FB Academy Review – Facebook Ads Secrets & DFY Bonus

So why is Facebook advertising the most recommended type of ads by online entrepreneurs? I went far and wide to find out and put Anik Singal’s FB Academy to the test.


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Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $697
Official Site: lurnfb.com/go

Brief History of FB Ads: Why Facebook, Why Now?

FB ads are nothing new. In fact, Facebook started experimenting with display ads as early as 2005.  Here’s a sample of one:

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A standard banner ad on the side that had no real targeting, except all students, but a huge potential.

This banner eventually evolved into the side advertising we see today by 2009. By then ads included geo and interest targeting. In 2011 they added sponsored stories, 2012 mobile adverting and it exploded.  Suddenly, every online marketer started using FB ads.

After that, Facebook knew they had a winner and continiue updating the platform on monthly basis instead of yearly. Some of the biggest additions were news feed ads, social graph, more advanced and in-depth targeting options, Facebook exchanged, real-time bidding, lookalike audience, re-targeting, dark posts, improvements to mobile and much more.

Why is this important?

You see, most advertising platforms have a certain lifespan. Once they become popular, they quickly peak and then come crashing down. The main reason is usually that other people start jumping on the bandwagon, the competition is just too much to handle.  That’s what killed AdWords for many advertisers as well as their policy changes.

Facebook, on the other hand, has not gone the same path. It keeps on growing and expanding their arsenal of features, tools, and resources. That is why smart marketers are sticking with it and finding fool-proof ways to generate massive amount constantly flowing traffic.

One of those marketers is Anik Singal.

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FB Academy by Anik Singal

If you know Anik Singal or at least know of him, you know he’s one of the good guys. Always ready to offer a helping hand so you can get the results you want. However, did you know that:

  • Anik has made $10 million online in a single year
  • Helped thousands of people, like you and me, to start earning online
  • Stands by his products a 100%

There is no denying that Anik is a proud man. Unlike other gurus that just want to get inside your wallet. If Anik says something, you can bet he will do it.  So I’m not surprised why FB Academy is one of the best Facebook advertising courses in years.

Sneak Peek into FB Academy

There are 9 main modules in the course.  These include:

  • Module 1: Getting Started with Facebook Ads–  like the name suggest this training is on how to get started with FB ads and its benefits.
  • Module 2: The Funnel–  here you will learn about different types of funnels and how they work on Facebook. Anik uncovers some real gems.
  • Module 3: Landing Page–  landing page is the first thing your potential lead will see. There is a way to change their mindset that Anik covers.
  • Modula 4: The Ad–  how can you differentiate yourself from thousands of other ads? Anik discovered certain tweaks to do just that.
  • Module 5: Targeting–  I talked about FB targeting above, but Anik takes it to the next level. He knows FB features that usually hidden.
  • Module 6: Optimization– the chances are that with FB Academy your ROI will be great from the start, but Anik has ways to optimize it even better.
  • Module 7: Advanced Strategies–  this module is worth the price of the academy itself. A great way to scale to $20k per day or more.
  • Module 8: Certification– you’ll get Lurn Certification here.
  • Module 9: Nuts and Bolts–  here you’ll find all the technical aspects of the building and running Facebook ads

On top of the main course you also get:

  • Live Q&A sessions,
  • Facebook Group
  • Active Forum
  • Support

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Done-For-You FB Academy Bonus

FB ACADEMY BONUS2No good review can do without a bonus, am I right? However, instead of offering you some PLR course, eBook or ancient info I’m going to do you one better.

I’ll give you Facebook ads campaign that was very successful. I’m talking about ads that brought thousands of dollars worth of leads and sales. So what are you waiting for?

My Bonus + FB Academy = Profit?

With my bonus, you have no excuse to not make thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands, with Anik training. He’s giving you all the necessary tools to succeed, and I’ll show you how that success looks.

That is one of your few chances to become elite Facebook marketers without spending $10k or more on private coaching. My bonus and FB Academy is all you need.

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