Healthy Commissions Review: Last Day To Get Stared With Bonus

One of the mentors of Healthy Commissions said ‘it's gotten to a point that's it's almost too easy to get to $1,000 day' in the pre-training lessons you get access to immediately when you join.

Well, that's great to say if you already making $6K+ per day but how realistic is $1,000 a day in 2020 for someone just starting out?

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Creators: Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer
Niche: affiliate marketing with Facebook
Price: $2,497 or 3 payments of $997
Official Site:

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Healthy Commissions System: $1,000+ a Day

Healthy Commissions

Honestly, when I first heard him say that it did sound a bit smug. I mean it's easy to say that for someone who's making over $1,000 a day, right? However, you have to remember that all of the Healthy Commissions mentors were exactly where you are right now at one point or another. It could have been a year ago or just a few months ago.

The point is that all the mentors I've seen inside the course have been students first. The Healthy Commissions is not one of those systems were they hire coaches or other marketers outside of the “hive” or someone that's not a student of Rob and Gerry, just to boost sales.

No, everyone went through the same things you will be going through when you join, and that's what makes them understand and help you on levels I've never seen in a system by others before.

Okay, so clearly the mentor we're talking about thinks it's easier to make it to a $1k per day now than when he started or even just a few months ago, but why? Let's explore it:

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Exploring The Million Dollar Evergreen Health Niche

You see, if you've been in the online marketing space as long as I've been you notice things happen in cycles. In fact, if you were interested in making money online before this you might have noticed several trends over the past few years.

Things like drop shipping, Amazon FBA, product creation, eServices, and so on. All of the gurus were pushing out products in those and similar markets for years now. It's almost like affiliate marketing has taken a back seat for the past 4 years or so.

It never went away per se but slowed down a bit. The hype of these new shiny object type products coming out every week kinda stole its thunder.  The fact that payments were getting smaller didn't help either.

However, that didn't stop Gerry and Rob from getting their students to succeed. They have been teaching this method, with slight variations and improvements, since 2016. Which wasn't even the peak of affiliate marketing as that happened somewhere in early the 2010s.

In fact, it was with Clickbank that I've made one of my first affiliate sales back in 2012.

Despite that, Gerry still created the most Clickbank success stories of anyone I know or even heard about. His students made over $57 million on Clickbank combined. If that's not proof enough what is?

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But, What Makes 2020 and Health Niche Special?

You might remember I've said affiliate marketing has been on a decline in the last decade, so, what has changed?

Okay, so let's state the obvious. The pandemic happened and our lives have been changed forever to some degree or another. This naturally gave the health niche a boost, as more people are stuck at home, concern about their weight, well being, and mental state.

Note that all of these things are not temporary and will not go away the second the pandemic eases up. No, it will be the opposite as everything we went through will just make us more aware of our health.

Just look at the latest information from CDC on how in 95% of COVID-19 deaths the virus was an underlying cause, and only in 5%, it was the contributing cause. This basically means that if you caught the virus and were healthy, your chances of dying would be minimal.

Now, you might take these statistics with a grain of salt, or flat out reject them, but the general public will listen. Being healthy and fit will become a priority like never before. You see, most people would like to lose a pound or two, be more fit or generally just healthier, but when it comes down to life or death things change.

That's why I think the health niche will be even bigger after the pandemic as people will take their health more seriously. As a result, they will seek out or at least be more open to getting them back on track.

However, that's not even the biggest factor why Healthy Commissions is the best way to make money online with affiliate marketing in the health niche right now and for at least a couple more years.

Sure, the health niche got a boost and will most likely get an even bigger one soon, but it's the type of affiliate products right now that makes the biggest difference.

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Going From $20 to $100+ Per Sale On The Same Traffic

I've talked about how affiliate marketing wasn't the hottest thing online for several years but it's all changing right now. You see, thanks to a certain type of products, and there are hundreds of them, the health niched got a tremendous boost.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you the exact type of products I'm talking about, you'll learn it about them in the Healthy Commissions training and even get the names of best-converting ones from mentors that are promoting them right now.

However, I can tell you that for many of the students these types of products allowed to double, triple, or even 5x their commissions without spending a dime more on advertising.

To put this in perspective imagine spending $10 to earn $20, but suddenly things change and you're making $100 while still spending only $10.

That's why the mentor said ‘it's gotten to a point that's it's almost too easy to get to $1,000 day' and not because he's cocky or self-indulged. No, because it's true.

In fact, I would argue that you have a rare chance to get in front of the biggest affiliate movement in the last 10 years. A front-row seat to a money-making opportunity like no other system I've reviewed has tapped into. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join Now and Start Earning $1k+

What is it? The Healthy Commissions System Reviews

Healthy Commissions is a step-by-step system based around the Health Niche that teaches you how to make a passive income from affiliate marketing. HC includes a 6 weeks online course, software, case-studies, new traffic method, tools and resources as well as special affiliate deals.

So, why the Health Niche? You already know my take on it, but the way Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer see is that most of their students, and all of the top students, are in the health niche.

It's just so big and forgiving that anyone can make money with it without oversaturating it. Plus:

  • People are passionate in the health niche
  • Focusing on one niche gives you a better hands-on experience
  • Teaching and understanding becomes easier with 1 niche
  • You'll learn what works and what doesn't faster

However, the biggest difference is that with Healthy Commissions you can become an expert much quicker than with a general affiliate system.  I'm not saying an affiliate system that teaches all niches is necessarily bad, but it's just scratching the surface of what's truly possible.

It just makes sense that you'll get more done faster if you focus on 1 thing and not 20.

What's Included with the Healthy Commissions System?

The course is broken down into 6 modules. One module per week

  • Module 1: Creating Your Million Dollar Ad Images
  • Module 2: Crafting Your Million Dollar Ad Copy
  • Module 3: Switching On Buyers Mode Instantly – presell page
  • Module 4: Launching Your Million Dollar Campaign
  • Module 5: Testing & Scaling Up
  • Module 6: Secrets of The Titans

The course teaches you about the 4 steps:

  • Select – where you will select the offer you want to promote
  • Flip – flip on the traffic switch
  • Boost – let the presell page do the selling
  • Scale – grow successful campaigns like crazy

However, that's not all Healthy Commissions also includes tons of bonuses if you get it today:

  • Bonus 1: Ready-To-Use Ad Copy Templates
  • Bonus 2: Million Dollar Ad Image Swipe File
  • Bonus 3: The Ultimate Ad Image Designer Designer Hiring Script
  • Bonus 4: Presellion Page Builder
  • Bonus 5: Presell Page Copy Templates
  • Bonus 6: Presellio Analytics Suite
  • Bonus 7: Presellio Profit Optimizer
  • Bonus 8: Q&A With Their Panel of Super Affiliate Mentors
  • Bonus 9: Ad Account Action Plan

However, what makes it truly different and better than other similar systems?

The first thing you should notice is that you get everything you need to start the ball rolling and there is nothing else you need to buy. I mean you get the:

  • 6 weeks of training from the guys that have been doing it for years
  • Analytics and tracking suites that are easy to use and truly make a difference
  • Copy, images, and even whole ads that made millions (copy them or get inspired)
  • Page builder with templates that are used by them and their students right now

You see, with Healthy Commissions nothing is left to chance.  While many other systems I've tried would leave out little details like the fact that you would need to buy an additional funnel builder, tracking software, analytics, or use of paid traffic.

No, Rob and Gerry tackle these right away and even deal don't shy away from the problems of Facebook ads accounts being shut down. They are upfront about it because they are doing the same thing they are teaching and know all the pros and cons.

Best part? They actively solve the problem and ad accounts are no longer a big deal. They even have a whole action plan on how to deal with it.

Join the best Affiliate System of 2020

Healthy Commissions Bonus

Bonus 1: Optimizing and Branding (Value = $500 to $1000/month)

Omnipresence marketing, being present everywhere, is a huge right now. With branding and optimization, I'll help you get your website and the product you're promoting out there.

Bonus 2: Done-4-You Website (Value $1000+)

Who doesn't want a free website?

Sure, you get a website creator with HealhyCommissions but I've been creating affiliate websites for almost a decade.

That's why I'll either create one for you or help you with the one you have.

Bonus 3: The “Repurpose Traffic” strategy (Value $2497)

I kept this strategy for myself except for a few people so far, but I think Healthy Commissions is a perfect fit for it.

Not to be confused with retargeting where you still have to pay. These little campaigns on average double or triple my traffic overtime without spending any more on ads.

The bonus will allow you “repurpose your traffic” campaigns for any ad campaign you want.

Bonus 4: 3 “Repurpose your Traffic” Bonus  (Value = $1500+)

healthy commissions bonus

How would you like me to do me to repurpose the traffic campaign for you?

I can't disclose how they actually work, that's a bonus number 3, but it has to do with getting traffic based on phrases and keywords you already are using.

I'll create 3 of them for you!

Bonus 5: Ad and Landing Page Review + My Contact Info (Value Priceless)

I've talked about niche-focus training but  Rob and Gerry has another feature that will blow you away.

It's the ad challenge that you can get your ads critiqued by experts.  I've used it and now I can help you.


You see, the difference between a winning ad and a so-so one can be small detail like image size,  a piece of text, or even one word. I saw this for myself while doing my own ads and working with a Fortune 500 company.

Send me your ad and landing page and I'll give you private feedback.

*Bonuses will be awarded in full after the refund period

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Is Healthy Commission System for You and How to Get

Okay, by now you know what Healthy Commissions is all about. You've seen my bonuses and testimonials from dozens of students. All of who were at one point exactly where you're at right now. Not sure if it's for them or if they will even make $100 per day.

However, do you think people like Jonatah, Corey, and Hawa knew they were sure they'll make $1,000 a day when they got started?

Of course, that was the dream but realistically speaking is it even possible? Well, as you saw for yourself it's not only possible but doable for most people that take this seriously.

In fact, you even have 2 safety nets that guarantee you to try the system risk-free for 30 days or even 90 days + get your ad spend back (details and conditions on the sales page) and my bonuses.

Honestly, if you're committed to change your financial situation or even your life then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to give this a try. I mean what do you have to lose?

One thing is clear this is the best time to start making money with an affiliate system since the 2010s and if you miss this opportunity you might have to wait until 2030 to see it again.

Are you really willing to take that risk? I didn't think so, get Healthy Commissions by clicking the link below.

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10 thoughts on “Healthy Commissions Review: Last Day To Get Stared With Bonus”

    • Yo Jose,

      If by work you mean can use the system to get affiliate sales, then yes, it works. However, the level of your success will depend on your input.

    • Hi Brad,

      You don’t need to buy anything more, like I said in the review you get everything you need to create, run, and track everything in the members’ area and bonuses. But I know what you mean, there are a lot of programs that require 5 other things to buy before they van work. That’s not the case with Healthy Commissions.

    • Hi Mary,

      No, it builds on the already well-established method but you get it all with Healthy Commissions. It’s much more focused and thanks to that I believe it will get you results easier and quicker. I’m already seeing an improvement with my campaigns.

    • Hi Saveen,

      Honestly, no, in fact, I don’t think it’s possible to oversaturate a big niche like health. There are just too many people in the world that want to lose weight, feel better, or tackle a serious health problem for the niche to become too saturated. Its fluid, people going in and out of the niche.

      Now, marketing methods can become saturated, and many of them do. I mean a quick online search for a top Clickbank product will yield hundreds of results. However, with Healthy Commissions, you don’t have to worry about that because you’re not tied into a method that gets oversaturated.

      In a way, you’re always a step ahead and with the ability to target different groups and promote different products with ease, I don’t think saturation is a problem.

      Hope that helps, and if you have more questions let me know.


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