Kibo Eclipse Review – The Code Is Back With A Bonus

Is Kibo Eclipse legit? The previous version by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton was one of the best selling eCommerce course in history by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

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Creators: Aidan booth and Steve Clayton
Niche: eCommerce
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KIBO Eclipse: Answer to eCom in 2022?

kibo eclipse review

Now, this Kibo Eclipse review is now based on the 2021 version called of Kibo Code as the new version has not been launched yet.

However, I'll update it as I learn more about and once I have access to it. Stay tune!

It was not a fun year for sure, but there seems to be one industry that benefited from the limitations, lock-downs, and social distancing. Of course, it's eCommerce, and based on some stats it increased 30% to 50% during 2021.

Still, those stats are somehow misleading as it was mostly eCommerce giants like Amazon, which was up 60% at one point, that reaped in the benefits.

Many of these increases did not include smaller stores and especially niche-specific ones.

In fact, many eCom stores suffered like many other businesses because of new restrictions, limitations, and other changes made during the pandemic. No one really talks about those stores.

However, there is a group of online stores that are not multi-billion companies but still managed to benefit from the changes because of their ability to adapt.

That group includes Kibo Code course students that totally crushed it in 2020 and are eager to double that in 2021.

kibo code results

That's why there are so many Kibo Eclipse reviews. You can't argue with the results.

What Is In Store for eCommerce in 2021? Why You Should Even Care?

So, that's the billion-dollar question, isn't it? While I can't predict the future and don't know if the pandemic will go on for 5 more years, as some experts say, or disappear within the next 3 months, one thing is certain. Online sales are not going anywhere and you can use that with Kibo Eclipse.

Yes, if my 86 year-old started buying groceries online for the first time in her life do you think she will totally stop again once it's deemed “safe” to leave?

granny ecommerce

No, we are creatures of habit, and while the younger generation has fully embraced online shopping for years now, many other people are just discovering the benefits of that now.

In fact, we are already seeing it across the whole of the US as stores open up they are not rushed and flooded with people. Sure, people are getting out in drones to go outside and get back to some kind of normality, but they're not too keen on standing in lines for hours.

However, you need to position yourself in the right way to benefit from it all. Don't let Amazon or Walmart take all the profits. Check out the Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton to see how 2021 can be your best year regardless of what happens.

Click Here to go to Kibo Code Start

What is Kibo Eclipse?

The Kibo Eclipse is an eCommerce 5-Step Sale System by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It includes 3 powerful shortcuts to by-pass the typical path of eCom stores and jump-starts your profits. Kibo Code uses technology to select the most profitable products from US suppliers and automation to streamline the sales with mostly free traffic.

kibo code quantum

Well, that's a bit to process, but let's break it down a bit. What really makes Kibo Code Quantum stand out from any other eCommerce system in 2021, 2020 or even the last 5 years?

  1. No Amazon or Shopify – Kibo Eclipse program has a build-in platform so you don't need to waste money or drip sales using third-party platforms.
  2. Free Untapped Source of Traffic – Being a fan of free traffic this was huge for me and one of the main reasons I've upgraded. I'll talk about free traffic later and how it relates to Kibo Eclipse
  3. US Suppliers – dropshipping is not new but Kibo Eclipse takes it to the next level with shipping directly from the US which eliminates 99% of drop shipping problems.
  4. Database – to make things as simple as possible you get direct access to US suppliers and you search/filter through thousands of products in minutes
  5. Automation – last but not least, automation brings it all together so you don't need to be a techie or spend countless hours as around  90% of the work is “Done-4-You”

Honestly, if you're not running an eCommerce store in 2021 you're missing out on one of the biggest shifts in money-making opportunities in the last decade. Even if you don't buy Kibo Eclipse you should still check out eCommerce this year, like right now.

Doing eCommerce Without Losing $10,000?

I'm not proud of this but like the title states, I've probably lost over $10k on eCommerce in just the last few years. So, why should you listen to me? Well, for one I know what doesn't work.

is kibo code a scam

You see, I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to earn online but when it comes to eCommerce the last 3 or so years were horrible. I mean how many webinars and sales pages have you seen in recent time for products that tell you

  1. How profitable eCommerce is with dropshipping from China?
  2. How easy Facebook ads are and you can have 1000% ROI?
  3. How all you need is a Shopify store to make it big?

Now, don't get me wrong all of the above worked at one point or another, and for some people they still do. However, you can't compare 2021 to 2016, when all you had to do is drop-ship little gadgets and trinkets from China using pennies for FB ads to make at least $100k per year.

Those years are over, and with tons of Amazon FBA as well as other US-based sellers people no longer want to wait for 2 to 4 weeks for their package. How about FB ads? When is the last time you ran a profitable paid campaign on Facebook?

I don't know, maybe it's just me but by buying different courses and going through their methods for the last few years I've actually lost money. In fact, probably more than $10,000 but let's keep it at that. However, the good news is that it was not with Kibo Eclipse. Do you want to repeat my mistakes?

Be First and Dare To Be Better: Why Kibo Eclipse is Different?

By now I think I've made it clear what makes Aidan and Steve's Kibo Code Eclipse course different and why it's the #1 eCommerce course with automation, US suppliers, and free traffic. However, there is something that I didn't see any other Kibo Code Eclipse reviews mention, at least not directly.

The number one reason why Kibo Eclipse stands head and shoulders above anything else in the eCommerce space is that the method is new and works right now and there are no Kibo Eclipse complaints I could find that seem real.

Plus it's closing today – get it now

quantum bonus and review

Simple, right? But you can't underestimate the power of being at the ground level of a new movement. As the above quote from American businessman Ray Kroc states “to be successful, you must be daring, be first, and be different.”

Now, the old forms of eCommerce and getting traffic are great for the people that have been doing it for years. However, starting from scratch with the method most of your competition has been doing for 5+ years is not a smart way to start a business.

It's like saying, you should start a new Google or Facebook because of how profitable it is. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but it follows the same logic.

You can't compare yourself or your new business based on the success of people that have been doing it for years.

Once a method or system is established the margin for error becomes smaller as well as profits margin while competition increases. Results? Tons of newcomers but only a handful of profitable ones.

Another way you can think about is with the low-hanging fruit mentality. If you're the first one to arrive you can easily pick low-hanging fruits, or even right from the ground, with little to no effort.

However, once more people come and start picking fruit you will need to go higher to get the same amount as the frist comers. The tree hasn't changed it only got more difficult to pick fruit as there is more competition.

In result it's more difficult to pick fruit and it need more invative methods to do it. I believe that's what happens with most system and eCommerce methods with time.

low hanging fruit ecommerce

That's not the case with Kibo Eclipse as this is the freshest and most untapped way to do eCommerce in 2021. In fact, it's probably the simplest and safest way to make money online right now.

Will Kibo Code Eclipse as well in 5 years from now? If you get started with it now I assume it will, as dropshipping still does for many, but forget starting with it from scratch in 5 years.

Join Now Before It Closes Tonight!

$7,693.42 in a Day and $128,649.65 in 30 Days: Are You Next?

Here are 2 screenshots of the Kibo Code at work

is the kibo code legit

Does that mean you will make $7k+ on the first day you open your Kibo Eclipse Store? Probably not, but it shows you what is possible with Aidan and Steven.

The massive advantage you get by being one of the first people to use this system will not only help you create a full-time income quickly without roadblocks but also scale with ease in the future.

You see, it’s like I've said before you enter early you establish yourself as an authority and once the method gets popular you no longer are affected by the competition, at least not as much.

In most well-established methods the entry point is the hardest part as you have tons of people doing the same exact things at the same time.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff, how the Kibo Code program works.

Or grab it here

The Kibo Eclipse: Opportunity of 2022

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have been on the front line of some of the biggest online opportunities in the world, but nothing comes close to the Kibo Code Eclipse system.

Why? Because it builds on the original success of Kibo Code by being unique,  not following the typical eCommerce path and only a handful of people around the world are doing it.

After all, it’s eCommerce where You Don’t Need to:

  • Pay for traffic or use a paid platforms/ads
  • Create a product/brand or know what you want to sell
  • Use Amazon or Shopify
  • Buy inventory or rent a warehouse
  • Send the products yourself
  • Have any technical or design skills

On the other hand, you also Don’t Need to Worry About:

  • Traffic – Aidan and Steve will teach a method that works perfectly for this type of eCommerce and is not over saturated inside Kibo Eclipse
  • Suppliers – with this system there is no need to look for or even communicate with suppliers, Aidan and Steve have a whole system build around this so it’s as easy as selecting an affiliate offer.
  • Risk – without having to buy products before they sell or spending months on building a store/brand you really have nothing to lose.
  • Competition – this is huge because if you try to get into an established business model you will meet fierce competition, and with this, you’re on the ground floor.
  • Low-Profit Margins – eCommerce is often associated with low-profit margins, but that’s not the case with The Kibo Eclipse course and the net profits are upwards of 50%
  • Time – beta testers are getting sales within 48 hours of putting up the store and some scale to $100k in sales within a month.

On top of that the Kibo  a free traffic source that is limitless.

Ready to join?

Step-by-Step Review of KiboEclipse

kibo code

In the previous section of the Kibo Code Eclipse review, I’ve talked about what you don't need and what you don't have to worry about when using it. Now let's talk how the Kibo Code Eclipse works.

Step 1: Install Your Kibo Eclipse Store

This one is straightforward as Adian and Steve included a 1-click store installer as well as high converting theme that has done 7-figures for them and special apps to maximize sales.

All you really need to do is get a domain and create a logo using their software for free.

Step 2: Load Your Products

In this one you have 2 choices when it comes to the Kibo Eclipse system:

Fast Track System – where you add “done 4 you” products to your store that have been researched and hand-picked by Aidan, Steve, and their team

Expand Your Inventory – select additional products from their database that contains 3 millions that you can search through by traffic, demand, pricing and profit per sale.

Honestly, I would do both but it’s best to start with the fast track system and see how powerful before expanding, in my opinion.

Step 3: Make Sales & Profits

Here is where it gets really fun as you get to see first-hand sales coming as soon as an hour after implementing everything. This is in great part possible thanks to the Kibo Code’s sources of instant targeted traffic for free..

However, Aidan and Steve don’t stop there and teach you steps to expand, follow up, as well as take advantage of re-targeting strategies and cheap paid ads if you want to scale the business even further.

Step 4: Systematize Delivery

Another key step that makes it different than any other eCommerce method is their delivery system. With the Kibo Eclipse program, you don’t need to spend a dime on any product unless someone buys it first, and all of the handling and shipping is done by the supplier.

However, the key part in all of this is that it’s 100% automated. This means it doesn’t matter if you sell 10 or 1000 products per day, both numbers will take the same amount of time as they will be automatically sent to the supplier.

Which makes scaling very profitable as you will not need to hire someone to fulfill them or do it yourself. Plus, there is zero risk and you don’t need to talk to anyone.

The complete walk-through of the steps, training videos as well as other resources and software suite are available inside the member's area at

The Kibo Eclipse Experts and Community

aidan booth and steve clayton

I also want to mention the live training and community Aidan and Steve have created around the system. You see, I’ve tested a lot of products through the years, most not even worth reviewing, and from my experience, the best products are the ones that continue to support you even after you stop paying them.

This sounds obvious but there are so many creators out there where they put out a course, collect money and disappear or move on.

With Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth and Kibo Code training that’s not the case. They do live training and/or Q&A sessions every week, have coaches on call to help you out and whole community of mentors and students like you sharing their experiences in a private online group.

Do You Feel Like You're Always Too Late?

What other Kibo Code QEclipse reviews won't tell you is how much of a horrible feeling you get when an opportunity just flies by you because you were a little too late.

Especially, if it's one of those opportunities that come along once every 10 years or so.

You know the ones I'm talking about, as you get this sinking gut feeling that you just missed one of the best chances in your life.

The problem? That's how I felt for a good part of the last 13 years. Always being too late for some of the best online opportunities in history.

I'm talking:

  • Simple SEO – were just putting up a WordPress on a topic brought waves of targeted visitors without any search engine optimization knowledge.
  • Google Ads – when you link directly to an affiliate offer and made 10x in a day or two without split testing or optimizing.
  • Print on demand – the time when slapping a silly quote or a dog picture could create 6 figures with print on demand
  • Amazon FBA – when you had no real competition and each item was unique
    Shopify – the day almost no one was doing drop-shipping from china and people didn’t care it took 3 weeks to ship
  • Facebook Ads – finally a penny traffic solution with incredible potential before it got over-saturated.

Any of those ring a bell? Join Now

A Missed Opportunity Costs The Most

The worse part of all those missed opportunities and chances of being on top is that it was all my fault. I can blame my poor financial standing a the time, work, kids, not having enough time but at the end of the day, it was all my decisions.

Many of those opportunities, like The Kibo Code Eclipse training, don't take a lot of time to get started. If you can spare 3 to 5 hours per week then you're golden. It's like Charles Buxton said, ” You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

We make time for what we see important or pleasurable, but at the end of the day, what's more important than our well-being and the future of your loved ones? What are you going to trade your time for? That's exactly why so many Kibo Eclipse reviews fail.

Now with that said, you can tell yourself I'll do it later. I know I've done it with most of the opportunities I've mentioned above. While I made good money, especially SEO and eCommerce, it will never compare to what was possible. It's like entering a race in progress and trying to outran everyone.

It's really gut-retching especially when you're in a community of people that did get started when the opportunity first presented itself, and see them successful beyond dreams. You're still happy for them but can't shake the “that could have been me” feeling.

That's why in 2016 I've decided to not let an opportunity like this to pass me ever again, and guess what? These last 4 years have been some of my most profitable years ever and that's why I'm sharing this in the Kibo Code Eclipse review.

As I believe the Kibo Eclipse is that opportunity in 2021 and years to come. So, you should really consider it as you don't want to end up kicking yourself for years like I did. Especially, if you consider the Kibo Eclipse bonus.

Don't Be Like Me and Take Advantage of this opportunit

The Kibo Eclipse Bonus: 3x Your Earnings?

Everyone knows that organic traffic is one of the best sources of traffic you can get. I mean just imagine someone searching Google for a “product” you sell in your store shows up first?

That's probably one of the greatest feelings out there and it makes you a ton of money. I know, I've done it before.

The only problem is that you need to shell out thousands of dollars and wait weeks or months for it to happen. But what if you didn't have to spend a dime?

You see, I'm going to rank the 5 products you get from Aidan and Steve on top of the search engines for you, for free, as bonus if you purchase using my link.

All you have to do is just follow the directions, create your store with the 5 hand-picked products you get from The Kibo Code Eclipse and leave the rest to me and my team.

The best part about my organic traffic bonus? You don't have to do anything for it to work and it will automatically generate sales for you 24/7 with little to no maintaince (don't worry I'll also tell you how to keep on top of Google).

However, it's only if you purchase using a link in the Kibo Code Eclipse review on this page.

Click here to get it now and leave me a comment or contact me directly for the bonus.

The Power of Free Traffic With Kibo Code Eclipse

kibo eclipse bonus

By now, you are already familiar with The Kibo Eclipse training and know that I love free traffic but you don't know the best part of it. In fact, I was surprised none of the other Eclipse reviews even mention this, maybe they are not real?

Anyway, the biggest plus of the free traffic method like the one inside Kibo Code is not even the fact that you get visitors for free. No, it's the fact you don't lose money for visitors. Sounds like the same thing, but it's not.

That's the key difference between pretty much any other eCommerce product and Kibo Kibo Eclipse. You see, budget is a crucial part of starting out any venture or business.

Now, if you buy Kibo Code today how much would you have left for ad spend? A $1,000 maybe $2,000? Sounds like a lot, but how many times did a scenario like this play out?

  • You buy a course $1,000+
  • Buy into the promise you can test out ads at $5 per day
  • Get one few clicks for that amount so raise it to $20, $50, or $100 per day
  • Blow your budget on testing before you even get a sale
  • You quit doing it because it simply doesn't work

Did that happen to you? Maybe not but I've spoken to quite a few people, especially the ones who are just starting out, that know this too well.

Do you want to know the worse part of it all? Sure, losing a few thousands hurts really bad but the worse part is losing an opportunity to make hundreds of thousands or even millions by missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

That's not the case with Kibo Code Eclipse as all you need is the free Facebook Marketplace method (and my bonus) to make what you invested into the program and than some. Once you do that feel free to test out paid ads or expanding free traffic sources if you like.

The key is that with Kibo Eclipse you'll be able to be profitable and in the green before spending a dime on traffic. How liberating is that? Especially in today's world.

Listen, without the additional costs of traffic or using third-party platforms like Shopify or Clickfunnels, it's really up to you if you'll make money with it. You'll be 100% in charge of your destiny without the guesswork.

Just take a moment and picture how would it feel to make $250 in sales a day, or maybe $2,500, from the comfort of your home by being your own boss? Just look at the results:


At the end of the say it's your choice to buy Kibo Code and you're the only person that can take the next step.

If you decide to take action right now I'll gladly help you along the way in any way I can (including the free traffic bonus I'll set up for you). Why? Because I've been there and I know how it feels but with the right system and a friend everything is possible.

In fact, I believe with a combination of a great system like Kibo Code Eclipse and the free traffic method anyone can make this work, no matter of your age, background, or the level of your experience.

However, nothing lasts forever and Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are closing Kibo Eclipse tonight at mindnight.

The Kibo Code Quantum Review
  • Kibo Code Course - 94%
  • LaunchPad Software - 98%
  • Community - 96%
  • Bonuses - 92%

18 thoughts on “Kibo Eclipse Review – The Code Is Back With A Bonus”

    • Congrats Patrick!

      Love the drive and the #SmashIT 2021. I’ll contact you about the bonus details and help you out on your journey as much as I can.

      Talk soon,

      • Is this actually works ? Because I am not 100% sure that I will earn any money in one month? But I want to change my way to earn money.

        • Hi Hadeel,

          It works and you can definitely earn money within a month but that depends on you. Aidan and Steve show you the exact steps on how to do it but it’s up to you to do it.

          However, I’m more than happy to help you!

          Just reach out to me.

  1. Hi Anna,

    I just joined today and found your review very reassuring. I’m hope to make (most) of my money back in the first 30 days, or at the very least a portion. I really like the speed to first sales/income approach and to back it up with a money back guarantee at least tells me they stand by the product. I’d love to connect and get help and moral support as I get started. Thanks for the review!

    • Hey Keith,

      Congrats, and thank you for the feedback! Yes, Aidan and Steve are solid guys and I never heard people having a problem getting a refund from them. However, I don’t think you will need it because if you’re ready to smash it just follow their lead and you’ll be good. Plus you can reach out to me anytime, so win-win. Finally, make sure the Kibo Code private FB as it’s a goldmine for motivation and new ideas.

      I’ll send you an email soon, so we can connect better!

      • Hi Anna
        I’am a senior who has been trying online marketing for a number of years. like many people who tried internet income have nothing but huge losses that left me in a finance mess. Have gone back to work two days a week to survive financially. Would have to start with monthly payments and afraid that will not make the $900 in a month which scares me from taking the first step. AS I write listen to Aiden & Steve. Is your help over and above their help? Not looking to be a millionaire but financial freedom. Could you help to succeed?

        • Hi Milt,

          Thank you for reaching out and I know how you feel, most business owners and entrepreneurs have their ups and downs so you’re not alone. I’m willing to help you along the way as much as I can and personally work under pressure (financial/deadline) better but that might be just me. However, if you feel like this will put you under too much financial stress you need to think about it and decide for yourself.

          One thing to consider is that you do have 30 days money-back guarantee that is rock solid. So, you can basically try it risk-free for 30 days. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Can I still join?

    How much time will I have to put into weekly, I have a fulltime job and college student in the evening?

    • Hi Caja,

      Yes, you can still join but today is the last day to get Kibo Code Quantum and my bonus so let me know if you need anything else.

      Honestly, it depends on how fast you want to go and how much you want to make 🙂 For example, in module 1 (week 1) there is about 2 hours of training. I would say another 2 hours of implementation so 4 hours a week would be optimal.

      However, you can probably do it faster or it might take others longer. For example, I like to listen to trainings at 1.25x or 1.5x which would cut the training to 1.5 hours. With that said, you can do module 1 over 2 weeks if needed.

      Do you have that much time?

  3. Hi anna,
    I have a doubt regarding this program that will start earning from day1 or should I need to wait till 8 weeks program completion and then setup a store.Let me know clearly.

    • Hi Prasanna,

      No, the way I understand it is that earning from day one refers to earning from the day you start your store. However, you don’t have to wait 8 weeks to make money either. If you follow the plan laid out by Aidan and Steve you’ll have a store ready in 4 weeks or less (within the money-back period). Technically you can start even sooner as tomorrow (Feb. 5th) second module will be live.

  4. Hi Anna,
    thanks for yr review. Im about to purchase Kibo thru yr page. Im a bit nervous. I have been studying Amazon FBA for six months , and honestly, the logistics of pulling it all together are massive. I may still go ahead with it. I like the review you have given Kibo, and yr bonus sounds great – plus as you said , having a friend on board is a big plus. Can you please note my email address , as Im not sure how to contact you directly. I assume you are notified when someone signs up thru yr page. Cheers , Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for the kind words and I believe in you. You can do this and I can help!

      You can always use the direct contact, but no worries I’ll send you and an email right after this.

      With that said, luckily Kibo Code model is much more simple than Amazon FBA which definitely requires more commitment, money, and time. So, running an FBA store becomes a full-time job pretty quickly. Not saying it’s not worth it, as there is a lot of money in FBA, but I prefer Kibo method and it’s much more beginner-friendly. I would say Kibo method is what Amazon FBA was in 2016.

      We’ll probably chat more about it 😀

  5. Hi Anna,
    Wow, a very detailed review. One thing that concerns me is the use of FB Marketplace. How can one list an item on FB and have the buyer click on a link that takes them to your store? FB does not allow URL’s in the Marketplace. You have to physically have the item on hand and deliver to the buyer. If you can help me understand this, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you,

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the feedback! No worries, Aidan and Steve have it all figured out and your questions were answered during last week’s training. With that said, you don’t post a link on the marketplace but once the potential buyer initiates a conversation you can send it in the message if he/she is interested. This way you never even see the product as it gets shipped directly to the buyer from your store.

      Hope that helps, and let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. I have zero experience with any of these platforms. I know I need to jump onto one platform but feel overwhelmed with which one to go with to start. Which do you suggest for a beginner like me, an honest opinion would be appropriated
    Thanks Amanda

    • Hi Amanda,

      By platforms, you mean like Shopify? I used both Shopify and Cartzy (Kibo Code platform) and they’re both pretty simple to use. If you’re totally new and don’t want to get overwhelmed I would suggest going with Cartzy. Especially now when it’s still in its invancy. There are weekly trainings, Q&A’s and support is prettty quick. As of now shopify has more options and addons which makes it more robust, but easier to get overwhmelmed with and more expensive in the long run.

      Does that help? Let me know if you have any other questions.


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