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The 3 Rules of Gaining Success With The KBB Course

Hi, my name is Anna and while I've been a KBB member for almost a year, it almost didn't happen.

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You see, when Knowledge Broker Blueprint first came out I had dozens of things going on in my life, but spending $2k on a self-education course and going through was not one of them. Who has time for that, right?

However, it was a like an itch that won't go away. I mean having the ability to learn from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi for 1/10 of the price to see them live sounded like a good deal.

Plus, you can do it at your own pace and no travel/hotel stays needed. Which takes me to the first rule.

Did you hear about The Asigo System by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz?

Rule #1: Take Massive Action – One Step at a Time

the Knowledge Broker Blueprint reviewsNow, by massive action I don't mean buying KBB and leaving it for another year or two.

No, by massive action I mean taking a stand and telling yourself that you will do this and hold yourself accountable.

If you're determine to succeed you'll only need the guidance and tools to achieve it. This is where KBB course comes in.

You see, we all have our “why” aka the reason why we want to be successful. If you don't know yours, don't worry, Dean goes through an exercise to find yours. 

Once you have your “why” all you need is the “how” and Knowledge Broker Blueprint has that done-4-you.

Rule #2: Proximity – Surround yourself with the right people

You've probably heard that “you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with,” or “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

While that might not be the exact case for everyone in the world, it's surprisingly accurate when you consider the people you surround yourself. Do you hang out or interact with overly successful people?

Remember, it's not only about money as success can mean a lot of different things, but most people in my life before KBB wanted me to fail, either consciously or unconsciously. Sound familiar?

That's just one key difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Here are 6 more:

  • Successful people embrace change – unsuccessful fear change
  • Successful people talk about ideas – unsuccessful talk about people
  • Successful people take responsibility – unsuccessful blame others
  • Successful people give compliments – unsuccessful just criticize
  • Successful people forgive others – unsuccessful hold a grudge
  • Successful people continue to learn – unsuccessful think they know it all

Just remember that none of us are perfect and if you're doing some of the things unsuccessful people are, don't beat yourself up. The key is to recognize it and change your ways, and the best way to do that is to surround yourself with successful individuals. Unless you rather be unsuccessful than do the opposite.

Proximity of the type of people you want to be like is a big part of success. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint has over 26k like minded people to surround yourself with everyday, on top of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

Rule #3:  Believe in Yourself – You're limitless

tony robbins inspirational quoteLet's face it, you can either be your own best friend or worse enemy. It's ridicules to think how many times I self-sabotage my success because of something I've talked myself into.

Of course, I can just blame someone else for planting a seed of doubt in my head, but at the end of the day it was me who cultivated it. Plus, if i followed rule 2 more I wouldn't have this problem as much.

At the end of the day you need to be your biggest cheerleader. Different people will knock you down, others will lift you up but you need to decide which to accept or ignore and more importantly learn from it. Only you can limit yourself, no one else.

That's why you need to believe in yourself if you want to succeed at anything. You're truly limitless and KBB will help you extract it.

So, what are you waiting for take Massive Action, Align Yourself with the right people and Believe in Yourself and the process now.

So, What Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

Knowledge Broker BlueprintAt the core, Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a brainchild of some of the most successful people in the self-education space.

Tony, Dean, and Russell have over 75 years of combined experience that they condensed into 6 modules and 100 videos, which show you step-by-step how anyone can extract your knowledge, or someone else's, to create a profitable knowledge-based business.

It works no matter who you are, where you from, or what you do.

On top of the blueprint, you also get the Mindmint software, a tool Tony and Dean build for themselves that does 90% of the work for planning, creating and promoting your workshop or event. In fact, you can check out the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review and Mindmint software review further down.

What Can You Expect from the KBB Course? tony robbinsOne word? Answers, or rather The Answer

If you're like me, or thousands of other people out there, that have been struggling to find their own “thing” online.

Whether it's a missing piece in you existing business, your own voice in rapidly growing self-education space, or you just want the know how the heck you can get started, you're not alone.

In fact, the private Knowledge Broker Blueprint FB group, that you get access to after buying the KBB course, is full of people just like you and me. Over 20k of us are in the group.

We all want answers, and that's why I feel so strongly about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course. Tony and Dean sweated over the KBB for almost 2 years to get it just right. You'll understand what I'm talking about from the first video you watch inside the course, “What Does It Take To Succeed” by Tony Robbins.

Now combine the videos and resources guiding you through to find the answer and solution, as well as the community of over 20,000, which many of will have similar, even the same, questions and concerns as you, is a total game-changer.

Just imagine having the support of Tony Robbin, Dean Graziosi and thousands of people that are going through the same thing as you. Do you want to be a part of that?

Click Here to get started with Knowledge Broker blueprint or continue reading for the Mindmint Software review

KBBCourse: Mindmint Software Review

mindmint software

With the KBB course you also get access to the Mindmint Software that handles of 90% of the work it takes to plan, build, promote and go live with your workshop, event or mastermind.

How does Mindmint Software do it?

First of all, it's like a hub for your events. It includes:

  • mapping out the event/agenda (uses a survey to help you out)
  • create the event in a drag and drop builder.
  • fill in the blank funnel templates that Tony and Dean uses
  • payment processing made easy with Stripe
  • to do list and resources for promoting your event
  • Add contacts like assistants or other people doing the project
  • Add experts to easily manage all you knowledge broker activities

Mindmint Software Review: Creating Events takes minutes!

mindmint software reviews

My favorite part about the MindMint software is the ease of use. Joshua, one of the users of the software said “MindMint is mind blowing. 🤯 Literally, a trained monkey could start a banana peeling mastermind with this course and tool. “

He posted that in the FB group that you get access to with the KBB course. Which is already filled with passionate people wanting to ditch their old 9 to 5 mentality.

Anyway, I think he hit the nail on the head with that one. All it takes to work is point and click, drag and drop, and fill in the blanks. Plus you can create, build, promote and get paid all in one place.

What's best about it? With purchase of Knowledge Broker Blueprint you get a full year of the software at zero extra cost (a $1,164 value). However, you only have a couple of days to grab it before KBBcourse closes and with it this Mindmint Software review.

Click Here to get KBBCourse with Mindmint software

Inside Knowledge Broker Blueprint Reviews

Knowledge Broker Blueprint review

Let's continue with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review or KBBcourse review if you prefer.

What makes Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi so valuable that people are willing to spend up to a $250k to be in a mastermind with them, or up to a $1 million for 1-on-1 coaching?

The first logical answer is that they are worth it. After all, no one would pay that much for something that just might help. These people know they will 10x or more thanks to working with Tony and Dean.

However, I never realized why until I started going through the course myself. You see, just because Tony and Dean have 60+ years of combined experienced doesn't make them great.

What puts Tony and Dean in the league of their own is that through those 60 years they worked with individuals, small groups, masterminds, and seminars with thousands of people. Combined they impacted over 50 million people in one way or another.

Dean and Tony know the process by heart, as they not only do it themselves but with thousands of other people. That's why I'm amazed that Dean or Tony would often answer a question I didn't even ask yet.

You simply can't have that kind of knowledge without working closely with people as these 2 have done for decades. That's why this Knowledge Broker Blueprint course is a must for anyone that is already profitable online or just getting started.

Ready to see the inside yourself? Click Here to get it

Overview of the

Let's take a look at the course, software and all the bonuses Tony, Dean, and Russell prepared. The KBB 2.0 includes these modules:

  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Extraction & Discovery
  • Marketing Masters
  • Generating The Right Clients
  • Running Your Event With Confidence
  • Consultant & Reporter reviewModule 1: Mastering Your Mindset

  1. 5 Keys To Constantly Progress & Avoid Failure
  2. Scaling Your Success
  3. Must Have “Millionaire Success Habits”
  4. How To Design A Talk That Will Influence

This module starts with total immersion by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. You get 60 years of their combined mindset training to build a foundation for success.

For example Tony talks about how something like vocabulary and metaphors can change the way you look at success and failure.

After Tony, you get pure value from Dean. Each lesson and even each session is packed with information that will not only impact your business but your life as a whole. reviewsModule 2: Extraction & Discovery

  1. Your Expertise & Ideal Client
  2. Story – Teach – Tool Framework
  3. Your Toolbox – Part 1
  4. Your Toolbox – Part 2
  5. Your First Agenda Complete

Here you start seeing the bigger picture and discover your own superpowers thanks to Dean's toolbox exercises.  Which are designed to both help you extract your powers and use it for good.

For example, one of the exercise changed my whole perspective of why I want to be successful at what I do. I'll tell you about this at the end of the review.

kbbcourse reviewsModule 3: Marketing Masters

  1. Becoming A Marketing Expert
  2. Mastermind Funnel Blueprint
  3. The Different Pages
  4. The Launch Secrets

Dean likes to talk about the art and science of business in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint system.

On one side you have the art, the ability to know and understand people. Connect with your prospects and clients at the level you both understand each other.

On the other side, you have the science. All the split tests, ad strategies, audience selection and so on. The ability to tell what works on paper.

To be a successful marketer, you need both of these, and that's what you get with KBB. Dean teaches you the art while the experts he hires teach you the science for each one.

Module 4: Generating The Right Clients

  1. kbb course reviewThe Wagon Wheel Of Marketing
  2. Your First 100 Perfect Fans
  3. Social Media & Free Traffic
  4. Spending Money On Ads
  5. What’s Next To Scale

This is in a way continuation of Module 3 and how Art meets Science in business.

However, this one focuses more on getting visitors, fans, leads and clients while module 3 deals with the set up.

What I loved about this module is that you get to learn ways to generate all of it for free as well as using ads. I've talked about Carl above who made $60k with just free methods.

kbb methodModule 5: Running Your Event With Confidence

  1. The Perfect Mastermind Formula
  2. Virtual Event Checklists
  3. The Perfect In-Person Event
  4. Last Steps & Thank You!

This is the final module before you running your events, masterminds or an online business.

However, don't skip it as it packs quite a punch and really sets you on the right path to become wealthy by sharing what you know with other people. Which in results makes them wealthy as well.

There is a reason why Dean has been successful for 20+ years and Tony for 40+ years. One of those reasons is over-delivering at all times.

I feel like this course over-delivered in each module and this one is no different.

kbbcourseModule 6: Consultant & Reporter

  1. What It Means To Be A Knowledge Consultant
  2. Getting To The Yes
  3. Knowledge Reporter
  4. A Winning Business

Okay, this one focuses on being a knowledge broker from someone else. Which means you will use all the above modules to extract, fill and run a membership site, workshop, event or mastermind for someone else.

If you want to be the expert, you might want to skip this one, but I would stick around. After all, you have the Mindmint software and all the tools at your disposal to crush it. Why not get a rev share with an expert that brings value to other people?

With that said, let me dive into parts of being a reporter, broker or expert as it's something I've considered a few times.

Are you ready to get started?

Meet Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi from KBB

There is no denying that Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins are doing something right to be so successful.

Tony has been in the business for 40+ years and owns, or part-owns over 50 companies. Many of them are doing 8 or even 9-figures in business.

The same goes for Dean who has 20+ years of experience and over a billion in sales as well as a couple of Best-Sellers under his belt.

However, that's Tony and Dean as we know them now after they attained their success. Both of them faced a lot of hardship and failure in their lives that not many people know about.

Dean tells his story in the KBB course itself, even hard parts, which is both refreshing and inspiring.  It's better you hear it from him, so I'll not go into details but it's powerful.

Same thing with Tony, who used to be broke and homeless, and like Dean he tells his life's in bits and pieces inside the course, but here's a short video if you don't know that much about him.

Inspiring? Get inspired even more

It's Not Just Tony and Dean: KBBCourse Student's Results

If I listed all the success stories from real Knowledge Broker Blueprint students this post would never end. Each day there are dozen of people posting breakthroughs, challenges they overcame and success stories thanks to the KBB course.

For example, Reelika did $63k with her first 1-day live event! On top of that 59% of women said YES to her 5-month evergreen mastermind.

kbb method reviews

Carl on the other had $50k in sales in 60 days without any ads! With ads he crossed 6-figures.

kbb course reviews

These are just two and there are students making $10k, $50k even $100k for their events, masterminds, courses and much more. If you're interested in more success stories just grab your copy of the Knowledge Business Blueprint and get access to the FB Group or reach out to me.

So, who would you rather learn from?

Click Here and become one of the 20k+ KBB family and learn from the best.

Being Just A Chapter Ahead Makes You An Expert?

One of the most powerful messages I've heard from Russel Brunson, a guest expert to the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, was the “Catch me If You Can” reference.

How you're an expert as long as you're one chapter ahead. Which is an interesting take as it can simply mean you're full of you know what.

However, if you put it in context it's one of the most powerful and inspiring messages to all future Knowledge Experts and Brokers.

Let me put this into perspective as one of the masterminds I plan to host is about Early Childhood education. More specifically how to prepare your child with easy and fun activities without spending thousands of dollars on courses, tutors, or other resources.

In the old days, no one would take me seriously because I don't have PhD or MD, 30 years of experience or any “proper” training. However, I have 3 kids that are considered “gifted” by the norms of the society and I know it's in part because of the early education exercises I did with them.

You see when my eldest was just a child we weren't well off. In fact, we were below the poverty line and I knew I had to do something to give her a better start at life without spending thousands of dollars.

Especially, considering both my husband and I didn't do that well in school and it has always been a struggle. Plus I didn't know that much about self-education back then.

If something like that interested you or you had a small child of your own, would you like to learn from me? Or would you rather learn from someone with 30 years of experience in childhood sociology that haven't spent time with a child for the past 25 years?

The key is that people are sick of overblown people that are experts thanks to a piece of paper. My eldest child is 10, my youngest is 4, so this is hands-on experience that is going on for nearly 10 years nonstop.

I'm not really smarter than most moms, and I might not even know as much as other ones. However, I'm a chapter, or even a step, ahead of many moms that would like to help their children and that's what most want.

Do you understand what I mean? We want to learn from people that just figured it out and have the most up to date and unbias information, rather than from someone that read a book 20 years ago.

Are you ready to learn?

You Don't Feel Like An Expert? At least, not yet?

mindmint software costOne of the highlights of Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the versatility of the course.  You have choices, different paths you can take and most importantly they all lead to the same place.

For example, both Tony and Dean at one point or another were either a Knowledge Reporter or Knowledge Consultant before and after they became experts.

Tony Robbins became his mentor's, Jim Rohn, knowledge broker by booking him new events and spreading the word.

The same way he also reported other people's knowledge through research and interviews, that's exactly how he wrote MONEY: Master The Game, an international bestseller.

As you can see, you don't have to label yourself as just one of them. The same way you don't need to do all of them.

Maybe you're just fired up after completing the Knowledge Broker Blueprint and want to get in the game right away as an expert. The KBBCourse has enough information on how you can start with that right away.

On the other hand it's also fine to start as a reporter or a consultant. There are thousands of experts that you can report about or help to run their events, masterminds or even courses.

Heck, you can just use the mastermind software for them and still bank 5 to 6-figures if done correctly.

The ultimate choice is your and nothing is written in stone. However, none of this is possible without action and it starts with you becoming a Knowledge Broker Blueprint member.

Get started with KBB method right now

KBB Course: Being a Reporter Of Knowledge With The Mindmint Software

This KBB method of reporting someone else's knowledge is one of the oldest and most time tested ways get your foot in the door of any industry, yet so many people never realize it.

You see, by reporting other people's knowledge you're becoming an expert yourself. In fact, there are number of studies that prove writing things down, especially by hand, increases the chance of you remembering it. So, you can become a better expert faster while still having impact on the world and make money.

One of the best examples of this is Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich, a book that sold over 100 million copies making it the most sold book of the century. And it all got started when Napoleon interviewed Andrew Carnegie in 1908. After their meeting Mr. Carnegie told Napoleon to go and interview other successful people and report all of it.

However, you don't have to look that far as these days tons of people are doing reports on experts or interviewing them in various fields to write books and blog posts, record videos and podcasts, all while sharing their knowledge.

As I said before Tony Robbins still does this as well, he published the Money: Master The Game, which was based on research and interviews of the top 1% of people in the financial industry. The book aimed to help people manage their finances better after crash of 2008, and sold over 1 million copies in a single year.

Now, I'm not saying you have to write New York Times bestseller to make this work, but I'm just showing you what's possible.

The best part is that with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins' Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, you will have step by step process on how to do it and even more examples how other people have done it right inside the members area.

So, click here to become a reporter of knowledge today.

KBBCourse: Become A Knowledge Consultant and Help Other Experts tony robbinsWhat's cool about becoming a knowledge-broker is that you can just start with the process right away. The training and tools you get inside KBB course, the mindmint software, and stamp of approval from Tony and Dean puts you ahead of 99,9% of people doing masterminds, either themselves or for others.

Now the process is similar to what you would be doing yourself, except you extract your experts knowledge and use their fans, followers, a tribe or whatever they have to market to. This way you book their first event, workshop or mastermind without even spending a dollar in marketing yourself and share the revenue.

It's a win/win situation as both you and your expert work toward the same goal. Impacting the world while creating long lasting revenue.

You can also use being a knowledge broker as a stepping stone in becoming an expert. That's what Tony did with his mentor Jim Rohn, first he would book and market Jim's seminars before starting his own. Now he's teaching it in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

Click Here to become a knowledge broker with the KBBCourse

Tony Robbins KBB Method Bonuses and Community

As part of being a KBB member, you'll get bonus training from Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russel Brunson. These include achievements and power moves you earn as you complete each section of the course.

Finally, you have the community. A private Facebook group with Dean, Russell and their team as well as all the members of KBB. You can ask questions, share stories and even chat with 7 and 8-figure earners.

4 Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonus

Knowledge Broker Blueprint bonusTony, Dean, and Russell all offer amazing bonuses, that's why I stepped it up and decided to do the same.

I'm talking 4 bonuses that will help you get your site, event or mastermind off the ground and crushing it.

Bonus 1: “Lookalike” audience from organic traffic (value $2,000+)

If you're familiar with lookalike audience in Facebook ads, you might know what I'm talking about. However, for those who don't it simply means targeting people that are similar to an existing group or followers.

This method has been working really well because it's quite simple to find an audience that's either like your following or someone else's that you model after. All in all you will get a lot more sales thanks to this.

Bonus 2: Done-4-You Website Optimization (Value $1000)

The Mindmint software already takes care of the site or any pages you want to build, but I want to take it a step further.

You see, I've created or ran over 200 sites and there are particular things that you can do to increase the value, traffic, authority, and trust of a website. That's exactly what I'll do for you as a bonus.

Bonus 3: A Year of Branding  (Value $600 per month x 12)

This is one of the factors that propelled me into being successful online. If you build out your brand, you're not just creating an income or wealth, but an asset which increases in reach and value overtime.

That's why I am offering a full year of branding for you as a bonus. It includes you, your website, or anything else.

Bonus 4: Unlimited Reviews and My Contact Info (Value priceless)

It's hard to put a price on this as it's something I wished I had when starting out. Just have the ability to contact somebody, send them an ad or landing page to review, and build a relationship with.

You do get the FB group that great, but if you're just starting out having a personal friend can make all the difference.

Click Here to get all of Tony's, Dean's Russel's and my bonuses with KBB method

Are You Ready To Learn From Tony, Dean, and Russell Inside Knowledge Broker Blueprint? dean graziosiBy now, you know what Knowledge Broker Blueprint is all about. You're also aware of the 30 days money back guarantee, so what's stopping you?

It's like Tony says, ” it is your decisions and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” However, each new decision requires new action.

Do you want to be in this exact same place 5 years from now? Or maybe $100,000 richer, healthier, more fulfilled or feeling like you're finally in control of your life?

One of those requires a new action; the other doesn't.

However there's a catch, the KBB method and Mindmint software that you get a year for free.

Click below to get started with Tony and Dean right now. Get Knowledge Broker Blueprint using the link below.

Click Here To Make A New Decision and Start at

The “Why” That Changes Everything

www.kbbcourse.comHere's a bit of a personal experience I had while going through the course.

In the first module one of the tools in toolbox lesson is the called “SEVEN LEVELS DEEP” and if you're familiar with a deeper “why” exercises you might know what I'm talking about.

However, most of those go only 3 levels deep.

The one Dean goes through in the course is 7 levels deep. When I ended up doing all 7 my mind went silence for few minutes.

You see doing, only 3 levels will usually only reveal things that on the surface or just below it. For example, when I started this exercise my first why was:

  • I want to be more successful

Sounds simple and includes surface goal. But why?

  • To impact the world and make more money. Why?
    • To show my kids what's possible

The first 3 levels were rather straightforward for me. However, once you get to level 4 or so it gets harder and you need to dig deeper. That's why I'm just going to go through them one after another. So, why?

  • So they can follow their passions. Why?
    • To prove the world they are worth it. Why?
      • To silence the doubters. Why?
        • To proof myself I'm doing the right thing.

I  was honestly shocked when I finished. Deep inside I knew that most of what I do is for my kids, but I never realized that I was projecting my own fears on them.

It was me who no one believed in when I started this journey, it was me who my family poked fun and not even tried to hide it, and it was me who worked night after night telling myself I'm going to do this, but still unable to get rid of all the doubts.

In the end no matter how strong you are, if you are surrounded by negativity every small hill will seem like a mountain. That's why I'm so glad Dean created such KBB community of like minded people where you're not the odd one out, and never alone.

Now reading mine is one thing, and if it inspired you in anyway I'm super happy, but once you do it yourself the impact it will produce is so much more. In the course Dean does it right there with you on video, even shows you his own answers which inspired me to do the same.

Click Here to find your deeper “why” with Dean and act on it.

Self-Education: The Soon To Be $1 Billion Per Day Business reviewThis knowledge broker blueprint review and the mindmint software review could not come at a better time as of now, self-education is a $129 billion business,  that's over $353 million a day, and $14 million per hour. Which means people spend $14 million each hour, night or day, to educate themselves on their own free time.

The most interesting part? Forbes predicts it reaches $1 billion per day in just a few years. Yet, none of the other knowledge broker blueprint reviews talk about it.

If that's not the indication of how much bigger the self-education business will get, I don't know what is.

You see, it's not even about formal vs. self-education anymore. The truth is that since most of the world has access to the internet soon, you'll need self-education to compete in any business or venture.

Do you want a front-row seat to get a slice of that $1 billion per day pie? With Knowledge Broker Blueprint, Mindmint Software and the pioneers of self-education, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, you can.

Don't waster another moment, day, or a year not being the best version of yourself.

Grab your the share now

Disclosure: I am an independent Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of or its parent company, LLC.

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