eSelling Machine Review – Sophie Howard AI System Worth it?

Why eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard is a game-changer for making money with Amazon books?

Picture this: 81 percent of Americans believe they have a book inside them – that's over 200 million stories yet to be told. Could one of those stories be yours? Or perhaps you're more interested in the chapter where you're earning $20,000 a month in passive income?

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What is eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard?

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The e-Selling Machine by Sophie Howard is a system to create story-driven non-fiction, or fiction, books to sell on Amazon and make $20k per month. My favorite part about Sophie's approach is that you can simply outsource the whole process or use AI tools inside eSelling Machine to do as little or as much of the work for you.

Once you have your book, you can convert it into a Kindle eBook, a print-on-demand book, and an audiobook, effectively tripling your income sources from a single book. Sounds exciting, right?

That's the brief overview. Of course, generating $5,000 per week on Amazon like Sophie will requires a little more than just having a well-written book.  However, many are already making close to that, like:

“I was able to publish my first book in under a week thanks to the simple steps laid out by Sophie. Just a month after publishing, I had over $5000 in sales!” – Stacy R.

“As a busy mom with 3 kids, I was looking for a flexible way to make money from home. Sophie's training allowed me to publish books around my parenting schedule. I'm now earning $2,000 monthly in passive income with my Kindle books!” – Amanda W.

“I struggled for over a year to make money online before finding eSelling Machine. Sophie's course was the missing piece I needed. She provides the A to Z blueprint for Kindle's success. Now I earn income while I sleep with my published books!” – Robert S.

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How Does Sophie Howard's e-Selling Method Work?

Let's start with the 100 complicated steps to create and sell eBooks online… I'm just kidding! The truth is that creating an passive income with eSelling Machine can be summarized in 4 steps:

  1. Niche Finder: The first step is to find a niche with a huge profit potential. You want to create content people are searching for and Sophie has a great method to do that. Plus you will have AI and my bonus to help you even further (bonus details)
  2. Content Creation: Here you can go several different directions. The most hands-off approach is just having it written for you, which costs around $1,000 for a well-written book. However, you can cut the cost by using AI, writing it yourself or or do a combination of all three methods.
  3. Book Cover Design: Despite the popular saying, many people will judge your book by its cover. You can use freelancers Sophie suggests to get a cover for under $50, or use AI and something like Canva to do it yourself. I do my own book covers these days and will show you how you can do it too.
  4. Publishing Your Book: Once you have your book completed follow the Sophie's steps to convert and publish it to platforms like Amazon Kindle, Create Space and Audible. Creating 3 income sources from one book; ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Now, there is a bonus step to generate more sales quicker, but is not required, and it's to promote your book with Amazon ads. Based on tests you can expect to 10x your sales based on a budget. So, a $100 pet month in ads should bring in around $1,000 in sales.

On top of that eSelling Machine also includes other ways to promote your book, both paid and free. Some of them are really clever, and effective.

However, what if I told you that as a bonus I'll promote your book for you for free, using my own methods?

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eSelling Machine + My Promo As Bonus

After years of promoting products online I've developed several highly effective methods of driving visitors to an offer using free organic traffic.

That means my traffic sources could create an additional passive income stream for you at no extra cost. It's part of my eSelling Machine bonus (leave a comment for details or check out my full bonus below).

eselling machine proof

How well do these methods work to get potential buyers to my Kindle book. Well, I already got 12 sales in a single day yesterday and used only one of my methods.

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Is it Possible To Create a Passive Income with This?

Creating a real passive income online is the ultimate goal for most people trying to make money online.

However, despite almost every system claiming to do that for you, very few are truly passive. You see, the main difference between active income, in which you earn from active work, like salaries, hourly wages, tips, and managing a business actively.

While passive income is more about generating a stream of income after the initial work, time, effort or a combo of these thing. With that said, even within passive income there are a few different types:

  • Active-Passive Online Income: here are types of incomes that while can be passive at times still require active work. Examples of these include eCommerce business, offering services, programing, and advertising.
  • Semi-Passive Online Income: these on the other hand require less intensive maintenance but an initial setup. This can include affiliate marketing, blogging, running a YouTube channel, or even dropshipping.
  • Passive Online Income: finally we have a true passive income where you create a product once and earn income without ongoing work. These include royalties from books, movies, music or other intellectual properties. As well as to some less extent from software, apps, digital products or high traffic websites.

As you can see the e-Selling Machine falls into the passive online income category. And while there are ways to actively increase your income eSelling Machine (I include a few in my bonus) it is not required.

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Watch Sophie Howard Passive Income with e-Selling Machine

SOPHIE HOWARD E-SELLINGSo, by now you know who Sophie Howard is and what she was able to achieve with eSelling Machine, right?

However, do you know what sets e-Selling Machine apart from most, if not all, other courses about this topic?

  1. Unlike almost all product creators Sophie actually uses the method she teaches how to make a passive income online. As much as $30k per month non-stop for the past 3 years.
  2. Sophie has been a successful Amazon seller for 10+ years so she knows how Amazon's algorithms works and how to get in front of millions of buyers in its marketplace.

You see, anyone can say “publishing books on Amazon is super profitable” but only a handful of people can back that up with actual income proof as much as Sophie Howard does.

There is a reason why Sophie Howard is called “The Amazon Selling Queen” and with eSelling Machine you will discover why.

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Need more? How about deep dive on what you get with e-Selling Machine and Sophie Howard student's results?

Deep-Dive into e-Selling Machine Reviews

eselling machine

Okay, let's actually go over what you get with the eSelling Machine system.

  • Step By Step Video Training: a guide to publishing on Amazon and creating a passive income with digital assets
  • Expert VIP Concierge Team: 12 months of on-call support with anything needed related to the sysrtem
  • Little Black Book of Contacts: access to proven writers, designers, and other outsourcers at your fingers tips.
  • E-Selling Machine PRO – AI Enhanced VIP Tools: use AI toolkit to do most of the work for you (even 80%) and get started faster. This is powerful tool worth the price alone.
  • 12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching: weekly live coaching to guide you in the right direction and help you become an Amazon best seller. Get all of your questions answered.

 Get All the Amazing e-Selling Machine Bonuses

On top of the core video training, guides, AI software and coaching you also get these bonuses from Sophie Howard.

  • Three Touch Point Check-ins: get on call with eSelling Machine coaches when you join, 30 days in and once again 60 days in to help you in any way possible.
  • Niche Finder Software: a great piece of software to research ideas for books and estimate the potential profits (my bonus takes that a step further.)
  • Public Domain Masterclass: learn how to publish public domain books for free so you don't even have to write/outsource a book.
  • Low Content Masterclass: books with little to no content can make you a lot of money when done correctly. Here's how.
  • Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier: possibly triple your income by releasing a paperback and audio version of your book.
  • International Profit Multiplier: by translating your book you can multiply your profits targeting other countries.
  • Fast Launch Facebook Group: it also includes a exclusive Facebook group to connect and launch your book.

As you see the system comes complete with everything you need to start making passive income with eBooks, paperbacks, and audio books as quickly as possible.

I've just scratched the surface with what's possible with e-Selling Machine by Sophie Howard. In fact, with eSelling Machine you will discover a lot more profitable niches than weight loss.

Niches that have thousands if not millions of potential buyers and no competition. My eSelling Machine Bonus will help with that.

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Results of Sophie Howard and Her Students from e-Selling

Sophie Howard's results of $220k in a year sounds crazy, and below you can see how the money just keeps rolling in, but how about her students?


Here are just a few of testimonials:

  • Christopher tried everything to make money and yet made $300 the first month with his book using Sophie's course.
  • Ted is making “stress free” $13k per month on Amazon and couldn't be happier.
  • Steve is proud to call himself a Author/Publisher while making money from it as well
  • Sarah made 65 sales her first month and no longer has to live paycheck to paycheck
  • Nick has hundreds of low content books on Amazon is making good money every single month.
  • Sue loves introducing herself as a Author/Publisher and it changed her life forever.
  • Another Sue got over 400 sales in just 14 weeks from starting
  • Megan was making $4k/month in royalties within 6 months
  • Kristen, a mom of 2, has 8 books in 4 months
  • Kat, a busy mom and wife has 162 sales in just 3 weeks

And a bonus one: Watch Teddy's 5-figure eSelling Machine case study

As you can see these people are making real money in a way they can be proud of. You can do the same and I can help with my e-Selling Machine bonus!

eSelling Machine Bonus – Let me help you with it

eselling machine bonus

I have to agree that creating and publishing a Kindle book one of the most fun and rewarding experiences I had in a long time online.

Just the idea of being a published author puts a smile on my face, even if it's under a pen name. That's why I decided to go all out on the eSelling Machine bonus and offer as much help to you as possible.

If you combine what you learn from eSelling Machine and Sophie Howard with my experience and knowledge you'll be unstoppable!

Here's my 3 step bonus:

Bonus 1: Keyword Research – Tons of phrases to target 

Once you find a profitable niche with eSelling Machine training (or I can help you with it as well). I'll give you tons of additional phrases people are searching on Amazon everyday.

For example did you know that the most popular book about dogs on Amazon is a non-fiction Dog Encyclopedia.

  • Here are the stats according to a BSR sales calculator
    • Sales per month = 4290
    • Sales per day = 286

Imagine getting almost 300 sales per day with just one non-fiction book? Even at price of $2.99 that's almost a $1,000 in sales per day.

But maybe Dog Encyclopedia is a too broad of a term, right? Another book targets just training golden retriever puppies and gets 244 sales per month based on sales rank.

Imagine if you had a book for each of the popular dog breeds. That could be thousands of dollars per day in sales, and with up to 75% royalties most of it would be profit.

However, dogs is just one popular niche, there are tons of others that are less known but just as profitable, maybe even more, than this one.

Bonus 2: Writing and Creating Graphics – Easier Than You Think?

Going the route of outsourcing the writing and graphics like Sophie Howard does is a great way to get started quickly.

However, if you are considering writing it yourself or using the AI I'll willing to help you on that front as well. You see, the book I showed stats before took me about 10 hours or so to write and edit using AI.

Add another hour or 2 for graphics and formatting and total wasn't more than 12 hours over one week. So, like 1 to 2 hours per day.

That's why for bonus #2 I'll:

  • Give you step by step how I wrote the book using AI for:
    • research
    • guidelines
    • proofreading
    • editing
    • and even as a critic
  • Show you step by step how I created all the graphics. I'll create some for you as well.
  • And even proofread and help you edit your first book

Bonus 3:  Promote your eSelling Machine Book for You

Finally, I'll use the same methods to promote your book as I did mine. Better yet, I'll also teach you how to do it yourself!

This includes:

  • Promoting book in search engine results like Google on related keywords (the ones from Bonus 1)
  • Promoting you book on social media with related terms
  • Promoting your books on YouTube targeting the same niche
  • and a secret method that I can't reveal publicly because of how powerful and profitable it is

If you want to know more  leave a comment below and I'll contact you privately.

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Why does e-Selling Machine Focus on Books?

It's simple, selling eBooks (as well as paperback and audio books) is the least stressful and most profitable way to earn with Amazon. As with this model:

  •  You don't need to source and store products (eBooks and audio books are digital and paperback get printed on demand)
  • You don't have to worry about trademarks or competition as you  own the books you that you sell
  • There is no extra cost or monthly fees

You see, Sophie discovered this method for herself after the world shut down in 2020's and it was impossible for her to attend trade shows or other events to find products to sell.

With a lot of free time on her hands Sophie started looking for ways to make money on Amazon that didn't rely on warehousing and shipping physical products.

Once she found how profitable, powerful and stress-free this method was. There was no going back. In fact, she even said that when selling eBooks she never had a stressful day.

You have to admit that having a method that is both stress-free and making passive income is the best way to go. You too can find the right one.

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Is e-Selling Machine for Everyone?

e-selling machine

There seems to be a lot of confusion online about who's the target audience for the eSelling Machine system. Is it for writers, entrepreneurs or everyday people looking for a way to make money online?

The short answer is that eSelling Machine is great for all three.

  • If you ever wanted to write a book or have written one this will help you do it faster, and reach more potential buyers quickly
  • If you're an entrepreneur you can leverage what you learn to create a new online business generating even $20k per month.
  • If you're someone that wants to become free from the 9 to 5 grind and earn online while the AI does 80% of the work.

You see, this is a business model that is popular but still under utilized and now with the power of AI it's so simple to get into.

Click Here to Learn from Sophie Howard how to do it!

Isn't Amazon Kindle Publishing Oversaturated and Not Profitable?

I always see people complaining that the Kindle Store has too many books, hence it's oversaturated and you won't make any money from publishing books.

That's like saying Google has too many search results, YouTube has too many videos, or Facebook has too many posts. It's a backward thinking.

Just because something is popular doesn't mean you can't make money with it. In most case the opposite is the truth. Popular marketplaces can make you the most money if you know how to take advantage of them.

Now, it's true that if you decided to write and title a book named “Lose Weight” you'll probably not make that many sales. There are tons of books about that topic, many of them written by authoritative authors.

So yes, writing a book titled “Lose Weight” or even “How to Lose Weight” would make you think Kindle Store is oversaturated.

However, if you made a web page or a post about the same topic you would also be overshadowed by big WebMD like sites. YouTube video, same thing only high authoritative channels will show up for that and it's the same with Facebook.

However, did you know that thousands of people search up “does crying make you lose weight” every month? Apparently there are even specific hours you should cry during for maximum weight loss.

You could probably write a whole book about this topic alone and get thousands of potential buyers to see it. What I'm trying to say each big marketplace has hidden niches in it.

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Use Hidden Niches to Profit with e-Selling Machine

kindle course e-selling sophie howard

Anyone that has tried online marketing will tell you that the weight loss niche is one of the most oversaturated niche in the whole online world.

Yet, I've been able to find hundreds of keywords that people search for everyday that have little to no competition. Even in a niche as popular as weight loss.

You see, most people think that having a top spot for something like “Lose Weight” or “Weight Lost” is the holy grail. I mean having that will mean you're set for life, right?

Not exactly, if you market it well you'll make money with it, but it's not as easy as it sounds. You see, a broad term like lose weight is searched mostly for information. Look around, see different solutions and ideas about losing weight.

Think of it as if a friend came to use and said: “I want to lose some weight.” You most likely would say to eat less and exercise more. Maybe try some kind of diet.

Unless you went through some weight loss program or know someone that had great results you will not suggest an XYZ program right away.

However, if your friend knew you were an expert on losing weight with baking soda and came to you and ask you how. You could give him a answer and a real solution.

What I'm trying to say is that people looking for a specific solution will more likely buy than someone just browsing. And while a niche as big as weight loss still has pockets that are totally up for grabs, there are tons of undiscovered niches that have thousands if not millions of potential buyers.

Click Here to Learn from Sophie Howard how to do it!

Millions of Potential Buyers on Amazon

There are around 200 million eBooks sold on Amazon a year (72% of the eBook market), 300 million print books (40% of USA print book market), and around 45 million of audiobooks (around 63% market share).

As you can see Amazon is a giant among books holding around 50% of the market share in then United States with eBook being almost 3/4 of the market share.

With eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard you positioning yourself in front of all 3 markets with Amazon Kindle, Square space and Audible for maximum profits.

Best part? While Audiobook are around 5% of the book buying market today's trends suggest it will become 22% market share soon enough.

Final Verdict on e-Selling Machine System

There is no denying that eSelling Machine offers one of the best ways to earn passive income online in 2023 and beyond.

Combine that with AI, outsourcing and my bonuses and it could be the cheapest and easiest as well. Even if you have no interest in writing books or becoming a publisher author.

Truth is that eSelling Machine offers a business model that anyone can use to start making money online.

Click Here to Learn from Sophie Howard how to do it!

8 thoughts on “eSelling Machine Review – Sophie Howard AI System Worth it?”

  1. Anna – thank you for explaining this whole kindle publishing business! I feel so much more confident now…. still a little scared but with your bonus I know i can do it! Thanks!

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to me. I know this can be scary but think about the alternative. I’m willing to help you succeed all the way! Just let me know what you need.

    • Hi Teeka. The system was designed with non-fiction books in mind as it targets what people are looking for and creates a solution. However, I don’t see how this wouldn’t work for fiction books as well. As long as you target what people are looking for and deliver. Might not work as well as for non-fiction but with Sophie Howard training you’ll still be ahead in the marketing department. I can help you as well.

  2. Can you guarantee I’ll make money with this? I really want this to work but I’m scared it’s like other programs I’ve tried. Sorry

    • Hi Karen. There is nothing to apologize for, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you anything as I’m not the product creator. I’m just promoting it because I believe it’s a great system and something people need in 2023. However, the creators do offer a 180-day guarantee if you follow the program. Check out the workshop at to learn the details about the guarantee and see the entire process. Hope that helps as this is truly a great opportunity.


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