Dan Hollings The Plan Reviews 2023: What is the Crypto Bonus?

Can Dan Hollings The Plan really help you profit in this economy and the current cryptocurrency market? I put Dan's crypto plan to the test and the results are surprising.

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Creators: Dan Hollings + Rapid Crush
Name: The Plan Crypto Course
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: One time cost of $3497 or 4 payment of $997
Official Site: theplan.vip/join 

IMPORTANT: Dan is extending close for 24 hours as there has been an issue with the payment processor! So you can still get it!

Does The Plan Dan Holling Still Works?

dan hollings crypto

I've been using Dan Hollings' The Plan for over a year and the most often questions I get is  “does The Plan crypto still works?”

My initial response was why wouldn't it? After all Dan Hollings crypto training doesn't rely Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency being on top to make money. In fact, Dan created the plan after -84% Bitcoin crash in 2018 where he lost almost all of his money.

I would say this is the perfect time to get Dan Hollings crypto bot because as long as cryptocurrencies wiggle you make money with The Plan crypto bot. Using automation it can buy and sell cryptos in all markets no matter what the price of the coin.

However, I know how you feel as not long ago I was in the same spot.

How Dan Hollings Crypto Helped Me?

I've lost around $100,000 of potential profit in 2018 crash, the same one Dan lost his money. However, while I ran away from cryptos and sold most of it, Dan created Dan Hollings The Plan.

The result? Dan Hollings is a multimillionaire crypto expert while I had to start over to build portfolio, which is still just a fraction of what Dan has.


Because I waited until cryptos were picking up speed instead of getting them dirt cheap like they are now. Don't make the same mistake as me.

Does that mean I recommend that you go out and buy and all the cryptocurrencies and hope they will go up? No, because even if they go up, and I believe a 100% they will with time, you are not making a profit until you sell.

Like I said before, I had a potential of $100,000 profit with my portfolio before the 2018 crash. However, even if I held that until 2020, my coins would have been worth north of $300,000.

So, despite a huge crash in 2018, if I just held by coins for 3 years I would have more then tripled my money from the 2017 high. Crazy, right? Well, if I got into BTC at the lowest in 2019 , I would have more than 21x my money with just Bitcoin.

However, let's stop living in the past. All those potential profits don't really matter because with the strategy that most use you don't make a single dime until you sell.

That's not the case with The Plan Dan Crypto!

The True Benefit of The Plans Crypto

With The Plan by Dan Hollings you don't simply buy cryptocurrency with real money and hope it goes up. No, you use crypto bots to make passive income 24/7.

What many people don't realize is that with crypto software by Dan Hollings you make profit on every trade. It's not potential profit like with coins going up. Your portfolio might be worth more but you won't see profits until you sell.

No, with Dan Hollings crypto bot trading you get profit deposited into your account automatically. So, you can sit back and see your wallet grow, even in bear market.

To think, all of this is possible with a simple cryptocurrency training course by Dan. That is available for a limited time, so you need to hurry, to get all the bonuses for free.

My Results with The Plans Rocks!

Now, I don't post these screenshots to boast or brag, but to show you what is possible if you get The Plan with Dan Hollings and my bonuses.

Just look at the results Dan Hollings cryptocurrency training has brought me.

dan hollings the plan

That's over $550 in a day, which comes out to 4.11% average DAILY return based on my portfolio.

Imagine a 4.11% profit everyday. Doesn't seem like much to non investor but 4.11% a day is 1,500% a year,

Which is possible in a single day using Dan Hollings' The Plan and MY Strategy that you will get as a Bonus if you buy the Plan crypto using a link below.

Click Here to Get Dan-Hollings-The-Plan and My Bonuses Access

Let's Get Volatile: The Wiggle Factor

You say cryptos are volatile? It seems the whole world has gone volatile. It's been the craziest 2+ years of my life and I'm scared to think what's 2023 will bring. Most countries

Especially financially, S&P 500 is down 21.26 on the year to date return for 2022. Inflation in many top countries in the world is still around 10% and there is no clear sign it will go down.

On top of that the who housing market is crashing and major currencies are struggling. Which leaves very little room of what to do with money to stop losing it.

Maybe let it wiggle?

You see, despite of everything  happening in this mad world Dan, myself, and tons of other people following Dan Hollings crypto training, The Plan are making a profit with cryptocurrencies. How? Volatility!

Volatility and the down market are most likely the biggest reasons why some people still stay away Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

This makes sense, as volatility and down market can be a major pain points for an unseasoned cryptocurrency investor. I mean, seeing your entire crypto portfolio drop 10% in a matter of hours makes you want to throw away your phone just to stop the notifications from reaching you.

You see, Dan Hollings crypto has come up with an ingenious solution to combat volatility. In fact, he turns it from a disadvantage to one of the best things in cryptos.

So, if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, own some Bitcoin or Ethereum, or simply want a money-making solution with a 100% success rate for all beta testers, including me, then you want to read this review.

Especially, seeing how I already made $4,937 profit in about a month. That’s the price of The Plan by Dan Hollings + almost $1.5k in my pocket.

Best part? I combined the Dan Hollings crypto bot strategy with my own cryptocurrencies to increase the profits. I’ll show you exactly how in my bonus offer.

Get The Plan Rock Crypto Now

Let's Review Crypto Volatility


Dan Hollings crypto often mentions that this is a “do nothing” strategy. In fact, he says one of the hardest things with Dan Hollings The Plan is to “do nothing” after the initial setup

At first, I was sure he was bluffing. I mean come on, 100% success rate by leaving it alone. Just set it, and forget it?

Well, my big ‘Aha’ moment came when Dan Hollings explained how the Plan Crypto bot uses volatility to make you money.

I know volatility is scary. Seeing things go up and down like crazy can make anyone lose their cool. I know, I’ve been there many times.

That’s another plus of the Plan Rocks as I now don’t worry if cryptos are going down or up. I’m making money either way, but I’ll talk about that later.

You see, it’s all about perspective. Most of us look at volatility as something unpredictable. Even a gamble. We see it from a perspective of big gains or losses, right?

You only hear stories of big gains, like buying coins on an exchange for $100 and selling them for several thousands, or big losses, like getting in too late and selling at an 80% loss.

However, volatility is much more than just huge pumps and dumps, it’s also the “wiggle factor.” Which is what Dan Hollings calls small up or down movements, like in a sideways market. Perfect for the wiggle bot.

That “wiggle factor” is where Dan Hollings makes a profit in the safest way possible with cryptocurrencies, no matter if it’s a bull, bear or sideways market, with an automated wiggle bot.

Find out for Yourself Now

Does Dan Crypto Plan Work For Everyone?

dan crypto training

Listen, Dan Hollings' The Plan will include several phases in the future but this is all about Phase one. The same phase that allowed me to make almost $5k in a single month by doing nothing.

There are three main reasons why The Plan works so well and has a 100% success rate. It doesn't even matter if you're cryptocurrency veteran or never owned a crypto in your life, this works for everyone.

  1. You set it up exactly as Dan Hollings's and do nothing, so there is not much room to mess up.
  2. The Dan crypto trading bot lowers risk and maximizes profits by trading only small amounts at a time, but does it often enough for big profits.
  3. A build-in A.I. safeguards your assets from pumps and dumps so you don't see sudden spikes.

Sounds simple? It is, but it took Dan Hollings several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing to get it to work so well. Now, you can have the thing in matter of days.

Get Dan Hollings Secrets

the plan crypto bot

I’m so glad that Dan Hollings crypto Plan has a bot doing the trading and not me. I’m not even kidding.

You see, a while ago I became a crypto day trader, at least for a day. I was like, “eh, I have some coins just sitting there let’s make some money trading with the blockchain.”

Guess what? I’ve made like $100 profit in about 15 minutes. Felt pretty good, Charlie Sheen ‘winning’ good. Well, that lasted for about an hour before I lost $300 more.

However, I’m not alone according to a study by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of Forex traders found 70% of traders lose money every quarter on average, and traders typically lose 100% of their money within 12 months.

Let’s face it, most of us are horrible traders. In fact, I would say it is against our human nature to be traders.

Why? Because we are emotional creatures and emotions get the better of us more than we would like to admit.

Get the bot

The Plan Crypto Training Reviews: Why Trading Bots do it Better?theplan.vip/join

Okay, I know bots are not always the answer, but for methodical tasks, they are pretty awesome.

That’s why it works so well for trading because:

  1. Bots have no emotions and will not panic sell or take out a loan because it believes crypto will moon in just days.
  2. Bots are automated, so they work 24/7 and can go on for months.
  3. A.I. powered crypto bots can process data fast, self-optimize and diverse in a blink of an eye.

That’s pretty awesome, right? Well, let’s not forget those bots had to be designed and programmed by a human. So, while we are emotional wrecks most of the time, we are great at logical thinking and preparation.

That’s why we can create things that improve us or make things easier. Dan Hollings did just that with the Plan.

Ready to Join?

Dan Hollings Reviews: Cryptocurrency Expert

So, who is this Dan Hollings guy and how did he become the crypto whisperer?

Okay, I just made up that whisperer part, but I hope it sticks. You see, Dan Hollings is not new to being a pioneer in both online and offline ventures.

For example, Dan Hollings was the marketing strategist for both ‘The Secret’ movie and book. Which was huge.

Even ABC News wrote: “the marketing campaign behind ‘The Secret’ is going to go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere.”

Dan Hollings was also one of the first to predict the mobile taking over desktop in traffic and helped over 32,500 people generate almost a billion in monthly total revenue on Amazon.

Dan did all of that before starting The Plan with cryptos, and now he does nothing to earn millions. However, it wasn’t always like that.

Dan Crypto Lost Millions So You Don't Have To

As I mentioned before, it took years and a lot of money for Dan to perfect his plan, and make it The Plan Rocks.

However, it all began when Dan lost all of his crypto money because of poor investment choices and buying into the idea that cryptos will only go up.

With that said, what makes Dan different from most people is that he didn’t simply give up and quit. No, he knew cryptos had an unlimited potential to make anyone the life-changing income they wanted and kept working at it.

I guess, being a world-famous marketing strategist, internet pioneer, course creator, teacher, and programmer, helped the process.

Nonetheless, Dan could create something that truly works for anyone, almost anywhere. The Plan's students are in over 120 countries worldwide.

Now, for a limited time, you can become part of the “do nothing and earn” movement for less than you might earn in a month.

Join and Do Nothing to Earn

My 5 Day Case-Study With The Plan Crypto Bot

So, I’ve made almost $5k in a month using The Plan. Great, but will you make as much?

Of course, I can’t guarantee it. Neither can Dan or any other reviewer out there. However, I challenged myself before I wrote this review.

I wanted to see how much I can make with a limited budget, and in a market going mostly down in less than a week. The results? I’ve made $778 bot profit in only 5 days with brand new bots.

Here's the proof:

dan hollins the plan reviews

I’ve blocked the coin pairings as they’ve been working for me well and don’t want everyone to know them. You’ll get the pairings as my bonus package, so don’t worry.

The craziest part is that the bots earned 6.4% ROI in 5 days and 3 hours. I mean, where can you get that kind of ROI for ‘doing nothing? Well, aside from the The Plan with Dan Hollings and my bonuses.

Get started Now

What Does The 6.4% ROI and $780 Profit Even Mean?

Now, 6.4% doesn’t sound like much, but when you factor in it being only 5 days, things change. At this rate, a monthly profit would be around 38% and a yearly around 456%, which equals $56,160 per year.

Does that mean I’ll make $56,160 in the next 11 months? No, there are no guarantees it will continue to work exactly the same. With that said, I think I’ll make much more because I plan to reinvest part of the profits to increase the sum of the investment.

The $780 profit in 5 days was from a sum of $12,187.50 in total. That means if my sum was $20,000, I would have a profit of $1,280 in those 5 days.

Do you have to invest $20,000 or $12,187.50 to make The Plan work? No way, you can start much lower, but Dan’s advice is to have at least $3000 to invest.

So, with my results of 6.4%, you would have made $192 in those 5 days, around $1,152 in a month, and $13,824 a year just from those original $3,000. Turning $3,000 into over $13,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

However, you want to hear something even wilder. If you actually took the 38% profit from each month and reinvested it for the next one, by the end of a year that $3,000 would turn into $143,110.10 if the profit percentage would stay at 6.4% for every 5 days for a year.

At this point, it just sounds crazy, but here’s the math behind it.

the plan cryptocurrency

Not so crazy anymore, right?

Of course, I’m not saying that it will play out exactly like that as the percentage can fluctuate, cryptos can go up and down, and you would have to reinvest all the profits, but it’s possible.

In fact, you can even make more. If you look at the screenshots, one of my bots made 16.77% profit in those 5 days, another 10.2%, another 9.87%. I also had some that did 1.48% or 2.3%, at the same time.

You can see that it wasn’t a fluke or luck that I got that 6.4%, as it was the average.

Get started now

My The Plan Bonus: Come Fly With Me

I’m going to make you an offer you cannot refuse!

If you get The Plan by Dan Hollings using any link on this page, like this one, you’ll get my special bonus package to go along with the Plan crypto review.

Bonus 1: All the names of coin pairings I’m using

That means I’ll reveal the coins I used in the challenge, as well as the ones I’m still using, and every bot I start in the future. Basically, you can follow me and copy the exact moves. Even if you’re just using “play” money.

Bonus 2: I’ll Share With You My Hodling Coins and Why I HODL them

During my 5 years in crypto, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to hold. I’ll be sharing with you my holdings so you can decide if you want to invest or not.

A little side note, in the last half a year my portfolio went up 400%.

Bonus 3: My Help and Guidance

I know this can feel scary, but I’m offering you 100% of my help! That means you can contact me with anything related to The Plan, bots, or cryptos.

Dan Hollings is changing lives with The Plan, and I want to be a part of it.

So, click here to get it along with my bonuses.

Inside Review of The Plan by Dan Hollins

dan holling the plan

You see, most systems I review require you, the user, to do a certain amount of work. It’s only logical, right?

I mean, if you want to start an affiliate site, you will need to research it, create the website, write the content, and so on. How about an eCommerce store? Even more work. I try to explain the amount of work inside my reviews, usually around this part, but that’s not the case with the plan.

You see, the main part of the Dan Hollings' The Plan is auto trading with a bot, where it takes a brief time to set up and you’re done. Unless you want to maximize and set up like 15 of them.

That means you don’t have to spend several hours a day for months to make this work. This is truly a system that does it all for you on autopilot. A truly passive income solution.

Sure, there will be other phases to the Plan, but these are just additional and optional programs that will release. They include:

pahse 1 the plan

  • Phase 1: Grid Bot & Advanced Hodl'ing: The famous “do nothing” strategy by Dan Holling's where you create a million dollar plan with low risk and high reward
  • Phase 2: DeFi Secrets & Mega Returns: Dive into decentralized finances and see the future of money with these sessions.
  • Phase 3: Grand Scale Crypto Rebalancing: the S&P of crypto? Looking forward to these 2 automated strategies.
  • Phase 4: Advanced Grid Bot Platinum: more advanced strategies for the Grid Bot for even higher profits.

As you see right now all you have to do is get the Plan and set it up to enjoy all of it.

Why in my Opinion Plans is the Best Option for Crypto?

So, I showed you a real possibility based on my own numbers of how you might turn $3,000 into $143k in a year using The Plan. Or even way more by your second year.

However, perhaps you can get even better results by just investing in good cryptos. I mean, you saw people on YouTube or Reddit claiming you can turn a $100 into several thousand, or even tens of thousands.

Is that possible? Sure, and if you back-test alt-coins like Doge, Shiba inu, or Elon for the last couple of months, you would see 100x to 1000x gains easily.

It’s possible because the crypto market is still relatively new and we can compare gains from it to 10 years of gains on the stock market.

However, that goes the other way as well. The faster they climb, the harder they fall, and when they do, it’s a bloodbath.

A great example of this is the unofficial “Squid Game” token that went from around $0.01 on October 26, 2022 to $523 on Nov. 1st and then back to $0.003 on the same day. That was good enough to turn $100 to $3.2 million for at least couple of hours.

The result? It ended up being a scam with people behind Squid Token cashing out while preventing other people from selling. In the end, those millions were only good on the computer screen.

Make your profits real

The Plan Reviews Safeguarding You From That

The reason Dan Hollins started the Plan is just to counter such ways of making money with cryptos. You see, like many, Dan was also a victim of “I can’t lose with cryptos” mentality.

When he started in 2017, everything was going up and he felt unstoppable. Riding cryptos to the moon with lambos. Then everything changed and Dan lost all of his crypto money. This happens to 99% of the people that try to time the crypto market.

Now, there are people that are making a bank by trading or investing in cryptos. Even I have a portfolio of 20+ coins that in total had over 4x gains in this year alone.

With that said, I still don’t consider myself an expert and rely on a handful of real cryptocurrency mentors (not YouTube or Reddit posts) to guide me. Which I will share with you as my bonus.

Still, I don’t see relying on trading or investing in cryptos as my full-time income source. Eventually, I would be one of the 99% that fails. On the other hand, I could see myself doing The Plan full time.

In fact, for the past month, the Plan made me almost as much as online marketing, which I’ve been doing for over 10 years. Best part? I never even tried crypto-bot trading before The Plan by Dan Hollings. So, even if you have no experience, this works for anyone.

>>>>Join Now

So, How Did Dan Do It?

Dan Holling's came up with The Plan to not rely on typical bullish strategies that focus on buying low and selling high. That’s unpredictable and unsustainable.

No, Dan knew to make something to work with cryptos. No matter if they are going up, down, or sideways, you need to factor in the volatility. So, in Daniel Hollings’ plan, every time a coin pair moves up or down, or like Dan calls it ‘wiggles’, you make money with the wiggle bot.

That not only makes the ability to gain profits from coin pairs fast while reducing the chance to lose significantly because of safety matters. Which turns volatility from an unfortunate disadvantage into an amazing advantage.

That means you can make a lot of money with cryptos quickly without having to foreclose your house or sell your firstborn. Just kidding.

However, what’s the alternative? Not making much unless you’re sitting on millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. If so, investing in the S&P 500 will not make you a Warren Buffet.

So, that’s the main reason The Plan by Dan Hollings works. It makes volatility do the hard work for you to get the best gains.

Join The Plan VIP

How to Join The Plan Rocks

Listen, if you’re still reading this by now, you know Dan Hollings' The Plan is the real deal. In fact, you might not even realize how lucky you are to get it.

This is only a limited-time offer for a limited amount of people. On top of that, you get my bonus that is reserved only for handful of people. I can't offer this to everyone because I will work with you personally, and will reveal my hodling coins, pairing and exact bots setting.

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Disclosure: If you enroll in The Plan via my link, I'll receive a

commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks to that commission I'm able to offer my time and effort to help you succeed with Dan Hollings' The Plan like I did.

However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Let's review it

Learn how you can make up to or even more than $569 (that's 4.11% average DAILY return) in a single day using Dan Hollings' The Plan and MY Strategy that you will get as a Bonus if you buy the Plan crypto using a link below.

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