Best Gold IRA Companies Reviews 2023: 4 Investment Compared

Are you looking for the best Gold IRA investment company? You came to the right place! I've been writing about IRA and rollovers, focusing on gold and other precious metals, for nearly 9 years on several different website.

Finally, I've decided to do one on my own and give the the best analysis out for Gold IRA and IRA rollover companies. If you want to know more about Gold IRA Rollover I have a an artcile about it.

My Picks for The Best IRA Company of 2023

gold IRA companies

With increasing inflation, unstable world, and crushed economy gold is once again coming to save the day, at least in a way. Here are my picks for the top Gold IRA companies in 2023:

  1. Goldco
  2. Birch Gold Group
  3. Augusta Precious Metals
  4. Regal Assets

Overall Best Gold Company and #1 Recommendation: Goldco

  • Pros:
    • One of the best selection of gold & silver coins & bars for IRAs
    • Easy Gold IRA or rollover set up & top notch costumer service
    • Goldco is an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rated business
  • Cons:
    • No other precious metals for IRA except Gold and Silver
    • Only open of US

If you're focused on gold or silver the hands down best gold company in 2023 is Goldco. It almost seems like this company decided to take over the gold space and doing an incredible job at it.

Not only is it the most recommended by users, but also rated A+ by Better Business Bureau and Triple A by Business Consumer Alliance.

However, what makes them truly the best?

The user experience is top notch. Look, investing gold and especially when it comes to your IRA account is stressful enough. You don't need the additional stress of worrying about 20 different types of precious metals. and storage or depository.

You, like most, want the beat IRA company to handle that for you. That's why Goldco is my number one recommendation. They model their business to help you, by putting the customer or user first.

On top of that they decided to focus only on silver and cold coins bars to not cause further headaches. Of course if you plan on rolling over your 401k or IRA into another precious metals, Goldco is not for you.

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However, if you want fold or silver it is the company for you. They include Gold:

  • Gold American Eagle Coin
  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • Gold American Bald Eagle Coin
  • Gold Buffalo Coin
  • Gold Maple Leaf Coin
  • Gold Lucky Dragon Coin
  • Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coin
  • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series: 2016-Year of the Monkey Coin
  • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series: 2017-Year of the Rooster Coin
  • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series: 2018-Year of the Dog Coin
  • Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series: 2019-Year of the Pig Coin
  • More gold bars from PAMP Suisse, the Perth Mint, and more

As well as silver:

  • Silver American Eagle Coin
  • Silver American Eagle Proof Coin
  • Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  • Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile Coin
  • Silver Lucky Dragon Coin
  • Silver World War I Coin
  • Silver WWII Victory Coin
  • Silver American Bald Eagle Coin
  • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series: 2015-Year of the Ram Coin
  • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series: 2016-Year of the Monkey Coin
  • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series: 2017-Year of the Rooster Coin
  • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series: 2018-Year of the Dog Coin
  • Royal Mint Silver Britannia Lunar Series: 2019-Year of the Pig Coin
  • Moresilver bars from PAMP Suisse, the Perth Mint, and more

Do I need to say anything else? The stats speak for themselves.

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Best IRA Company for Precious Metals: Birch Gold Group

  • Pros:
    • Great for IRA, 401K rollover or person investment
    • Plenty of precious metals to chose from
    • Full walk-through of the set up
    • A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau rating)\
  • Cons:
    • Need to invest at least $10,000

If you're interested in other precious metals than gold or silver than my next recommendation company is Birch Gold Group. Now, don't get me wrong it's an excellent gold company in it's own way and you'll not go wrong with it.

However, when it comes to diversifying your proportion with other precious metals Birch Gold Group is simply on top. Hands down the best precious metals IRA company out there.

Just check out the selection:


  • American Eagle Coins (bullion and proof)
  • American Buffalo Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Australian Nugget/Kangaroo Coin
  • More gold bars and rounds


  • American Eagle Coins (bullion and proof)
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Mexican Libertad Coin
  • More silver bars and rounds


  • American Eagle Coin
  • Australian Koala Coin
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • more platinum bars and rounds


  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • more palladium bars and rounds

You can't mess with this selection. Also, a big plus of Birch Gold Group is that they make the process so simple and fast.

Most Honest Rollover Company: Augusta Precious Metals

  • Pros:
    • EAsy set up with help
    • Possibility of personal investment in gold and silver
    • Good selection of IRS-approved storage options for IRAs
  • Cons:
    • Need to reach out to them to get up top date information
    • Only silver and gold

There is no denying that Augusta Precious Metals is one of the top Gold investment companies. However, one recurring theme I've heard about Augusta Precious Metals is their transparency and honesty.

I have to agree, as they do seem to bet on that. Which is a great in my opinion as people dfine3tly noticed that about their IRA account. What does that mean?

Simple, the process is fast and easy. There are no hidden charges, at least not at the time of writing this review. You get what you see.

Of course, there are drawbacks to this as you need to contract them for the most up to date information.

  • Gold American Eagle .25 oz BU (random year)
  • Gold American Buffalo 1 oz BU (random year)
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz BU (random year)
  • South African Gold Krugerrand 1 oz (random year)
  • Gold Bar 10 oz
  • Gold Bar 1 oz
  • American Silver Eagle 1 oz BU (random year)
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz BU (random year)


  • America the Beautiful – 5 oz Cumberland Gap
  • Silver 90% Bag – $1,000 Face Value
  • Silver 90% Bag – $500 Face Value
  • Silver 90% Bag – $250 Face Value
  • Silver 90% Bag – $100 Face Value
  • Silver Bar 100 oz
  • Silver Bar 10 oz

Premium Gold and Silver:

  • 2017 Royal Canadian Mint .25 oz Gold Eagle
  • 2014 Canadian .25 oz Gold $10 Arctic Fox
  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • American Gold Buffalo Proof
  • $20 Saint Gaudens
  • $10 Gold Indian
  • $5 Gold Indian
  • $5 Gold Liberty
  • $2.5 Gold Liberty
  • $2.5 Gold Commemorative 1984 Olympics Gold Coin
  • 2016 .25 oz British £25 Gold Standard


  • 2020 Royal Canadian Mint 1.25 oz Silver Soaring Eagle
  • 2016 Canadian 1.5 oz Silver $8 White Falcon
  • John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollar
  • Ben Franklin Silver Half Dollar
  • Peace Silver Dollar
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Mercury Silver Dime

Best for Cryptocurrency IRA Account: Regal Assets

Regal Assets is one of the first companies I started to recommend almost 10 years ago. Throughout the years it remained one of the top companies for gold, silver and other precious metals.

They also include several unique aspects like investing packages, a fee structure. Or, arguably the most interesting is Bitcoin or crypto IRA account.

Which I believe is the next step in the IRA account diversification process. Now only can you have gold, silver, platinum and palladium,  but also Bicoin, XRP, Litecoin and so on.

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The only real downside of Regal Assets is their fee structure and not as impressive coins and bars collection. Which includes:

  • 1 kl Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 50 gm Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 20 gm Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 10 gm Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 2.5 gm Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • 1 gm Credit Suisse Gold Bar
  • Gold American Eagle Coin
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Gold South African Krugerrand Coin
  • Gold Britannia Coin
  • 100 oz Silver Bar
  • 10 oz Johnson Mathey Silver Bar
  • 1 kl Silver Australian Kookaburra Coin
  • Silver American Eagle Coin
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • Silver Britannia Coin
  • Platinum American Eagle Coin
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Platinum Australian Koala Coin
  • 10 oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar
  • 1 oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Overall, another great gold investment company.

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Why Best IRA Companies Matter?

I often get asked why does it matter which company I chose? Is top Gold IRA really the top?

Surprisingly, the answer to that question is more difficult than one would consider. On one hand it's rather simple. It's really important because it's your money. In many cases its retirement accounts, or retirements savings that these companies deal with.

Do you care about your retirement? It's a retorical question but on the other what makes each company better than another is not as simple as  1+1 = 2 or simply one is good and one is bet.

You can't go wrong with any of the 4 I recommended. I mean these are serious companies with thousands of customers or custodians, dealing with tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

It's not some guys standing by a fence selling bonds or something. All of these companies are vetted and monitored constantly. No, the question becomes more about preference and your needs.

What You Precise as Best Precious Metals Companies

What I'm trying to say it's really about your needs and preferences. I believe overall Goldco is the best company but if you want to invest in platinum or palladium, it will be not the best precious metal firm for you.

In that case I would suggest Bitch Gold Group. Want even more diversification? How about 0IRA or 401k rollover into cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin? Than Regal Assets is your best bet.

However, will something bad happen if you use Regal Assets only for gold? No, it's still a great company and maybe you simply like their style.

What I'm trying to say, despite Goldco being the best gold IRA company over all choice, each of these 4 are great investing companies.  In fact, you don't even have to limit yourself to only to thsoe gold IRAs.

What About Other Gold IRA Firms?

The truth is that these 4 are not the only good companies that deal with IRA or 401k rollovers or even 403b to Gold. There are plenty more and if you have suggestion for me to test a company, just let me know.

In fact, I'm currently doing research on 2 more companies to include in this list. However, it doesn't look like they will beat out Goldco for the number 1 spot.

Investing and Individual Retirement Accounts

Here are some frequently asked questions about this.

What is Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion to meet official requirements and have at least a 99.5 percent and 99.9 percent purity are considered gold bullion. Such bullion is kept as reserves by both governments and central banks.

What are IRA accounts?

IRAs are retirement accounts that allow you to invest in tax-advantaged ways. An IRA is an account set up at a bank that permits a single person to save for old age with tax-free progress or on a tax-deferred basis.

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold retirement account or IRA (individual retirement account) is a specialized retirement account, which allows investors to hold gold in their portfolios. Investors with gold IRAs may hold physical metals such as bullion and coins, as well as precious metals-backed securities.

How does a gold IRA work?

Just like other retirement accounts, a Gold Individual Retirement Account allows you to add physical gold and silver into your investment forecast.

How to buy gold in an IRA?

In need of genuine self-directed retirement accounts, you will need to get a custodian if you have coins or bullion that you add to an IRA. The IRS does not approve self-directed IRAs for personal storage of coins or bullion, so you'll ultimately need a custodian to have the coin or bullion in your possession.

What is an Roth IRA?

A Roth IRA (a type of tax-advantaged individual retirement account to which you contribute after-tax dollars) allows you to defer taxes on earnings, and, if you wish, you can withdraw them tax-free after the need following the account holder's age 59 .

How do you open a Roth IRA?

You are able to open an online Roth IRA with a broker and select investments yourself. This may be easier than you think: you can construct a varied portfolio with only one or two mutual fund investments.

What is a rollover IRA?

A rollover IRA is a retirement account that permits you to move funds from your prior employer-sponsored retirement plan to an IRA. With an IRA rollover, you can avoid paying taxes and early withdrawals from your retirement account, allowing that money to stay tax sheltered.

How to rollover 401k?

When you move money out of a 401(k) account into another retirement account, this is known as a rollover, also known as a 401(k)(d) 50.6 federal law rollover. You can bring a 401(k) into another retirement account, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) being one of the most common options, help as you transition into a new job with new retirement benefits.

What is a precious metals IRA?

A precious metal individual retirement account is a special kind of self-directed IRA. Self-directed IRAs let you invest in a broad range of unconventional assets, such as gold, silver, real estate, and cryptocurrency. These are nearly identical to traditional IRAs other than their location within the IRA family.

How to open a precious metals IRA?

The IRS requires precious metal coins or bars to be fineness standard compliant and controlled by the trustee of the retirement account instead of the account owner. The gold should be kept in an IRS-approved memory. In other words, storing the bullion or specie in a safety deposit box, a safe, or in a closet is not ideal.

How to buy gold for investment?

The most popular way to own physical gold is to purchase gold coins or gold bars, but these are volatile and need to be kept in a secure location and away from children. ETFs and mutual funds that track the price of gold are also popular, and if you have access to derivative markets in your portfolio you can also use gold futures and gold dinars.

What are retirement savings?

Retirement accounts are established to enhance one's chances of reaching monetary goals later in life. Savings accounts are intended to be used for short-term needs and short-term savings. Retirement accounts are an excellent way to elevate your money, whereas a savings account is a portion that holds your cash in an environment.

So what is the best Gold IRA provider according to you? Maybe a brokerage firm? Do you think a gold investments are good? How about stocks, future contracts and commodities for traders?

Anyway, that's it for the best gold IRA firms.