Eben Pagan’s Digital U Review and Bonus – Launch Products Online

Eben Pagan's Digital U is the only course in the last 2 years that offers his blueprint and tools responsible for creating 10 multi-million companies.  Want to know how he does it?

Creator: Eben Pagan
Price: $1,997 or 6 payments of $397 cost
Official Site: Click Here Now

Why Eben and Why Digital U?

What's the point, I mean none of this crap works anyway, right?

Hey, I get it. If I had a penny for every time I've said that line above, I'd probably have at least $10 per year. Wait, that's not much really. Luckily, I stopped saying it, and now I'm making over $100,000 per year.

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All jokes aside, Eben, unlike so-called gurus, out there is the real deal. In fact, he has been one of the main driving forces behind the online lifestyle many of us aspire to. I remember hearing about him back in 2007, but back then I was still chasing the “no work, make money” dream many gurus of those times promised.

So, Eben and his courses have not resonated with me until the 10 years later. You see, unlike the gurus 2000s Eben Pagan's system worked, and worked very well if you were willing to your part.

Now over 10 years later Eben is still creating courses, systems and helping his students achieve their dreams. While those fake gurus with big promises are either hiding away with other people's money, bankrupt or in jail.

Review of Digital U System

What do you get With DigitalU?

  • 12 blueprint tools and exercises – 6 for creating and 6 for marketing your product
  • Live coaching classes – 6 live coaching classes with Eben Pagan
  • 6 Modules that cover everything from A to Z

Let's go over the modules quickly

  • Module 1: Orientation Fast Start
    • detail overview how it works
    • mindset for success while having fun
    • how to be profitable in 90 days
  • Module 2: Targeting Your Niche
    • niche selection that is profitable and works for you
    • how to branch out from your niche in the future
    • creating your ideal customer avatar
  • Module 3: Creating Your Online Course
    • 7 powerful frameworks to make great courses
    • how to create a premium product that is worth it
    • the psychology behind naming the product
  • Module 4: Building Your Marketing
    • learn education-based marketing
    • get proven marketing templates
    • turn your story into an asset
  • Module 5: Launching Your Online Course
    • counter-intuitive techniques to generate traffic
    • get new partners to promote you
    • creating product offer
  • Module 6: Email Master
    • set up an email follow up sequence that works
    • get email templates from Eben
    • tips and tricks on writing emails

As you can see it's a fairly straightforward course, all you do is:

Create It, Market It, Sell It

Create: From my own experience, and people I've spoken to, many believe this is the hardest part. However, that's not actually true.

You see, everyone, including you, has something that he or she can create a digital product about. I mean anything from cooking to fixing stuff, from being great at video games to being a football player, fishing, woodworking, and the list goes on.

Once you get started with Eben's training, you'll be surprised at how you can make money on almost any passion you have.

Market It: Honestly, I think marketing is harder than actually creating something. You don't really need any special skills that you don't already have to create a product, but marketing you need to learn.

However, Eben has been doing this for about 20 years, so he knows the ins and outs of it. Plus I'm offering a marketing bonus below.

Sell it: Selling is usually the hardest part. Do you ever wonder why bad movies, books, and games sometimes make the most money? While little gems take years to be discovered, or never?

Marketing plays a big role in this, but selling plays even bigger.

Fortunately, it's different with Digital U, as you don't have to do any hard selling. I mean, no going door to door trying to sell, no cold calling/emailing, no begging of friends and family.

With Digital U you'll be creating a product that there is a need for already. For example, you're a dog person? Creating a training guide, especially doing it for a specific breed, will get tons of visitors.

Best part? All of these visitors are already looking for what you're selling. Which means all you have to do is demonstrate it on your page.

Digital U Bonus: Organic Branding

One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing when creating and launching their product is lack of search engine branding.

What's that?

It's creating a brand awareness with search engines like Google and Bing. Or simply when someone is looking for your brand, product or even you (could be a pen name) they see organic proof.

This not only creates real authority, build trust but gives you a ton visitors as well. What is the alternative?

Just imagine someone hears about your book, guide, or product or maybe sees a Facebook post about it. Is interested but wants to Google it first. (most of us do that)

With no organic branding, they will not find anything useful. In fact,  they might not even find your product at all.

Well, as a bonus if you buy Digital U with any link on this site, like THIS ONE, I'll do organic branding for you at no extra cost.

Are You Ready To Start Earning?

With Eben Pagan's system and my bonus, you are ready to get. So what are you waiting for?

If you're sick and tired of not having the live you want and deserve than taking charge. Deep down you know you can do it, and I do too. Don't let an opportunity like this slip by you. Click below to get Digital U today.

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