Jeff Brown explains GTE Technology in Tokenization (World IPO Day)

Think cryptos or NFTs are big? The G.T.E. Technology Jeff Brown is talking about will dwarf anything we have seen or will likely see ever again.

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We're talking an World IPO Day with as many as 20,000 companies going public in a single day. That will all be possible with tokenization soon enough.

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What is GTE? The Global Token Exchange

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GTE Technology stands for Global Token Exchange technology that could be possible in 2022. However, let's not get ahead of ourselves and take it step by step.

The idea that Jeff Brown is talking about, tokenization, has resonated with some of the biggest billionaires on the planet. This includes Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and even Michael Jordan.

The basic idea is to make everything a token, and have a global exchange to trade or transfer everything without the need of 3rd party custodian, or overlords as I like to call them, overlooking everything.

Now, you can argue that we have dozens of laws based around buying, selling or transferring our property to protect us, but do we really?

Do you really think going through so much red tape and giving everything to a government on a silver platter is doing you more good than harm?

Now, don't get me wrong there are plenty of good laws out there to counter shady practices but at what cost? The laws in place are much more likely there to control you, and extort your money and freedom than to protect you.

Global Token Exchange Will Give Power To The People

Now imagine a place were you can sell, trade, or transfer anything you own with just a few clicks of the button?

The possibilities are endless and Global Token Exchange would change the whole world. It's still early and it will get wild but just imagine buying, selling trading, swapping or sharing with just clicks.

Want to on vacation to Italy, but don't want to rent a car from a company or pay the hotel? With just few clicks you can have it all done with the G.T.E. technology without even having to pay a single dollar if you like.

Maybe you will share your home and car in the States or other country for the one in Italy? I know for some people this sounds bizarre and almost child like, but it's because we were conditioned to think that way.

If you ask a small child if they wanted to trade their toy with a one someone across the world they wouldn't see the complications with that. No, we do because we were conditioned to do so from an early  age.

The Start of The GTE Technology Began

However, some of you might be thinking don't we have that already? We have services like AirBnB for places to stay and Turo for car rentals.

Yes, but these are like 2.0 versions of regular rentals. Still centralized, less than hotels for example, but you still have overlords above you that dictate all the rules.

Plus, most of them deal with money instead of exchanges or swaps. There are some places like HomeExchnage and even AirBnB is testing some point system and ability to swap home but main vehicle of transaction is still money.

Even as we move forward and most of these will either adapt cryptos to compete it will be just scratching the surface of what's possible with G.T.E. technology.

GTE: Tokenization and World IPO Day

Now, here is a even crazier idea. What if you would be able to do all of the above interchangeably in one place in minutes instead of weeks or months?

I'm talking about renting a house for your car, or even exchanging a house for a yacht in real time with no limitations. All in one place in matter of minutes?

Tokenzation and GTE would allow all of this to happen in real life. You can argue there should be some regulation to stop people from making silly mistakes or better yet protect them from thieves, but it's coming.

When it comes every company would want to get on the action and that's how we would get 20,000 in a World IPO Day.

Jeff Brown on GTE and Tokenization

If the above information is making you scratch your head than don't worry, some of this is so far out that I'm scratching my head while just writing about it.

The truth is that Jeff Brown knows far more about this than me and you should at least give him a listen if you want to step in front of this.

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