for future Amp boosts - Value $6,000+

I have plenty of returning cutomers for my Amp boosts and once you discover the power of them with my bonus 3 and 4 I'm sure you'll be back as well.

That's why on top of 10 Amp Power-Ups you get for free, I'll also give you 75% discount for any after that. That's $0.50 per page instead of $2!

Same for the Single page boost, you'll pay $50 instead of $200!

Best part? You can sell them at full price yourself and book that vacation you've been dreaming about for years!

I'll even show you were you can sell them!

Bonus 4: 20 Boosts to Amp created page  (only 20 - 8 left) - Value $4,000

Similar to the last bonus but this one is a higher quality and for a single page of the Amp campaign. Once again,  I do this for my clients and charge $200 for each campaign. 

Why so much? Because here we want to boost a page that is already looking promising and boost 10x or even 20x the results from it.

It's this amp boost that allowed me to get almost 6k visitors from Marketwatch from a single page (only 8 left)

Bonus 6: Lifetime of Feedback and BETA Status  - Value Priceless

While bonus #2 offers unlimited reviews and feedback related to Loci Cycle - this one does not! 

You'll get to ask me anything for as long as you want. 

On top of that I'll share with you new Loci Cycle strategies that are working for me on a regular basis.

Finally, you'll get to test any new Amp boosts or services I put out for free!

Now, I can't value this because to me it's priceless but I can almost guarantee you that with this bonus alone you'll be ahead of 99% of the Loci Cycle users out there!

Important: All of These Bonuses Go Away Once Loci Cycle Closes - So, Get It Now!

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