Get Ready for Mother’s Day Review – Rachel Rofe’s POD Course

Are you ready to dive into a review of Get Ready for Mother's Day? A Rachel Rofe's print-on-demand course specifically designed to get you sales for Mother's Day 2024.

Mother's Day in about 2 months s, can you get sales by then?

Creator: Rachel Rofe
Course: Print-on-Demand
Official Site:

Get Ready for Mother's Day – $35 Billion Goldmine?

get ready for mother's day review

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When I first head Rachel Rofe is releasing a new print-on-demand course I was excited. She's one of the few course creators that actually do what they teach full time.

Unlike some marketers that release a system every 3 months or so in different market each time. No, I've following Rachel Rofe for 5+ years and she's is consistent.

However, I was taken a back when I saw this was for Mother's Day 2024. Can you really make money with a POD in 2 months? Well, if someone could it would be Rachel Rofe.

Making Money Online Before Mother's Day

So, after taking a look at the 12 module course that is divided into 4 weeks it made a lot more sense. You see, unlike other forms of eCommerce, print-on-demand, has a lot less moving parts.

Here's why you could be making money in as little as 3 weeks from now with Get Ready for Mother's Day by Rachel Rofe.

  1. Mother's Day is huge for POD, people will spend $35 billion on it
  2. Full course is 4 weeks, 12 modules and 37 step-by-step videos
  3. Live Q&A, workshops and personal call with Rachel or assistant
  4. Done-4-you designs and mock-ups
  5. Power of AI – don't need to be a designer

You see, by the end of week 3 you should have everything set-up and ready to sell. Leaving you plenty of time to get sales before Mother's Day.

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What I Like About Get Ready for Mother's Day?

What is the number one reason why people don't make money online? They never even get far enough into a course to make money.

Now, it's not a shocker that 90% to 99% of people fail to make money online. But did you know only 5% to 15% finish an online course?

The first number is scary enough to crush most people's dream to create an online business. Depending on who you listen to, on 1 out of the, or worse 1 out of a 100 people are successful at making money online. Scary, right?

But, then if you realized that 85% to 95% never even finish the course, those number suddenly change meaning. So, if we go in the middle say that 94.5% fail to make money, but subtract the 90% that didn't even finish a course, we get 4.5% fail rate.

That's not as scary, right? Especially we don't even know how many tried. We all know people that say they going to do something but never get started. In fact, 52% of people that buy an online course never even log in…

Worse part? I'm guilty of this as well. Maybe you are you to? Let's see how Rachel Rofe's Get Ready for Mother's Day changes that.

Last course you'll ever need?

Rachel Rofe's Plan To Make You Rich by May 12th

The brilliant part about this course, and the scary, is that for it to succeeded you need to be making money by Mother's Day, even before that.

So, unlike many other course, where there is no deadline, and we tend to procrastinate. This is no an option here. Or at least, we are pushed toward for it to not be an option. Because if you getting this, you want to make money before May 12th, right?

With that said, Get Ready for Mother's Gift system will teach you how to do print-on-demand for any day of the year, not only Mother's Day, so don't worry. However, I like the sense of urgency with targetting a speific holiday.

As this will make you less lillely to procrastinate, take more actions, actually finish the course, and do the work. Don't you think?

I mean just think about the last time you had a deadline at work, school, or personal life. Sometimes you just had to do it, even if you don't want to or rather do something else.

Compare to things you want to do, but never get do it? Make money online? Maybe write a book or a story?

But what do you actually get? See Sales Pages

Review of Get Ready for Mother's Day Course

I already mentioned the course is devided into 12 modules over 4 weeks, but let's get a little more in-depth into each module:

  1. Understanding the POD (Print-On-Demand) Business Model
    • Everything about POD, how to get started, and why Mother's Day is such a huge holiday fore POD
  2. Setting Up for Success
    • Step-by-step guides on how to create accounts, learn about products that sell, and groundwork for future success
  3. Design Basics for Non-Designers
    • Tools, templates, and AI art as well as trips and tricks on how to create message that sells. No need for a designer
  4. Crafting Winning Products for Mother’s Day
    • Get unlimited amount of ideas, learn about different products that work, and how to create them.
  5. Keyword Research and SEO
    • Optimize for free traffic from Etsy, Amazon, and Google so you can get visitors all year around + my bonus
  6. Leveraging CustomHappy for Fulfillment
    • Integration between the fulfiller and your store will be a crucial part of getting ready before Mother's Day
  7. Analyzing and Scaling Up
    • Understand the difference between a good product and a great one. Copy Rachel Rofe's strategies to outsell.
  8. Maximizing Visibility Without Ads
    • Advanced SEO tacttics for Amazon, Etsy and eBay to cash-in on seasonal trends. Scale without spending a dime
  9. Engaging with Your Customers
    • Engage with your customers and let them guide you to more sales. How to learn from your customers.
  10. From Mother’s Day to Year-Round Success
    • Mother's Day is just a star learn how to create a year around POD business from your success.
  11. Building Your Brand
    • Established print-on-demand brand doesn't have to rely on holidays and opens new opportunities.
  12. Next Steps and Resources
    • Build an POD empire with advanced strategies Rachel Rofe has been using fore year to build hers.

If that wasn't enough here are more bonuses if you join now.

  • Done-with-you action oriented workshop
  • Pre-launch access into three brand new products (Higher profits, less competition!)
  • NEW! Exclusive, Eye-catching Mother’s Day Mock-ups
  • NEW! 15-minute call with me or my right-hand Executive Assistant

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My Get Ready for Mother's Day Bonus – More Traffic

Want even more free traffic from Google and Pinterest?

I'm been an SEO specialist for 10+ years and I know what it takes to get free traffic. Which I'm super happy Rachel Rofe went the free traffic route for went Get Ready for Mother's Day, I want to take a step further.

  • Bonus 1: More Google traffic for free! While Rachel Rofe's Google traffic will go directly to your listings I found a way how to leverage free online properties to get referral traffic.
    • These include free website that will rank for multiple keywords around your niche and point to your listing.
  • Bonus 2: Pinterest Mastery + Google Traffic! Pinterest is a goldmine for POD because unlike Instagram and TikTok
    • Pinterest ranks highly in Google for images and boards.
    • You can add a link to each pin and not just your profile
    • You want get shadow or outright banned on Pinterest

As you see these Get Ready for Mother's Day Bonuses will allow you to take your Print-on-Demand business to the next level. Are you ready to get started?

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Final Word: Why I'm Accepting The Challenge

With other business and a family I'm pretty busy, but I want to challenge myself to create a full time income stream from POD before mother's day. Are you ready to take the challenge with me?

If you do make sure to sign up using my link! We can get started together as I do believe this is one of the best ways to make money online in 2024.

Especially if you don't have a big budget, can only work a few hours a week on this, and want/need to create another income stream.

Just image what a extra $1,000 or maybe $10,000 per month would mean for you and your loved ones? Maybe you can even buy your mother a nice gift this Mother's Day.

Or if you're a Mother, buy yourself one! You deserve it, and I know I'll be getting one for myself.

Let's Get Ready for Mother's Day together!

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