Lead Conversion Squared Review: LCS2 Last Day for System Bonus

The Lead Conversion Squared ( LCS2 ) by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely is closing tonight it's your last chance to get the Pro System of 2020.

Creators: Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely
Short name:  LCS2
Niche: Lead Gen and Conversion
Price: $997 or 3 payments of $398
Score: 4.8/5
Official Site: www.getlcs.com

Is LCS2 aka Lead Conversion Squared for You?

Most people I work with or encounter throughout the years in the online marketing space don't like selling. In fact, some downright hate it. It makes them feel like one of those sleazy car salesmen. You know the type.

But guess what?

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Those types of tactics barely work anymore, at least not online. Thanks to the internet, mobile phones, and technology in general you can check info, feedback, and reviews of pretty much anything on the spot.


That's why I really like how the focus of LCS2 is on benefiting businesses and not simply hard selling to them. The key is to offer value before anything else and then overdeliver.

Unfortunately, a bunch of scams and misleading products of the past left a bad experience for many people.

I recently had someone ask me if Lead Conversion Squared was a scam like most?

Now, I know there are bad products out there that solely focus on misleading people and hard-selling, but generalizing everything that way will not help you.

It's like you already made up your mind about LCS2 despite the Business Masterclass, testimonials of people already getting leads, or reading this review.

It’s like spotting what could be your true love but refusing to make a connection because you’re already sure he or she will refuse you. You failed before you even started.

Listen, all I ask you to have an open mind when reading this review and decide for yourself if it’s the right system for you. If you are here to confirm your bias, this review is not for you but I bet you can find one that bad-mouths LCS2 just to sell you something else.

Testing Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely's LinkedIn LCS2 Method

The main way you'll be prospecting with Lead Conversion Squared is with LinkedIN. Now, I've tried LinkedIn before for lead generation with another system but gave up after a month or so because the results were simply not there.

However, I was sure it had to work because I knew plenty of people getting their leads on LinkedIn. Some of them focusing solely on LinkedIn and earning 6-figures or more.

Well, after just the first training session with Chad and Daven I knew why. I was doing the same thing everyone else has been for years. Just sending too forward messages that would be either ignored or maybe even scare off a prospect right away.

If you have LinkedIn you know what I'm talking about. Which is interesting as I was doing the same thing without realizing that I myself would not answer a message like that.

So, I tested out the Lead Conversion Squared method and was blown away how fast it worked.

Here's an example of a prospect I was able to turn into a lead:


As you see, my message was simple, almost an exact copy of what Chad and Daven teach.

I did not spam the person with too much information. I wasn't too forward which could indicate that if my prospect answered we just had to work together.

And while he didn't say ‘give it to me' right away, I knew this was a good prospect because he said ‘yes' and showed interest without having to commit.

Which in result gave me the ability to show him the card, and if you're a Platinum Member it can be with his picture in it. After that, I knew that lead was worth at least $50 based on the business we're in and there is a good chance he will become a $1,000+ client.

You see, I think the 2 main reasons most people don't respond on LinkedIn is because:

  • They are not interested or don't want to get spammed if they do
  • They don't want to make any commitments right off the bat

Sometimes, there might be a subtle difference between being too forward and respectful.

It reminds me when a guy would come up to me before I was married and either ask:

“Can I buy you a drink?” vs “Want to get a drink?”

While there is nothing wrong with asking if you can buy someone a drink but I personally preferred the other option. It was less forward and even if I said ‘yes' I wasn't committing to anything. It could be simply a friendly drink together.

It also feels like the rejection is less personal to “Want to get a drink?” vs “Can I buy you a drink?” as it simply can mean you don't want a drink. Unless, your response would be “yes, but not with you,” that would probably hurt.

The same thing is with the LCS2 approach, you're simply want to gift somebody with a card. You're not spelling your entire business model or pouring your heart into the pitch.

If they say no, no big deal, it's their loss. On the other hand, it hurts more when you craft something personal and get rejected right away or ignored.

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What is the most important part of the Lead Conversion Squared System?


Now, there is plenty to talk about what you get with LCS2. I mean it’s robust with:

  • Lead Conversion Pro 2 that automates the lead converting process
  • White-Label version of the software to sell/charge as your own
  • Pre-Trained Virtual Assistant to get you 500+ leads per month
  • And of course, the step by step training to get your business going

However, something that Chad Nicely, the co-creator, said on one of his training sessions really stuck to me. It’s that you must know your ‘why.’ The ‘WHY’ you want to start an online business.

If you’ve been in the online space, you probably heard a variation of that in one way or another, but Chad takes it to the next level. In fact, even after 10 years of doing this I still learned a lot from just that one session.

You see, most people like me would just give a random dollar number as the why. Depending on your income level it might be $10,000 or $100,000 per month or maybe you just want to start making $100 per day.

However, it’s usually just a number with little to no meaning attached to it that we heard somewhere or think it would be a good amount to make. I know I’ve been there before.

Once you take a minute, even in your head, to think about of amounts you need to make for mortgage payments, possibly a dream car, to save up, travel, put kids through college, safeguard your retirement, get out of debt or anything else, that number will start to mean something.

On the surface, it’s a simple exercise but it adds tremendous depth and just fires you up. That $100,000 per year is not just 1 and 5 zeroes anymore, but the life you want to live. Of course, it’s just a glimpse into what Chad talks about but enough to see the bigger picture.

So, why is this so important?

Is LC2 (Lead Conversion System) like a Self-Driving Car?

You see, I look at a system like a car. While I’m not a car expert I know that no matter what’s under the hood or how it looks, it will not take me anywhere unless I’m in it.

Hence, why many good systems out there give you a car (system/software), road map (blueprint/step-by-step instructions), and if they are really good maybe even gas (resources). However, none will take you to your destination if you don’t get into the car and drive, right? I mean you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

This is the ‘WHY’ is so important. Without it, a number like $10,000 is just a blank destination that you want to reach. There is no motivation or drive, no pun intended, to get there besides the number.

Once you add meaning behind it and combine it with a working system, blueprint, and resources you’ll be unstoppable. Do you see what I mean?

LCS2 takes this a step further or even changes the game.

You get to automate around 95% of the process with LCS2 software and their pre-trained VA right out of the gate. So, now you have a clear destination, roadmap, resources, and even a car that drives itself.  Think getting to your destination just got a lot easier?

I’m not trying to tell you that all you have to do with LCS2 is click a button and you’ll be swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales.  Automation will get you far, but you still need to have your input.

Basically, you focus on the important stuff, the money makers, while the system does the rest.

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LCS2 Review of Lead Conversion Squared


Lead Conversion Squared is a unique system that allows you to get leads quickly, efficiently, and almost on autopilot with the LCS2 software and a pre-trained virtual assistant. You can use the leads, sell them, or even sell the whole system with a white-label.

Listen, I've been doing online marketing for almost 10 years now and it's hard to argue with the kind of proof Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels have to their names. These guys are legendary in the online marketing world and rightfully so.

If you ever wanted a system that was fool-proof to work 20 years ago, now, or in 20 years. LCS2 is the system you need.

Lead Conversion System Squared AKA LCS2

This is where things get interesting. The Lead Conversion Squared by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely is shaking things up making it easier and quicker to get high-quality leads.

This is thanks to their 20+ years of experience and streamlining the process. However, it's much more than just a system to get leads.

White-labeled Innovative New CRM Software: LCS2

Here's a video of Chad Nicely explaining it:


If you have quality leads streaming in daily you can have a business in any niche or market. In fact, you can generate/convert leads for other businesses using the same strategies. Finally, you can even sell the whole Lead Conversion System Pro as your own software.

Let's recap:

  • Generate and convert leads into your business
  • Generate and convert lead  for other businesses
  • Resell the software as your own

That's just 3 ways to earn with LCS2 from the start and with a little bit of outside-the-box thinking the possibilities are endless.

For example, you can resell the Lead Conversion System to a company and upsell the staff training. Or you can do it as a subscription method. Just one deal and a single day can net you coupled of thousands from the knowledge you already have with the LCS2.

Don't want to deal with clients or staff that much?

How about doing it for them for the price and percentage of sales from the leads you provide. You can get lifetime earnings with just one deal.

Both of these strategies were inspired by Russel Brunson an online entrepreneur and founder of ClickFunnels, a $360 million SaaS company.

Companies would book him to teach their staff funnel building for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. In fact, he now charges $1M and 25% of gross sales for the lifetime of the funnel to build one.

Imagine building lead acquisition funnels for a few companies that would pay a flat fee plus 25% or even 10% of the gross sales? Now you see what's possible.

Proven, Ultra-High Converting Lead Magnet: Lead Card

The system takes care of the leads includes sales pipeline, automated lead follow-up, a powerful tagging system, and text messaging, but to capture them you need lead magnets.

Once again, it's not rocket science but if you never captured leads how could you know? Even if you know your business or the business you want to use it for then you still need experience.

With Lead Conversion System Squared that's done for you with templates. All you do is fill out the blanks and adjust a few things before rocking in the leads.

Heck, it's so good it even works with cold traffic, or people not that interested.

Ongoing Leadflow For Your Clients! VA Service

Leave the best for last? How does a pre-trained Virtual Assistant to help and train you to generate 500+ leads per month sound?

Honestly, I'm not sure how Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely were able to pull this off but I'm glad they did.

Well, I have an idea. It helps they have probably the biggest lead generating system in the world.

However, that's not the point. The point is that you'll be able to get started right away and not build out a system for months before seeing results. Everything is almost done for you and on top of that, you get 500 leads per month?

That's beyond insane but it's a limited offer.

LCS2: Leads Conversion System Pro by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely


I think by now you understand the importance of leads in any online business. I mean any business that has a steady flow of leads no matter what industry. However, getting quality leads these days is a royal pain.

If you ever tried you know what I mean. Most leads I generate either:

  • Have no idea what they are doing
  • Are click-happy and will click and sign up for anything

The problem with the above is that those are not prequalified or “hot” leads that you need to spend all of your time on. The LCS2 software has a system build in to qualify leads based on several factors, including their own answers.

At first, this might not seem like something you need, but once you start getting 50+ leads per day you will want to focus on the best ones.

On top of that with LinkedIn, you're already getting some of the best leads online.

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Lead Conversion Squared Bonus: LCS2 Upgraded

With a reselling license and 500+ free leads per month thanks to Virtual Assistant what else can I offer as LCS2 bonus?

No one bonus can be worthy, but how about 3?

My 10 Years of Online Experience

I'm willing to help you in any way or form to have success with LCS2. It can be:

  • Help you pick a niche/market
  • Review your Digital Card, funnel, website or anything else
  • Help you think outside-the-box and come up with fresh ideas
  • Guide you through issues you might have
  • Or if you just want to talk

You'll get my personal contact info and the ability to connect about anything.

Get Clients To Come To You

I used to hate reaching out to prospects online because of the fear of how they would react. Well, if I had the Lead Conversion System back then I wouldn't have to, as the hook is one of the best I saw.

However, thanks to my dislike of getting clients I developed a bunch of strategies and systems to have them come to me throughout the years. Which works even better combined with Daven and Chad's strategies after they reach out to you.

Learn these strategies for an ongoing stream of leads

Done-4-You Organic Traffic for LinkedIn and other Properties

Best for last? Maybe, but the power of organic traffic can't be denied as it's arguably the most targetted traffic out there.

When do you have better chances to land a client if you're a ‘finance content writer'?

  • When someone searched online for you or your service, finance content writer
  • Or when you show and ad or message a finance company to tell them you write content.

It's a no-brainer, and while ads and messaging work well if you have a process, like with LCS2, with organic traffic it's all gravy. The hook you get with Lead Conversion Squared will assure you land that client. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab Lead Conversion Squared with my bonuses now.

Final Thought About the LCS2 Pro System

Listen, if you got this far in the review by now you know exactly what is Lead Conversion System, how it works, and if it's the right system for you. If not leave me a question or a comment below.

I mean you don't even have to get out there and get the prospects yourself if you don't want to, for at least a month or more depending on the package you choose. So, what's stopping you?

LCS2 is probably the only system out there that you can start generating leads and turn them into clients within hours. It's because unlike other products you have everything you need to find a prospect, turn him into a lead, and then a client within a few exchanges.

On top of that my bonus will increase the lead flow and quality for you as well. Does it get better than this?

Unless you don't want to start earning 6 or even 7-figures in the next few months. Maybe in a year or two, you will be ready? It's just not the right time?

Listen, the timing is never perfect and I've wasted 4 years dabbling in online businesses without taking the next step because ‘timing' wasn't right. The truth is that you can't succeed without trying.

All you need is the strong will to succeed, a powerful enough why, and a proven system to succeed online.

So, if you're ready to step up and take charge with Lead Conversion Squared click below to get it now.

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