LaunchPad Review: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi System & My Bonuses

Can the LaunchPad REALLY help you start a knowledge-based business from scratch in 2023? Find out the truth about Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins' course in my no-holds-barred review.

Creators: Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
Price: $997 or cost of 3 payments of $380
Official Site: Click Here

In this LaunchPad review, I aim to highlight:

  • What is it?
  • Who is it for?
  • Who is it not for?

So, if you've ever wanted to create an online business, quit the rat race, or simply seek a better and more sustainable income, buckle up, because this is going to be quite the ride.

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Make sure to check out my LaunchPad bonuses that include:

  • Done-for-You Website
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  • 100% of my Personal Help

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What is The LaunchPad System?

tony robbins launchpad

The LaunchPad is a new digital course for 2023 by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. The course's goal is to “launch” you into success with 8 weeks of live-coaching, Launchpad Live Event Ticket , Mastermind Platform, “Rocket Fuel” AI tool-set, and an exclusive private group for the The Launch Pad students.

What sets Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins' LaunchPad course apart from almost anything else available in the industry is:

  • Launch Pad taps into the fastest growing knowledge space in the world. Quickly becoming a $1 trillion industry.
  • With it you don't need to change or be someone else to succeed. You can be you, because it reveals the secret of the Bulls-eye
  • With LaunchPad you can be proud of what you sell and promote, because it's based on trust and authenticity.

One of my early mentors told me something interesting about selling:

“Listen, if you have a product that you know in your heart will help people. It's your duty, even an obligation, to promote the heck out of it. So, the most people can benefit from it.”

If you think about it makes perfect sense. If you had a solution to a problem that I've been having. I would want to buy it from you right away. In fact, I'll encourage you to sell it, so others can benefit from it as well.

You would do me and others a disservice if you kept it to yourself, like Dean Graziosi keeps saying.

However, does the LaunchPad fit this narrative? It depends who you are and what you want to get out of it.

In the end you have to decide, but like with all opportunities in life, you only have a limited time to grab it – this ends today. Ready to take it?

Who is the LaunchPad For? And Who is It Not

LaunchPad reviews

Does the idea of earning 6 or even 7-figures from a knowledge-based business you can run from anywhere gets you excited and pumped?

  • If it does and you're ready:
    • Go all in on making this work
    • To take it seriously and do the work
    • To help people
    • take charge of your financial freedom

Then, yes, LaunchPad might just be the best opportunity out there for you right now.

  • However, if you just want to get rich quick:
    • without starting an online business
    • not following your dream
    • without being focused on success
    • criticizing and blaming others

Maybe this is not for you. While the LaunchPad is structured to work for almost anyone, if you don't believe it can, it will not work for you.

For the rest, you can join today (last day) or find out how it works below.

How Does The Launch Pad Work?

join launch pad now com

Let's go over what you get and how it all works. The main LaunchPad course is broken down into 6 modules.

Module 1: Building Your “Coaching Confidence”

The key to any success is the right mindset. We give our mind too little credit for both things we can and can't do. Like Henry Ford said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.”

I mean just think about the time you really set your mind on something. Made it must, even something small, did you get it? If you were really focused and determined chances are that you did.

Now would you get it if you went after it half-hearted? Constantly second guessing yourself and saying how it will not work out. Would you still get it? Maybe, but what are the chances.

Now, think about all of the times you did go after something in that weak state. Something that was important to you but a limiting belief held you back, and you didn't get it.

Did it hurt? I bet you did, but you're not alone. However, after Coaching Confidence this will be in the past.

This module will teach you how to be unstoppable and do not let anything in your way.

Module 2: What To Create & Who To Create It For

What do I sell? Is probably the number one question people ask themselves when starting an online business.

A better question would be; what should I sell and to whom? You see, with The LaunchPad you're not creating a Shop with the latest trendy items that no one really needs.

Instead, you're creating something that will help another person or people. Almost like handcrafting it and sourcing it from your mind, rather than from a warehouse.

In this module you'll learn step by step to find what you should sell, not me, Tony or the next person, but you, and to whom sell it. Your ideal customer.

Thanks to this approach you will not need millions of visits to get sales. With this kind of targeting sometimes all it takes is one.

Module 3: Creating A World-Class Offer

Now that you know what you can offer and to whom, it's time to build the product. With the LaunchPad it has never been easier.

Tony, Dean and the team guides you through the entire process, but the best part is that you do it all inside the LaunchPad.

  • Plan your product
  • Create it
  • Host it
  • Market it
  • And Get Sales

It's based around a one platform so you don't have to use 20 different tools, software, platforms, and marketplaces to create and sell your products.

Best part? The marketplace ( inside LaunchPad already has people hungry for what you want to sell, it's like Amazon for digital courses.

Imagine, having everything in one place.

Module 4: Getting Your First Sale

Once you know who you are marketing too selling becomes fun. Why? Because this module you will learn how to attract your ideal client to you.

Imagine, having people seek you out to buy from you. Sounds crazy, right? But if you look at Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Trent Shelton, Rachel Miller, or any of the speakers. People seek them out personally, because they know and trust them.

Of course, you need to get your message out there first (that's the next module). However, once you do, you will not need to chase them down, get into their personal space, or bother them just to get a sale.

They will gravitate toward you if you follow the directions in this module. Trust the process as Dean says.

Module 5: Getting Consistent Sales

Marketing has changed a lot since the internet, but what pushed it even further is social media. Now, you can pinpoint your perfect client to a T.

At this point in the LaunchPad program you should already know what and to whom you want your message sent. Now, in this module you are just connecting the dots, getting your bulls-eye.

It's a straightforward module that builds on the previous 4 to get unlimited amount of clients and sales with social media from channels you're already using.

Don't have a following? No, problem! In LaunchPad you'll learn from the best like Tony, Dean and the rest of the team.

Module 6: Real World Implementation

This is where it gets really fun and profitable. Think back to the beginning of this LaunchPad review. If you're proud of your offer, and know it will help people, is doing a little selling going to stop you?

Quite the opposite, you should feel great about it. You'll not one of those pushy and sleazy salespeople we see everywhere. At this point people will be begging to buy from you. You won't sell it them?

I'm proud to be able to review the LaunchPad and at this point it's up to you.

Ready to take the next Step and JoinLaunchPadNow? Get it Here and Other Goodies

tony robbins mastermind

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are the same way and they really want you to succeed. So, on top of the LaunchPad course you also get:

  • 8 Weeks LIVE Guided Coaching w/ Dean + Team
  • Launchpad Live Event Ticket: 3 Interactive & Life Changing Days
  • “Rocket Fuel” Bonus Module
  • (3) Months Access To
  • Access To The “Ask Glo Guide”

Why is this a big deal? If you have ever created or tried creating your own digital course, workshop, or mastermind, there are specific roadblocks people tend to hit.

The LaunchPad course will get you through most of them. Especially the ones that are at the beginning of creating your first product. However, what's next?

8 Weeks LIVE Guided Coaching w/ Dean + Team

That's where the 8-weeks of live training comes in really handy. Despite the course being structured in a way that you can go at your own pace, it's understandable that people can have questions or become overwhelmed.

With the live coaching sessions you can get your questions answered, see real time results of others, and get inspiration as well as motivation to go on.

Launchpad Live Event Ticket: 3 Interactive & Life Changing Days

The next step would World Summit. At this point you can take what you already learned from LaunchPad and 8-weeks training to another level.

This live/virtual event has changed some many people's lives it's hard to comprehend. I've seen people go 10x after an Live Event with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  And with the 3 days filled with them and other leaders of the industry, who will you will learn from?

 “Rocket Fuel” To Go Faster and Scale Easier

Getting your first sale feels amazing, but getting your tenth makes it a full time income. That's why conisistnts sales are they key to financial feedom

In this bonus module you'll learn scaling tactics and tools that you won't find anywhere else online. These were used by Tony and Dean exclusively, but now they can be yours.

Private Group for Tony Robbins Launch Pad

I think the private Facebook group is icing on the cake, but it's much more. It's a community of like minded people that are all going, or went through, what you will be experiencing going along the LaunchPad course.

So, between the course, live training, and summit, you can also learn from the group itself. People are posting there everyday, their failures, successes, and everything in between.

Great place to learn.

Access To The “Ask Glo Guide”

Imagine having an 24/7 assistant that is filled with more knowledge than the biggest library in the world?

That's Glo, and while AI might seem overwhelming the way LaunchPad did it is as easy as talking to a person. You simply ask Glo and she gives you an answer.

Don't know what to ask? Tony and Dean offer a guide for that as well.

I've been personally playing around with AI and it really is a game-changer. Just like the internet 30 years ago.

Mastermind Platform

Finally, let's talk about the platform and the road to the LaunchPad vehicle.

Imagine one place for all your course needs. Platform to

  • host
  • market
  • sell
  • payment process
  • customer help
  • and everything else.

You get it all with the Mastermind platform.

Without a doubt, The Launch Pad is the most comprehensive and fail-proof course ever. However, it can only work for you if you actually take the next step.

Ready to get Started on a New Path with Dean & Tony – Click Here Now

Best Digital Course of 2023?

launch pad review

Now, if you asked me if LaunchPad is the best digital course of 2023? I would have a hard time finding a reason to say otherwise. However, it really depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you want a system allows you to use your knowledge, or even the knowledge of others, to create a online business you can do for the rest of your life. Then yes, The LaunchPad is the best way to do it in 2023 by far.

On the other hand, if you just want to learn affiliate marketing or Facebook ads, maybe The Launchpad is not for you. Which is okay, and there are plenty of other options.

However, the problem with those courses and systems is that you'll  always be chasing the next one. Following trends like TikTok, Instagram and whatever else comes along the way.

I know, I've been reviewing digital products for almost 10 years, so seen them all. While most will be outdated in a year or two, some can create you a lifelong business. The LaunchPad by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is one of those systems.

Join Tony and Dean in the Launch Pad Now

When getting The LaunchPad you're not just getting a new “way” to make money, but a way to transform your entire life. Need more than that? How about my bonus?

My LaunchPad Bonus – It's Time to Give Back

launchpad bonus

*(bonuses will be distributed after the refund period)

Bonus 1: Your Very Own Website – Value $3,000+

If you don't know how to create websites hiring someone to make one for you is expensive (ranges between $1,000 to $10,000). Yikes!

Now, technically you don't need a website when launching your first knowledge-based business. However, if you don't you're missing on a crucial part of branding and tons of free advertising and traffic.

Plus, it's really cool to have your own website, right?

Well, if you get Launch Pad today (this offer is for TODAY only) using one of the link on this page I'll create one for you. For Free!

I've created over 300 websites in my life and the next one could be yours! It's crucial for my 2 next bonuses!

Bonus 2: Unlimited Organic Traffic – $10,000+

Now, you most likely found this page either through a search engine like Google or Bing, or through one of my other pages.

Guess what? Ranking on top of Google for free traffic and the Bulls-eye strategy is a perfect match.

You see, many people think you need to be a huge site to be on top of Google. Which is true for broad niches and keywords like “investing.” There is no point of going after all the people that are interested in investing. Most want just information and won't buy anything anyway.

However, if you narrow it like Andy Gupta (case-study from day one) and go for something like “investing for women” which actually gets over 500 searches per month.

That's 500 potential buyers a month for free if you rank for it. Or you can go even deeper and target “investing tips for women” or “investing tips for single women” or “investing tips for women in their 20s” or all of them and much more.

Now, as my bonus I will not only find the bulls-eye keywords for your course, workshop, or mastermind, but also rank for it.

That's an unlimited amount of traffic for years to come for free.

I would easily charge at least $3,000 per month for this service. However, you're getting it for free for months.

I've been part of the “family” as Dean likes to call it since 2017, and learned an unimaginable amount through those 5 years.

That's why I decided to go all out on the bonuses as my way of giving back to the family. I want to help you succeed as much as I can with these bonuses.

Are you ready?

Bonus 3: Brand Building outside of Social – Worth $5,000

Brand building is one of the most important parts of creating an online business. Creation of brand awareness on social media has been key for many people, including the speakers.

However, going beyond that is important if you want to 10x your business. Most people don't go to just YouTube, TikTok or any other social platform when they want to know more about you.

They “Google” or “Bing” it!

Most people use search engines to find out more about a brand or a person. As it will not only show social profiles, but related blogs, and articles.

What I'll do is make sure when they search for your brand or name they find results about you on the first page. It's a service I would charge $5,000 but as my bonus you'll get it for free.

However, my next bonus takes this to the next level of getting sales!

Bonus 4: My Help 100% of The Time – Priceless

I know how it feels, it's like Dean keeps saying, I'm you just a few years ago. I've been in the same place, unsure if I should take the big leap.

The best help for me back than was getting help from someone that already went through it. That's what I want to offer to you as a bonus.

I'll be honest, Dean and Tony did a great job with the Launch Pad course, and you get everything you need between it, the live coaching, event, group and even AI.

However, sometimes you just need that extra person to have your back.  Rooting for you in your corner and offering any help you need. That's what I want to give to you.

With this bonus you'll be able to contact me with anything you want. No matter how big or small. From keyword research to just saying hello. I got you.

Are you Ready To Join LaunchPad Now?

LaunchPad is YOUR best opportunity to start a knowledge-based business in 2023. Are you going to take action or want to wait?

Another year of wishing something would change? Falling behind bills? Not going on that well-deserved vacation? Being unable to help others?

You have to decide the cost of not taking this chance as much, or even more, as taking it. With course, live training, AI assistant, and all the bonuses (including mine) you'll have the best chance to succeed.

Are you going to take it?

Are you ready to get started with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's The LaunchPad?

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