Legacy Builders Program Review: Michele Oneil 6-Figure Blueprint

Welcome to my review of the Legacy Builders Program by Michele Oneil, which is part of the Digital Growth Community. This is going to get wild fast, so buckle up.

The first thing that really stands out about Legacy Builders is how it doesn't fall into the typical online business categories like eCommerce, services, product creation, or affiliate marketing.

It's almost like a combination of product creation and affiliate marketing, but without having to create a product and getting 100% commissions paid directly to you, with no middle man. Does that make sense?

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What is the Legacy Builders Program by Michele Oneil?

legacy builders program review

Now, I'll go into details on what you actually get and will be able to learn in the program, but let's just get a few things straight as there seems to be a lot of confusion online.

First, the Legacy Builders Program and all of the programs included will grant you master resell rights. Never heard of it? Don't worry, what it means is that when you buy Legacy Builders, or any of the programs, you'll be able to resell them at the same price and get 100% commission for it.

Where master resell rights differ from resell rights is that every person who buys from you will also have the resell master rights. Meaning they can resell it at 100% commissions as well. This was a total game-changer!

Now, before someone says it's MLM (multi-level marketing), no, if you decide to buy the Legacy Builders Program from me (and get my awesome bonuses), I'll get 100% of the commission, you'll get the program and resell rights, and that's it.

No percentage of your commissions, or sales, or leads, will ever go to me, or even Michele. The beauty of the system is that you run it like a business, getting all the commissions without making the product owner rich, like in affiliate marketing, or people above you like in MLM.

The only additional cost is the admin set-up fee of $29, which is paid to the Legacy Builders Program one time, and that's it.

With that clear, let me tell you a bit about myself and why I'm going all in.

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Why I Became Part of the Digital Growth Community?

So, if you're new to my blog, my name is Anna, and I've been working online full-time since 2013. During that time, I've tried hundreds of different systems in eCommerce (Shopify and Amazon), Print-on-Demand, product creation, agency, local services, affiliate marketing, and so on. Hence why I started this blog to review some of the better ones.

However, only one of those I truly enjoyed and kept going back to, and that is affiliate marketing. If you don't know, affiliate marketing is promoting a product, program, or service (not your own) for a commission.

It was the perfect option for me as I didn't have to build a brand, create a product, market it, deal with customers, and keep updating it. All I had to do was grab a link and add it to a post, social media, video, or an ad. What's not to love?

Well, like everything in life, affiliate marketing has its cons too. Some of them depend on the marketplace and platform, but all seem to be increasing rapidly:

  • Cookie-based commission: aside from the obvious that cookies can be cleared and so on, in the last few years there was an increase in using different types of cookies, like first, last, hard-coded, and so on. Which will attribute the sale to different affiliates based on the setting. Add that and the fact that countries are limiting cookie tracking and now browsers as well, it's hard to know if you will get the sale.
  • Actual number of sales: With affiliate marketing, you never actually know if you got a sale or not. I get emails from dozens of people asking for bonuses or my help from sales I never got. Or sometimes my sales will randomly disappear without an explanation. This is because as an affiliate you rely on 3rd-party tracking of a platform or a vendor, and they reserve the right to not pay you.
  • Payouts: Again, you're not in charge and if I counted all the sales I never got paid for, it would be in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the last 11 years. Plus, sometimes it can take 3 months or more to get paid. Of course, this will depend on the marketplace but it happens a lot.
  • Tracking: Tracking is important in any business but especially with email marketing and funnels. You want to always separate buyers from leads, even for the simple reason of not sending an email about a product they already bought. With affiliate marketing, it's almost impossible to do.
  • Not your leads and customers: as an affiliate, you're almost directing customers to either the product creator's sales page or opt-in page. This way, you never get the leads and customers for you, unless you create a funnel specifically for that product.
  • Little control: All of this gives you little control over the whole process. You can pick the product you promote, maybe a landing page, but after that, it's out of your hands.

Now, like I said, not all people will face these, many new affiliate marketers don't even realize these problems exist. Also, does this mean I hate affiliate marketing and will never do it again? No, but for a while now, I've wanted to shift at least some of my business to something different. Something that will give me more control of the process and the ability to help my customers.

That's why I'm leaning toward full-time content creation and product creation. The problem with content creation is you either have to have a lot of followers or monetize your content well to make money. On the other hand, product creation takes a lot of time and preparation.

I do believe I have the knowledge after 11 years to create a product, but that's a goal for future Anna. Which is interesting as in Legacy Builders there is a whole course, 4 modules, and 19 videos, on how to create, market, and sell your own course, and dive into what the Legacy Builder program offers.\

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What Does the Legacy Builders Program Include?

legacy builders program

The Legacy Builders Program is sort of the flagship system of Michele Oniel that includes all the other programs as well. That means the Launch Pad, Passive Daily Blueprint, Digital Mastery, and the Legacy Builders.

You can buy each of the programs separately, and at this time I believe you can upgrade in 30 days by just paying the difference, but that might change. You see, the Legacy Builders Program is brand new, and if you want to lock in the price it's at now, I suggest you get it fast. I'm not trying to create false scarcity, but the training you get is worth alone $4,000+ based on the systems I review.

However, if you get the Legacy Builders Program for $900 + $29 admin fee, you'll be locked in. Let me go over each one in more detail.

Digital Growth Community – Launchpad $100

With the Launch Pad, you not only get a course on how to get started but also become part of the Digital Growth Community, worth the price of the Launch Pad alone.

This course covers all the basics of starting a business with Legacy Builders. This includes:

  • Navigating lessons and modules
  • Joining the community
  • Learning how the resell rights work in detail
  • The mindset of a 2-hour workday and how to profit in 7 days

Yes, this program works fast, and Michele went from $0 to like $7,000 in one month; she did $14,000 the next one. That doesn't guarantee you would do the same, but it shows you what's possible if you actually follow the program, and getting a sale in 7 days is very achievable. I got my first sale the second day I started.

But how do you profit in 7 days?

The next part of Launch Pad teaches you how to set it all up. That means:

  • Personalizing the funnel you get
  • Adding a domain to it
  • Connecting to payment gateways (no more waiting for affiliate commissions)
  • How to connect it all, automate it, and test it

The best part about this, and you see me repeating this a lot, is that except for the $10 domain there are no more costs to set up your business. Michele was a struggling single mom when she started, so she went the free route all the way.

The funnel you get from Michele is free, Systeme.io is free until you're making some serious cash (I believe Michele was up to $1 million before she needed to upgrade) and payment gateways take a small percentage after you make a sale, so no upfront cost.

Finally, you learn how to market it, again for free. And it includes:

  • Setting up social media like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Posting free ads online. I thought free ads were a thing of the past, but no, they work.
  • Growing a following on social media without being fake

Honestly, with this alone, you should start making sales. Also, it's important to note that unlike other programs that teach you social media, this one doesn't encourage you to just copy others or be someone else. No, be yourself, everyone else is taken.

However, things get interesting with the Passive Daily Pay Blueprint.

The Passive Daily Pay Blueprint $300

Like I said, you can start earning with Launch Pad alone, but if you want to understand online business deeper and make more money (with this, you can get up to $300 per sale), the Passive Daily Pay Blueprint is a must. You get both Launch Pad and The Passive Daily Pay Blueprint for $300.

With the Passive Daily Pay Blueprint, you expand on what you learned in Launch Pad and dial in at attracting your perfect customer. I know that might sound like a load of crap, and it took me years to understand it, but it's hard to build a profitable business on instructions alone.

I mean, you can go out right now and buy a best-selling book on how to create a business, but without understanding the process, seeing how you fit into it, and sending out your messages, it will be hard.

That's why The Passive Daily Pay Blueprint includes:

  • How to put it to work
  • Finding the ideal customer and why it matters
  • How to share YOUR story and engage with people
  • How to build a brand around yourself
  • How to do social media effectively and profitably without a lot of followers

How you do it makes a difference. For example, it took Michele 60 days to get 1000 followers on TikTok, yet in that time she made over $20,000 without a link in the bio. I, on the other hand, had 10,000 followers on Instagram and was getting barely any sales before joining Legacy Builders.

It's about quality, not quantity.

Digital Mastery Program – $600

This includes Launch Pad, Blueprint, and Digital Mastery.

So, while I was looking for a program to test out and promote, I noticed there are a lot of systems that kind of operate in their own ecosystem, almost like in a loop. I addressed this at the start, how when you have a system that you can resell, or even become an affiliate, it creates a loop that all you do is learn how to promote that system.

Well, in my opinion, The Legacy Builders program doesn't fall into that category because:

  • It's just you and the customer, no levels or incentives like in MLM
  • By reselling, you don't make the product creator richer or the person you bought from
  • Both Digital Mastery and the final Legacy Builders is not mainly about selling this course

Now, I would argue that you can take the Launchpad and Passive Daily Pay Blueprint and apply it to any online business and find success, but Digital Mastery goes beyond that; it's about affiliate marketing.

Okay, if you've read my whole review so far, which is way too long, you noticed I railed on affiliate marketing a lot. However, I did say I still love it and will continue to do at least some of it.

So, the goal of Digital Mastery is 6 Figures in 6 Months. Which is life-changing for most people, right?

So, the way you achieve that according to Digital Mastery is scaling your Legacy Builders business and additional income streams, like with affiliate marketing.

That's why Digital Mastery includes:

  • The 6 Figures In 6 Months blueprint
  • How to build recurring income streams
  • How to incorporate affiliate marketing for an additional stream and leads
  • Email marketing and list building
  • And how to 10x your productivity

You see, with Digital Mastery, you'll not simply go out and promote any affiliate product out there, I mean you could, but it will be more to complement your existing business. For example, building connections and partnerships through affiliate marketing.

For example, you could promote someone's product in exchange they promote yours. Also, the email list you build with Digital Growth can be used to promote other programs. So, the people that didn't buy Legacy Builders would like a different course.

This is why it's called Digital Mastery, as you start putting the puzzle together, your earnings will 10x.

Legacy Builders Program $900

Now, the name might be confusing because the $900 program is called Legacy Builder, and the whole system is also called Legacy Builder. It's because with this tier, you get everything. For $900, you get the Launch Pad, Blueprint, Mastery, and Legacy!

I like the sound of “Legacy Builders,” and it's a fitting name, I must say. After completing it, you'll truly be building a legacy. I mean, creating a great product and having all the tools to promote it sounds appealing.

However, you don't have to create your own product now, or ever, if you don't want to. It's your choice, and by this time, you might be making 6 or even 7 figures.

With that said, the course will teach you everything you need to know about creating, marketing, and selling your program. It includes:

  • Preparation on how to teach, outline, edit, and set up your course
  • How to launch the product with an irresistible offer
  • Launch plan and webinars
  • How to scale your products without putting extra work in
  • How to create a community around your product
  • And how to make passive profit from it

Ready to take the next step?

Which Digital Growth Community Product to Get?

This is 100% up to you. I would recommend getting the Legacy Builder Program not only because I would get the $900 (which is awesome, by the way) but also because it gives you peace of mind that you won't miss out on any commissions.

You see, maybe you don't want to create your own course right now, and many don't, myself included. However, for me, it made sense to fork out the extra $300, as I wanted Digital Mastery anyway, to get it.

Who knows, maybe in a month or even a year, I'll want to create my own program. I've thought about it a lot, so why not? The problem is that I would have to pay $900 for it then. Plus, think of the people who will buy it from you. If they want the $900 product and you only have the $600 version, that's a missed opportunity.

Are There Any Downsides of The Legacy Builder Program?

My review of the Legacy Builder Program and the Digital Growth Community has been overwhelmingly positive. Honestly, it's one of the best systems I've encountered in my 11 years in marketing. But, let's be real—nothing's perfect, so here are a few cons:

  • You need to buy the programs to sell them (I'll dive into this a bit later).
  • It requires more effort than simple affiliate marketing.
  • Remember, it's a business, so setting it up correctly is crucial.
  • You'll need to tweak the site and funnel provided to you.
  • The email campaigns also require some editing.
  • Given this is a fresh launch, there are some tech hiccups now and then.

As you can tell, there's not a whole lot to gripe about here. The main takeaway is that this approach demands a bit more elbow grease than just scattering your affiliate link all over and crossing your fingers for a sale. But, in my view, the advantages of reselling, as opposed to affiliate marketing, more than make up for the extra work.

Let's gooo

Why Do You Need The Digital Growth Product to Sell it?

digital growth community

You might be thinking, why do I need to buy into the product to get commissions for it?

Listen, I've been in the same boat for years now. In fact, I've stayed away from products I had to own for most of my marketing career. Why? I just didn't want to be forced to buy a product just to promote it.

However, there's another side to this. Do you really want people promoting programs they've never even tried?

With that said, for products I promote, I try to get a review copy, or if not, I buy it. So, I'm testing the product either way. Buying Legacy Builders was a no-brainer for me as I wanted to test it.

Not buying products you review causes mistrust on both ends. On one hand, you have people promoting something just to get a sale, never buying or going through the course. On the other hand, you have people who will call it a scam or downplay it without even going through the course because they didn't buy it.

In my opinion, both are bad and misleading. So, I don't mind the fact that I had to buy Legacy Builders to promote it.

I only have a problem with programs like these that force you to pay a monthly fee and have crazy high-ticket products that cost like $5,000 or even $10,000, and you only get 25% to 50% commissions on that.

With The Legacy Builders by Michele Oniel, it's $900 for the flagship product, and you get 100% when you resell it. That means you can recoup your investment with just one $900 sale. Which you can get within a week or so. How crazy is that?

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Michele Oniel Review – Multi-million Grandma?

Michele oniel reviewsLet's talk about the creator of Legacy Builders Program and started of the Digital Growth Community, Michele Oniel. Now, none of this would be possible if it wasn't for Michele Oniel. Honestly, when I first heard about Michele, going from 0 to $7,000 in her first month and $14,000 in her second and I was a bit jealous.

However, now I know it wasn't beginners luck or some special ability. Michele simply understands what people looking for legit online business feel and need. This is because less than two years ago she was in the same exact place you are or even worse.

  • She was in debt
  • Always feeling financial insecurity
  • Unable to spend time with her kids and grand kids
  • Feel stuck in survival mode
  • Looking for that something that would work, but losing hope

You see, the big difference between Michele and other course creators, is that this was her reality not too long ago. It's still fresh in her mind and she knows how it feels. Big name gurus that create course long time forgot how ti feels.

Sure, they claim to struggle 20 years ago, or how they do it for the family, but lacks authenticity, feelings, they are detached from it. Unlike Michele Oniel, where you can feel she's excited about helping you.

Plus, she a certified granny. How cool is that? Lately, I've been seeing these 20 year olds, or even teens making big money and I felt old, and not up with the times. However, now that I see how Michele rocks it, I'm all in!

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My Legacy Builders Program Bonus

While going through Michele Oniel's program, I noticed there isn't much about SEO or blogging. Which makes sense, as it usually takes months to rank a blog on Google to a point where it makes money.

No, Michele is all about the sprint—putting your offer in front of as many interested people as possible. That's how she became financially independent in just 2 months.

However, what if I told you there's a way to get almost instant traffic from Google? Ranking for money-making keywords in just a day? It's possible, and I use it almost every day.

You see, while starting a blog from scratch can take weeks or even months to become profitable, you can piggyback off big sites to start earning in hours. What's even better, you can funnel that traffic directly to your site to earn even faster.

I'm talking about building 3 more income streams with Legacy Builders. Two will include fast-ranking sites that can get you customers within 24 hours or less, and your blog that will become passive in 3 to 6 months.

So, as my bonus, I'll teach you how to use these 3 sources to triple your profits. Consider it a mini-course, but its value would be worth at least $1000.

So, yes, I said I'm not interested in creating a program, but as a bonus, it's a good trial. I'll test my abilities to create products, and you'll get to learn strategies I plan to sell for at least $1000.

This way, you'll get a taste of my course creation. However, while this bonus will take me some time to put together, I have something even better for you until the course is created and you get it. I'll tell you the sources and even run the campaigns for you.

Once the course is complete, each level will get it, so it doesn't matter if you buy in at $100 or $900. However, done-for-you starts at $300, which will mean 1 free campaign. If you join at $600, it will be 3 free campaigns, and at $900, 6 free campaigns.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Digital Growth Community: Legacy Builders Program now, and let me help you get sales.

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