LeadsHunter Review and Bonus – Fred Lam’s System

Let's talk about LeadsHunter by Fed Lam and the movement he wants to create.

Are You A Leads Hunter?

Now, I've tested and promoted several of Fred Lam's products and are usually impressed with his stuff. I think Fred is one of the few online gurus, for the lack of a better word, that does what he teaches.

In fact, he's been testing LeadsHunter by himself and beta testers for months now and it's still 3 months away from being released at the time of me writing this. Naturally, this is not a full Leads Hunter review yet and I'll update it as we learn more and I'm finally able to test it.

However, there is a good amount of information out there that I can talk about now so you'll know if it's your cup of tea.

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What is LeadsHunter?

LeadsHunter, as the name implies is a system complete with trainings, software, and resources to capture leads using FB ads and sell them to businesses that need them.

Simple, right? It is and from the looks of it, Fred's testers are able to get leads for around $1 and resell them for $10 to $50 each using the system. If you could turn a $1 to $50 wouldn't you do it several hundred times per month? Of course, who wouldn't?

However, we know how the story goes. The promise is big and at the end of the day, almost no product delivers it. Either it's harder to do than described or the launch creates tons of competition and it's no longer profitable.

How many times did that happen to you? I bet more than once, and it's been the case with the product I reviewed as well. Sometimes a system goes so viral that you have hundreds of thousands of people trying to do the same thing at the same time.

Even the best products can't manage that but leads hunter is different. In fact, you want more competition here.

A Good Type of Competition?

Sounds crazy? When I realized it I was caught off guard by it as well. You see, Fred Lam doesn't just want another leads system, rather he wants to create a movement. A group of marketers working together and learning from each other.

You see, with the LeadsHunter you will focus on getting leads to local businesses in your area. I'm talking roofers, plumbers, cleaners, and other services that work off leads. That means unless you're in a heart of New York City or some other big city there is little to no competition.

Even in New York, where I'm from this still works if you know what you're doing. Plus there are millions of small businesses in the US that rely on such leads so again, competition is not a bad thing here.

In fact, this about all the coffee shops around where you live or go. How many are there? I have at least 20 by me and that's in a 5 block radius. So, even if 20 people try to promote coffee shops in my area the competition would be 1=1, basically nothing.

On the other hand, if you have an affiliate program that worldwide, like this one, and several thousand are promoting it, then competition is 1 = 10000. Do you see the difference? Unless you only go after lawyers you will not have much competition.

Okay, so that's the reason why competition in local leads is not that bad. However, why is it good?

The second part of Fred Lam's movement is working and learning together. So, people can share or even sell leads to other hunters. For example, let's say I got a business in Houston that's interested in buying leads. However, I'm in NYC so instead of trying to make it work long-distance I can give the lead to someone in Houston and vice versa.

That's powerful, and why I'm not exactly sure how Fred Lam will do it but the ability to get leads from other hunters is a game-changer. It will no longer be everyone out for themselves, we can form teams and even group with people that are good at other stuff.

You can have a writers from Philly, a graphic designer in Seattle, and computer whiz in San Diego working together in getting leads and selling them. That's all the info, for now, I'll update it soon.

Fred Lam Reviews

I've talked about Fred Lam before but let's get some more info about him. First of all, what is Fred Lam's Net Worth? Just kidding, I don't know, but honestly, it doesn't matter because I know for sure he's a wealthy individual, just don't know how wealthy.

Another thing you must know about Fred is that he's an ad-buying expert, especially when it comes to FB ads and Google ads. Personally I'm not a fan of ads, and I'm not going to hide that. The idea to spend money on every visitor makes me uneasy as I don't know if I can recuperate costs.

I mean think of selling a $1,000 course. You would need to spend at least $1000 on ads to know if it's worth it. Let's say you did that and still no sale? How many of ads campaigns you will do before you go bankrupt?

However, with Leads Hunter it's another story. When you use ads to get leads you right away know how much you'll make per lead and how many you need. The risk is almost nonexistent compared to selling big tickets.

Even if some of your campaigns don't work you'll still down $10 maybe $100 at tops.  So, that's why Fred Lam style ads I can do.

LeadsHunter Bonus

The system is still long away and I'm considering a few options for the bonus. Maybe you can help me? I'm thinking of a bonus that either

  • Helps the ads get better conversion
  • Retarget the ads viewers, with organic traffic
  • Use free traffic methods best lead magnets

You can leave a comment with which one you would prefer or add your own suggestion. That's it for now, grab LeadsHunter when it comes out.

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