Closed: Loci Cycle Review: Another Crypto Opportunity?

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The Loci Cycle Taps Into New Gold Rush: Cryptos!

So, do you know how I lost over $100k with cryptos? In fact, it was $100k worth of cryptos in 2017, on this day it would be close to a $400k.

Ouch, but who's counting?

However, it was due to poor investing choices, silly mistakes, greed and FOMO (fear of missing out). I basically screwed myself and invested way more than I could afford to lose.

To tell you the truth, if I didn't sell it at the bottom I would have 4x my money despite buying at all time highs in just 3 years. Which made merealized the power of cryptos and how it's a way to safeguard your money.

Just look at this image below. It's a bit silly, but oh how accurate?

It's hard to argue with the above graphics and while you might not be buying a whole Costco with just $1 bitcoin in 2024 (it's possible if reaches millions) but you get the point.

Why is this important? Listen, the world is still crazy and we're unsure of what tomorrow will bring, but one thing is for sure. The $ and other currencies will keep losing value from inflation like they did for over 100 years now.

That's why I still love cryptos, and will probably never stop. Of course, I'm much more careful these days when it comes to investing. I'm also not saying to go out and buy BTC at $63k or ETH at $4.5k, but why not make some money on them?

In fact, one of the game-changers for me was being able to earn in cryptos. This helped me to rebuild my portfolio without investing dollars, or at least not as much.

Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz took this to another level by automating mini-sites around cryptos and connecting offers to them. With these you'll be able to earn either money or cryptos. How freaking cool is that?

Do you know that if you earned just $100 per month in BTC (which os low performing coin in a bull-run) for the last 2 years you would have over $9,000 now? It's because you would have earned 0.151738787 BTC which is worth $9,378 as I'm writing this. If you earned that $100 in USD you would still just have $2,400 and it would be probably worth $2,300.

Do you see the potential of getting huge gains (much bigger than just BTC) with Cryptos using the Loci Cycle without investing a single dollar?

Once again, you can simply earn regular money when promoting cryptos but cryptos are here to stay and only 1% of global population has it.

That might sound scary, only 1%? Well, in the US it's above 10% most likely, but the 1% is a good thing. It means it's just getting started and while US is on the frontlines the whole world is catching up.

It's been always like that since early days of technology. For example:

cryptocurrency 2018

  • Credit card was invented in 1959 and didn't get popular until 1980s and now we all use it
  • Internet was “created” in 1983, yet in 1991 only 1% used it and now over half of all the people use it
  • IBM created a smartphone in 1991 but even in 2000s only 3% used it and now they account for 80%
  • Cryptos are the next big thing that's happening now with BTC being created in 2009 and reaching $66k in 2021 with only 1% of population holding cryptos

Do you see the potential? Once 5% or 10% of people have cryptos the demand for them will 100x and your minisites will be a goldmines.

On top of that you can earn cryptos with the offer yourself, safeguarding against inflation that's at all time high around the world.

What if you get bored? Just sell the site for 42x monthly income. That means a site making $100 per month can be sold for as much as $4,200 or a $1000 site for $42,000.

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Is the Loci Cycle Legit? Proof Is In The Pudding

Let's start this review with a bang because the Loci Cycle is hands down the most interesting system I've reviewed in 2021. However, before we do that I just want to make something clear. No, Loci Cycle is not a scam.

In fact, you probably got to this page by searching on Google, or other search engine, about the Loci Cycle by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. Right?

loci cycle cost

Well, I was able to do this in great part to the strategies that are found inside the training and the Ampifire software. The results speak for themselves.

Listen, Jay and Chris build a whole 8-figure company on this method and that helped tons of people earn 6 or 7-figures per year using the same strategies you will have at your disposal.

I've personally been using their strategies for over 6 years and you know that is a lifetime in the online space. Why? Because unlike other systems that take you on a wild goose chase to get traffic, LociCycle has an unlimited traffic source powering the whole thing from the start.

Click Here if its for you and you want to get started

Amps: The Unlimited Natural Traffic Source

chris and jay amps

When I see the above Ampifire page I know I'm going to get some high quality visitors soon. Like you've heard it from Jay, Chris, and Loci students this thing takes about half-an-hour to set up and you're good to go.

If you want to see the steps and how Ampifire 2.0 works check out my full review here.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that with Loci Cycle you get the best type of traffic, natural traffic on demand.

Essentially, there are several types of traffic sources on how a visitors gets to your site:

  • Direct: types in the URL address and goes to your site directly
  • Organic: gets to your site through a search engine like Google (but not ads)
  • Social: goes to a link on a social media like Facebook or Twitter
  • Referral: any type of link or referral that is not social, search or paid
    • These includes websites like the News, blogs, sharing sites and etc.
    • Email traffic or similar
  • Paid: Where you actively pay to get traffic, either per click or impression.

You know what's the cool thing about Loci Cycle and Ampifire? With them, you can get traffic from every source above except for paid traffic. How? Because it's natural.

Of course, the main focus is referral and organic traffic. You'll get referral traffic from the 400+ blogs, news, video, PDF, images and other sites that your content will be distributed on.

Now, these sites already have tons of traffic but if you structure your Amp correctly the posts will rank for phrases related to your keyword/site and get you even more targeted traffic. I'll help you to do this with my bonus.

In fact, here's how much traffic I got from just 1 news site from my campaign:

news sites results

It's hard to see but I got 208 visitors (195 unique) with average time spend on the site over 2 minutes. So, these were really targeted, high quality visitors and not bots or misclicks.

Remember, that's from one campaign and 1 site, and you get 400+ with each Amp. Will all produce results like that? No, but it's possible and my bonus will show you how.

Listen, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, than don't worry! You'll learn everything on the live training sessions with Chris, Jay and their experts. I'm just showing you the 1000 foot view of what's possible and how I can help you.

The Power of Natural Traffic: Better Conversion Rates

By now, you probably have some understanding how powerful natural traffic is to your business. However, let's go over some stats:

converstion ratesAs you can see, organic search has an average conversation rate of 2.1%, paid search 1.2%, direct at 1.6% and referral at 1.8% for B2C (business to consumer).

So, with Chris and Jay you get 2 best converting sources, but does that 0.9% make a difference?

First of all, these are just averages across the whole industry and you can get higher that 2.1% with organic and 1.8% with referral conversion rate. I know I have.

However, even if we look at the average 0.9% makes a big difference. Let's say you get 1000 visitors from each source based on the stats above:

  • 1000 organic visitors at 2.1% = 21 sales
  • 1000 paid visitors at 1.2% = 12 sales
  • 1000 referral visitors at 1.8% = 18 sales

Now, let's go with the offer Chris and Jay was talking about in the crypto space which pays $500.

  • 21 organic sales = $11,000
  • 12 paid sales = $6,000
  • 18 referral sales – $9,000

The difference of 0.9% makes a lot more sense now, right. Now imagine the difference with 10,000 visitors or 100,000. With organic and 100,000 visitors at 2.1% and $500 commissions you would make a cool million ($1.1mm to be exact).

Get your traffic now

Or continue reading to find out how it all comes together.

Loci Farms: Farming with


The idea behind how to profit with the Loci Cycle powered by Ampifire is simple, and a one that has been working for years.

  1. Find an Offer: Jay and Chris even gives you the best offers to promote (teaches you how to find new ones as well)
  2. Promote the Offer: Use the minisite they build for you and learn how to build your own in the future
  3. Send Traffic: Just create Amps to get as much targeted traffic as you want to your minisite or any other site online
  4. Earn commissions: Get a share of  the sale as an affiliate while the vendor does all the hard work

While the concept is simple, and anyone can do it, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to make it work.

For example, getting traffic, which is a bloodline of any online business, is a major obstacle for most people beginning their online venture, but even existing online business owners need help with it. The Loci Cycle solves this 100% with Ampifire.

Another pain point for beginners is what to promote and how to promote it. With no marketing experience it can be hard to know what is a good offer. Once again Jay and Chris solves this by sharing tested offers by either them, their team, or thousands of their previous students.

Finally, maybe you're not a techie or don't know how to create these minisites? Well, they will be created for you and shown you how to do it in the future.

With the Loci Cycle you're pretty much handed a whole business-in-a-box on a silver platter and it will be cost free for at least a year with all the amps you get.

However, the offer ends soon so Click Here to grab it

Review of Loci Cycle: The System of 2021?

loci cycle

By now, you know the steps required let's take an overview of what you get with the Loci Cycle.

First of all, the Loci Cycle by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz is composed of:

  • Training and resources
    • “The Loci Cycle” 12-Week Live Masterclass: your step-by-step instruction to using the system, software and profit
    • Loci Cycle 6-Figure Case Studies: breakdown of stories methods used by real users to generate 6-figures or more
    • The 90 Day Challenge: the plan that created the most success stories that Chris and Jay ever done that you can start right now.
  • Automation Tools and Templates
    • AmpiFire 2.0 Software Access: cloud-based software, no installation, automates free traffic getting method on the spot.
    • Ampifire 2.0 Credits Ultimate Pack: You get 36 complementary Amp credits start generating $2k+ a week with your Loci Farms fast.
    • Copy & Paste “Loci Farm” Template: non-techie copy and paste mini-sites based around offers that convert thanks to Ampifire
    • Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder: crypto website that automatically sources content and comes ready with offers up to $500 per sale
  • Support and Community
    • 12 Month of Email Coaching:  you can get quick answers or feedback from coaching team in 24 hours or less
    • One-To-One Coaching Call: If you need some one on one coaching to help you out Jay and his expert team is there to help.
    • Private “Loci Cycle” Mastermind: private community of users that includes Jay, Chris and their experts sharing tactics that work best.

However, that's not all. You also get  my bonuses!

Let Me Help You: The Loci Cycle Bonus

Did you see my bonuses already? Here's a sneak peak for you again!

loci cycle bonus

You get get all of these, valued at $25,500+ if you join Loci Cycle with my link: Click Here to do that now or Go to My Bonus Page for details

Missing Out on the Loci Cycle Goldmine?

YesItsFor.Me/LociBy now, you know the Loci Cycle is a game changer for anyone who wants to or is already making money online.

The crypto side of things is just a cherry on the top but one that gives you an opportunity to leverage the biggest boom since the Dot Com without the fear of losing your money.

Imagine a situation where you would go back to early 2000s and someone gave you an opportunity to earn from all the tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and even get a stack at their companies or their stocks?

Did I mention you would get the whole strategy and even the minisites to promote it, handed to you?

Would you do it? Of course you would, who wouldn't do it knowing what we know today. It would be worth millions today.

Well, here's your chance in 2021. You don't even have to go back to a time  without Netflix or Smartphones to do it.

In fact, cryptos has surpassed the growth of these companies by 100% in the same time period.

So, you have 2 choices. You can either close this page and in 5, 10 or 20 years tell stories to your kids, grand kids, or anyone that would listen, how you had a chance to be part of the biggest wealth building opportunity of your lifetime.

Or you can go click the link below to get Loci Cycle and live it and not just talk about it.

Get the Loci Cycle now at YesItsFor.Me/Loci

I am an independent affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of the company.

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