Strategic Investor: Dave Forest Reviews The American Crack-Up 2022

The Strategic Investor which started with Doug Casey and Dave Forest is a unique investing strategy that has been helping regular people invest with confidence for years.

Find out how you can protect yourself from what ahead of America’s Largest Hedge Fund predicts “A Civil War-Type Conflict” with just 3 moves by David Forest.

The American Crack-Up with Dave Forest

the american crack up

Everything Dave Forest says makes sense, right? We can all see it with our own eyes, and depending where you live you might see it everyday. The empty store shelves, empty buildings, restaurants and so on.

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On top of that the constant rising inflation and gas prices, highest in 40 years, you know everything is going up. You see, not only does inflation make value of a dollar go down but rising gas prices will inflate everything even more as cost of transportation increases.

Worse part? This is just getting started.

The American Crack-Up and it will get a lot worse before it gets better. That's why Dave Forest released a report on 27 Essential Items to Buy NOW and it's a most read for anyone.

The Crack-Up Boom is Already Happening

David Forest talks about the various booms in prices across the world that are happening right now. Notably in France where the prices of coffee went up 15 times, sugar 25 times, and carrots 45 times.

So, you might be thinking to yourself I don't drink coffee, take sugar or eat carrots, so I don't care if the prices go up. Well, it's not that simple. Over 80% of items in a supermarket have sugar in it. Carrots? They are used every where from canned foods and frozen products to restaurant soups and fancy dinners.

What I'm trying to say is that not only will we feel the direct increase of price, like sugar, but also the impact it has on prices of other things that are either sugar based or have sugar in it.

Also, don't fool yourself thinking the crack-up boom is not happening in America yet. Wheat prices, major grain that increases prices of almost everything, is up almost 8% in 2022, highest in 14 years, and this is only the start.

Find out what's next and how to safeguard yourself

Casey Research: Dave Frost Reviews

Dave Frost is part of the Casey Research, a team led by legendary investor and best-selling author Doug Casey.

Their research has predicted the biggest financial moves since the 1980s and now they are saying the American Crack-Up will be the biggest in 100 years.

In fact, David Frost counted such events and there were only 30 of them throughout the history of the world. That shows you how much of a big deal all of this has become.

Luckily we have Dave Forest from the Casey Research to guide as through.

David Forest Report

David Forest has a 20-year career as a geologist, he worked professionally in mining and petroleum. Which allowes him a unique perspective into the financial world.

In fact, his technical expertise bridged a gap that the finance and investment sector was missing. Now he's prominent member of the Casey Research and his Strategic Investor newsletter has helped thousands.

Are you next?

Review of Strategic Investor

Strategic Investor reviews

The American Crack-Up is not a good thing, there is no doubt about it, as millions will lose their live savings, family inheritance and stop financial freedom for generation to come.

However, there is nothing we can really do about it. It is already happening, and all we can do is accept defeat or use it to our advantage.  That's right, you can actually profit from The American Crack-Up, but you need to act fast.

You see, it's not secret that some of the biggest money making opportunities came out of cracks, crisis, recessions and even the great depression.

It's because even in crisis the markets still continue to work and for everyone that gains profits, someone has losses and vice versa. You can go as far as say that when the market there are people still losing, mostly gamblers and people that have no idea what they are doing.

However, when markets are down everyone is losing except for the small groups that gains it all.

Ready to be part of that group?

Inside Strategic Investor with Dave Frost

First of all, the best thing about the Strategic Investor is that you will be one of the first people to get Dave Frost reports. Which includes

The Ultimate Crack-Up Boom Portfolio

  • 2 ways to play the inflation-proof farmland sector
  • A way to play gold you’ve probably never heard of
  • 2 “empire picks” in a mega-growth corner of the 5G market
  • A lucrative “luxury” pick to safely store (and grow)
  • And many other

The Crack-Up Boom Blueprint

  •  6 assets that are expect to rise (and fall) in the months ahead
  • Stocks you should sell ASAP
  • The 3 easiest ways to generate INSTANT income
  • Crisis playbook for weeks and months ahead

How One “Boom Trade” could Hand You 50 Times Your Money

A trade that Dave Forest discovered that could 50x your money and it has nothing to do with Gold, Bitcoin, or any traditional inflation play.

That would be enough to turn $500 into $25,200 or $5,000 into $252,000 in less that two years.

27 Essential Items to Buy NOW — Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Finally, the a full list of 27 items as well as where to get them cheapest and what to buy FIRST. Last, what percent of your portfolio to store in each.

This might sound crazy but it is happening.

Safeguard $$ from The American Crack-Up with Strategic Investor

By now you know how important it is. Don't hesitate or wait as The American Crack-Up is happening right now and only you can stop it from happening to you.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

Check out David Forest's Strategic Investor to learn more and find out what you were missing all this time.

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