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Gold IRA Specialist

Anna VanDem's expertise in precious metals, combined with her enjoyable approach, makes her an exceptional choice for anyone interested in silver or gold IRAs.

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Silver and Gold Expert

[Secure Your Future] Unlock Your Free IRA Guide

Ready to secure your financial future with gold, silver, or other precious metals? Don't wait to maximize your investments. Learn how easy it is to roll over your IRA into a precious metals account and safeguard your retirement savings

Select a Specialized Custodian

Choose a custodian with expertise in precious metals IRAs (Goldco recommended). This custodian is crucial for managing your IRA, handling paperwork, and ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.

Open a Self-Directed IRA Account

Set up your new IRA with the custodian's help. This involves completing necessary forms and defining your investment strategy, particularly in selecting the types of precious metals (like gold and silver) for your IRA.

Fund Your Account and Invest in Precious Metals

Transfer funds from an existing retirement account or make a new contribution. Once funded, you can buy precious metals through your IRA. Your custodian will facilitate this purchase and arrange for secure storage in an IRS-approved facility.

About [Anna VanDem]

Hi, I'm Anna VanDem, a gold and silver IRA specialist. My approach? Clear, honest, and engaging. I simplify complex investment concepts, making them accessible to everyone. Join me for straightforward insights and practical advice in the world of precious metals.

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