Commission Hero AI Review & Secret Bonus: You Need To See it

Is Commission Hero AI by Robby Blanchard set to change affiliate marketing forever?

As a full-time  affiliate for over 10 years, I find myself at a loss for words. This course isn't only responsible for $160 million in total sales, with $42 million generated in 2023 alone but it completely transformed the way I look at affiliate marketing.

But the million-dollar question remains: will you make money with it? In the following review of Commission Hero AI, you'll find the answers.

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Commission Hero AI – Not Your Typical Affiliate Marketing Course

commission hero ai review

If you're just interested in the overview of Commission Hero AI and my bonuses, you can click here to jump to it; to understand how it all works, keep reading.

The first thing that really sets Commission Hero AI apart from 99% of affiliate marketing courses is data. You see, there are 3 types of courses put out in the marketing space.

  1. Opportunists: courses created by gurus or people just starting out to capitalize on popular methods with basic knowledge
  2. Success story: A course by someone who already has success and is ready to teach others.
  3. Expert: a course by someone who has not only been successful for a long time but also helped others achieve that success.

Most courses fall into the first category; you see them every day, usually low-ticket courses with a bunch of upsells, that offer nothing new or innovative, just repackaged stuff.

The second is an interesting one and there are tons of them because of social media and YouTube. However, while a lot of them are legit, the problem is that it's all based on one person's success, which is limited to their knowledge and skills.

This takes me to the third type. The expert, and in my decade of experience, this type of system has the best success rate, as people from all walks of life have made money with it.

The Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard falls into this category. In fact, I would say this goes beyond the category as Robby has so much data it's insane. Just looking at his 7-figure case studies is mind-blowing, and it's only a fraction of Robby Blanchard's students, as many would rather stay unknown.

Why is this important? If you wanted to get into real estate. Would you rather learn from someone who:

  • Knows about real estate but never sold a property?
  • Sold a few properties and wants to teach how to do it
  • Sold thousands of proprieties, and tough others to sell millions?

The answer is obvious, but it puts things into perspective. That's why I tend to review systems only by experts.

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But, isn't Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero a scam?

Commissionhero.aiNo, Commission Hero is NOT a Scam

Now, before we continue I just want to make this clear. In my opinion, Commission Hero AI is not a scam in any way.

However, does that mean it will make you an instant millionaire? Money just flying out of your screen the second you click the “Buy” button?

No, of course not, it's an affiliate marketing course backed up by millions of dollars in sales, data, and resources but it's not magic. It will teach you step-by-step how to create an affiliate marketing business.

Well, thanks to AI it will create more of it for you, but you're the one that has set it up. So, if you're looking for a way to generate millions of dollars without lifting a finger, Commission Hero AI is not for you.

However, rather than admitting this, people just prefer to call it a scam.

Fun fact: Only 5% to 15% of people complete online courses they buy. That doesn't even mean they tried implementing it, over 85% of people never even finish the course.

That offers an interesting perspective on the negative reviews. But let's get to the good part.

Are you in the 5% to 15% of people that will finish and make money?

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Review of Robby Blanchard's Data and AI

robby blanchard reviewsWith all of that behind us let's get to the fun part of this Commission Hero A.I. review, the data and AI.

First, let's talk about AI, love it or hate it, it's here to stay and everyone and their grandmother will put it in their course.

However, while most are just ChatGPTs with some prompts, Hero AI takes it a step further, or a leap if you prefer.

All AI really is at this point, is a large language model that has been trained on data. The problem with most out-of-the-box AI is that the data is generic and limited.

If you just go ask Chatgpt how to make money online it will give a the most popular and onvious ways to do it. You can get more specific with the right prompts, but it will not create a $250k campaign for you in 2024. At least not the regular AI…

Commission Hero's Trained AI – Secret Sauce?

So, I've talked about data, and like I said, Robby Blanchard has a lot of data on affiliate success. At least $160 million from his students and $15+ million of his own data.

Analyzing that kind of data with all the contributing factors is not easy. I don't know the way Robby and his team do it, but I doubt a couple of spreadsheets would work.

That's why most people with so many testimonials and success stories focus on the biggest ones. Which paints a less realistic picture. However, now with AI, you can take all the data and train AI to not only sort it but also apply it.

Taking all the golden nuggets from people making $20k to $2 million per year.  Best part? Hero AI builds the campaigns for you.

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Hero A.I. – The Engine Behind the Affiliate Mastery

hero aiBelow you'll find the whole review of Commission Hero Course components, but I want to take a moment to talk specifically about what I've been leading to all this time.

The Hero AI Software, which is only available with Commission Hero AI, changes the way you'll do affiliate marketing.

You see, there is no question that affiliate marketing works. More and more companies use it, and there are millions of people making money with it already.

However, like a lot of things in life, affiliate marketing is easy to do but hard to master. Mastery comes from experience, which is hard to learn without actually doing the thing you want to master.

Almost everyone can make a tasty dish with a recipe, but it takes years of practice to fine tune a dish into greatness. Hence, why we have top world chefs.

It is the same case with affiliate marketing. Anyone can create a campaign on Facebook for a Clickbank product. However, having it succeed, and even make millions of dollars, is a whole other thing.

That's why my mind was blown when I first got a taste of Commission Hero AI. You see, with trained AI you get the ability to bypass the practice stage and become a master right away, or at least have a master do it for you.

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Review of Commission Hero AI by Robby Blanchard

commission hero ai

This will be a quick recap of what you get with the Commission Hero AI, and my take on it.

There are 7 Components and if you use my link you still get the 7 Fast Action Bonuses as well as 4 surprise special bonuses. Let's go:

  1. 6 Week Hero AI MasterClass
    • Weekly live training with Robby Blanchard and his students
    • Tools, training, and strategy to become a super affiliate
    • Help along the way with the system + (my help as bonus)
  2. HERO A.I. Software (Lifetime with Bonus)
    • Shortcut to success with AI which does the work for you
    • Get ad copy and Ad set up in as little as 30 seconds
    • Find more hidden buyers automatically and 3x your profits
  3. ATM Traffic Training – Robby's next level ads
    • Learn how to scale your winning ads fast and big
    • Exact blueprint how Robby does it and how you can too
    • Insider secrets only Robby and his students know
  4. GoldMine Offers (I really like this one!)

    • Find best paying and converting verified offers in one place
    • Get higher commissions by being Robby's students
    • These offers will fast track you to $250k in commissions
  5. HERO A.I. Coaching Group
    • Connect with Robby and his team on a daily basis
    • Meet and engage with other Commission Hero students
    • Additional training sessions, interviews, and success stories
  6. 7 Figure Case Studies (very interesting)

    • See how regular people become super affiliates quickly
    • Learn what it takes to become a super affiliate
    • See how your life can change as theirs did
  7. Rapid Scale Training (Want to go from $500 to $5000/day?)

    1. Additional scaling for people already doing $500 per day
    2. Special ways to scale your campaigns more effectively
    3. Learn the mindset of 5 million+ super affiliates

As you can see, this is a complete system; you get everything from A to Z. There is no need to buy or subscribe to third-party services or software.

However, if you get it now with This Link you also get:

Hero AI Fast Action Bonuses

These include:

  1. Access to Robby's Virtual Event – a free ticket to 2-day live virtual event with 6 and 7-figures earners and Robby
  2. YouTube 6 week Masterclass – double your profits and scale your winners by also doing YouTube, not just Facebook.
  3. HERO A.I. Landing Page Builder – exclusive builder that creates winning landing pages with just a few clicks.
  4. One-Click DFY Landing Pages – want to go even faster? Robby included best templates for the builder that are done for you.
  5. Full Access To Spy Hero – 30 days access to the best tool to see what ads are working for other super affiliates
  6. The HERO A.I. App – With this Hero A.A.  app you'll be able to learn on the go. No need to sit in front of a computer for hours.
  7. TIKTOK Profits Training – Facebook and YouTube not enough? Triple your commissions and scale your winners with TikTok.

While I really like the page builder and virtual event, I'm really excited about the YouTube and TikTok trainings. I've done some YouTube ads that worked well, but never did TikTok and heard it's a goldmine right now.

Finally, you also get special surprise bonuses!

  • Upgrade For Lifetime Access To HERO A.I – I already mentioned this but you get a lifetime access with this bonus, not 12 months.
  • First Campaign on Robby – Get a FB account with $250 in ad credits. How cool is that?
  • Get A Vacation on Robby – Not sure how this will work but I can't say no to a free vacation.
  • BOGO – HERO AI Membership – Get a Hero AI membership for your business partner or friend, free.

Free cash, vacation and another membership? Not bad, if you ask me. I especially like the Facebook Ad account, as not only will you have one ready to go, but also no need to worry about spending more money right away after buying Commission Hero AI.

In fact, if you follow the training you might cover the cost of Commission Hero AI with profits alone, and use that to scale.

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Are You The Next Commission Hero Success Story?

By now, you know what Commission Hero is and how it works. You saw the bonuses, my perspective and success stories. I'm not going to repeat them, but just a few big ones

  • Married couple, Chris and Janice, went from $0 to $1.8 million in just 12 months using Commission Hero
  • Korea native, Sungmin, proves you don't need to be a native English speaker to make $5 million in sales.
  • Another Chris, became a super affiliate in both Clickbank and buygoods, making $350k
  • Jennifer went from soulless 9 to 5 to Clickbank Platinum
  • Finally, Izabela and Asheesh, a super affiliate team that both got Clickbank Platinum awards.

Why not you? None of these people are better than you, neither is Robby or me. We are all equal here.

The only person standing in your way to success is YOU. No one else has the power to stop you. If right now you're thinking along the lines of “yes, I can do this” you're right! And I'll do what I can to help you get the success with Commission Hero AI.

However, if you continue to dwell on how it's all a scam, that all these people are either lying or better than you in some way. You won't succeed; how can you if you don't even try? Just make excuses.

It's like Jen from above says: “change your attitude, change your altitude.”

There is no other way, but there is always hope.

So, are you ready to take the next step and become a Commission Hero Success Story?

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My Commission Hero AI Bonus = Help and 3x Profits

commission hero ai bonus

You already get tons of Commission Hero bonuses from Robby and even $250 in ads to use. However, I want to offer you something as well.

The first thing I want to offer is my support and help with anything related to online business, even outside of Commission Hero. I know this is a big step for you, and I want to help you along the way.

Just contact me here or leave a comment and we'll get started.

Bonus 2: Use Your Winners to Get Free Traffic

Once you have a winning ad, which is a great feeling by the way, I'll help you turn it into a free traffic campaign.

That's right, the campaign will keep generating you commissions alongside your ads for free. In fact, you can even pause the ads and it will still work. This works on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and another network I don't want to reveal publicly.

If you want to know more leave a comment or contact me. This is too valuable to explain it here. It could 3x your earnings.

Bonus 3: My Secret Network to Rival Facebook

Well, it's not exactly a secret as it's one of the biggest networks, and no, it's not Instagram, but almost no one uses it the way I do.

Plus, it works great with the free campaigns adding another 1x to the total. So, with bonus 2 and 3 you could 4x your profits.

How awesome would that be? Not only will you be making money with Commission Hero AI, but also getting free traffic from me.

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Hope you enjoyed this Commission Hero review

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