Experience Product Masterclass Review & Xperiencify Bonus 2023

What makes Experience Product Masterclass and Xperiencify by Marisa Murgatroyd so irresistible?

How about the fact that Marisa guarantees you'll make at least $2,000 in the next 12 weeks or she pays you. That's the first online system that actually pay you if you don't make sales!

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What is Experience Product Masterclass Program?

Experience Product Masterclass Review

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At it's core, Experience Product Masterclass is a 10 week live training course, personal coaching, Xperiencify Software, done-4-you website, and 2 tickets to Live Your Message Live.

Yet, once you delve into what Marisa Murgatroyd has crafted with the Experience Product Masterclass, you'll understand it goes much deeper than just another online course.

Biggest breakthrough comes from the new way to learn by analyzing psychological triggers that make video games and blockbuster movies so popular.

Can Learning Be Fun and Profitable at the Same Time?

Is the idea of experience product success coach a reality? Do you really can make your product, make a profitable product idea from scratch? Start a whole online business on that alone?

Yes, mission accomplished, if you want to create all you have to do is choose to accept.

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The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 and Create Something

Throughout my years reviewing courses and interacting with people I've noticed most people, as much as 9 out of 10, don't finish the online course they purchase.

That's when you hear that 95% of people fail to make money online you have to ask yourself how many of of them quit before they had a chance to succeed.

So, what are some of the most popular reason people quit?

  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of  discipline
  • Too boring
  • Took hard
  • Overwhelming
  • Underwhelming
  • No accountability

The list can go on, but in my opinion it comes down to believe that the course is worth doing. The reasons above are just a justification of that to ourselves and each other.

I mean, let's be honest, if you're in 1/3 of a 6 month course and don't see a way it will work, how can you go on? It's like trying to run a  marathon for the first time and running out of energy not even half way.

Unless you've been in this spot before and pushed through you have no reference point it will work. That's why it's easy for people that already went through the process to do it again, but not so for new people.

Well, luckily Marisa Murgatroyd figured out a way to change that.

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Marisa Murgatroyd – Live Your Message

Why do we watch movies, binge 10 hour shows, read books that take 20 hours, and play video games that can take 60+ hours to finish?

The simplest answer would be that it's fun. We enjoy the process and not only the end result. Sure, not all shows, books and games are enjoyable 100% of the time. Sometimes you push through to finish it.

But why?

It comes to a balance of actions and rewards. Just think about a time you didn't finish a movie or a show?  You weren't rewarded enough (enjoyment) to take action (watch it) and at one point the payoff of finish it was not worth it anymore.

A book, game, or a show has to be at least somehow enjoyable to finish it. It's not like we sit through what seems like a pure 20 hours of boring grind just to get to the end.

Yet, most courses are structured like that. You have to through countless hours just for a hope you'll make money at the end.

Does that mean it's like going to work and hoping to get paid? I wouldn't go as far, but it's like training for a job.

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Marisa Murgatroyd EPM Online Course 2023

So, what did Marisa Murgatroyd do? She took action + reward strategy and took it to the next level with the Experience Product Masterclass.

The information product masterclass is a 12-week class to create a product that truly resonates with your audience.

In fact, he stats are 30% to 90% engagement compared to 5% to 15% norm. That's 6x on average! If you had a choice between a course online that has 30% to 90% engagement vs 5% to 15%, which one will you choose?

The answer is obvious as your own chances to complete it grow by 6 times and if you're a serious you're in 9/10 that will complete the course, and not 1/10 with other courses.

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What Marisa's Course Have Such a High Engagement?

They are fun, educational and social! Think preschool and kindergartner when children actually want to go to student to later years when they have to.

Marisa Murgatroyd cracked the code at creating a balance between what works and how fun it can be. This is in big part because of the action and reward system that makes you want to do the next step, module or any action to move forward.

Like watching a show or playing a game, you will be eager to do just one more. In fact, some students even get “hooked” on Matisa's courses.

Okay, so we established that Marisa Murgatroyd's Experience Product Masterclass is a fun course that you have high chance of completing.

So, what? What's the point? And how will it make you money?

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Learn from Experience Product Masterclass How To Do It

Here's the best part by taking this course you will learn how to create products as fun and engaging as Experience Product Masterclass.

Wait, what?

Yes, not only will you learn a new skill on how to create a digital product from scratch. You'll also learn how to make it so up to 9/10 people will be engaged, and not 1/10.

In a way, after finishing you'll be a testament for your own future product. Make sense?

Just imagine how easy would it be to create a online product where you knew how to do it, step by step, and make it as enjoyable as possible?

It's a win-win situation. Join EPM now. 

Experience Product Masterclass Reviews

So, let's talk what you get with Experience Product Masterclass by Marisa Murgatroyd.

  • 10 Weeks of Instruction – the main course that will teach you everything you need to know to create and market your product.
  • Personal Milestone Tracking Documentation – get feedback from your coach within 48 hours with this milestone tracker
  • Done For You Membership Site – get Xperiencify build for you  by Marisa's team. No need to worry about doing everything yourself.
  • Personal Coaching – 10 weeks of personal coaching is included. Have a question or need help? Just ask.
  • Xperiencify Software – the backbone of Experience Product Masterclass course on courses you'll build. 3 months for free
  • Two Tickets To Live Your Message Live – spend 3 days with Marisa and her team to take your business to another level.

How great is this? Pretty sweet seeing all you get but let's dive deeper into specifics.

The ExperienceProductMasterclass 10 Course Overview

Let's take this week by week and see what it means:

    • Choose your produc
    • Create your own personalized “Idea to Market Blueprint”
    • Two marketing techniques that are vital
  • Week 2 & 3 – NAILING YOUR OFFER
    • Develop the aspects of your offer
    • Craft a compelling Future Self
    • Workshop your visual brand
    • Plug into their Experience Product
    • Discover 12 different “Rapid Product Creation” strategies
    • Learn how to collaborate with your customers
    • Create your Experience Escalation Pla
    • How to choose the right marketing campaign
    •  “Experience Marketing”
    • suggestions, templates, and scripts
  • Week 10 – DELIVER THE WOW
    • Deliver an unforgettable Experience Product
    • The key elements to creating the “warm snuggy blanket”
    • How to create an Experience that engages AL

Those 10 weeks sound busy? They might be but you'll have a blast and most likely will be making good money at the end of the 10th week.

Or will you?

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Make At Least $2,000 in the next 12 weeks or get Paid $2k?

This is probably the best guarantee I've seen in a while, if ever. Basically, Marisa Murgatroyd is so confident that you will make money in the next 12 weeks that she is willing to pay you $2k if you don't.

Of course, you can't simply not do anything for 3 months and get paid. No, you actually have to complete the course, and implement it. But, aside of that it's pretty straightforward (just make sure you read the rules).

While this is a powerful incentive to get Experience Product Masterclass don't think of it as free money. Think of as that if you bust you butt for the next 12 weeks to make this work and it doesn't, I'll still be $2,000 richer.

Depending where you are at life $2,000 might seem like little or a lot, but the idea is that will learn a skill far more valuable than $2k, and that's the real worth.

Especially if you use the Xperiencify Software inside the Experience Product Masterclass

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Xperiencify Review – The Software That Does it for You?

Xperiencify review

So, with Experience Product Masterclass you get 3 free month of Xperiencify. Enough to get your $2,000 if it doesn't work.

So, what is a Xperiencify anyway? Like I said before it's the backbone of the whole system because EPM course is build on Xperiencify.com, and so will yours be in the future.

You see, Xperiencify was create but Marisa Murgatroyd & Murray Gray with the goal to increase engamenet and course completion in a fun and light way.

Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray understands that course don't have to be stuck in the 1990s or worse, the 1900s. If you really think online education, or even in person education, has hardly changed for hundreds of years.

Basically, you have someone talk about something you want to learn or have to learn. The only thing that changes is the media, first chalk board, then whiteboard and now a computer screen.

On the other hand Xperiencify makes it fun to learn and teach.

Xperiencify Takes Experience Product Masterclass To Another Level

I've already talked about action and reward but Xperiencify software takes it to the next level. Here is just a list of what it includes in the:

  • Points system
  • Points for Actions
  • Content “Tracks”
  • Content for Point
  • Spend Points
  • Variable Rewards
    • Random Points
    • Random Sounds
    • Easter Eggs
    • Surprise Gifts
    • Unique Paths
  • Urgency & FOMO
    • Countdowns
    • Time-based offers
    • Use It or Lose It Content
    • Surprise Gifts
  • Social Proof
    • Badges
    • Leaderboards
    • Micro-Leaderboards
    • Facebook
  • Community
    • Warm Welcome
    • Commenting
    • Watch Parties
    • Popup Chatrooms
    • Discussions
  • Celebrations
  • Personaliztion
  • Other Features like AI chat bot

As you can see that is a lot, and of course you don't have to use all of these features but doesn't it make you want you to start playing

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Experience Product Masterclass Bonus

Currently I'm at the process of creating my personal bonus for the EPM course, and if you have suggestions let me know.

But I'm sure it will give you a perfect product idea, an successful product, a info products.  You'll learn in the experience what it means to make a impactful product.

I'll most likely offer a bonus about SEO and organic traffic to your course in the future.

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