INBOXR Review, Personal Bonus and 3 Practical Uses in 2018

The craziest part about Inboxr is that it actually works. Luke Maguire made training the bot as easy as filling out a few boxes. Check out the review below for more information.

Creator: Luke Maguire
Type: Chat bot
Official Site:

What is INBOXR anyway?

In short, it's a system which includes training and necessary tools (not only chat bot) to harness the power of social media without having a whole team working for you.

Need a longer version? Well let's dive into it:

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Review of Inboxr Member's Area

Inboxr connects to your Facebook and/or Twitter with a simple click.  Once inside the member's area you can choose a Fan page (or fan pages) you want to start with, and go to action.

Building Your First Chat Box

Now before you start building your first chat, I suggest watching the BASIC TRAINING in the training section.

There is also VIP TRAINING if you decide to go for the OTO, but I'll talk about that later. Let's first focus on the basic training.

Which includes 11 videos that focus on different functions of the system and how to best use them. It's only about an hour long in total but gives you everything you need to start using the chat bot right away. So you don't have to spend days or weeks on the training itself.

Here's a quick video from Luke Maguire to show you how it's done.

As you can see from the video above, Luke does it in minutes, but I honestly prefer to take it a bit slower and start with the BOT SETUP WIZARD. Another option is to start using DFY bots from the OTO.

The Bot Setup Wizard

Here you'll be able to set up a new bot with a step by step directions. Which includes:

  • Welcome Message – you can write to people using the bot on your site for the first time
  • Error Message – what will pop up if the bot doesn't recognize the keywords
  • Keyword and Answer –  just enter a keyword like “price” and answer you want your bot to respond.

Boom, you're done! Well, you still would want to add more keywords and answers, as well as tweaks, so your bot knows how to respond and actually get you sales, but that can be done the BOT TRAINING section.

Luke Maguire covers all of this in the training section so don't worry about it.

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Other Functions of Inboxr: More than just a Chat Bot?

While having a bot that can chat with your visitors, leads or customers is excellent in itself, there are other things you can do with it. Here are the sections I did not cover above, and what they are.

  • Message Hub – is where your bots all messages will be displayed. You can also edit them straight from here or add new ones.
  • Analytics – information on how many messages you got, where and other stats.
  • Lead Generation – three ways to generate leads from your bot
    • Website Widget – just add it to your website or other web property
    • Comment Response – automatically respond to comments
    • Facebook Posting – schedule Facebook post and drip content
  • Audience – breakdown of your audience by name, gender, country, status and etc.
  • Template Suite – Pre-created templates like a welcome message you can start using
  • Page Manager  – manage your FB pages and other settings
  • Live Chat – chat with your FB fans and audience right inside the member's area
  • Viral Content – find the viral content you can share on your pages

As you can see inboxr can really be a central hub for all your social media needs. With it you can connect multiple fan pages and even social media accounts together in one place.

How To Use It and Make It Rain $$$?

Inboxr is mainly aimed at two groups of people:

  1. Those who have FB fan and social media presence
  2. Those who DON'T but want to get started

I'm definitely in the second group as despite having a popular blog I never bothered with social media until now. Why? I just figured it was not worth the work and hassle.

And honestly? I still don't know if it is worth it without something like INBOXR.

One of my favorite features of it is being able to set up a keyword or a trigger to transfer the conversation to me or an admin of the page.

For example, you can set up a bot that will answer a range of questions for you, but once a specific keyword is used, you can take over and finish the job. This works especially well when you need to close clients and not just send them to the sales page.

You can also use it for keywords that ask specific things that you can only answer personally and show enough promise to make it worthwhile. I mean the opportunities are endless.

So if you already have a big following, you can keep them engaged and informed without spending time to individually talk to each one.

On the other hand, if you're just getting started, it's a great time to do so. Just by having even a simple chat bot you will stand out from the crowd of soulless fanpages that flood Facebook.

And with featured like being able to

  • Instantly message all your FB fans
  • Build you email list with click
  • Drip feed content
  • One click chat box for any business
  • Follow-ups
  • Upsells and conversion increase

You can automate anywhere from 50% to 90% of the social media work. Which means you can focus on better things like creating quality content or just spending time with your family.

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My Favorite Chat Bot Uses

Like I said before the opportunities to use and profit from a Chat Bot are endless. In fact, as I'm using it more and more, I keep coming up with new and exciting ways to use it. However, let's take a look at my 3 favorite that anyone can get started with today.

Affiliate Domination With Conversation

After being in affiliate marketing for several years now, I noticed there is a big void to be filled in the space.

You see, most affiliate marketers don't really interact with their customers or even leads as much as product creators, sellers or service providers. Which is fine, and you can do it without interacting with people.

However, if you engage or just add a bit of personal touch like with a chat bot than people will respond to it a lot better. It makes them feel special and not just another nameless and faceless visitor,

Affiliate Example: Woodworking

One most profitable affiliate niches outside the obvious ones are woodworking.

Now you don't have to pick this one. In fact, it's better to pick something you're interested in, but it's not a requirement.  As a bonus I'm offering to help you find a niche and products you're passionate about.

Anyway,  all you do is:

  • create a fanpage about woodworking (not any specific product)
  • Populated it with royalty free images (members area has this)
  • use the Inboxr to schedule content (drip feed over time)
  • use the Chat Bot to set up conversation
  • (optional) use keywords to tell specific tips with Chat Bot and follow by free report with a an opt-in
  • send offers once you develop a relationship with fans

In those few steps you'll be able to build an audience, engage with your fans, build an email list and promote offers on the back-end.

eCommerce Super Seller

Having customer service with your store can be a huge game changer, and with the HTML Inboxr widget you can install it on any website or web property.

This way you can let the chat bot:

  • engage visitors
  • answer questions
  • give out coupons (while building you an email list of customers)
  • ask them to follow your store on social media and so on

The chat bot can help you take care of customer service on your store and build an audience on Facebook. Two birds with one stone.

One of the best reviews of Passive Profits is here.

Building Bot For Others, especially local businesses

From Luke Maguire's presentation, testimonials and the review above you can see how helpful and practical a bot like this can be.

Now you can take that and build the same kind of bots for businesses around the world or in your local area.

So how much can you charge?

Well, according to Facebook Messenger chat bot for a small business costs from $3,000 to $5,000.  Now that's just for simple moms and pops shop; big companies can pay even up to $50,000.

However, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'll take $3,000 to $5,000 for a days work any day.  You can also offer a retainer service for $500 or so per month to keep improving and fixing the bot.

For this, you do need White Label OTO, which I'll talk about in the next section but it's well worth it.

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The OTO's: Worth it?

  • VIP Training
    • Cost $37 (one time)
    • Here you get additional training which includes some cool tips and tricks to get most of your chat bots. As well more information on different uses of the bot. While it's not necessary, for $37, it's well worth it.
  • Done For You Chat Bots
    • Cost $37 (per month)
    • This is a marketplace where you can find done for you bots or segments of bots, so you don't have to make them yourself. This is a great option if you're planning on selling bots as service.
  • White-label Chat bot and Resell License
    • Cost $197 (one time)
    • Now, this is a must if you're planning to offer it as service or sell whole chat bots (yup, you can do that) to businesses. If you combine that with DFY OTO you're in business right away.

Inboxr Bonus: Let's Talk

You're not sure if Inboxr is for you, or if you will know how to put it to good use? Let me help you out, so benefit from it together.

As a bonus, I'm offering to personally help you start building and earning with Inboxr. I'll even share with your uses for the bot I didn't include in this review.

However, this is a limited time offer  as I can't help everyone (not enough time in a day) so please grab your copy below now and contact me afterward.

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