Commission Hero Review – Do You Want To Get Rich in 2024?

The Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard poses a simple question.

What if you could access a affiliate marketing system that helped 15,636 people make over 160 million in total sales. With 160 of them making over $250k in profit per year. Would you use it?

See my new Commission Hero AI review for 2024.

Or would you rather look up negative Commission Hero reviews by individuals that clearly have got through the Robby Blanchard affiliate marketing course.

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Is Commission Hero Opportunity For You?

commission hero reviewCreator: Robby Blanchard
Price: $2497 or cost of $ $997×3
Type: Small Business/Affiliate Marketing
Official Site:

Let's get something straight. In this review I'm not going try to convince you that Commission Hero is the best things since sliced bread.

Nor will I try to tell you Commission Hero is a scam, and you should get XYZ product instead. The truth is that Commission Hero has created more Clickbank success stories than any other system I know.

That's because it has been successfully teaching people how to make money as an affiliate since 2020 (possibly ealier but that's when I discover Robby Blanchard and Commissions Hero).

But, as any good review I should address the good and the bad of the Commission Hero.

What Do The Critics Have to Say about Hero AI?

After reading a bunch of negative Commission Hero reviews I noticed a familiar trend.

  • The Cost: I'm not going to pretend the cost is not small for most. However, if you compare the price of Commission Hero to a 4-year degree of $20k to 200k+ it's a different perspective.
  • No Brand Building: Many seem to focus on this point, but the truth is that none of affiliate businesses focus on brand.  Which is a good thing if you don't want to be an influencer.
  • Actual Results: Can you really make $250k with it a year? That all depends on you, and how close your follow the system.

The truth is that Commission Hero is, and has been, a great way to learn affiliate marketing using paid ads. It started with Facebook, but now includes YuoTube and Tiktok.

The problem is that only about 5% to 15% actually finish an online course. How many of them actually implement what they learn is unknown bit I'm guessing 1%?

Which makes why 160 of Robby Blanchard students make $250k per year out of 15,636 students. That 1% right here that went thought the course and implement everything Robby teaches.

Ready to Start?

Robby Blanchard Reviews: He's Not an Old Guru

Robby Blanchard reviewsThat's what really drew me to Commission Hero and Robby Blanchard.

The fact that he's not like 95% of online gurus out there.

I'm not going to name names, but you know the type. Gurus that made their fortunes 10 or 20 years using different affiliate methods that don't work any more, yet claim to be experts and put out courses.

Yet, most of their income comes from an email list of 100k or more, that they build since the 2000s. With Robby Blanchard you can start with nothing, and continue to make money for years.


Robby Blanchard Actually Follows Commission Hero

It's really a breath of fresh air that Robby Blanchard practices what he preaches.

You see, Robby Blanchard has been doing affiliate marketing since 2017, and teaching people how to do it since 2019. That's less than 5 years in total and 3 on teaching. Which is actually a good thing.

I talked about gurus that have been doing affiliate marketing for 20 years, and at first you might think it's better to learn from them, right? After all, they have much more experience and knowledge?

Not exactly, you see, the affiliate marketing world is constantly changing and you should learn from a person that's successful at it right now, and not 20 years ago.

It's like trying to learn about today's world from a 20 year old text book. Not saying it's totally useless, but not optimum thing to do right in 2024 if you want to start earning now.

Plus, you don't see those guys old gurus on top of Clickbank affiliate lists anymore. On the other hand Robby is there and even his students.

Let's dive into Commission Hero and see what all the fuss is about!

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What is Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard?

commission heroCommission Hero, system by Robby Blanchard, is a no-filler take on affiliate marketing in the most straightforward way. In fact, it only includes 3-steps to go to $1,000 per day even when you're just a beginner.

3-Step System – Robby Blanchard Reviews 

Let's go over each one in little detail:

  1. Find an Offer – finding the right offer is the first step to success
    1. Robby goes over multiple affiliate networks like Clickbank on how to find an offer
    2. He has strategies and shortcuts on to almost know if a product will convert or not
    3. Choose from top niches or time-sensitive ones for the best conversions
  2. Create a Landing Page – with an offer in mind creating a landing page for it is quick
    1. Robby shows you how to create 7-figure landings pages completed with funnels
    2. Clickfunnels is preferred, but you can use other
    3. Learn image selection and simple but powerful copy learning is essential
  3. Run Ads – time to put your offer to the test and make some money
    1. Robby shows you there is much more to ads than just targeting
    2. Learn how to select the right image, even if you think it's wrong
    3. Ad copy is the other half of a good ad and here's where you learn it

Now you might have seen similar steps or the whole process in different systems or programs throughout the year. In fact, that's one of the best parts of Commission Hero as it goes back to the roots of affiliate marketing.

However, few key differences make Robby Blanchard and commission hero different.

#1: Cut the Fat – Drop The Fluff

Did you see the 3 steps above? That's all it takes and you don't really need to build an email list, blog, be an influencer, or a master copywriter to have success with this online business method. Robby is living proof of that and if you want a simpler and faster way to earn, this is it.

Isn't collecting emails, doing social proof, mastering SEO, and so on a good thing?

Listen, all of the things above are great but there are also time-consuming and actually hinder the progress of your main goal, affiliate commissions. How so? Because all of these take time, money, and energy to learn.

Look at it this way, if you're really hungry right now and all you can make is spaghetti, which you happen to love, will you take a cooking class, look for recipes or even go out to the store before you make some pasta?

It sounds silly, but that's exactly how a most online courses work. They take something like Commission Hero, which has 3 steps, and make 15 out of it or a 100 because it will make the course more “valuable” but all it does is overwhelm people and make them quit.

Robby cut all of that out and focused on making money not learning how to increase your followers.

#2 Results Oriented – Commission Hero Success Stories

commission hero success stories

Finally, this course is about results and you know it has to produce quickly because of only having 3 steps. Guess what? It does exactly that, as you probably saw from success stories and other Commission Hero reviews this firecracker works fast.

People are profiting $1k to $5k in just days, and I'm no different. Honestly, I thought I knew a thing or two about affiliate marketing but Robby took me to school with this course.

However, I'm not mad about it. In fact, I'm glad I could still take my game up a few notches even after being in the business almost 3 times longer than Robby Blanchard.

The only thing I'm mad about is that he wasn't around when I got started with affiliate marketing at it would make it a lot easier for me.

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Why Affiliate Marketing With Robby Blanchard is the Key in 2024?

commission hero Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commision Hero, dived into affiliate marketing full time around 2017 and now he's already making $1 million in sales per month. Making him the #1 affiliate of the world's most popular affiliate network of digital goods, Clickbank.

How can someone go from $0 to $1,000,000 in so little time? There are 3 advantages only Commission Hero style affiliate marketing offers:

  1. Ease of use – with affiliate marketing you don't need to create, offer, or sell anything. You simply pick an offer created by someone else and promote it
  2. Low Cost – it doesn't cost much to start with affiliate marketing because there is nothing to buy, or the need to pay for a fancy website, or complicated funnels.
  3. Scalability – scaling with affiliate means doing more of the same thing. Unlike eCommerce or services, you don't need to buy more products or hire staff to scale.

Thanks to the fact that Robby is new to the affiliate game, he was able to cut away 99% of junk most old school affiliate marketers are paddling.  You know, the ones that started in the early 2000s and now mostly make money from their list and are not active in the day to day of a new affiliate.

I know, I've been an affiliate marketer for over 10 years and caught myself way too many times listing to the BS old gurus say. In fact, it's one of the reasons I never made it to Robby Blanchard level, at least until now.

So, what's my point? It's simple if you continue to listen to old strategies, you'll continue to get the same results, over and over again. Now, I'm not saying old methods are bad, for better or worse they work for some people, but are no longer practical in 2024.

Just think about mobile phones in the 2000s vs 2020s. In a way, it's the same thing, a phone, but once you start comparing them, they're miles away. In the 2000s most of us used phones to either call or text message, these days we can sophisticated games, take amazing photos and even run a whole business on it.

Now imagine trying to do all of that on 2000 flip phone? It's impossible, and even if you had a phone with a camera or had a few built-in applications, no google play or app store back then, these were so limited almost no one used it.

Do you get my point? Affiliate marketing has moved and you need to think outside the box to make it work at the level Robby Blanchard adn his students are doing.

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My Affiliate Story Before CommissionHero

Like I've said before I've been doing affiliate marketing for almost 10 years and learned a thing or two in the meantime. However, I'm half embarrassed to say this but, I've learned more from Robby than most gurus in all the time combined.

Commission Hero reviewsYou see, I've started around 2012 when things were a lot simpler.

All I really did was target a want or a need, wrote about it using my strategy, and redirected visitors to an offer that solved that want or need.

I didn't worry about SEO, email marketing, social media, or any of those fillers.

It was simple, visitors came on my site, got redirected to an offer, bought it, and I made a commission. There was no need to complicate it.

These days you have all these gurus are saying you need an email list, a social media presence, a recognizable brand, and so on just to make money online. This isn't necessarily true, and Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero strategy is the opposite of that.

In fact, that's most likely the key to Robby's success as he took the old strategy and made it relevant in 2024. While old gurus that actually made 99% of their money with a simple strategy try to over-complicate it for the 2024 people.

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Options Commission Hero Bonus for 2024

Okay, let's do this as I'm already excited about you learning from Robby and getting your income up to 6 or even 7-figures there is just one more thing, my bonus.

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Sounds good? Well, it's a strategy I've been using for a while now and it yields amazing results for me and people I've shared it with.

It's based on a combination of what you do inside Commission Here (a landing page and ads) with free search engine traffic. I know I've said that you don't need SEO for this, and you really don't, but this is just too good to pass on and I'll do the work for you.

In fact, when you experience the power of my bonus you will not believe it's so easy.

That's why my bonus will include 5 free campaigns for you + I'll teach you how to do it.

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