Teeka Tiwari’s American Crypto Summit: Final Countdown

Is American Crypto Summit: The Final Countdown with Teeka Tiwari is the event every crypto follower is waiting for?

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Why America Crypto Summit Is Key To Profit

american crypto summit the final countdown

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If you are cryptocurrency veteran you know that Bitcoin, the first and still biggest coin, follows certain cycles, or patterns.

Thanks to these 4 year cycles some of the biggest names in cryptos were able to gather unbelievable wealth. We're talking Winklevoss twins, Matthew Roszak, and Tim Draper to name a few.

The cycles are based on Bitcoin halving, a event that happens every 4 years were bitcoin mining amount is cut in half, but halving is just one piece of the puzzle.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry Teeka Tiwari explains it much better inside the American Summit that you can watch. I'm just giving you a quick overview that despite what the media, so-called investors, and your friends say about cryptos, there is method in its madness.

Do You Need Bitcoin at the Final Countdown of American Summit?

Should you just need to buy as much Bitcoin and you'll be set?

Well, if you don't mind 2x to 4x in the next year to 4 years, than that would be a good idea.However, none of this is financial advise and Teeka is not talking about Bitcoin in the Final Countdown

You see, while Bitcoin has repeated the same patter every 4 years since the start. This time around things are a bit different. The amount of billionaires, millionaires, investors and even companies like Chase, that swore of BTC, are holding Bitcoin makes things move a bit differently.

Simply saying, Bitcoin is too stabilized to do anything more than 4x this cycle. You want the 40x or 400x or even 4000x coins Teeka Tiwari called the Final Countdown coins

Teeka Tiwari Final Countdown Coins

You see, while the cycles are still based around Bitcoin, it is not only Bitcoin that is affected by it. No, the whole crypto market reacts what's happening to Bitcoin.

The only different were BTC can do 2x, another coin can go 200x in the same time. The question is, which coin and at what time frame?

Well, that's why Teeka Tiwari is hosted this American Crypto Summit to tell you about December 1st, 2021. The day everything changes.

Is Ether the Final Countdown Coin by Teeka Tiwari?

You might have heard that Ethereum, the second biggest coin after Bitcoin, is the final countdown coin Teeka Tiwari chose.

Not exactly, but Ether is big puzzle piece of the board Teeka Tiwari is painting for all of us. You see, while Bitcoin has become gold of the digital world, great asset to hold but with little to no use, Ether has gone the other way.

Ether, is like a machine that fuels hundreds of thousands of other coin, tokens and projects that's pushing cryptos into the stratosphere.

However, it has it's own problems and shortcomings. For example, gas prices (the amount you pay for ether network based tranaction, makes it pointless to send small amounts. At the time I'm writing this gad prices wary but are usually around $40 per ETC20 transfer and double that for swap.

That's a lot if you just want to send $100 or even a $1000. Of course if you are sending millions the same fee would apply, but it is a huge problem for ether.

Why December for American Crypt Summit?

December is usually a big month for cryptos but with several factors coming together, the 2021 is especially important.

We're talking ETH upgrades, BTC cycle taking another turn, and other factors that Teeka Tiwari explain in more depth. Honestly, if you haven't watched it – do it now – and this post will make a lot more sense.

The month of December is almost here and if you want to grab a piece of the market before things start moving, this could your last chance for years, maybe ever.

Ether is good, and will get better, but there are other coins.

Teeka Tiwari Final Countdown Coins Revealed

The best part of the American Summit: The Final Countdown is you will have a chance to get  The Final Countdown Buy List: Two Tiny Cryptos to Own Now by Teeka Tiwari.

We're talking 2 tiny cryptos that you probably never even heard about benefiting from all of it the most. Imagine, coins that could potentially 40x to 4000x in upcoming months.

Of course, Teeka Tiwari has the details so make sure to check out the American Crypto Summit: The Final Countdown below

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