The Consumable System Review – Manuel Suarez HoneyComm 2023

How does ‘The Consumable System‘ by Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien address the common fears of starting an eCommerce store in the supplement industry?

Facing a stagnant sales dashboard, the fear of e-commerce failure, the sting of explaining setbacks, and the burden of mounting debts and sleepless nights. The is complete a game-changer.

Creators: Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien
Price: $1,997 or Cost of 3 x $797
Official Site:

In this Consumable System review, I'll analyze how Jason Fladlien and Manuel Suarez achieve consistent success selling consumable products  and garner positive feedback, all while staying ahead of the curve.

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consumable system review

Does Consumable System Work? Manuel Suarez and Jason Fladlien Course

What sets Jason Fladlien and Manuel Suarez's Consumable System apart from typical e-Commerce business models?

  1. Your Own Consumable Brand – with this system you'll be selling HoneyComm supplements under your own brand. No need to compete with all the brands everyone else is selling.
  2. Zero Inventory Management –  you don't need to source the supplements in bulk upfront that could cost up to $10,000. In fact, it's all made on-demand with consumable products.
  3. US Made and Shipped– you'll be selling high-quality products that are made and shipped directly from the manufacturer in the United States.
  4. Amazing Profit Margins – Dropshipping margins are usually 10% with TCS you'll be getting 100% to 400% profit margins.
  5. Fool-proof Strategy – the step-by-step was designed by Manuel and his team after getting thousands of eCommerce #1 rankings and selling millions dollars of products.

As you can see this is probably the simplest and most profitable form of eCommerce out there. A plug-n-play system that takes the best of dropshipping (no need to buy in bulk and store) and combines with private label (high profit margins and full control).

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Why The Consumable System Course AI in 2023?


The nutritional supplements market is around a $1 billion per day industry and expected to reach over $624.7 billion per year by 2030.

That means it will almost double in just 7+ years. With The Consumable System you can position yourself in front of that gigantic growth. Which means not only  creating massive income in 2023, but an online business and brand that will last you decades.

Just imagine having an asset like a supplement brand. Something you can use now to make money, sell it later, or pass it down to your kids or grand kids.

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Rapid Crush: Generate Income in Supplement Industry

After generating income online full-time for over 10 years I've noticed there are 2 types of online opportunities out there.

  • Quick and Short – these are ways to make a quick buck by following trends, finding loopholes or exploits.
  • Slow and Long – these focus on long-term profits but require time and effort to create/build out.

Of course, most people starting out want to make money online as quick as possible. Which makes sense as not everyone can afford the time and money to build a blog, huge following, or an entire online business from scratch.

However, the problem with short-lived methods is that once buzz is gone, loophole or exploit fixed, it no longer makes money and you have to start all over again.

On the other hand an online business, eCommerce store or even just a brand will increase in value the more you work on it. These days a website with a business sells for around 48 times it's average monthly income.

Which opportunity does The Consumable System fall into? Both! The unique combo zero inventory brand and on-demand drop shipping makes it so that you can build online brand/business while making good income within 90 days or less.

So, on one side your Consumable System business can generate sales within weeks or even days, giving you quick profits. On the other with time you can easily scale it to $10,000 per month in a year.

Once you do that you not only have a business that earns six figures, but also an asset worth close to half a millions dollars.

You see, online businesses/websites sell for around 48 times their monthly profit. That means a business generating $10,000 could be sold for $480,000, maybe even more.

Not saying you should, but that's how valuable a long-term online business can become in just a year. Having a half-million-dollar exit strategy can become very helpful, especially in these uncertain times.

It's all thanks to Manuel Suarez approach

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HoneyComm's Zero Inventory – Best e-Commerce?

manuel suarez honeycomm zero inventory

Dropshipping, the form of eCommerce where the seller accepts customer orders without keeping stock on hand, has been on a decline because of low margin profits, slow shipping and the competition.

An alternative? Either drop-ship from the US (fast shipping but even smaller profit margin) or create your own label and buy from China in bulk (good profit margin but need to buy a lot).

Well, with HoneyComm you actually get the best of both worlds. Fast shipping from the US and a private-label with crazy good profit margins.

So, what is HoneyComm? IIt's an on-demand brand automation platform for consumables, which means everything from Vitamin C to gummies, weight loss, and pet care.

HoneyComm has over 100 products you can sell right now under your own brand and have them ship it out to your customer in under 3 days.

You see, they have addressed most of the common dropshipping problems:

  • You have greater control over supply – you get the items from the source so there is no problem with supply
  • Great quality – Honeycomm prizes itself on quality and you get the best.
  • Fast shipping – ships from the US within 3 days
  • Awesome brand building – you sell HoneyComm consumables under your own brand
  • less competitive – because you sell under your own brand and not generic
  • High profit margins – up to 400% mark up, but usually 200% to 300%

Do you see the difference between those the two?

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How Does Brand Print-on-Demand Dropshipping Work?

Regular dropshipping works by basically reselling someone else's product with a markup, and letting them handle shipping. For years it was a great way to get into eCommerce without spending thousands on inventory.

However, there are drawbacks to it like:

  • Limited control over the Supply – your store can suffer if the supplier runs out of stock or discontinues a product
  • Problems with Quality – sometimes outsourced products are of poor quality and you won't know until customers complain
  • Slow/poor shipping – depending on the location of the supplier or effort the shipping and handling can suffer
  • Poor brand building – by selling other people's products you are limited in building a brand
  • It's competitive – when multiple or even hundreds of dropshipping stores sell the same items
  • Low profit margins – markup on the US dropshipped items is usually low but shipping from abroad takes too long

Does that mean dropshipping doesn't work? No, it can and does work for many people. Especially those who started a couple of years ago, but it's not as easy as some people claim.

On the other hand, the print-on-demand in the consumable industry is the next step in the drop shipping evolution.

Learn from the best

HoneyComm On-Demand with Consumable System

So, what is HoneyComm?

It's on-demand brand automation platform for consumables, which means everything from Vitamin C to gummies, weight loss, an pets care.

HoneyComm has over 100 products you can sell right now under your own brand and have them ship it out to your customer in under 3 days.

You see, they solved most of the dropshipping problems

  • You have greater control over supply – you get the items from the source so there is no problem with supply
  • Great quality – Honeycomm prizes itself on quality and you get the best.
  • Fast shipping – manufacturer to the customer in the US within 3 days
  • Awesome brand building – you sell HoneyComm consumables under your own brand
  • less competitive – because you sell under your own brand and not generic
  • High profit margins – up top 400% markup, but usually 200% to 300%

Do you see the difference between those 2?

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The Consumable System Review: What Do You Get?

the consumable system

By now, you know the benefits of the Manuel Suarez's style of eCommerce to sell online supplement with digital marketing. However, how does it all come together?

First let's talk about the course. The Consumable System is divided into 10 modules.

  • 1: Foundation – learn how to build a consumable foundation
  • 2: HoneyComm Software and Community – instruction on how to create your consumables and joining the community
  • 3: Brand and Identifying Your Ideal Customer – identify and target audience that is looking for the products you sell
  • 4: Building a Brand Through Strategies – plan to build a long-term brand that will turn into a 6-figure asset
  • 5: High-Converting and Profit-Making Consumable Website – learn how to set up an eCommerce website correctly
  • 6: Email and SMS Campaign Setups – basic Email and SMS campaigns to gather leads
  • 7: Integrating Amazon and Other Sales Channels – multiple your income with Amazon and other selling platforms
  • 8: The Bootstrap Model (The Zero Advertising Route) – how to grow your business without paid advertising using social media
  • 9: Paid Traffic Secrets For Accelerated Growth – want to grow and scale even faster. Proven ads campaigns
  • 10: Setting Your Brand Up for Long-Term Success and Growth – build your brand into life-long lasting empire

As you can see there is a lot of work behind the Consumable System and you'll get everything you need to start a Consumable eCommerce Store.

This is probably the most complete eCommerce system I have ever reviewed. Are you ready to get started?

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Bonuses From Manuel Suarez at

For a limited time only, on top of that for limited time only you get all these bonuses with The Consumable System:

  • HoneyComm Software – a full year of the “Premium Plus” version
    • Unlimited SKUs
    • Unlimited monthly transactions
    • Unlimited selling channels
  • Full AI-Powered Prompt Library – a comprehensive list and instructions on how to use AI software
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) – a system for everything needed for a successful brand. Like video creation, images, text and more. With the SOPs there is no guesswork.
  • The Hive Community – The “Hive” is a place for all The Consumable System students to learn, share and work as team.
  • The Golden Retriever Method –  is a way to leverage evolutionary psychology to get a huge conversion boost and more profits.
  • $0 to $100,000,000 Follow Along (Fly On The Wall) – 10 live sessions with Manuel Suarez as he creates his new brand from scratch using the same system you will have access to. This is worth the price of the system alone.
  • Bundle Magic (Profit Multiplier) – learn how to make multiple sales from one customer with the bundle strategy.

Now, this Consumable System offer and bonuses are ending soon. This could be your last chance to get it all. What will it be?

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Consumable System Webinar: Step-by-Step Guide

Okay, so what is actually required to start a successful eCom store like the one Manuel's students are generating 6 or even 7-figures with The Consumable System?

  1. Learn how it works from the course and familiarize yourself with HoneyComm. There is a reason this strategy works so well so why not learn it from the source?
  2. Uncover the ideal customer and build your brand around it.
  3. Use the HoneyComm software to sell products under your brand
  4. Set up your website and marketplaces like Amazon to sell on
  5. Use free methods from the course to get customers (or paid ones)
  6. Grow and scale your business to the level of income you desire

That's not so hard right?

One of the most important reasons I like The Consumable System, that you have it all in one place. All you have to do is integrate HoneyComm with your eCommerce store (you learn that too) and you're ready to go.

There's no need to juggle multiple supplier, worry about issues with each one separately, and try to manage it all yourself. If you ever tried managing a dropshipping store you'll know what I'm talking about.

So, for simplicity reasons and profit potential I love the fact you can use HoneyComm on-demand platform with Consumable System to sort all of it out.

So, how does HoneyComm profit out of this deal?

It's simple, they are the manufacturers that focus on creating and selling the product for dropshipping. They cut out the middle man (wholesale vendor) and share their cut.

Essentially, the people that use HoneyComm to sell their own consumables are like a marketing team. Everyone makes money and everyone is happy.

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The Consumable System Bonus – Unlimited Traffic

consumablesystem bonus

Want to get even more leads, customers and sales? Check out my The Consumable System Unlimited Organic Traffic done-for-you bonus!

Part 1: Organic Traffic to Your Website

Without a doubt organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo is one of the most underutilized methods for eCommerce stores out there.


Most people think it's slow and takes forever to scale. That's only the case if you don't know what you're doing. I get 90% of my leads and sales from organic traffic.

How? I have developed a strategy and system to rank specific keywords on free sites to funnel traffic back to your websites for sales.

Not only can this get you sales fast (pages rank usually in few days) but also give your whole The Consumable System website an SEO boost.

As a bonus I'll do the same for your Consumable System website! That means you'll get flood of customers aside from what the Manuel Suarez system is teaching.

Part 2: Organic Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Inside the course you'll learn how to rank Amazon listing for your products. However, did you know you can also rank Amazon Listings in search engines like Google?

Like with the websites I'll rank your Amazon listings (up to 5) as the second part of my bonus!

Part 3: Organic Traffic to Your Other Listings

Finally, if you decide to use other platforms to sell than your own website or Amazon (Manuel teaches them as well) I'll also rank them in the search engines for specific keywords (up to 3).

What does all of that mean to you?

  • More sales – with search engine rankings for your website, Amazon and other platforms you could get hundreds if not thousands of visitors per day for free = more leads and sales
  • Brand Awareness – having top rankings does wonders for your brand as people will see it on top of Google
  • Trust and Authority – people trust Google and other search engines and if they rank you on top you get instant trust and authority by default

Listen, The Consumable System is a great way to get started with eCommerce. It's fast, easy, profitable and with my bonuses, sky's the limit.

However, to actually benefit from this opportunity (ending soon) you need to take action. Wishing or hoping to make a full-time income online doesn't just happen.

With that said, if you're ready to take that next step I'll try to do my best to help you along the way (with the bonuses and much more).

So, what are you waiting for? Get The Consumable System by Manuel Suarez now below.

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